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Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:19 am

Karakura forest was always peaceful. Every time that Eiji Youjai, highly respected member of the Yayjuu, stepped into this place -- he felt nothing but pure peace and quiet. He loved it, it left a chill on your spine that comforted the entire body. The sound of gushing rivers, the chirping of birds high up in the trees. The forest itself was so large that you could walk for miles without seeing another human being. For someone who requested most of his life be spent alone, this place was perfect. Sure there would be the ocassional chatter of other humans walking past or just passing through; but that was easy to live with. Although there were legendary people who lived in these woods also, as such many fights had occurred here as well. The "Shark" was among one of them, the curious beast who held the strength to completely obliterate people by touching them. Then there were people such as Ceon and Senna who lived in these woods, the Rosaries of many aspects. These people were kind, however they were dangerous none the less. The very same could also be said about Shirou Emiya, a man living in these woods. Eiji didn't know many of these people well, but he did know of their existence, something that could help him at least identify them.

Laying by the river and listening to the trickling water, Eiji could be seen with his head held fully back - hands raised up towards his head as the palms began to cradle the back of his skull, hair slipping through his fingers gracefully. Giving a slight yawn, he's roll over and stretch his side. The water below seemed to stay at a constant pace, peaceful enough to not disturb the noise of the birds above. Rolling back over onto his back, Eiji would reach into his pocket, only to be seen re-emerging with a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. Flicking open the carton, he'd slowly put a dart in his mouth and light it. Smoke began to encircle around his body as he breathed out. Looking up at the blue, sun-filled sky, Eiji let out a soft smile. Many thoughts over-came him. For once, he felt accepted. Being in the Yayjuu had changed his life in a positive way -- for in exchange of his services, he got a place to live, an amazing income and even got to reunite with his old friend, Shadin Yuudeshi. Finally, things began to look up for him. Most of Eiji's life as a shinigami was him being secluded. His shape-shifting skin was definitely a catalyst for that. Unlike many others, Eiji had a unique ability to transform his small body into that of a reptile, a lizard to be more precise. When he did so, he became very menacing. Perhaps... perhaps it wasn't any wonder why he was shunned.

Yet as he sat here, he couldn't help but think about his future as well. The future was full of many promises, if all went well with the Yayjuu, he might have actually been able to retire sometime in the near future. Slipping into thoughts again, they'd rapidly shift almost changing thoughts every time he blinked. He thought about his life, the future, the past, demons, shinigami, Iramasha. He thought about it all. Flipping through his memories as fast as a machine gun, he now gave a strong breathe outwards once again. As he did so, this time a small high-pitched tone coming from his mouth. Beginning to whistle softly, Eiji would smile and close his eyes. As he began to whistle, the birds stopping in the trees and began to match the pattern the pink haired man was letting off. This was true bliss.

"Hm... seems the birds love it too..."

His body remained limp and slender, it was relaxed. Eiji didn't expect anyone, he enjoyed this time alone. There are very few people whom he'd welcome with open arms to come and talk with him. Although he had made a few enemies now that he thought about it, becoming a member of the Beast Circle, Eiji was concerned about how much of a target he would be. Not only that, but he did become a target from Sou Yuuki after he intervened in a fight happening in Downtown Karakura. The red haired male escaped Eiji, but now he was an enemy of the Yayjuu. Not only the Yayjuu, but it seemed he was constantly making enemies in other locations. Although there was one thing on Eiji's mind... He hadn't had many dealings with the Iramasha.

(I'm shit at starting threads, hahaha.)

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Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:08 am

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
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