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Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:15 pm

Yoma had taken his newly found buddy Zazy to the Karakura Forest to do some training. Yoma himself has some fond memories of this place. He had multiple encounters with others here as well as learning how to push himself forward. He thought that having a spar against Zazy would be a good way to push him towards new levels of strength as well as test out his.
Yoma didn't know much about Zazy's power but he did now that this will be a good place to test out the power of his abilities. He recently discovered that he was able to emit smoke through the usage of his flames possibly clouding up an area.

The ability if used to it's fullest extent could probaby be able to outmatch Zazyre. The area was surounded by evenly spaced trees that all appeared to be the same. the trees seemed to go on forever in all directions with about 10 feet of space from one tree to the next. The trees could be used effectively to cover and to create counters. This fight would probaby be the one to end up being more invovling knowlegde. Both particpants would have to end up learning more about how the other fought and end up pushing each other to a limit not yet reached.

Yoma understood his power was growing and that new and futher control was required. He also wanted to connect with Zazy and fighting would allow him to see what was in the heart of the other person. This time in the forest the fighting would be different as he would not burn down the forest nor destroy it. Zazyre was the one he was trying to push instead of being the one to push him. Yoma gave himself space from Zazyre and postioned to fight drawing out his Zanpakutō and creating his mines on his feet and having one right on his blade. He stood with the blade in his left hand waiting for Zazyre's reaction.

Depending on what he did Yoma would change his own style up as well. He will become piece of elastic that strikes and bounces back. Yet he was unsure of what Zazyre really wanted to do. What would he do if he had more strenght and how far would he take the strength? Would he take the path of destruction or the path full of peace? Either way this would end up affect Yoma's own decisions. He wondered what the true purpose of the shinigami was? What were their purpose?

"Zazy i hope your ready i'm not going to hold back my strength. I want no interruptions this time and i will show you my strength. I will push your power and i want to see what you do with it. Where will you take your power is completely up to you. So show me your resolve so i can solidify my own. So lets have some fun and go futher then expected. "

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