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Tue 06 May 2014, 04:58
Living beings had a new meaning to Augustine once he entered the Wastelands. He had seen spirits and was a Human, but when he encountered the grotesque creatures like Demons and Hollows his mind was opened to all kinds of life including the Shinigami. A type of warrior whom always intrigued Augustine. Mostly he just thought their combat was awesome, but he also like what they stood for. They carved and burned their way through corrupted and destroyed souls and purified them so that they would no longer be a part of that. They were guardian angels to the helpless and the saviors of the damned. In the purest form their purpose was noble.

The next name on the list ended up making this next recruitment a lot harder. Even though Augustine admired the Shinigami it wasn't as easy for him to get to the Soul Society as for them to get to the Human World. It was of course something that he was unable to do by himself, but using the last few living contacts that his Grandfather Abele left him he was able to find a Shinigami who would help him travel there. Augustine had to do a few odd ball tasks for the old man, but never the less they came to an agreement. After taking a few days to finish the old Shinigami opened a gate to the Soul society and he escorted him through. Once on the other side Augustine definitely felt the difference, but to his surprise it didn't look as different as he had thought it was going to be. Before parting with the old Shinigami the last the he asked of him is the destination of the Yazaki household. One of the most influential houses in the Soul Society. Once he found where he was going he left and ventured towards it.

It was beautiful here, and the people seemed to be just normal people even if they were souls. it didn't occur to him that even though they had passed on from their earthly lives that they lived here peacefully afterwards. It gave him hope that his Grandfather Abele was somewhere living happily here.

The walk went by extremely quickly with the scenery the way it was and the fascination with the Soul Society which he had. The breeze gently brushed across his white silk like scarf. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt a red tie and an old black mafia style hat. One of his Grandfather's final presents to him. A suit which he treasures, and which reminds him of his Grandfather.

Augustine approached the Yazaki House with a small feeling of being nervous, but more over he was interested in the one who he was here to recruit and befriend. The profile on him didn't have much in it, so all he could do was his best based off of what he was taught. He approached the front of the building took his hat in his left hand and with his right knocked.

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Wed 11 Jun 2014, 00:30

Artist: Junip - Song: Dont let it pass - Word Count: -

the man let his eyes stare into the vastness ahead, a smile of sadness draping his face as he could only bring forth the memories he hated. Tsui never truly wanted the life he had now, for a time there everything he could ever want came in the form of her. He had never truly gotten over what happened, even to this day the visions still haunted him. So it was only natural now when he saw her glowing black hair and the eyes that drew him in he would follow. Mira, the mans wife, deceased yet still haunting his every moment, it was days like this the days tsui felt most alone that he'd fall into this chasm of darkness, he'd been searching for something for so long to try and take away his time, his family all had their own goals and when he saw them he could only feel guilt over letting them go for so long. He longed for something ..... more.

So now he walked through the walls of this house, hearing the echoing laugh of his beloved and watching her dance through the emptiness illuminating everything around her. his steps rang through the silence here his heart was conflicted as he knew nothing would be the same again, he'd fought and fought but nothing was ever as right as the moments he had with her, he'd survived monsters like Alucard and brought the yazakis back together but it never felt the same. Family was the thing tsui cared for the most but he was also scared it'd be the very thing he would die over.

So now as he came standing face to face with this ghost all he could draw forth from his dry trempling lips was a simple sentence, something he had wished he could have told her all that time ago. The guilt ridden smile and self loathing in his eyes were all to imminent as he let out 2 simple words.

Im sorry ....

With that said the vision vanished and Tsui stood facing nothing but this emptiness yet again, no longer was he seeing the horrors of his past for all he saw was an solitary doorway and all he heard was the tapping of knuckles upon the wood. regathering himself taken back abit at what this specter had lead him too tsui reached out placing his hand on the cold metal door knob before opening it to the bright light seeing a darkened stylish figure standing before him. The sorry slipped right away from tsui as he reemerged looking this man up and down a chuckle and a grin forming on his face, this one seemed to have an air about him.

I like the suit, really seems spiffy. Now how can i help you today bud?

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Sun 04 Oct 2015, 15:24

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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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