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Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:13 am

Artist: KKHT Soundtrack Collection - Song: N/A - Word Count: 2060
There was nothing but sun and clouds for as far as the eye could see in the skies above Washington D.C. Yet, despite this, things were going to turn as grim as night for what was about to occur in this city. As the day of August 1st, 2413 will go down in utter infamy. For while the people of this metropolis went about their way taking care of the daily mundane activities which were a normal life, something abnormal had been blazing it's way through the streets of this city. Screams rang down the many avenue's leading up to the infamous building known as the White House. Hollerings of "The Mad Queen", "The Devil Incarnate", "Ruthless Murder" and cries to take shelter, take cover and stay out of her way were echoing throughout the roadways. It stopped all sorts of traffic in the area; as hover cars came to a screeching halt to double take just what they were seeing. While, those with more bold hearts were seen running away in massive droves from some kind of unknown threat rapidly approaching the Capital Building of America.

With the clacking of high-heels, the streets were silent as a lone, female figure soon came into view. Standing at roughly five foot seven, the initial reaction to this woman wouldn't be impressive. Though, as one would inspect her attire further, the unrevealing of why this person, or rather, demoness was so feared would soon come to light. Upon the top of this loathed woman's head, this wicked witch was seen as having a pair of coal hued horns which resembled vertebrae; each tip crafted out of three tips joined at the end. While as one would pay more focus to her hair, they'd notice she'd have lengthy black hair that was wavy in style and mixed with shades of green, along with straight bangs extending downward from her face. Eyes the color of emerald gems, it was almost quite enticing and rather easy to get lost in them if she weren't such an abominable threat.

All dolled up in outfit that showcased a strong resemblance to that of the Gothic Lolita fashion style, the Demoness was seen wearing a slate colored dress with a matching shaded bolero. Moreover, this dress protracted down to her thighs; accented with a white ribbon on the waist. Together with raven hued leggings, black pumps, and a pair of brunet black gauntlets on each hand; this creature of the night was ready to go all out on the town on this fine day. Emitting an ominous chuckle from out of her mouth, this woman was seen raising her right hand into the air as a black mist quickly took form into the sky. In a matter of moments, the entirety of Washington D.C. was engulfed within a obsidian skyline; as screens of lush green colors intermixed with the darkness in the clouds. It was at this point, all in the city limits knew something major was going to happen. With a gathering of Arrancar, Hollow and Demon's alike taking formation around the white house, one name was chanted out of their mouth: "Mana". It was in that moment the Queen of Demon's known as Mana Asthavon had made her arrival before the white house.

On her command, a large media outing was taking place across the front-lawn of the white house as people scrambled to get out of the way, bolder souls rushed to see their Queen and the city soon transformed from a serene, but busy metropolis; to that of a chaotic uproar. With Shadow Fall troops swiftly raiding the likes of the White House, the President of the United States along with his entire chambers of staff was soon gathered outside of the honored Capital of America. Going by the name of Harrison Rutherford, the male was taken by force to the center of the White House's lawn. He appeared to be caucasian in ethnicity, identified to have neck length black hair and happened to be a man in his late forties wearing a traditional black suit and tie. Sweating profusely at this point from sheer terror, the man knew that his time was coming near as he saw the likes of Mana Asthavon entering into the arena with a wicked and demented smile across her face as the crowd around her grew in size.

Though, before, she got to that point; there was something which needed to be addressed prior to letting the head of the President rolled across this fresh cut grass. Turning her attention to the cameras, The Queen curled up her finger to signal that the media frenzy taking place broadcast this throughout the world. With her message spreading all throughout the Virtual Realm, communication devices across Earth and being broadcasted through different dimensions; it seems the stage befitting a Royal had been set. "Oh America, Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. I come to you not as someone wishing to change your way of life, but to simply...usher in a new wave of change. You may have heard of my name, you may have seen my actions and you may know just how...feisty the likes of my temper can get. But, let me rest assure, I wouldn't kill my own kind so easily. For I to, at the roots of my origins, am a proud American. And being an American myself, I can't condone such cowardly and imposing actions as your Presidents has released against my kind." With the cameras being focused on Harrison Rutherford, Mana continued on with her speech.

"I have no desire to obliterate this land. I simply seek to make it as prosperous as it once was in the 21st century. So, to hear of a plan to wipe out Demon Kind and kill the likes of myself...well, that didn't sit right with me. After all, I haven't lifted a single finger against this great nation of ours. Henceforth, in light of this little...mishap...I seek to correct it the only way I know how: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." With the President of the Nation now trembling in fear, he was tossed center stage towards The Demon Queen's location. "For all my enemies, foes plotting against me and those who aren't sure rather to follow my lead: please watch this beautiful show before you ever consider doing such fanciful actions against myself." Screaming in utter dismay, the Harrison was then seen making a run for it as he ran as fast as he could across the White House lawn. Motioning for her own version of the Secret Service to stand down, a sinister grin came into view across Mana's lips as her face transitioned into a haunting expression which sent chills across even the likes of other hardened demon's in the area.

Hollering obscurities about trying to get away and save his own life, The Royal Asthavon slowly made her way towards the position which Harrison was sprinting towards before vanishing into the shadow's of the night. With his heart sinking, the man froze up when The Wicked Queen was seen emerging out of the ground at a very slow rate; blocking his pathway from leaving the compound as she stared into his eyes with a unhinged glare flaring within her eyes. " a dream right?" Paralyzed with utter horror, the male knew there was no way out of this point and the logical facilities inside of his brain shut down; refusing to this accept this gruesome outcome which would soon befall his head. With her becoming more demented and the grin upon her face increasing in size, Mana could only say these brief words before going in for the final kill : "Man's dream is transient, so that's why this is real. Stop to have a dream with me, cease your thinking and you will find peace in your final moments."

Eyes widening with sheer glee in them as her face flushed red with uprising blood, The Queen performed a back flip before having a steel-colored tentacle dive out of her foot and proceed to slash the President in half in a vertical pattern. Still being conscious for the whole thing thanks to the twisted demon's magic, Harrisons final moments on this realm were sensing the entirety of his body being slashed in two. It was a hollow feeling, a great sense of helpless and filled his heart with despair as a brief pouring of tears escaped his eyes before Mana's energy within him surged and caused his body to explode all over the lawn in a gory mess.

All that would be left of the esteemed man was an alluring spaddle of blood across the White House's yard; as in every direction gallons of his crimson essence splattered across the vicinity like an unending downpour of organic matter. His heart, his bones, his eyeballs, gentials, colon, intensties, skin, fecal matter and everything which comprised his body were scattered throughout the stage like they were nothing more than plastic bits of toys. Causing some to scream in horror, some to look in awe and more chaotic individuals to holler in praise of Mana as their savior. As, in this apocalyptic time, some had considered her the messiah of this country to save it from being plunged into death's valley.

Half of her body now covered in the liquefied remains of the president, an alleviated expression came into view across the Queen's face. "To oppose me, is to oppose the wrath that is the of Divine Creator of Demon's. Let my enemies know, that hell is very real and I will fill it's rivers with ye's blood should a soul ever wish to overthrow my ruling." Slowly tilting her head towards Harrison's staff now all hollering, sobbing and attempting to run was all futile. "Stop thinking, you simpletons. If you fear like that, you'll waste the lifetime you have left." Raising her hands slowly in the air, a emerald aura radiated from The Queen's body. Closing her eyes, The Demoness released dozens upon dozens of spiked tendrils from out of her arms. Opening her eyes to unveil blood vessels sticking out of them, a manic sneer transitioned upon her face. "FOR I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO!"

Scooping them all up like they were nothing but playthings, Mana rounded them all up and eventually encased them within a massive dome of appendages which blocked out the brilliant moon shining down below them. Lifting herself up to enter into the hive of tendrils, The Queen transferred the visuals within the sphere into the devices transmitting this crazed event to the world. Now hanging upon the ceiling of this orb by various tentacles, many within it's contents were screaming for The Demoness to let them go, others hollering and wondering if this was a dream and some simply cowering in fear and accepting their fate; Mana could only laugh at their feeble attempts to waste the last portion of their lives in such a pitiful way. "It's Deveta's Work! It's Deveta's Work! Ease your fears, let it all go and crash away your souls into this blissful dream. Submerge into this sea of fantasy and reality meshing together into one whole to never again return to the plane of the living!"

Sounds akin to that of a chainsaw, the blackened tendrils were soon noted as turning into huge globs of reddened goo. At that moment, everyone on the ground stared in complete dread as the desperate pleas for help, mercy and a savior of god were uttered within this death trap. For, within this mess of razor sharp appendages, these people were being torn apart until nothing of them remained but a liquid essence. And, when that time for it's contents to be released came, Mana let loose a truly frightening holler as the entirety of the White House and it's surrounding areas were drowned in this scarlet flood of human remains; filling this vicinity with what was left of Harrison's staff. Being soon upon this mess with a horrifying laughter and certifiably insane look upon her face, Mana would say these last words:

"As a sacrifice to raise of my power in the blood of my enemies, I now elect myself to become the 150th President of the United States! PRAISE DEVETA AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!"

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:32 am

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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