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 Kuro Okami [APPROVED || 0-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kuro Okami [APPROVED || 0-5]   Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:50 am

| Z I A M I C H I |


Name: Kuro Okami
Gender: Male
Age: 308
The Host Race: Shinigami





Personality: Kuro is a sporadic person who always does what he sees that he wants to do. If he sees a plate of pancakes and decides that it would taste good, he would take one off the plate and cram the whole thing in his mouth, just so he doesn't have to stop. Likewise, if he wants to tell someone what he thinks of them, he just runs his mouth off like a chainsaw. This inadvertedly leads to conflicts that he can always escapes from laughing. When the conflicts aren't any fun, that is.
He is also a friendly person. If he meets a person for the first time, he'll shake their hand so hard it will feel like their arm is coming off. He can talk anything to anyone, period. And even if someone is being depressed, he won't quit jabbering to them until they're rolling on the floor, hysterical with laughter. This leads to him being the center of attention nearly anywhere he goes.


He is extremely sporadic; almost beyond belief. Everything he does happens suddenly, wit only the minimal amount of thought that it would take to process performing the action. Although this makes him annoying in daily life due to how fast he moves, it also greatly helps him in combat, allowing him to be hyperactive to how his opponent is attacking him and respond at higher rates; however, this also means he has little focus when feeling impulsive. Most of the time, unless he is in business mode or serious combat, this is how he acts.


He is very impulsive as well. All it takes is a single impulse for him to go off on it, he has very small amounts of patience. However, he doesn’t get mad when he is denied his impulses; he just goes on to the next thing that catches his interest. Therefore, this is merely a habit of his, and not really a negative part of who he is.


He is friendly, to almost anyone he meets. Until you prove you are an enemy, he will smile at you like you were a dear friend. This also makes it very easy for him to like others and for others to like him, as despite his appearances, he is truly a bright and positive soul.

Center of Attention

Because of the way he acts, most people tend to see him as a center of attention. He can cause relationships that never would have been possible to occur, as well as knows how to get people to work together because of this trait.


He is, however, quite serious when he needs to be. This is usually noticeable by how his eyes seem to clear, and his posture becomes straighter, his eyes refusing to leave their objective. He is very mature in this state, speaking with manners, and ignoring his impulses, making his business be done quickly and efficiently. When in this form, his focus is also greatly increased.


He is quite adept with his eadership skills as well. Whether it’s making his team members learning to work together and have fun in his casual mode, or using good communication to keep things straight in the group he is leading, he has shown he is quite skilled at handling groups of people to their full potential.



Background/History: Kuro always loved animals, even as a child. If he found one injured or harmed in any way, he would do whatever he could to help it. He would leave the house at night without permission, looking for interesting things to do. He always found darkness more interesting than daytime, because there was more to explore and learn about so that he could interact with it in different ways when he could see it. This led to him being able to tell if an animal was hurt because of his observation skills that he utilized with all his senses.
As he grew, he began to take trips. He would leave under the cover of darkness and train in caves. He trained so that he could protect himself in the night. He wasn't stupid, and he understood the dangers that were around him. As a teenager on these trips, he would take in stray animals to where he trained so he could watch them and perhaps learn from them.
One day, during one of his trips to the cave, he was attacked by a rogue group of bandits. These used dirty tactics and cornered him next to the mountain wall. He
fought valiantly, managing to take out all of them but one. The last man finally got him, stabbing him through the chest and piercing one of his lungs. The bandit stole everything precious Kuro had, and left him to die. Kuro crawled weakly to the animals, his only friends. The animals howled and barked with despair all night, but to no avail. Kuro died.
He remained in the cave watching the animals until a shinigami found him and transported him to the soul society. He managed to pass the entrance exam and got into the academy, where he learned what he needed to know to be a Shinigami. He managed to pass the course and is looking forward to joining a squad. He joined a squad, alright. Squad 1, as it were, going on a mission with the then commander Jenna Jade-Waters.

While he was only in the position of member, he lovingly performed his duties, keeping Jenna’s office and the administration buildings of the Soul Society spic and span, taking a large amount of pride in his work. He performed his duties diligently, for an entire year. And then, it happened. Jenna went to stand up to the Central 46… and died in the process. At the same time, Hinashi vanished from the squadron, leaving only Kuro and a small group of members. However, it didn’t hit many of the others like it did Kuro. He took it so hard that he actually visited Central 46, losing himself within his own mind as he cut himself.

However, the result was a release like he had never felt before. He learned his Shikai, and vowed to help bring back his squad to its former glory, taking over the position of Lieutenant Colonel, completely serious in his mannerisms for a change. Of course, this shocked a great many of other members, however, none could deny Kuro was capable enough for the position.

Some time after he had accepted, he met another shinigami in the wastelands, with the agreement to earn him his Shikai. However, during the battle, a spirit came upon them, targeting the unsuspecting Kuro. It took over his entire body, completely changing it, leaving it how it looks presently, During this battle, Kuro learned more and more about his inner demon, until the demon finally took control of his body. This resulted in him collapsing, and being taken back to soul society.

However, he has somehow remained in his Lieutenant Colonel position, although he is quite aware of how he is being watched. This was caused by the very fact of Jenna’s rebellion of Central 46; he was now living proof of what she had done. And to this day… that fact makes him one proud Ziamichi.


Ziamichi Spirit Name: The Laughing Gray, Piero!

Ziamichi Spirit Appearance: Pierro is a strange being, completely light gray in color, from head to foot, as if cut out of a comic book page, the same even gray all over his body. His skull looks much like a dried out animal skull, although it is the size of a normal person. He has no facial features, although out of his skull is a line of pure gray hair, going down to his waist from the back of his skull. His body is thin, and constantly standing straight, like a watchman, although his facial expressions are quite deceiving of this. He has no neck, although he can still adjust his own skull’s mouth and eyes and such.

Ziamichi Personality:


He is very cruel, merciless in fact. He laughs his head off as he tries to destroy his enemies, taking thrill in the hunt and in the kill. He does whatever he can to win, by any means necessary.


However, he does respect Kuro, knowing exactly what his host has been through all his life. He will many times mock and talk down to his host, however he really does care about him. If he is in control of the body and hears people talking smack about Kuro, he enters a rage, destroying them however is physically possible at the time. So while he may not act like it, he truly does love the gray-haired boy that is his host.

Ziamichi History:

He doesn’t remember much of what life was like up to three hosts ago. The first one was where he was working in a very strange business, always attacking people with the pistol he gave his hosts and killing them, and then his host robbing them of their possessions. It was through this host that Piero began to truly develop his personality, and make him what he is today. He stayed with that host for several years, leaving large trails of blood wherever he would go.

However, eventually a target went wrong. The man survived the first shot; something that had never happened before. The man attacked PIERO and his host, shooting him with his own gun. For the first time, Piero experienced pain as his host began to die. Soon, he ran out of blood, and Piero rose from him, free of the body at last. However, he was drawn to the killer, the only man near him in the room. He possessed the man, taking control of his mind. However, the man fought back, and overpowered Piero, forcing him back.

So it was that they began an uneasy harmony; the man was not evil or cruel, unlike the monster that was constantly festering in his mind.He rarely partook of Piero’s powers and abilities, never exploring them at all unlike the first man, who had at least gone into one level of what he could do. So he went along with the man in his daily life, untilh finally left for his fateful trip in the desert.

He lost his way, slowly beginning die of lack of resources. Gthis time, Piero began to eel lost, as there was no one to guide him, to tell him where to go or what to do. However, in the distance, he had felt it; another energy signature. He shot for it, leeching onto it,

and possessed Kuro Okami..

Ziamichi Powers:

Disturbed Energies: His main trait is the strange energy that he possess: it can take several forms, going from morphing on bionics, like in Kuro’s left arm, to creating large energy attacks as proven in his confrontation with Eon, to doing things like Flash Steps by releasing a large pulse of energy.

Bionics:: His body is able to take over parts of Kuro’s and manipulate them, usually only with his host’s permission. However, for the moment he is limited to Kuro’s left arm for total control when he desires. However, he also knows that Kuro is able to overpower him if he absolutely has to.

Energy: He is able to form his energy into different things, like limbs and blades that he is carrying, and fire them out, in waves of energy, small shots, or even large beams or blasts, depending on the situation and what it is calling for.

Pulse Step: By firing a large amount of energy through a limb makes its speed increase heavily, the energy firing out making its speed quite rapid as he uses the limb to attack. This combined with the blast often proves to be quite an effective combination against several different types of opponents.

Energy Detection: he has quite a lot of energy detection, even when inside his host, able to feel most energies as long as they are not non-existent up to 10 meters around Kuro, as well as most revealed energies within 100 feet..



Unique Traits:

Access to Disturbed Energies: He can use all parts of the Disturbed Energies with his base form, with the exception of bionics. That is something quite separate. This means that he can use a good amount, about 75%, of Piero’s total Energy and Pulse Step abilities, making them effective tools for him to use. He doesn’t care about using the powers or not, and uses them right in junction with his normal abilities.

Disturbed Field: However, he also has a small field around him, about 1 meter around his body at all times. Whenever an opponent touches this very special field of his, any energy that is exuding DIRECTLY FROM THEIR BODY is scooped up by the field, and absorbed by it. This field is directly connected to the energy reserves that Kuro has access to, and therefore gains a small amount of energy whenever his enemy gets too close to him, roughly .3-1% of their total energy reserves.

The Arm: While sealed away completely, his arm has two forms. Either it is his arm when it would look normal, but black, like obsidian colored, or it is very large, and ending in claws. This arm is able to stretch, guided by Piero to attack his targets, and he can see through the arm, able to react to situations that normally Kuro wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to due to lack of seeing it coming. As such, he depends a small amount on the arm.


Gray Shadows: This form is independent of others, as are the rest of his forms. In this form, a dull gray cloak forms around his body, cloaking it in gray, a collar hugging his neck and chin. It has a zipper in the middle, and sleeves for his arms to go in. In addition, while he is in this form, his arm loses all scaliness, becoming a complete arm. In addition, in the left hand appears a black simple pistol, like an G18 in structure, but quite sleek all the same.

Shadow Rifle: This gun is able to take in and supercharge Kuro’s energy by mixing in Piero’s, making it much more effective than either would be normally. Every time he pulls the trigger, either a small amount like a bala or a large amount like a cero will fire out. Each post, he can fire either 20 smaller ones or 5 large ones, although after each post he can fire 2 more smaller and 1 more larger. This is caused by the guns beginning to finally warm up, and becoming more effective with use.

Painful Shadows:


When he enters this form, Kuro and Piero's powers merge to the maximum level, leaving Kuro in this state from the internal fusion of their energies. That is to say, this has the force of Kuro's Bankai and a level more of Piero's, so it is on a level past bankai. However, it only lasts for four posts after activation.

Enhanced State: In this form, his speed, strength, senses, just most of his body enters a full release. His speed becomes akin to moving as if several flash steps are being performed in succession; his strength is able to smash boulders with a swing of his blade; and his senses and perception are at their maximum possible level. Basically, this form has released all of his body's potential, and THEN some with Piero's abilities, granting him also a good store of energy with which to work with. In addition, it grants him better control of the Disturbed Energies, all things associated with them, in addition to his own shadow control becoming 50% more effective.. It would be akin to saying it is an Overdrive form.

Drawbacks: However, it isn't called "Painful Shadows" for nothing. After he has completed its use, he goes into unconsciousness without fail, to rest for 24 hours. And then he still has to regain his strength AFTER he has awoken as well.

Drawbacks: As shown in his battle with Eon, Piero tends to overestimate his host’s body and drive it to the point of exhaustion if he gets ahold of it, forcing it to the point it is barely able to move, and quite vulnerable.

Control: 6



Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Akai me no kuroi inu

Inner World: His world is completely dark at all times. This place is always calms Kuro and he can think straight with ease here. This is also where Kuro learned how to make the Shades of Darkness so he could train here.

Release: The realm of shadow takes us all, release Akai me no Kuroi Inu!

Shikai Description:
The sword splits in half and forms these, one for each of his hands and he wields them almost like sais, always swinging them in circles to confuse his enemies and build up power.

Shikai Abilities: Shadow wall: Creates a wall of darkness directly in front of Kuro, and everything within it's shadow is unable to see. It takes 2 posts to charge, and is effective for 2 posts. The blindness lasts 1 post longer than the duration of the shadow wall. So, if an enemy is hit by the wall during the first post, it would last another post of mine while the wall is up, then a post of their's after the wall has fallen during my post. Then they would be back to normal. This can only be used once every 13 collective posts, this starts on the post of mine that occurs after I set up the wall.

Darkness blast: Kuro aims his palm at an enemy, charges for one post, then fires the next post. He must maintain a pivot during the charging however, so the energy is not disrupted. He can move his other foot and all other parts of his body, however, so that he can aim his palm properly and keep focused on his target. This works best when the target is immobilized because it is a bit like a sniper shot, because it fires in a straight line and is only as big as his palm. It requires a 2 post cooldown.

Shades of Darkness: Kuro can create a pair of Shades with his power that can see through the darkness, unless that darkness is pure and absolute. It takes 1 post to charge and remains until they are broken, removed, lost, or taken off from the person who first wears them.

Darkness Control: He can form darkness in his hands, literal shadow, taking it from a space and treating it like a source of energy. However, he cannot use the same energy from the shadow more than once per day, or in other words, more than dawn to dawn. He drains the energy when he takes out energy from the shadow, making it what it is. From there, he forms it into energy to fire off like cero or bala, or into things like spears that he can throw or wield. If he does wield something, he can only hold up to two solid objects at a time. Meaning, he could go up to the shadow of a house during the day, take up all the 'power' of the shadow (Which wouldn't be much, as the shadow would not be dark), removing the power from it until the next rising of the sun, and form the energy into a ball in his hand. From there, he could make a small blast of energy outwards, or throw it in a ball of power that explodes on contact. He could form it into a spear to throw at the opponent, or make a wrist guard to try and use a mild defense against an opponent.

However, at night, his power is greatly weakened as opposed to increased, as their is no light to give contrast to darkness. He will use up an entire city-block worth of energy to fire off a cero-level attack at night, as long as it is pitch black. However, if there are still man-made lights around the shadow, the shadow near them will be more potent, and be more effective than normal. The same effect occurs if he is in a space with little or no light. So, he is at his weakest when trapped in a small, lightless space, even if he is able to see through it with the shades, and at high noon outside in a clear area, as there is a lack of shadows.

He is able to gain the shadows into his hands fast enough to react and wield them, as it is a completely natural ability of his shikai. There is also one other thing that he is able to do with his shadows, and that is ingest them. For a small, cero-amount size of energy, he is able to swallow it quickly during a single post, gaining a small increase to his strength, speed, and briefly heightening his senses, as well as increasing his pain tolerance and healing minor scratches and bruises. However, this does take a small amount of time to prepare, as his body has to accept the shadow, so he has to make sure he is safe before using it. The increase usually only lasts for a post. The other way that he can use his shadows in this manner is to charge it up over the time of a post. This greatly increases his strength and speed, his reaction time, naturally allowing him to see in the dark, a better sense of smell and hearing, as well as increasing his pain tolerance. This form lasts for two to three posts, and uses a substantial amount of energy.

The final way he can do this is to ingest a very large amount of shadow into himself, over the course of two to three posts. When this occurs, his body enters a very alert state, putting it into overdrive in all areas but for Kidō. However, while in this state, he constantly uses the energy in his own cells, his proteins being produced at a rapid rate as the shadow alters his DNA temporairily and demanding it to increase output to maximum. When this happens, a black flame-like thing appears on his forehead, signaling he is in his deadly serious form. This form lasts for four posts, and after it is over, he goes completely out of energy, falling to the ground, his own body shutting down so that he can begin to regenerate all the damage to his cells.

Bankai Apperance: In his Bankai, the daggers that Kuro carried with him in his Shikai mutltiply themselves, until they become eight different daggers. The Bankai is released by saying "Cut and Divide, Kuro no Ami Inu!" And throwing his daggers spinning into the air, glowing. Then they fall into place, all five of them. One between his teeth, one on his right shoulder, one in each arm, one under his left armpit, the torso of his body a deadly weapon. On either side of his body, he has two small sheathes at his hips, and on his back, he has a single sheathe. It's interesting to note that just with a single step, Kuro can throw the daggers into the air, perfectly placing them all into their sheathes simultaneously.

Bankai Abilities:

Extreme Balance and Focus: His focus in his bankai is greatly enhanced, allowing him to flawlessly control each of the five blades in Ryutoryu style, as it were, combat, moving them perfectly as he desires, throwing them up into the air, making just the right movements, never getting caught up in his own blades, which are unable to harm him anyway. His Focus also increases one level, up to master.

Former Skills: Anything he could use in shikai, he can also use in Bankai.

Shadow Waves: By moving his entire torso in one direction, he fires off a huge, five layered wave of energy at the opponent. This attack is interesting; it has no down or charge up time due to the fact that each actual slash uses very little energy to charge up and fire; however, the opponent has to block five separate attacks that look as if they are one coming at them. This is actually based on Kuro's love of pancakes; a stack of pancakes able to be eaten all at once, or taken one cake at a time and savored.

Eyes in the Back of his Head: While in this form, he instantly and permantently has Shadow Shades appear on his face, allowing him to see in almost all kinds of darkness but those that have been spiritually darkrened instantly. In addition, the dagger he carries in his mouth gives him another effect; he can always see what's going on behind him in that daggers reflection, which seems to make him have "Eyes in the back of his head", or Goken Bakkui, Five-Sword Back Eye style.

Goken Bakkui: This custom form of Kuro's is quite interesting; its key is in its fast release and exectution of using the blades. His entire body is a flash in the shadows as he uses this style; he physically makes no noise whatsoever whenever he is in bankai, due to how this style works. In addition, he also wipes his scent, and dims down his spiritual pressure quite a bit, requiring strong sensory to find where he is. In addition, his entire body becomes like to shadow, only a faint outline revealing where he is. So, for the enemy to attack him, they must have either high sensory, or high focus or willpower to seek his body out.

Goken Bakkui: Pancake Mix: This is a unique form of lai used by Goken Bakkui. Quite simply, the objective of the attack is not to kill the opponent in one blow; rather, it is to completely disorient them. As the blades are simultaneously drawn from their sheathes, all five of them, Kuro takes a single step forwards, as they fall neatly into place on his body, creating a downward current. Then, he flips his body around, moving the draft with his body and the blades as he steps into the opponent, sending the current and the force of Kuro's body and blades into them as every sense is mixed up, their sight whirling, wind in their ears and covering their body, as well as disturbing their sense of smell. Depending on teh strength of the opponent and their weight, this attack can last anywhere from two to ten seconds of confusion for the opponent. Note that the opponent must at least have a humanoid like shape for this to have any effect.


NOTE: Ziamichi's will have three to four skill sheets possibly. One for general skills, one for racial skills, one for the host's skill and possibly one for the spirit's skills if they are a different race.

Click here for skill sheet

Ziamichi Class: B

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept

Ziamichi Skills
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Master
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Beginner

Willpower/Determination: Advanced
Mental Deduction: Adept
Pain Endurance: Adept
Focus: Advanced-Beginner (Well... Advanced on things regarding his mission. On most other things, Beginner.)



Roleplay Sample: Kuro fought as hard as he could, lunging, his dagger aimed at the bandit's heart. He connected, but at the same time a bandit from behind nicked his shoulder. Kuro winced as the blood seeped down his side, but turned to confront his attacker, his eyes burning with rage.

"Why are you all doing this?" He yelled at the three men left. Their other three companions were already on the ground, quickly expiring.

"Because for us, we ain't got no life, so we're taking the life from others" said the lead bandit as he jumped at Kuro, "But we won't say no to liftin' your valuables either!"

But this time Kuro was ready. He quickly leapt back into the shadows, and instantly felt calmer, despite the wounds on his shoulder and stomach, which he had received when he finished off the third bandit.The lead rushed after him, but was not used as much as Kuro to fighting in the dark. Kuro smoothly swevered behind the man, who didn't even notice him. From behind, Kuro turned and stabbed the man directly in the back, cutting up to tear his rib cage and his lungs.

"BLEEAH!" The bandit cried, coughing up much blood on the ground. Kuro could see in the dark as his eyes, the only light in this space, turned dimmer and went out. The bandits body went rigid, and he died.

Kuro stepped out of the shadows with a smirk on his face. The other bandits had heard their leaders cries and looked shaken and none to pleased to see him. Wonder what they'll do now.He thought, swinging his sword in slow, intimidating arcs. The bandits had been discussing something, and seemed to have agreed on a plan. All of a sudden, both of them rushed at him, each coming from a different direction!

Kuro, with only one blade, attacked the man on his left, putting a fatal gash deep into his abdomen. The other bandit, however, had come from behind him and slammed his fists down on Kuro's head. The blow wasn't enough to knock him out, but he fell to the ground, dizzy and vulnerable.
Hopelessly he slashed his attackers legs as the man slashed at his shoulders, then his back, then his chest, and finally, with Kuro just wanting the pain to stop, the man sliced deep into Kuro's stomach. This move was almost exactly what Kuro had done to the other man in this assualt. Kuro slumped as the man began to loot his bearly living body, taking his dagger, his ring, his money, and shaving him half bald to sell his hair.

The bandit finally walked off, and Kuro climbed along with his hands and knees. He had to stop every few seconds to vomit blood and shudder. At last, he reached the cave. All the animals rushed to him, many of whom he had found as strays.
"Guess this is it, huh guys?" Kuro asked good naturely through weaking breaths. Howver, at least he had gotten his dying wish, to be in the darkness and with his animals, the two things he cared about most. Finally, he could no longer fight the closing of his eyes, all the animals making wailing and pitiful noises. His breathing slowed as the last of his blood left from his stomach. His breath's stopped, and he left this world...

Second application, use Search "Kuro Okami" for the first.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha

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Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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Reapproved at 0-5.

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Kuro Okami [APPROVED || 0-5]
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