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Shinigami Template

Basic Information

- Name: Crystal Leight
- Titles: Captain
- Gender: Female
- Appearance Age: 20
- Age: 550
- Affiliation/Rank: Soul Society

- Appearance Description:

Always judged and complimented by her peculiar looks, beauty is a word she is often associated with yet one she does not quite agree with. Her hair is rather long. Though the exact length varies, she can most often be seen with her hair reaching anywhere from just below her shoulders to near mid back. Her skin is quite light and very smooth and soft to the touch. On occasion, when she is out in business to Rukongai, it seems that children have taken a liking to her skin as they seem to find enjoyment running their fingers down her soft and delicate cheeks. Though she is not absurdly pale, her skin has such fine beauty that on very bright days, some of the other Captains have even hinted at her resemblance to one of the porcelain dolls in the world of the living. Her hair color is yet another feature that attracts a lot of attention. From a distance, her hair looks to be a light pink color. Even from a closer distance, the pink hue is easily noticeable. However, the more picky individuals might say that her strangely colored veils of light brown make her hair look pink. There's even a small group of people who refer to her as the pink-hair maiden though she does not like the name very much. Her hair is one of the few features she truly admires about herself but she doesn't think its quite so important as to garner so much attention.

The other feature which has always been Crystal's favorite, are her eyes.Their color is that of a soft, light blue hue which could be compared to the color of the ocean near the shore in specially sunny beaches around the Caribbean islands. Towards the edge of the iris, the light blue blends into a soft mixture of light blue and an even lighter shade of green. During the night time or in the dark, her eyes take on a slightly darker hue of the same color, while the opposite is true under a bright light and during the day as her eyes become considerably lighter and brighter. Though a dilating and shrinking pupil are signs of a healthy eye, Crystal's change at a more drastic pace. While on a dark area or at night, her pupil is surprisingly larger than that of most people and during the day is surprisingly smaller than most individuals. The changes in size depending on the source and the intensity of light or lack thereof are rather sudden, easily happening much faster than the average rate.

She has always liked the typical shinigami attire. In fact, ever since she was in the academy she always imagined what it would be like to wear the lieutenant insignia or the captains uniform. However, it seems fate was not without a sense of irony. As she grew older and stronger, she found she had a very distinction and different idea than she did hundreds of years earlier. Though not a common practice, some Captains made additions and modifications to their attire or even changed it completely. The status of their position, and the fact that they were quite well know, sort of gave them an unspoken but well known pass of sorts to dress as they wish...even if some may be slightly annoyed at the fact. Crystal is no different. She loves tinkering and creating and she specially enjoys using items she creates herself. Her regular outfit, is one she made herself after returning from one of her trips to the human world. During her time there, aside from performing her duties, she had taken up knitting and other practices to create clothing. Though it was a bit tricky at her first, her nature and her intelligence allowed her to pick it up rather quick. After a lot of practice with different methods and different fabrics she had decided on an outfit she liked and enjoy wearing. Ever since then, it is probably the only outfit she wears. She does have change of clothes however. In her quarters there dozens of outfits, and although they are all the same, the copies just help her wear the same outfit without worrying about the unfortunate smell.

The outfit in of itself is not overly complicated. Light green, almost earthy flat pauldrons sit atop her shoulders adorned with lines of yellow. On her top, she sports a crimson red leather garment that is zipped up from her tummy up to her breasts, while a secondary zipper closes the gap from the bottom to the top of her neck area. An slightly opened jacket is fit over her top being only tied at the middle. With a dark beige color in its interior and a pearly white exterior, the garment makes a nice contrast with the rest of her clothing. On her lower body she wears a very short earthy-colored skirt. The skirt is short enough where anything and everything would be seen. For that reason, she wears tight and skin-thin red shorts underneath to prevent the occasional pervert from seeing more than she would want them to. The point of the outfit was not to be lewd, although a side of her would greatly emphasize that it was. The skirt is just short enough to allow for most movements with great freedom. Even if the skirt rose up to show what should not be seen, which it usually does, the short shorts underneath would do their job and cover what they ought to cover. On any other situation of relative ease, the white jacket is just barely long enough to cover what her skirt may not, so long as she does not stretches or jumps or does anything that may lift it up. Either way, since regardless of the motion, nothing will show which she wouldn't want to be seen, she has grown rather comfortable in her clothes and doesn't even think about it anymore.

From there, her thighs down through the majority of her legs are largely bare, revealing her light and smooth skin. Strapped to one of her thighs from a belt, a red satchel hold a number of items that she may find useful for certain situations. Nearing her feet, an earthy brown colored boots protect her feet from debris. On her hands she can often be seen wearing fingerless gloves with some form of golden design or inlay.

- Appearance Picture:



- Personality: Crystal is a lady with a great sense of duty. For the most part she is always seen either doing paper work or actively participating in the experiments. Either guiding her squad, teaching, or aiding in trivial tasks, she is often seen pulling her share like everyone else. She possesses a strong sense of justice and is very critical of those who try to disturb it and the little peace her people can afford. On normal conversations, her speech and behavior is indicative of someone much older than she seems. This is something that brings her praise from the rest of the Captain but a bit of criticism from others behind her backs. On regards to what others think of her, she is quite good at veiling her emotions. On what she lets on, she doesn't seem to be affected by criticism save for healthy and constructive criticism. However, though her exterior may show a woman has been hardened by her abilities, her experience, and her duties, within, albeit very deep, lies a very soft and delicate woman. This is something she would never let any of her man or her peers so, but in reality she is very critical of herself. She takes criticism to heart and has thus become very hard to please herself. Though she seems happy with her accomplishments she keeps pushing herself. Under the guise that it is for her empowerment, knowledge, and the benefit of others, its mostly to try to atone to what she believes its a poor performance, even if it is far from the truth.

When she is at work however, she can be best described as a child. Because of the nature of her job, she often loves what she does. It seems tinkering, experimenting and obtaining strange and unexpected results just thrills her. During the times when she is making some type of break through its almost as if she was a little girl playing with a newly gifted toy. Its quite comical really. Her personality makes an outstanding contrast during the times she is out and about consulting other Captains and the times she has to relax and work on an invention or two. The calm, subtle and nearly expressionless seriousness that accompany her words during meetings are completely different to the child-like laughter and exhilaration she experiences when she discovers what was going wrong with an experiment and how she could fix it. It is not particularly clear what first drove her to take an interest in tinkering but there are rumors it has to do with her upbringing. Though her family enjoyed luxuries most did, she could only imagine there was more out there. Crystal has always been fascinating about the unknown and pushing her limits. Because of this she has always undertaken tasks with the mindset that she can take things a step further, that she can make them better, different, unique.

During battle her change in personality its not quite so drastic. Though she dislikes armed conflict, most times she is forced to fight are in order to protect her people and to defend her duty as a Captain. Therefore she can often be ruthless and very imposing during battle to accomplish her goals. She does place a lot of trust and cares deeply for her men even if she does not chose to let it be known. At least with most of her squad. Hurting someone close to her can have the effect of releasing a bloodthirsty beast that will go on a rampage to secure the survival of the rest and the vengeance of the fallen. Though the memories of her past are but hazy thoughts, its almost as if she is too scared to lose someone precious to her again.

She does however, on rare occasions, tries to relax in ways that do not revolve tinkering an inventing. Most of her man fear her enough not to approach her as woman but rather as a Captain. She's not known for being very violent though she has been known to be very strict. However, the man would not be completely mistaken. Though she is easily approachable as a Captain she is a nearly tight shut clamp when it comes to approaching her as a woman. Though still considerably adamant, she has allowed her Vice Captain to take her out on relaxation nights as he calls them. They mainly involve a lot of drinking and a lot of talking. Both are things that, although she enjoys, she tries her best not to do. She truly desires the fun she experiences in nights like that but she truly believes her duties call on her to be a serious individual. For the most part, most Captain, even the older ones can be a lot more relaxed and laid back than her. Though she is secretly a very laid back individual, she tries too hard to do her job and it often comes off rather awkward. Though there is no complaint on her duties, as she fulfills them, her behavior is not to be modeled after as she still needs to balance out a few things. Nevertheless, her lieutenant is slowly breaking through her tough shell, and albeit very slow, has managed to approach her on a personal level she would not allow anyone else to do. Though she thinks well of him she has imposed on herself the rule that she will not be involved in any type of romantic relationship. Her mind and her heart desire it, and she knows this to be true. However, as she keep trying to place her duties above all else she neglects her own feelings and her own needs. Bit by bit, it is likely that her personality will undergo a drastic change as her lieutenant carves his way through her outer shell and she's presented with the side of reality she did not quite want to accept. It is very rare for her secondary personality to kick in. In fact, ever since she became a seated officer and rose up to Captain, she could count the instances with one hand. Those somewhat forgettable moments had been induced as a result of too much drinking or allowing herself to have too much fun. Her secondary personality is somewhat troubling to her. In of it itself is not that she has two personalities, but rather she tries to repress the young and wild side of herself. Though there's nothing truly dangerous or to be afraid of in her true self, she is very afraid of it. Her honest and relaxed self is one that will seek the thrill of the night and do anything and everything so long as it makes her feel better. Her inner self is one that just wants to live her life doing as she pleases and having fun while she is at it. No regrets. The contrasting personality is what causes her inner turmoil. In the persona she tries to keep while out on about, a highly dedicated and disciplined individual upholds the rules while a nearly immature lady in the inside tries to get out. It is likely that neither personality will ever win over her as they are just two pieces of the same structure and one cannot truly function at is best without the other. She has been trying to adjust to her to sides and live by the rules and the regulations while allowing some time to feed her inner wild side and enjoy the things she loves and the people she cares about.

Background History

- History: A Rough Start

The start of her memories were as hazy and convoluted as the future that awaited her. She had been born in the Soul Society to loving parents, but she would have near to no memory of them. Her earliest thoughts were of abandonment and solitude. As a very small child she had witnessed the sudden disappearance of everyone around her. The small village was very far from the more fortunate areas of Rukongai and the shinigami rarely ever showed up around the area. That day had not been different. However, what little the girl knew would have been stripped from her that day. As she walked towards what she imagined was her home, she witnessed everyone around her screaming and shrieking in agony as their bodies were reduced to white-like smoke. In what seemed like an instant there was nothing left of them but the clothes they once wore. The memories were extremely hazy because of her age. Most of the events might not have been exactly as she recalls but it was a good indication of what had happened. Because of her undeveloped emotions, she had not demonstrated a push towards sadness and despair. Though she had been cut off from her friends and family indefinitely, the bonds and their worth had not cemented in her to be able to discern their importance. The only prevalent feeling was fear. She was afraid, and she was alone.

She had been walking for hours not knowing where to go. Though she had no idea what had happened to the people in the village, she was smart enough to know it was likely dangerous there. Walking for what seemed like hours, her young mind could only imagine soon she would collapse, black out, and never wake up. In the darkness of the night, her tiny arms wrestled the branches and the leafs trying to cut a way in. Ironically, the more she struggled the worst it was for her. After a couple of hours walking she was dirty, bruised and badly cut in a myriad of places. Initially she had cried because of the pain and the utter frustration of her situation. Soon however, she stopped. Even at her young age she figured out that crying and whining was not going to fix her situation, and it would not save her life. Barely able to move her tiny legs any more, she was met by a small group of man who rushed past her covered in dark cloaks. She could only assume it was black as she was too young to know many colors and the pitch black darkness of the night made all colors she had a grip on mingle together. Though getting a glimpse of who had rushed past her was near impossible, it was likely they were shinigami since the speeds approached unthinkable levels. Out in the corner of her eye, she could have sworn one of the man had momentarily turned to see her before speeding off. Gentle, soft and long dark brown hair, and a very peculiar smile greeted her as the group vanished into the emptiness of the night. Either because of the surprise or the sheer shock of the events that had unfolded that night she collapsed and remained immobile for a very long time. Merely a few hours later, a couple of shinigami arrived at her location. It was strange. It was almost as if they had been told of her exact location. However, the girl, she was just glad to be safe. For the time being.

Though the shinigami would have wanted to bring her into Seireitei, they were not allowed. Instead, the unnamed girl had been dropped into the care of a family in Rukongai who was without children. Crystal. That was the name given to her. She was always told it was because of her appearance and the way her eyes looked to her adoptive parents. She seemed like a pure girl. She was Crystal clear. Though she was then no one's responsibility but those who had adopted her, Crystal usually had recurrent visits from shinigami. Most often than not it was the ladies from the fourth squad trying to make sure she was alright. The incidents and the disappearances had been of great concern, but since she could barely understand or speak and was found at a very far off location, she was never quite connected to the events. In fact, she never would.

From a young age, Crystal began to develop traits that were admired by more than her family. She had a peculiarly large appetite. Though food was often a luxury that not many families in Rukongai would enjoy, the family was lucky enough to have a good share of meals at least in comparison to neighboring families. Her appetite was indicative of a very strong spiritual pressure and as such, she was expected to, at the right age, enroll in the academy with the hopes of becoming a full fledged shinigami. During the years prior to enrolling however, she had quite a number of habits and hobbies. Some were very common among kids her age but some were particular to older folks. Though she enjoyed playing with toys, she was often seen breaking them apart and rebuilding them, and even designing her own. She was not particularly seen as violent, but rather, she liked to tinker. She disliked doing work assigned to her, but she loved working on things she genuinely wished to do. Nevertheless, she was a model child. She had helped the family with the chores and was their pride and joy while she was with them. It was during that time too, that a lot of troubling things had happened around Soul Society. With a large number of captains and lieutenants exiled, it seemed like the shinigami would have been in troubled, but it seemed the positions had been filled and with that, the order had returned, at least for the time being. She never quite dreamed of being a captain as a dream as lofty as that was likely too much for someone like her. She was contempt with being important and respected, unlike the rest of her play-friends.

On the Path to Upheaval

In the last few years she had joined the shinigami academy. There, she had discovered that, although she had the potential to be a strong shinigami, many others did as well. Nevertheless, she was always praised by her instructors for her dedication, eagerness to learn, and how quick she caught up with new and challenging material. She excelled in a wide variety of aspects during her time at the academy. While she dedicated a lot of time to her studies for her advanced kido and swordsmanship classes, she was doing quite poorly in what entailed social interactions. Though she was very social, her extreme involvement in her studies often lead her to be aloof to others. During this time, the students were left to teach themselves more so than other years. Though the instructors were famous for their teaching, it was a time of strife for Soul Society. A group of captains had defected and allied with the hollows in creating strong Arrancar to take over Sereitei. It was infuriating. Though she truly wanted to do her best to effect change in the Soul Society and gravitate the citizens towards peace, she knew she was still far too weak and still had much more to learn. Her only hope was that, by the time she finished the academy, she would be of sufficient help to her peers.

By the time she had finished the academy however, there was a relative short time of peace. She was happy since it would likely lead to less bloodshed, but part of her was disappointed she would not get to participate in the combat. She knew however...she was starting to figure out that in the world of shinigami, combat is inevitable. Sooner or later.

Initially, she had wanted to join the sixth squad. Though she did think the Captain was quite the looker, she was very interested in keeping the law and the order in place. To her surprise however, she was almost immediately requested into the 12th squad. Though it was not her primary choice, she did not complaint. She had made up her mind that, wherever she was appointed to, was likely the place she belonged given her abilities. There were plenty of rumors of her tinkering and her inventions, even during her time at the academy, and the word must have reached the Research and Development Department. They would make sure to strive to make her stronger and wiser. And both of those, she enjoyed. The years to come would see Crystal rising through the ranks. She had discovered the worth of the 12th division and had found amusement and solace in the daily research. Akin to some of her superiors, Crystal was doted with significant intellect which was clearly noticeable in the way she approached problems and created possibilities and experiments for the department. In fact, her rise into the seated positions was so fast that she could only be compared to that of a prodigy. When Mayuri had retired, there were even some that hinted and even proposed the idea of Crystal becoming a Captain. Though she definitely had what it took, she was still a bit young, and there were other candidates just as qualified as her but with much more years of experience. With the appointment of a new Captain, Crystal continued to work her best to increase the reputation of her squad. It had not been long since she had mastered her bankai. In fact, she had been so closely considered for the position that she had even been asked to show it to a select and anonymous group of captains. Of course, she had shown only enough to provide security of her abilities but not enough to reveal every card under her sleeve. Not surprisingly, her Zanpakutō abilities reflected her personality. Her blade was as unorthodox and strange as her appearance. Her abilities reflected the tinkerer and adventurous persona of hers that loved knowledge for the sake of knowing. Though she had been developing a lot more accessories and inventions as of late, she always made sure to tell her peers that a shinigami's greatest invention and their treasure, was the bond they shared with their Zanpakutō. In Crystal, as her name suggest, there is a very clear friendship between her Zanpakutō and her, and those bonds, are visible in the way she handles herself and her powers.

With the new vacancy on her squad, Crystal has volunteered for the position. Not surprisingly she seems to enjoy the support and the vote of her peers. Because of her powers, her leadership abilities and her knowledge she was a perfect candidate for the position and after a lot of thought, she was appointed as the Captain. As a first order of business, she has seemed to have undertaken on the duty of pushing the squads to work together and more efficiently than before. There are also rumors that a new project, Project Familiar, is due to begin within the 12th squad. The specifics are not yet known but it seems to revolve around a number of inventions from Crustal that are bound to come of use to the shinigami in their endeavors.


Background History
- Reiatsu Color: Light Blue

- Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Harihime

- Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

In the inner world, Harihime takes on the form of a beautiful angel with long strands of blonde hair. Though Crystal has no real memory of her biological mother, there have been times when Harihime has said her appearance resembles what Crystal's mother used to look as the materialization of her Zanpakutō has something to do with the subconscious memories of her parents. Harihime's hair is kept lose and the length easily reaches up to her mid-back. With dark blue eyes, a contrasting scene is seen atop her hair where an ornate jeweled tiara is held. The tiara is wore in a way where most of the sides are covered by her bangs of hair, making the jeweled front the side that garnishes the most attention. As part of an accessory, there are minuscule angel wing-like protrusions that extend from the right side of her tiara and outwards. The accessory is very similar in appearance, though at a relatively smaller size, than the wings she possesses on her back.

On her neck there is yet another ornate piece in a similar fashion to the one atop her head. It wraps elegantly around her neck forming a downward symbol as it travels a bit lower on her neck. Just inches past her partially uncovered shoulders lied protruding pieces of white ornate armor that extended down her arms to form her gauntlets. Aside from the intricate design, most pieces presented similar shapes with wings and jewels being quite visible. Wrapping around her back is a very thing white string of peculiar strength that doubles as a bra at the front. In the form of spread wings, the bra barely manages to cover the more private portions of the breasts while keeping the rest largely uncovered. Underneath her breasts, the bra ends up forming a strange figure that could only be likened to that of another angel. By her waist, a strange skirt covers some of her body. Towards the front, a simple soft fabric barely covers her undergarments, while a longer skirt is wrapped around her sides to her back covering a larger area on the way down. Her thick large thighs are covered by fairly medium-sized boots that spiral up in an ornate design just to about her thighs. On her back, extremely large white wings hover to each side. The size and magnitude of the wings are such that she could easily wrap herself with them.

- Inner World:

The inner world is surrounded by darkness to represent the vast unknown knowledge that is within her reach. In the middle of all the darkness, a single, yet enormous pillar stands proudly at the center. On the edges of the pillar there are very ornate glass designs that shine brightly to the outside albeit there being no other source of light. From up above, there is a single intense beam of light that showers down the pillar making sure to illuminate only that specific area.

- Crystal's Addons

-Gifted Immune System (passive): Throughout her life, Crystal has tinkered and played around with countless of solutions. She has even introduced a great deal of them into her body...after testing their safety of course. Because of her peculiar genetic make up, it seems that Crystal was born with an abnormal amount of T-Helper cells and an increased potential for immune response. With the help of the solutions and drugs she has administered herself throughout her life, her body has been able to take in and dissolve any foreign source of poison or ill solution. Though her body and her blood are immune to any form of infection, no one else can benefit from the qualities of her blood and her body.

-Rapunzel's Strands (passive): One of Crystal's most prized possessions is her hair. The light pink hue was one she was always fond of. In fact, aside from her eyes, it was the one part of her she always loved and treasured. Though it always grew at a steady and fast pace, there were a lot of times where her duty had forced her to cut it shorter than usual. Even if it eventually grew back. Nevertheless, the rate at which it grew, though not abnormal, was slightly faster than that of her peers. After engaging in a myriad of experiments she was able to add certain artificial qualities to her hair that benefited her looks and potentially, combat capabilities. Ever since the experiments, Crystal has noticed she can fully control her hair. She can make it grow as far and as long as she can or shorten it as short as she wishes. Though this has effectively rendered barbers useless to her aside from special styles, she has found some use to this. Pamela can not only control the length of her hair but also its consistency. She may extend, contract, bend, twist, angle, swirl, and potentially move and squeeze her hair in any direction. By that, the change in consistency allows her to make her hair as soft as silk or as tough as tons of strands of titanium. By changing the consistency and the length of her hair she has also been able to naturally change the sharpness of it, letting it be as dull as regular hair or as sharp as fine piano wires. Though her hair may travel, in the cases of attack and defense at varying degrees of speed, she can speed their movement up to that of bala speeds. On the occasions where she makes her hair of a stronger consistency she has found she can run kido and other energy attacks through her hair. Even if she had not changed the consistency and her hair gets destroyed as a result she merely has to regrow it.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

Crystal's sealed Zanpakutō takes on a very peculiar form. It looks like a very small blade, nearly the size of a tanto. The handle is just barely enough to fit one of her hands and the blade length is just nearly the size of her forearm. The blade looks to be highly polished as it can easily reflect sunlight. The handle is of a light beige color with a number of ornate gold inlays. In a similar fashion, the sheath has a number golden inlay patterns at both ends which are higlighted by the ivory color of the sheath.

- Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities: Crystal is able to, at will, swing down her sealed Zanpakutō to produce moderate blasts to shoot at the opponent. Since the blasts are somewhat dependent on her own reiatsu, the power and the speed of the blasts vary depending on the effort and the effect she desires.

- Shikai Release: Despierta, Princesa
(P.S. Crystal does not need to speak her release phrase to go into the Sealed Shikai form. However, to access her Unsealed Shikai, she must)

- Sealed Shikai Description:

The small tanto elongates into a large and unorthodox-looking blade. Almost mechanical in appearance, it looks as if there were a number of bolts holding it together. Unlike what its looks may suggest, the sword is actually extremely sturdy and quite sharp. Maintaining the glossy metal color, there a number of areas on the blade that are pink and black colored.

Because of the magnitude of Crystal's strength she decided to split her Zanpakutō release to enjoy her encounters a bit more and giver her sparring partners a better chance. The sealed shikai form allows her to fight weaker opponents and even those of similar strength without having to resort to stronger and more dangerous abilities.

- Sealed Shikai Abilities: Her sealed shikai has no abilities as they are all reserved for the true release of her shikai. In this sealed shikai state however, her blade maintains the strength and toughness typical of a shikai level weapon. Nevertheless, like on her sealed Zanpakutō, she may used her own spiritual energy and run it through the blade to shoot at her opponent at varying speeds and degrees of power in dependence to her desires.

- Unsealed Shikai Description:

Finally releasing her true shikai, Crystal sees her outfit and her weapons change. On her lower body there are crimson red and black boots that extend just above the knees. Though she wears no other coverings on her lower body, her top is a one piece black corset that doubles as an undergarment for her private parts. On top of that, a fabric similar to her usual clothing, white on the outside and red on the inside cover her sides and her back and bare portions of her exposed front. From her shoulders to her arms she sports an armor that looks almost mechanical. Almost as if the armor was made of steel or titanium scales, it looks as if it would provide a fair amount of protection. On her left arm, the metal scales protrude outward some connecting to a rather large red mechanical shield. On her other hand she holds a crimson red blade with a hollowed out center.

- Unsealed Shikai Abilities:

Crescent Strike: Crystal may focus spirals of blue reiatsu that curls around her body that coursed their way into the blade and shield. The intricate arrangement of events its mainly for aesthetic purposes since the attacks can be performed long before the reiatsu reach either weapon. It is merely done as a way to add a hint of beauty to her attacks. What's more, though she occasionally likes to make use of the visual potential of this technique, she rarely uses it as the battle drags on since the spiraling reiatsu is not needed to obtain the effects. In essence, either or both weapons are supercharged with energy. That energy can be used to either augment the power of her weapons during a melee collision or as a projectile to be fired off as a blast at varying degrees of distance. The power and the speed of the blasts as well as their overall form are highly dependent on Crystal's wishes. Weaker blasts akin to the bala shots used by Arrancar travel at extremely high speeds like those seen in a bala attack. On the other hand she may also fire off shots of immense power down at her opponent. The trajectory, as well as the form of the blasts are in her control as well. She may choose to fire off the blasts in a linear motion, not very different from the typical cero, but she may also do so in an arch. Since the form and the power of the attack are very malleable for Crystal, it is not rare for her to use this attack as a form of defense by creating a shield or some form of covering as well as for attacking purposes.

Chains of Determent: Crystal may expel chain-like projectiles from her body. At any time, she may shoot out, mostly from her back, about five chains. Though she can fire off a fewer number, at this time, she cannot fire off more than five at any one time. The chains are strange in the sense that the fine edges seem to be blurry in the sense that it will look as thought one was looking at them without glasses and having a need for them. The latter is true even if the foe has perfect vision. The chains are easily visible, and the blurry edge has no ulterior motive or effect other than to add an aesthetic sense that would be compared to something rather ghastly. Though the chains make a very noticeable and audible shrieking sound, the noise is not a good indicator for anticipation. The chains travel at very fast speeds which are comparable to bala speeds; the sound they produce, not unlike human ammunition, is heard after the projectile has hit or passed through its intended target. Therefore, hearing alone is not sufficient as hearing the chains would mean they have long been potentially able to snare whomever their target was. The closer the chains get, its almost as if the edges along the body protrude out slightly to form scales with ends that mirror thick fishing hooks. Crystal may visualize her intended targets to direct the chains to the location but it is not needed. As soon as the chains are summoned they speed towards any foreign source of reiatsu within a 100 meters of Crystal. If there are more than one foe, then the chains will divide among the foes. However, the ability can be fined tuned to target an specific individual though it requires Crystal to will it. She may also choose to momentarily forgo their reiatsu tracing nature by enveloping them in a reiatsu burst to be used as a form of defense.

The chains produce no real deplorable damage save for nearly deep cuts. However, getting rid of the chains, though completely feasible, is the worst part. As soon as the opponent has been snared, the scaled-like fish hooks dig in. Removing them slowly is near impossible due to the sheer number of them in each chain and the heat of combat. Therefore the only way to remove them is by force. Nevertheless, with ease or by force, removing the chains from the body would cause a lot of flesh to be ripped off causing very nasty wounds and considerable loss of blood. The chains and its spiky ends have been noted to be strong enough to snare and rip stronger skin surfaces such as hierro. The more chains that have snared the opponent the harder it is to break. However, the real power potential of the chains does not lie in its ripping potential once removed but rather on the effect that takes place as soon as the chains snare the individual. Once snared, a chain lowers the speed and durability of the foe by one level. The effect stacks in dependence with the amount of chains the foe has been snared with. Although the opponent may eventually be free from the chains, the effects of the ability last for five posts after the foe has been rid of the entrapment. Following chain attacks do not stack during that period so Crystal, although she may summon her chains again during the five post duration to damage the opponent, the speed will not be reduced any further. Once the five posts duration has elapsed, though Crystal may continue to use her chains for attacking and defending purposes in order to cause harm, the ulterior abilities cannot take place as they are subject to a two posts cool-down.

Scale Armor (passive): The armor surrounding Crystal's arms are not much different from the material that covers her chains, though she is safe from their effect. The protective armor is made of a very light yet extremely tough metal that reacts upon contact. When she is hit by a foreign body or source of reiatsu, the scale like metals stand up and protrude outwards some to show fish hook-like scales. Anyone that hits that portion of her armor would have the hooks and scales dug into them and retrieving or moving away would thus make the injury worse. Anyone experiencing the effects would likely witness their skin extremely mauled as if hundreds of razor blades shaved their skin the wrong way, and as if hundreds of fish hooks were dug and forcefully removed from under their dermis without care. Like her chains, the material is strong enough to induce the same damaging effects on stronger surfaces of skin like hierro.

Blood Funnel (passive): As the battle progresses, any blood that is smeared or comes in contact with either of her weapons would circumvent their way into her own wounds. Should a cut or a wound indeed had occurred, if there is not enough blood, the traces will merely travel to the affected area and the strains would clot to sew the wound shut to prevent further loss of blood. If the blood is in fair amounts, the wound may even be completely healed as long as the severity of the wound is equivalent to the amount of foreign blood presence. As a general rule, only the blood from others may be used. In the chance that no wound is present, the foreign blood would simply be absorbed by her weapons and empower Crystal by raising either her speed and durability from the amount of reiatsu absorbed from the blood.

Might of the Dragon: During her shikai, Crystal becomes quite stronger than she once was. In addition to her modified limbs, the newly attained scaled armor and the surge in energy makes her hits be of incredible strength. Easily being able to destroy structures and cave in objects that would have otherwise been too strong to overtake previously, her form awards her a great upgrade in strength. Aside from the potential harm to her enemies from the armor, a hit would potential endanger the well being and the physique of her aggressors.

- Bankai Release: Defend, Guardian!

- Bankai Description:

As soon as her bankai is activated, Crystal is enveloped by a nearly blinding light. Once the strong light recedes, those around her will witness a drastic change in her outfit, her weapons, and her powers. On this form, Crystal sports what looks like a mix of heavy armor and a large angel-like wing. Akin to her Zanpakutō spirit, Crystal becomes the modern embodiment of a celestial and heavenly guardian. On her lower body she has sabatons which double up as a cuisse that cover from her feet up to past her mid thighs leaving only the top of her thighs bare. The metal of her armor is incredibly tough, able to whistand unspeakable hits of equally unspeakable force. Nevertheless, the material is light enough where Crystal can move and run around without much trouble. In fact, ironically, she finds she likes and can move in this armor with more ease than on her regular clothing. Around the joints, specially around the ankles and the knees there are very glossy and thick gold inlays. The color accentuates her armor and gives her a lighter and more vibrant look fitting of the theme of her bankai. On her waist she wears what seems to be built of the same metallic component, wrapping around her body like a belt. From underneath it, a large white angel-like wing covers her otherwise bare butt and circles slightly around to veil just a small portion of the side of her left thigh.

On her arms she wears dark brown, nearly crimson red gloves that extend all the way up to nearly her shoulders. The same pattern covers her chest and her back, as it drapes down from her shoulders covering her bosom and down, leaving only separte strands of the fabric to cover otherwise nearly exposed silky black undergarments. Though some portions of the outfit are rather revealing, Crystal does not seem to mind it much as resorting to this form would likely result out of a situation where a fight was inevitable and thus there would be more important things on her mind. A small but strong breastplate covers her bosom as it connects to pauldrons atop her shoulders. On the edges, similarly designed golden inlays highlight some of the areas of the armor. Similarly designed gauntlets cover the upper side of her forearm up to her shoulders. Like other areas, there are jeweled spots and more golden inlays aside from specially designed sharp points meant for combat like those found by the armor on her knees. Her weapons also changed as a result of the transformation. Strapped to one of her arms, a fairly medium sized shield can be seen. The shield is secured to her arm in a way where it would be difficult to take it away from her unless she wanted to let it go. On the outside, an specially polished tough metal is adorned by thin rings of inlaid gold by the outer rims. Within the rings there is nothing but the metal, almost as if something belonged there but instead, was momentarily missing... The sword has also changed as it is now much more tougher and has a lot more to provide. Holding it together by the hilt, there can be seen an unorthodox structure, almost like those seen at factories to extend and take a hold of objects. The cross guard is unbalanced and heavily adorned with gold in a fashion where it could be mistaken for a portion of a gun or a trigger. Near the blade, there's a smaller blade that looks as if it was an aiming rig. All the strange and unorthodox contours and strange portions of the sword make it look as thought it could detach and reattach itself without much ado. Along the body of the blade, there is a very peculiar black design not unlike what can be found in the structure within Crystal's inner world.

- Bankai Abilities:

Blades of Light: During combat, and at Crystal's own discretion, as long as she wills it, her blade glows with blue reiatsu and she may separate her blade into seven blades; six blades and the one she holds. Though she may choose to do so at any time, she prefers to do so at the time of impact or collision with another weapon to encircle her opponent. The conglomeration of the six swords hover in the air in a five meter radius from the opponent in different directions. If she so wills it, the swords would instead be scattered in different places in the battle field. While the swords are divided, Crystal is able to move at lightning fast speeds, enveloped in a golden reiatsu like the gold inlays of her bankai, and at nearly teleportation level, although some would advocate that she in fact teleports. However, the teleportation is only towards a blade and she may not move in such a way wherever she desires. She may however, at the incredibly fast speeds, slash with her weapon at her foe as she travels towards the destination of a blade. Every time she reaches a sword, it is automatically added to the original thus decreasing the number in the field. The more blades she collects the stronger her swings become and the damage they cause until they have been collected all, at which point a near light speed teleportation brings Crystal crashing her weapon down on her opponent for a final strike.

Angel Shot: The cross guard on her sword is quite unorthodox-looking but it is not just as a form of an aesthetic statement. The smaller side of the cross guard can actually be worked as a trigger, even though she does not need it as simply moving her index finger in the right motion and willing it would trigger the effect. The smaller blade atop the length of the main blade actually works as an aiming mechanism. From here, Crystal may fire blasts at her opponent. She may choose to shoot attacks with a power akin to that of the bala from Arrancar and at the same insanely fast speeds. Because of the power necessary to create such kind of blasts, she may fire barrages of up to five shots at any given time as the orbs hovered in front of the tip of the blade before firing off at bala speeds. However, she may increase the power of her shots at will before being fired. By concentrating a much more powerful attack, she may fire a single blast of unspeakable power and proportions. Though initially seen as a rather large golden sphere, the blast, once fired, takes on the form of gigantic golden angel, with a body that is nearly 10 meters in length and a wingspan of 40 meters, meaning each wing would be about 20 meters in length. The angel fires off and traveling at high speeds seeks whatever source of foreign reiatsu Crystal wishes to punish. Once the attack hits, it too, like a lot of Crystal's abilities behaves in an unorthodox way. Instead of exploding on the place it hit, the attack is diffused into the point of impact, almost as if forcefully sucked in. The action is near instant so if the opponent has been hit the action would take place before they even noticed. By diffusing into the point of impact, the full power of the attack would thus be delivered as a point blank attack. At any point, the strange structure near the hilt of the blade may spread and snap open like a scissor. Though this could be done to cut or harm the opponent by slashing or clamping it shut and severing or cutting a body in two, there's more to it. The blasts that would have normally been shot from the blade can be doubled while the blade is spread as both tips are sufficient to fire the shots. For the most part however, the action is momentary as she prefers to have her blade as one.

Sinner's Reflection: Should the weapon of the opponent or the opponent himself, hit her shield, the center of the shield would deflect the force of up to very strong attacks. The shield merely acts as a way to deliver the same force of attack and the same pain to the foe as equivalent to the one the shield receives. Aside from that, at any time, Crystal may fire immensely strong energy blasts from her shield as a form of attack. Incoming energy attacks from the enemy that are met by the shield automatically create a buffer of reiatsu to fling them back. In general, the shield can reflect the force and blasts of foes of up to a tier higher than her. It is almost as if the shield acts as a magnet with a polarity opposite to any type of reiatsu unlike Crystal's thus sending them the opposite way.

Phoenix Light: At any time, Crystal may create a single clone of herself. This clone is a tangible entity that shares all of her abilities and her skills. However, the entity is just a bit weaker than Crystal as it will always be at a 0-5- tier. Nevertheless, the entity is just mildly self aware as it is primarily controlled by the though and the will of Crystal. Although the entity enjoys the same skills and powers of the original her use and stay are limited. Unless the clone is defeated beforehand, it can only remain in the field for a duration of five posts. Once the total number of posts have elapsed, Crystal may not summon her clone for another three posts. However, if at any time, she decides to call back and dematerialize her clone before three posts have elapsed, the cool-down is then reduced to only one post.

Will of the Guardian Angel: The aura of her angelic guardian bankai gives her aid in the conquest against forces that wish to oppose her. Like an energetic hero, the more foes she is presented against, the stronger she becomes. For every opponent over one, her strength and her speed increase by 10% each.

Ungodly Strength: Because of the enormous increase in spiritual energy and the tough armor she is awarded in her bankai state, her strength takes on a whole other level. Easily destroying most objects under the strength of her body and the titanium-like alloy of her armor, it is unlikely anyone would ever want to be punched or kicked by Crystal in this state. With the protruding and sharp edges on some parts of her armor, she also has the capability of stabbing and producing nearly fatal wounds as the force behind the hit added to the sharp object can cause rather ugly wounds depending on the point of impact.

Angelic Speed: Crystal's speed becomes nearly unmatched in this state. With a single wing symbolizing the spirit within her world, she takes flight to heart, racing through the battlefield at speeds which are nearly beyond comprehension. Being able to catch up and escape opponents with great speed, she is dazzling to see. When she rushes towards an opponent or uses her flash steps, some say she leaves what looks like very diminutive and minuscule feathers where she once was. Though the aesthetic portion is indeed dazzling, the dangerous portion lies in the fact that by the time an opponent has a chance to see the hovering and fleeting feather, it is a signal that Crystal has already made it to her intended location as she has trained to make sure it works this way.


- Hakuda

Though her main interests lie in the lab, as part of her training she has also found some solace in hand to hand combat. In her mind, a true wise individual is one who knows just enough of everything and makes informed decisions about each. Surprisingly, she enjoyed hand to hand combat a lot more than she had anticipate it, and thus makes sure to practice with her squad every now and then.



Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

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Phantom Tech

- PhatomTech: As Captain of the Twelve Squad and Head of The Research Department and Technology, Crystal also possesses a PhantomTech Brain. Hers was a specially tailored by using the very latest top of the line design in addition to her own psychotic and systematic updates and changes. She believes it has become a nice addition to her utility arsenal as it provides her with simple things that make a lot of her tasks rather simple to say the least. It is not rare for Crystal to occasional work and at least try to squeeze more potential out that piece of hardware. Through the intricate and specific design and the accessories she has added herself to some of her limbs, Crystal has been able to wire some of the benefits of the PhantomTech brain to aid some of the additions she has made to her own body.

- Phantom Tech Abilities:

Skeletal Enhancements: Crystal has enhanced certain parts of his body with prosthetic enhancements. These enhancements are made of a very strong yet extremely light material. The knee caps and their surrounding joints, the elbows, the wrists and the ankles, the feet and arms were enhanced with a special skeletal reinforcement. The hands also had the same skeletal reinforcement along with subcutaneous communications hardware. The hands were modified to allow Crystal to manipulate almost any type of mechanical and digital software and hack into practically any computer generated security program. Because of the skeletal reinforcement and their weight, Crystal experiences an exponential increase in strength.

Modified Ocular Lenses: These modified ocular lenses make sure to nullify the weaknesses of her eyes while giving her a couple of perks, without losing the brightness and color of her eyes. These ocular lenses grant her a 75% wider field of vision than regular humanoids. By normal standards, humans/humanoids possess a 120 degree field of vision. With these modified lenses Crystal is able to see with a 210 degree of field of vision. Because of the specifics of the design, Crystal is also able to see clearly up to 1000 meters. However, because of the tuning to see that far, it is very difficult, and almost impossible to fight while focusing on a location over 100 meters. Should she have time however, focusing in any location within his maximum range is quite simple. The same applies to microscopic vision, as Crystal is able to focus her eyes to see things normal eyes would not unless without the aid of a microscope, like her nanobacteria. The lenses are also equipped with heat sensor, x ray vision, and night vision capabilities. These may be used in conjunction with the telescopic vision but with drawbacks. Because there would be two actions taking place at a time, should Crystal use any of his special visions while using his telescopic sight, the maximum range would be temporarily reduced by 25% for as long as the special vision is.

Respiratory Adjustments: Though she has a unique ability that renders most if not all foreign pathogens harmless to her thanks to her genetic code and her experiments, Crystal is a very worrisome woman. Though there's no way any foreign pathogens can cause ill effects on her body she seems to always want to take precautions against the unknown. This is likely one of the reasons she is good at her job, On herself she has modified her lungs and most of her respiratory system with a sort of filter that allows her to breathe nearly anything without being affected. On the rare chance that something was strong enough her genetic code fused with the results of her experiments would always have her safe. The tinkering with the respiratory system has also allowed her to breathe under water which is a perk she makes great use of as she seems to find the bottom of lakes extremely calming.

Hacker: By visually scanning any form of technological device, Crystal can easily hack into any system and even take pictures by willing it and blinking. The pictures are not tangible and thus cannot be shown but they are safely recorded on her brain to be able to share important information with her peers in case it was necessary. This has been one of the reasons for the rise of productivity in her squad as she can confront the lazy members with factual information of what she witnessed them doing.

Kyu's Master File: Crystal's lieutenant, Kyu, is a man whom she greatly admires. He has, time and time again proven his worth in combat, his dedication to the Twelve Squad and his work ethic. In fact, he has gone as far to become the one person Crystal, maybe...., cares the most for. Nevertheless, he has a secret which he does not want to come to light. Confiding on his Captain he willingly agreed to let her take possession of a file that would allow her to, if there was no other choice, control him momentarily to avoid something inevitable from happening. Knowing him well enough, she's positive she would never have to use it imagining she can get through him herself, but as it was his request, and she has great respect for him, she agreed. The file lies securely attached to her PhantomTech brain just like Kyu is almost always securing her whereabouts and her well being.

- Phantom Tech Powers:

Shields: Crystal can create one of two kinds of fields at any given time. She may create either an energy shield or a light particle field. The shield's volumetric effect extend out from within Crystal as it attempts to reduce the coherence of energy attacks and deflect physical objects. In hindsight, the shields behave like some form of thermally conductive material by diffusing energy applied in an instant, and re-radiated it back into the environment. Both block attacks, but each blocks very different and specific kinds of attacks. The shields also create an atmospheric speed boost of x2 within the confines of the shield. Such speed boosts lasts only as long as she is within the shields. It takes one hand to summon a shield so hypothetically, he could have both shields up at a time. Nevertheless the speed boost "does not" stack. The speed boost is merely another means to get away a bit faster while being shielded and it does not remain after the shield has receded. Because of their exact same look and feel in reiatsu, no one would be able to differentiate between the two shields, even if after witnessing them in combat they found out their capabilities. Neither shield may be kept up for more than one posts as it needs to recede and resummoned if Crystal so wants it.

The energy shield is meant specifically for energy attacks. Although foreign objects like the enemy may pass through the shield, they will suffer damage very harsh electrical damage to their bodies when they come into contact with the shield, effectively forcing them off or allowing entrance at the cost of momentary numbness and lack of mobility. Light particle shield on the other hand are meant to deflect and protect from physical attacks and projectiles and solid tangible objects to keep them from entering and harming the user. Should the enemy touch the shield in any way, they would be stricken with unspeakable electrical damage that would burn their skin down to the subcutaneous area of the area affected.

Will of the Angel: This ability was a special request of Crystal granted for her status as Captain. Because of the vast knowledge of Soul Society and all the secret and confidential experiments that go on within the Twelve Squad she got a clear on this. An special modification to her phantomtech brain makes it so that it is practically impossible to succumb to any kind of ability that affects her senses, reasoning, her brain, or that would otherwise tamper with her knowledge, intellect, or reservoir of thoughts and psychological storage. It helps to keep the secret things secret and gives her an edge against psychological and sense-tampering abilities.

Virtual Manipulator: By motioning her hands forward, Crystal can create three hovering holographic light blue screens in front of her. By using the screens she may create a fair number of polygon figures that spin and hover all around her. Like program designer she can create a nearly endless amount of the polygon figures and reconfigure them to her will. These polygon figures are, initially, simply white objects with that feel like a very hard polymer to the touch. Through the screens, she can easily change their number, their size, their purpose and even their form and their sharpness. As all objects are made of the same materials she can easily fuse them and break them down to create anything and everything her mind can imagine and manipulate nearly everything about them to be used as a form of attack or defense or utility. The speed of travel of the objects are highly subjective to their size. Crystal can fuse them and break them apart to be of different sizes but their speed is correlated to their size with smaller objects no more than 3 feet in perimeter may travel at extremely fast speeds akin to those of a bala while large objects of about her size and even bigger would likely travel slower at the typical speed of a cero. The texture can also be changed as she has complete dominion over them. Thus they can be made to be smooth, rough, and everything in between as it provides more options during combat and more help to tinker with her experiments outside of the battlefield. The qualities of each object and the collected fusing of a number of them are also dependent on her energy output. Slower, bigger and stronger attacks require more energy with weaker and faster attacks taxing a bit less. Though most objects will be gone once the battle has ended, she uses this ability outside of battle to create a mold of the material to later use as the basis of her many experiments for the Twelve Division.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Comments/Notes: VERY nice work for a second application. Placing her on a one month trial at her present tier. If anyone has any issues, please PM me and we shall resolve them. ^w^
Tier: 0-4-

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Archiving This

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Putting back into play
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