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Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:41 pm
Ace, a tall black haired boy who looks to be around his mid twenties or so, walked through Karakura Forest. Each step he took, his black boots would make a 'crunch' sound as he stepped on dead leaves or grass. His black jeans were clean and spotless (for now) and they fit him very comfortable. His book, which had a brown hard leather cover to it with old looking pages, was kept safely in his back pocket. His zanpakto was at his hip in its sheath. The place was mildly lit around him making his black jacket sometimes blend into the shadows.

The reason Ace was here was because he came here to kill some hollows and become stronger. He had no more leads towards the whereabouts of his friend, Axel. He looked around and saw a hollow around the size of 10 ft or so. He unsheathed his zanpakto and sprinted towards it. The hollow turned towards him but Ace was already 2 ft away from it. Ace bent his knees and sprang forward using the propulsion in his legs. He made an upwords strike from the hollow's bottom left corner of its mask to the upper right portion. Ace did a flip over the hollow and landed behind hollow. The hollow began to disintegrate. Checking his clothes, he saw that there was no blood on him. He smiled and left to go execute more hollows, each much stronger than the next.

He killed three more hollows and began to get tired. He looked around to find a comfortable tree when he saw a hollow much larger than the others. Not only was it larger, but Ace could feel that this one was stronger than the other four hollows he had just killed. The hollow saw him and began to charge up a cero. This surprised Ace and made a flash step, barely dodging the cero. Ace reappeared on a big branch of a tree just above the hollow. With both hands on his zanpakto, he leaped off the branch and made a powerful downward slash straight down the middle of the hollow's mask. The hollow was killed and started to vanish. He took a seat on a tree root and began to catch his breath after that attack had almost killed him.
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