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Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:20 pm
It was dark when he awoke. He rubbed the back of his head like someone knocked him out from behind. He looked around to find himself in a dark stadium of sorts. He had a odd feeling that he had been there before. He stood up and dusted off his uniform. He doesn't bother trying to leave the arena floor that he was on since he could swear that there was a unbreakable shield around it to protect the audience and the rest of the stadium from the fight that will be occurring in a couple minutes. Varas sighed and drew his katana, even though he rarely uses it to fight he rather be prepared than sorry.

After a few minutes of waiting around, the lights suddenly flash into assistance. The crowd in the stands roar in excitement, at the chance to see someone die. In the distance, in the 100 meter times 100 meter arena he could see a man. He doesn't see him clearly but he does see that there is a man standing(or laying) on the far side of the arena floor. He sighs slightly, before looking up, just in time to see the announcer from his last match. 'So it wasn't a dream after all and that human girl does actually exist. I wonder who I am forced to fight this time. Hopefully he'll be either completely weak or extremely strong so I can go back to sleep,' he thinks with a mighty yawn.

The announcer starts to speak, "Welcome back to the Earthling Rumble, my dear friends! Tonight we have a Arrancar, that has been here before so he should know the rules. The rules that there are no rules and that they fight to the death or when one of them surrenders! Last time this Arrancar had been here, he forced his opponent to submit before any blood was drawn. This time however, he faces a Demon! This particular Arrancar had displayed a talent for Photokinesis, and Flight the last time he was here. This demon, who is of the sub-race of Rashasa, from the research the team has done, has strange pyrokinetic abilities!" The announcer's hologramed face disappears a second after he ends his announcement.

Varas sighs slightly before placing the tip of his blade on the ground next to him while preparing to fight. While he makes his preparations, the center of the floor opens up revealing a robot. It looks at both contenders before shouting, "ARE THE FIGHTERS READY? DO YOU KNOW THE RULES? THAN FIGHT!" He looked at each fighter before he said the next question, and waved his hands towards the fighters when he said the word fight.

Varas stayed in the position that he is in before closing his eyes to pulse his reiryoku through the stadium to try and gauge the reiryoku level of his opponent. Fighting someone that is a total unknown aside from the pyrokinetic abilities that the strange alien creature said was not truly helpful to him since he could manipulate light instead of water which would be extremely useful at the moment. Varas feels the pulse bounce off his opponent and return to him, before sighing. 'He's doesn't have a signature, which means he is a complete weakling or he has a technique that hides himself from Reiatsu based detection. He's gonna kick my Arrancar ass more than likely,' Varas thinks darkly while watching the man in front of him.
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Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:28 pm
Mephisto, for some odd reason was sent out to see what this little Arrancar was capable of because he was something new that showed up on Hell's radar. Why he was sent to go do this, when someone else could have but apparently they wanted Mephisto to finally go out and make a statement now that the gates of Hell were opened. Mephisto walked into the 100x100 meter arena, and most of the crowd had no idea how to really react to someone like him.

Mephisto was six and half feet tall, but what made him more intimidating was the fact that you could not see any part of his body or his face. He was wearing a raven black cloak that didn't even seem to move as he walked to his position in the field, and even more then that he did not walk so it seemed glided over the surface of the area.

Under his cloak was his sword, Mugento, and he was wondering if he was going to even have to draw it for his fight but he was going to see if his opponent was going to give him something to do.
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Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:24 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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