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 Soul Evolution: The True Human Skill Sheet & Powers

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Soul Evolution: The True Human Skill Sheet & Powers   Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:40 am



What Is Soul Evolution: Soul Evolution are powers that have been awakened in humans over the many centuries of spiritually enhanced being fighting throughout Earth. Due to their constant destruction, clashes and presence on Earth, this has caused a genetic mutation in the human DNA to allow for the creation and evolution of super natural based powers. This means that some humans can even fight on par with other Shinigami based character should their tiers keep enchanting. Along with that, even the most basic level of this Soul Evolution allows for humans to see spirits, levitate, run at speeds faster then the average human and things of this nature. On a more higher end, near 0 and 1 tier, some humans even have the ability their wounds, limbs, burns and even organs if given enough time to heal; fight against Espada level creatures, create their own variations of flash step, superhuman strength to demolish villages, enhanced durability and large scale energy attacks.


Soul Force: If a human is able to finally unlock their Soul Evolution Powers, then they will be granted a special energy called "Soul Force". Unlike Chi, this energy is often always generated within a human rather then relying on any external forces. With this additional energy they will be able to often enhance their overall lifespan to where they can live as long as most Shinigami on basic levels (Which can be thousands of years), from anywhere upwards of hundreds of thousands such as the Demon Race is able to when they gain more power. Essentially, this Soul Force also generates a larger source of overall "Life Energy" that expands the human life far past it's natural limits. So, most human's would often benefit from at least trying to see if they can tap into the very basic's of this if they were interested in prolonging their lifetimes. It's one of the number one causes, after all, for the human life expectancy raising in the 25th century right behind the cybernetic's and advanced health care that is available in this day and age.

Moreover, human's also benefit from having Soul Force as it's what allows them to have unique abilities, powers and techniques of their own that are similar to those of alternative races that have plagued Earth since the beginning of time almost. This mutation in their DNA essentially grants them the potential to gain a large variety of powers depending on their upbringing, their environment, mental state and what type of ideal powers would match their soul. Thus, what Soul Force also does for a human is scan their "being", in a sense, in order to begin crafting different types of powers that would seem ideal for the user as time begins to progress. If a person was a very aggressive, loud and brute type of guy? He often would see a Soul Force that generates powers related to super-human strength, immense defense, devastating energy attack's and other similar traits that are related to those of a brute giant. If a person was a kind, passionate, passive and loving person? More often then not they would begin to see different types of healing, regeneration and enhancement powers that help those around them.

Additionally, when a human gets stronger, the user can generate different kinds of energies of his choosing, making it an offensive weapon in time of need. For instance, apart from Soul Force, a user can also often choose one other energy they wish to have as a secondary source of energy. If they were a fire user, it would often be some type of special fire energy their body can naturally generate or utilize. Should they be a speed user? Often types they'd have some kind of Kinetic Force to give them a secondary source of power outside of Chi. An offensive type of person? They'd simply be granted an extremely large amount of physical energy. The possibilities are seemly endless, but these only apply to human's who are able to reach two tier at the very least before they start doing these kinds of feats to further augment themselves. Occasionally, they'll also show in three tier, but they'll usually have poor control over it. And even two tier is simply a beginner-type stage; once a human gets into the one tier range, this often becomes much more useful for them to realize.
  • Soul Detection: For the most part, this is similar to the Arrancar's own persquira or the Shinigami's ability to sense different types energy signatures. So, even on the lowest level, this is often used in order to make human's aware of their overall surroundings. Thus, Evolution-Type powers help in a human often in sensing spiritual beings at a significant distance or tell in what direction they are in, allowing them to see different types of hollow's and be more aware of different types of souls in the area. On it's highest level's, it can even allow human's to look into divine level's of spirituality such as Heaven itself, The Realm of Death and other similar places. Though these types of human's are far and in between. For the most part, though, Soul Detection is often used determine another opponents overall energy.

Soul Dash: Instead of focusing on quick burst of speed like most other races, humans prefer to have a constant rate in which they react, perceive, move and adapt at superhuman speeds. By harnessing their Soul Force, most humans can activate this ability and begin to utilize this evolutionary trait. An example of how this is used is that when a powerful enough human is able to direct Soul Energy into their feet, they can adjust themselves to where their legs are moving at speeds that can easily keep up with most types of shunpo or Sonido based moves at a constant rate of speed for a variable period. Another instance of how Soul Dash is used is by directing all their Soul Force into their overall body in order to obtain that state of superhuman reflexes, vision and speed in order to keep an opponent constantly on their feet. However, Some human's can only keep this up for a few moments, while others can sustain themselves for longer periods of time when they advance more in this skill.

On more skilled users, some Soul Dash users are capable of even applying this to their offensive traits. If one had the capacity to fire off energy blast akin to the Arrancar's cero, then when Soul Dash is activated, they would have the potential to fire it off at much faster rates of speed and give the overall attack more impact force from the increased momentum and kinetic energy that is generated from it, along with being able to catch them off guard with their new found burst of speed. Another instance is that when Soul Dash is activated is that if someone had a healing power, they would be able to accelerate the rate in which their able to recover from their wounds on much more advanced level's of Soul Dash. Therefore, this technique it has many types of possible applications that it can be applied to. But, something like this isn't really sustainable for too long periods as some human's already have Chi powers or something else to give them some kind of augmented speed.

Thus, based on that previous fact, Soul Dash can be considered a bit more taxing on the user. Sometimes less skilled users can suffer physical exhaustion from burning up so much energy at once, others may have to catch themselves every now and again because of their dramatically augmented speed, it can burn through Soul Force at a decent rate of speed to where a user can tire themselves out in a fight if their not too careful or skilled enough to better guide their reserves; as this drawback improves the more skilled someone is in this area of the human's evolutionary traits. What's more, Soul Force usually has a period to where the person in question must stop themselves. Rather it be a half post, to ten post for some of the most skilled users. There has to come a point in which this constant rate of speed must end and the user has time to recover somewhat in order to do it again. Therefore, other users of Soul Dash prefer to simply "jog" to maintain a better balance over the drawbacks this trait has; while in more serious occasions they prefer to go into an all out sprint to overwhelm an opponent; which typically ends faster then the moderated amount of Soul Dash.

In any case, once a person has learned Soul Dash, it can become a useful trait. Rather you use it at a slow rate, or try to become the fastest person with it; this Soul Evolution power is very nifty to have in a human's arsenal of techniques in order to deal with the other spiritual races that now inhabit their world. It's truly a wonderful thing to evolve and adapt to one's surroundings.


The Anima Stones: Every human is capable of producing a special stone that is crafted from their Soul Force. Theses stones act as a connector of sorts into a hidden force that has an untold amount of mystic energy, otherwise known as mana. With this pathway into the mystic force, human's are able to conjure up all types of different spells, incantations, healing techniques, offensive magic and other types of sorcery. However, depending on the type assets, skills and focus that a human has, these gems can have a plethora of different purposes or uses. For instance, if a person was primarily focused on physical combat, then their anima stone would most likely be focused on obtaining a form of magic that constantly augments their strength, gives them more physical energy and grants them access to other types of spells or incantations that grants them access to magic which goes alongside their strength; such as having a technique that gives them crystal-like skin in order to take more damage from opponents.

What's more, humans' also have a choice of either having an external stone or one that is infused with their body.

  • External Stones: If one were to have a stone which was not intermixed with themselves, then it would be possible to make this gem be infused with other types of equipment or external resources. An example of said phenom would be a character whom had the affinity for overall energy having some sort of outer gem to feed off the power of a generator in order to perform acts of magic without draining the user that heavily. It could be possible for it to suck up Chi or reishi on some level's depending on the different types of users. And, being reliant on the gem's abilities or affinities from the user, it could be used in order to enhance varying objects. For instance, if one had an affinity for speed, they could put their gem inside of a machine in order to make it faster, more prone to be able to summon energy faster or just gaining some kinetic energy.

    However, if one chooses to have an external gem, they do have the drawback of having to be somewhere near this stone in order to make it work. For instance, those on lower level's would probably have to be within a very close range of this stone in order to make the external version work properly and channel into the users Soul Force. Those on higher level's of skill can increase the distance they are away from their gem, but it would still be there and get less effect as they go further outwards away from it. Additionally, external users also hold the risk of someone else taking their gem. If this happens, one of two things can happen: if someone is adept enough, they can possible hijack this power for themselves. Or, if they fail to figure out a way depending on the stone in question, they could possible destroy it and render the person's magic capacities null for the duration of the thread until their body is able to reform a new stone. Therefore, while external gems can last for dramatically long periods of time by tapping into anything extrinsic, they do hold their fair share of disadvantages as well.

  • Internal Stones: Meanwhile, people who focus on the internal side of Anima Stones tend to have stronger wavelengths then external ones. However, they often don't learn how to infuse until their at least adept. Once this occurs, they can choose to infuse this stone with them. Should they go down this pathway, they'll be able to augment or enhance their magic with alternative types of energy such as Spiritual Energy or any type of secondary force they have inside of their body. What's more, sometimes they can gain their gems affinities. Going back to our physical based user, this type of person would be able to most likely gain steel-like skin in order to have greatly improved defenses and overall durability. This also works in revers as the gem could also gain properties from the human itself in order to strengthen itself. Thus, if a person was a heavy speed based user, then the gem would have a trait where it was able to summon spells at faster then normal rates.

    Even more beneficial is that unlike external users, internal users can always use their magic since the gem is sealed inside of them. Though, this is where the drawbacks begin to shine more. While external users can use all types of outside resources to keep their magic flowing easily, internal users are heavily reliant on their own force in order to make the different types of sorcery occur with them. They are typically stronger then magic that is generated from external stones, but it tires out and drains the user at a quicker rate then those who are not fused together with their stones.

Therefore, it is up to the human in question to way the pro's & con's of deciding rather or not they should have an inner or outer stone.

Lastly, to conclude things, the final aspect of a stone a human should bare in mind is how strong the actual connection to mana actually use. The Anima Stones themselves are merely vessel's to give human's the possibility to perform magic. Therefore, if a human chooses to ignore this type of trait and focus on other area's, then their anima stone would grow weaker with the force and eventually be useless if a person chooses to abandon magic altogether. While those who are similar to Kidō based Shinigami users would often have their anima stones be the strongest asset, followed by their ACTUAL skill in the magical arts. As, in a way, human's are similar to demon's in the fact that they both need to have some sort of connection to a hidden force, then followed up by their proficiency in the art. Demon's need to focus their pathway to Za Koa, while humans focus more on their association to mana. So, at the of the day, this magical art has a high variable and grants the human the means to combat against other races more evenly.

It should be noted, however, that human hybrids often do not have access to anima stones or their extremely weakened. For example, while Shadin Yuudeshi may still be a human Ziamichi, he has focused too heavily on his other racial traits from being a host and thus ruined his chance to have an actual anima stone in his grasp. Even if he were to force it to come into existence, the best his stone would be is beginner. This occurs because when a human becomes too overloaded, they are locked from having these stones be generated. So most extremely powerful human's often make a choice between Soul Evolution Powers, Chi Energy and other forces to weigh out what types of assets they want for themselves. In fact, if a person is too skilled in the art of Chi, they may not even be able to utilize much of the anima stones and this fact should be bared in mind for all Chi Users.


Soul State Evolution: From the mutated DNA from Shinigami, human's have conjured up their own release states. By taking their Soul Force to the same level's a spiritual race like the Shinigami do, they are able to obtain new forms of power where they are granted new abilities and powers. However, unlike these other races, almost any human can have at least two of their Soul State Evolution's at any given tier. That means even a four tier holds the capacity to hold two out of three Soul State Evolution forms. Moreover, when the first transformation initiates, that's when the human will typically see the biggest increases to any kind of new traits. Thus, the first stage serves as a entry way into their Soul State with the benefit of new powers. After this stage, once a human reaches their Second Soul State, they'll typically see dramatic augmentation, improvement in racial powers and occasionally a new power or two; but not as much as the first transformation that they underwent when obtaining their Soul States.

However, if a human is able to reach one or 0 tier, then they'll be able to call out upon a transformation that will grant them even greater augmentation + new powers. Unlike the other states, though, this is typically reserved for a Final Move rather then something to be constantly used. It drains up a large amount of the users energy when in this ascended state, can make drawbacks or weaknesses greater if their Soul Force starts to deplete too much and can even leave them exhausted long after they descended to either a weaker form or base state. Since, after all, the main purpose of transformed state is focusing on increased of energy, overall increases in powers and taking the best of both the 1st and 2nd state's benefits in one form.

Therefore, with this knowledge in mind, most human's typically don't seek the third form as it simply isn't something that should be used that often unless someone can find a way to sustain themselves. So, their 1st and 2nd states are typically the best ones to use in combat situations if the fight calls for it.


Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength:
  • Soul Sorcery:
  • Soul Dash:
  • Soul Detection:

[b][u]Human Skill Sheet[/u][/b]
[list][*][b]Anima Stone Strength:[/b]
[*][b]Soul Sorcery:[/b]
[*][b]Soul Dash:[/b]
[*][b]Soul Detection:[/b][/list]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Soul Evolution: The True Human Skill Sheet & Powers   Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:59 am

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Soul Evolution: The True Human Skill Sheet & Powers
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