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Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:47 am

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4474

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4475-1

• Name: Varas Giorio
• True Age: 700
• Appearance Age: 19
• Gender: Male
• Orientation: He serves the Cero Espada

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4482-1

• Appearance: Varas is 6 feet tall. He has dark tanned skin. His mouth is small. His lips are thin and short lengthwise. His eyes are curved outwards, and emerald green in color. His nose is small and button shaped. He has long raven black hair reaching mid back. He does not wear the traditional hakama preferring to wear white cargo pants that go down to his ankles. He wears black combat boots, with black knee socks. His pants are tucked into his boots. He wears a loose white sleeveless shirt that covers his entire torso. Cover his shirt he wears a unzipped black jacket. On his hands he wears fingerless white gloves, with tempered steel on the back of them. He has a permanent scowl on his face, like he is angry most of the time.

• Bone Appearance: A mask that covers his upper face, leaving two holes for eyes. The mask covers his nose to the tip. The mask extends past his forehead and covers the top of his head as well.

• Hollow Hole: At the umbilicus region of the stomach. 4 inches across.

• Reiatsu Colour: Pure white with green outlines.

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4476-1

Personality: Varas is silent, he rarely talks unless he needs something to be heard. He rarely shows emotions. Varas prefers to be silent and in the background than be in the spotlight, he willingly gives recognition to other people, if it does not involve him having to speak in front of someone. Varas is an incredibly shy person, not wanting to be in large crowds for any length of time.

He willingly chooses lone patrols, across the desert rather than being in a small group. He will do anything to defend his home, even if it were to involve sacrificing his own life to do so. He rarely trusts someone, but once he trusts a person he will speak more around them. His trust is extremely hard to gain due to him being extremely skeptical.

Once someone has gained his trust it is extremely hard for them to lose the trust, yet it is incredibly easy to lose it if the person did something that he will not tolerate. Varas is a highly intelligent person, often figuring out a puzzle quickly and with moderate effort.

When he solves a puzzle he would whisper into the ear of one of his extremely few friends and tell them the solution to the problem so they can speak up and gain the credit. He is an extremely reserved person. He does not get angry often, or easily. His temper has a mile long fuse most of the time. But if someone were to press the right buttons, he will go into a rage. The buttons are threatening his home, friends, or leaders.

If they are pressed he will go extremely quiet, with a dark fire in his eyes. He would look at the person that insulted the things that he treasures most in the world, as if he were calculating the perfect way to kill the person. He would likely release his Resurrección, to completely obliterate the person in front of him; in the most effective way possible.

He is a cold and calculating fighter, never striking first and always preferring to dodge or parry before counter attacking and never initiating an attack, unless he knows he would win against his opponent in one attack. He always keeps his blade at his side resting the tip on the ground or simply letting the tip hang if he were in mid air. He does not move that much when he fights, preferring to stay in one place instead of moving around and wasting energy in useless movements and attacks.

Varas, sleeps in most mornings unless he needs to get up early to do a patrol. He is a very lazy person, never wanting to do things he does not have to do. He usually slouches while walking. A scowl never leaving his face because smiling uses too much energy in his opinion. Varas, yawns every couple minutes like he was tired all the time, he is always looking for an excuse to take a nap unless he were on a mission or a patrol.

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4477-1

• History: Before his birth as a Hollow, he was a seated officer from the Shinigami forces. His name was Raiden Kobayashi, a 7th seat from the 11th squad for 100 years. He died while on a mission to the human world, to defend a area from a increased hollow presence due to the high spiritual levels in the humans and souls in the area. Raiden, did his job well during his mission. He was to return to soul society after 9 months in the human world, after the second week in the eighth month, Raiden was under attack by an Adjuchas level hollow, he fought using his shikai but was defeated by the hollow and eaten.

He was soon reborn as a lowly hollow, known as Varas. He ate smaller hollows, his personality and hatred of hollows compelled him to not eat anything other than the smaller hollows within the Menos Forest. He soon evolved into a Menos. He became attracted to a horde of other Menos and started to devour the others while they devoured him, soon they combined into a Gillian dominated by the now newly formed Varas. He started to attack the fellow Gillians around him, slowly gaining more and more power while eating his Gillian brethren. He after 50 years as a Gillian, became a Adjuchas.

More specifically a Pegasus Adjuchas. He continued to devour hollows to retain his form. He had no recollection of his life as a shinigami. He continued to devour more and more Adjuchas, for the next 200 years of his life, fearing that he would become a Gillian once more and lose himself among the other Menos that he was formed from. Eventually he came across the Arrancar, he learned that if you removed your mask you could retain your personality forever with no fear of reverting back into a Gillian and lose yourself among the other menos that formed the Gillian. Directly after that meeting with the Arrancar, Varas tore his mask off forcibly. He changed almost instantly, becoming an Arrancar.

He gained entrance to Los Noches, soon after his transformation into an Arrancar. Before his entrance to being a part of Los Noches, he wondered the wilderness of Hueco Mundo, completely nude with only his katana strapped to his back. He trained his new abilities until he was confident that he could survive among his new brethren so he sought them out after 50 years of wondering the desert, training and eating hollows. He soon found that he no longer gained power by devouring hollows, now it only could satisfy his hunger and return his reiryoku levels to their maximum.

Once he gained entrance to Los Noches, he was clothed, fed, and watered in return for his service to the Cero Espada, as a warrior to protect his new home. He gladly agreed to being a warrior, even if he was not selected as a Fraccion at the time of his joining. He would spend the next 50 years defending his new home, until the present.

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4478-1

• Sealed Zanpakutô: The blade that Varas wields appears to be a katana. The blade is 3 feet long. The hilt is white in color the same color as the sheath which is worn upon his back. The hilt is 10 inches in length. The blade has a black bladed side, with a white blunted side.

• Racial Abilities:

Cero: Varas can charge his cero only from the palms of his hands. It takes the form of a white ball with green outlines. Once the balls reach four inches in diameter, he fires the Cero towards his target.

Bala: Varas can focus his reiryoku into his fists or blade to fire off the bala. The bala, is colored white with a green outline. The bala is four inches in diameter.

Sonido: Varas focuses his reiryoku into his legs, before moving to the intended location. He can only move in 2 dimensions while he is in his basic form; meaning front to back and side to side.

Pesquisa: Varas' pesquisa acts like sonar. He closes his eyes, for a brief instant before pulsing his reiryoku outwards. Anyone that can use their reiryoku will bounce Varas' reiryoku off of them and sends the reiryoku back to Varas, signalling their location to Varas.

Hierro: Varas' hierro is his only racial ability that is both active and passive. His hierro is always turned on and can never be turned off. He can pour more of his reiryoku into his skin thus strengthening his hierro temporarily. Once he retracts the reiryoku from his skin, and weakening it once more back to the base level of his hierro.

Descorrer: Varas unsheathes his blade before thrusting it lazily forward opening a garganta in front of him. He would than walk forward into the garganta, where he would travel to the human world or back to hueco mundo via a small shuttle of reiryoku underneath Varas' feet where he manipulates it to travel through the dimensions as quickly as possible.

• Unique Abilities:

Limited Photokinesis: He can manipulate Light into simple forms, shapes ie orbs, cubes, cones etc. He can use the objects that he can create to attack his opponents. By no means can he use Photokinesis outside of his Resurrección to hide himself via manipulating light particles to reflect light away from himself. He can gather light up, around his form before expelling it all at once to blind everyone around him.

Flight: Varas can fly outside of his Resurrección, by manipulating his reiryoku around himself, producing thrust and stabilization to move him where he wants to go while in mid air. He can hover for long periods of time(3 posts at max atm). Maximum of 7 posts in the air, needs to land for 13 posts however.

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4479-1

• Resurrección Name: Pegaso

• Resurrección Release Phrase: Fly, Pegaso

• Release Actions: Varas, rubs his katana slowly from the tip to the hilt, before saying the release phrase.

• Resurrección Appearance: Bone armor covers the body. The bone is impeded in the flesh making the armor skin tight. A bone headband rests on Vara's head. His mask, disappeared when he released, revealing the top of his head, eyes and nose. His blade disappeared during the transformation. The bone armor covers everything below the neck, leaving no flesh aside from the neck, face, and the top of his head uncovered. His knuckles rests enlarged spikes that can be used to pierce flesh when he punches them. His legs cut off at the hips, transformed into a pair of horse legs with hooves. On his back, rests wings. The wings are made out of bone as well, the feathers on the wings are made out of bone as well. The wings are twice the size of Varas.

• Resurrección Abilities:

Enhanced Photokinesis: Once Varas has released his Resurrección, he gains more control over light. Once he dons his Resurrección, he could hide himself through manipulating the light particles to reflect light particles away from himself. Using his Photokinesis this why there will be a distortion of light, around him, making him noticeable if someone were looking for a distortion. He cannot make anything more complex than basic shapes like in his basic form. He can cover his fists in orbs of light to enhance the destructive power of his punches, or a longer range attack by punching the orbs at a distance.

Enhanced flight: Using his wings he can now fly faster than before. He can now stay in the air for longer periods of time. Utilizing his wings he can hover for 4 additional posts before having to move or land. He can now stay in the air for 11 posts, before he has to land for at least 5 posts.

Enhanced Sonido: By concentrating his reiryoku into his legs and/or wings, Varas can move to wherever he needs to go nearly instantaneously. He can now move in three dimensions; back and forth, side to side, and up and down now.

Feather Missiles: Varas, can fire off missiles from his wings by detaching the feathers from his wings to fire at his target. The feathers can either explode causing no more damage than a bala, or pierce into the target to make them bleed, or cut the ligaments and tendons to disable the target. The feathers regenerate in 4 posts.

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4480-1

General Skills

  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

Racial Skills

  • Pequisa: Beginner
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Hierro: Beginner

Varas[Approved 3-4] Image4481-1

• RP Sample: It was near midnight, when a line appeared in the sky. The line ripped opened suddenly after a second of existence. Out of the hole, he walked out standing tall and lean. The Arrancar known as Varas Giorio, walked out of the dimensional ripped into the Human World. He stood there in all his glory and yawned. He stretched his back slightly before walking forward lazily with a slouch in his step.

He was there to hunt for a rouge Arrancar, which broke off from Los Noches to supply information to their enemies for sanctuary. He was there to destroy the rouge, before he could meet with the Shinigami. The meeting was not for several hours; he knew the location of the meeting and was sent to dispose of the rouge before he could meet with the Shinigami.

He slowly walked towards the area, before closing his eyes when he was in the general area. He pulsed his reiryoku outwards in a wave to look for the Arrancar. Once the reiryoku had reached the rouge Arrancar, it bounced off of the Arrancar before finding it’s way back to Varas. He opened his eyes before focusing his reiryoku into his legs; he stepped forward before disappearing with the signature sound of a sonido.

Varas suddenly appeared in the sky over the rouge. Varas’ scowl turned into a cruel sneer before he unsheathed his blade. “Hirot, you are guilty of treason, and the sentence for the crime of betraying your brethren and our leader; is death,” he said calmly, before dive-bombing the Arrancar that tried to betray Los Noches, the Cero, and all of the other Arrancar loyal to the Cero.

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