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Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Empty Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT]

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Basic Information

Name: Kameko Amakudari (Formerly Kameko Madoka-Sugiura)
Titles: The Fallen Angel, The Sugiura Traitor, Kin's Shadow (Former)
Race: Ziamichi Angel Iramasha
Age: Nine-thousand one-hundred and three years old (9103)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual, Monogamous
Blood Type: A Negative
D.O.B.: March 22nd, 6,689 B.C.E.
Zodiac: Aries
Father: Yoisuko Madoka-Sugiura (Deceased)
Mother: Kame Serisen (Deceased)
Siblings: Unknown Sister (Estranged)
Children: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Rank/Affiliation: The Second Head of the Kokuryuteshi Realm (Current) Kin's Shadow in the Kokuryuteshi Realm (Former), Knight of the East Sugiura Realm (Former)

Appearance Picture:

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] OrtensiaCarenfull372449_zps7d6bc9ad
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] OrtensiaCarenfull1232620_zpse68e25a4
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] OrtensiaCarenfull1622821_zpscb0ca143

Height: 156cm (5'1")
Weight: 40kg (88lbs)
Hair Color: White (Or Light Grey, depending on whom you ask)
Eye Color: A bright and regal gold
Bust: 75
Waist: 54
Hips: 77
Reiatsu/Aura Color: A divine and blinding white


Personality Section



Kameko is in simple terms quite two-faced when it comes to her general persona. Where one side of her remains evident from her past, the other seeks to replace it, leaving somewhat of a mental conflict if not a slight multiple personality disorder in her thoughts and actions. Her natural self resides as the part of her which she was born into, a high-headed self-confident woman who takes pride in independence and accomplishment, pushing forward with a try-hard approach rather than that of a steady and collected one. Her personality is somewhat of a counter to her nature, where her voice attempts to obtain dominance despite its soft tone, and an aggressive appeal is portrayed through fair and elegant features. The urge to gain showed through her enthusiasm to learn, though as a double-edged sword her reaction to failure and obstacles is solid and without mercy on either herself or the cause. This may have left her being very strong willed and determined, though a slippery slope in regards to social activity. This is who she was from the beginning, a different self has began to emerge ahead of it.

Her other side is self-restraining, the enthusiasm of her former self hides behind an obedient and patient attitude. Never one to withdraw from questioning something she feels is wrong, though in comparison maintains a lot more of herself naturally, rather than unleashing herself upon the world one hundred and ten percent. A calm and collected state of mind allows her to speak more truthfully and respectively to others, leaving her opinions of them at the door and her emotions socially friendly. Though mentally Kameko seems somewhat in conflict with herself she has learned to form a middle-ground between her two conflicting persona's though still finds difficulty in approaching people without resorting to outbursts or simply remaining silent.

She leaves little time to examine her opinions of that outside her mind, leaving her to be very neutral and fair to any kind of affairs. When things begin to get too personal in any kind of event her true self will emerge to deal with it, as she feels once it becomes even the slightest bit her problem she must deal with it personally and immediately. This produces her care-free attitude in regards to general happenings, leaving her to be very narrow-minded in her tasks, though in opposite very reluctant to pursue or even care about anything outside of her own little world. Her persona stretches little onto any kind of social life, so when it comes to communication she is very quiet, almost appearing to be somewhat nervous at times, though can commonly be corrected by an outburst of her more arrogant self. She always prefers to listen rather than speak, as to completely know of a situation is to know how to turn it to your advantage. This leaves her with a collection of friends who chose her, rather than the other way around; people willing to put up with her and in turn are granted a glance at her true self. Without any means of conflict sprouting between her and the person, she has nothing but respect and friendship towards them.

As a wall riddled with holes, her defence shields others from her common aggressive attitude, failures, and excuses of the past. She prefers to leave them unsaid rather than allow them to be acknowledged by anyone. Though just as her previous problems emerged in time, as does she as a person if you get close enough to her. Once she sees the opportunity she would mentally cling to whatever she feels she can share her thoughts with, whether it be a person or an object. She tends to keep herself more realistic the closer someone gets to her, leaving her shame to be more of something you didn't ask, rather than something she doesn't want to talk about.

Kameko is a master of faces - and can imitate any human emotion to the letter, without truly feeling it. She can smile brightly and greet you warmly without actually being happy or caring for you - everything that she does is an act - simply because she is unable to control the seal. She has no sense of description - everything that she looks at she can only see in black and white, not in shades of grey, so when Kameko has been asked to describe anything to us, it is nothing but simple statements of fact.

Kameko is very quiet and keeps to herself most of the time. She doesn't speak unless spoken to first. However when it does come to being spoken to, Kameko tends to give a calm and generous speech without looking down on others unless she really feels the need to. From the description she may seem like she would be the type of person of short words however, Kameko will be kind enough to finish the conversation until she feels it needs to be put to an end or feels the one she is talking to has the information they need. From being under a noble family, she often learned manner which she still holds as a sugiura.

Aside her social skills, as many can see Kameko is wise and intelligent. Most of this part comes from memories. She may be clueless as to what the world holds now in its current time, however what she learned from her teacher and priest she keeps within her mind, treasuring the knowledge given. Her intelligence within the Sugiua Clan is strengthened as well from walking the land, observing the other sugiura and those she encountered, and witnessing the hardships there.

Kameko can also be seen as serious and dark most of the time. She is very blunt and will speak her mind without fear or hesitation. Her humor isn't very known or put out too well. Usually if anything does humor her or if she makes a joke she will give a smile and a light giggle, nothing more. Kameko has a darker personality she shows. She does whatever it takes to attain her goal and to fulfill her duties, even if it means to torture a innocent.

A weird little fact about her is that she seems to have a sort of.. automatic attachment to her superiors. Seeing as how she was secretly in love with her queen, Misaiko, and feels morally obligated to follow any superior until the end, no matter how abusive or hateful they are towards her.


To explain the complexities and levels of one such as Kameko, one must work as if one is baking a cake, crafting slowly, layer by layer. However, as opposed to baking, the examination of Kameko will be in reverse, from the topmost layer, to the innermost.

On the top layer, one might actually be completely deceived by the ruse she puts on. Kameko, on the surface, could at first actually seem like a benevolent ruler, or a mighty and just king. On the very top-most layer, one could see Kameko as someone to easily get along with. she will act caring toward you. she will ask you how your day has been, she will ask if you require assistance with anything in your life, and if so, she will ask how she specifically might be of assistance to you. she will act kind and loving, helping the meek in their journey toward the stars, the rich in their journey for fulfillment, the poor in their journey for wealth, or whatever else might come her way. she is not mean, nor is she vicious, or cruel. she will smile, she will laugh, and she will care, genuinely. she will offer advice, she will offer council, and she will offer friendship and gifts.

The layer underneath this, though, is a tad on the explanatory side when it comes to WHY she partakes in these actions. You see, Kameko believes that if more and more people are there are that adore her, and care for her, in increasingly growing numbers, then more and more people will be inclined to follow her blindly if she requires anything of them. This is manipulative on a very base level, but the fact of the matter is that people BELIEVE her. she is a master of faces, and is skillful to a frightening degree at making those around her have faith in whatever she wants them to believe. The fact of the matter is, Kameko simply doesn't actually feel for those she tends to. she watches, she observes, she plans, and she coordinates silently, from the shadows. This extends to her enemies as well. Rare is the time indeed when Kameko will actually show herself on the front lines of, or anywhere near, a battle, especially one that she would sense to be particularly gruesome. she prefers with an almost absolute-certainty the use of strategy, as if any battle, or a war in its entirety, were only a game.

Which brings us to our next layer. The gathering of "Servants", so to speak, in her benevolent act that she masterfully performs, is nothing more to her than a game of cat and mouse, or rather, a game of mouse trap if you'd prefer. In fact, Chess would be the closest comparison to the devious game she plays with all those around her, enemies and allies alike. 1.)Those who fall for the bait that is her kindness, innocence, and generosity blindly, putting loyalty above all else, and giving up everything, including their free will, simply to do Kameko's bidding.. Those are the pawns in this game. 2.)Those who are.. the wildcards, the odd ones who tend to move on their own with naught but suggestion from Kameko, THEY are the knights. Those who will obey WITH a sense of free-will still intact. 3.) Those who stick to what they know, moving as they normally would, simply in a different direction than they might have otherwise. Those are the Rooks. 4.) Those who move in the path that is crooked, the one that constantly fights Kameko's will and her plan, even though in the end they have no choice in any way, they are the Bishops. 5.) The one that Kameko can rely on most, her ace in the hole, her final playing card before an inevitable big finale, this is her Queen. One who can move and act as they wish, without really needing to adhere to the plan at all for the sheer confidence Kameko has in their ability to overcome any obstacle. 6.) And finally, grand finale personified. The one who only moves when absolutely necessary. The one who moves for one purpose, and one purpose only, to put an end to the game. THAT is Kameko Amakudari, the King of the Board, in the simplest of terms.

This, of course, brings us to the final layer, the TRUE personality of Kameko.

Underneath it all, the games, the facades, the acting, Kameko is a truly uncaring and sadistic being. The only thing she even remotely feels for in the slightest is the torture and murder of anyone in her way, and the safeguarding her own kind, and that is manifested in more of a protective instinct than anything else, as they ARE her kind, and she would die before she saw them destroyed. Regardless of the game, she does hold her race, and the preservation of such, above all else. To the point where it becomes difficult for her to focus on much of anything else when someone THREATENS that preservation.

Beyond her own kind, though, Kameko holds a complete and total disregard for all life. Be it animal, vegetable, mineral, human, or spiritual, she simply holds no room in the shriveled husk that she possesses where normally a "heart" would be for any sort of recognition of life as an important concept. As far as she saw it, everything that lived, would eventually die. There was no use in attempting to prevent it, there was no use in trying to stop it, or delay it. And there was certainly no use in mourning those who had already succumbed to it.

In any other regard, Kameko is the cold, unfeeling bitch that she promises herself to be at every turn. she will do anything and everything under the sun in the pursuit of her interests, her allegiances, and the interests of those in the demon hierarchy with her. Primarily, among the royalty and such, as those below don't necessary have things on their plates or in their focus which would be in any way relevant to Kameko herself.

She truly does loathe battle. Not because she's weak, or afraid, or against violence as a whole, but simply because she despises the very idea of getting her own hands dirty. Of course, if she has to, if push comes to shove, she will without a moment's hesitation. However, if there's another alternative, or someone else that can fight while she does her best to avoid doing so, she will take that route, if only for the sake of avoiding any sort of conflict that may lead to having to take immediate action personally.

Her own personal interests are of the more classy sort, if one could believe that. Kameko enjoys classical music, played on vinyl, aged wine, and being surrounded by beautiful men or women who tend to her every need whilst she relaxes and thinks up new plans for Kin's realm as a whole. Some might call this lazy behavior, Kameko simply calls it enjoying the finer things in life, as she has spent too many years working, bleeding, and sweating to get where she currently is. she's done so much for herself, for the race, and for the royalty therein, that she sees herself as deserving of as much rest, relaxation, and the spoils of war as she can possibly get for herself. This doesn't mean she is completely apathetic, though. When there are things that need to be done, she's the very first to recognize them as needing such, and she'll be the first one to jump and make sure they get done. This is partly because she doesn't like relying on others, partly because she enjoys making sure that things get done, and also in part to the fact that she doesn't TRUST anyone else to get the job done.

Kameko is truly a woman of few words for those who she doesn't know in a personal setting. she likes to keep to himself to a degree, but not because she's introverted, or socially awkward, she just prefer to observe and study, rather than gab and lose focus when it comes to the important things, such as evaluating all of those around you to get the sort of information that one needs if one is trying to truly be "the most intelligent being in the room", as Kameko tends to attempt to be quite often. For those who DO know her though, one of two options is possible.

On the one hand, if you're allied to her, Kameko will put on a similar show to those she's attempting to will under her wing. she will offer you wine, company, and all the luxuries of her home and her position. she will talk to you as if you really are important, even though a majority of her personality contradicts the possibility of her believing such. However, even if it's all for show, it is still convincing to a degree, even to those who have known her, and known her personality, and her tendency to put on such acts.

On the other hand, if you are a known enemy of her, she will talk to you as a queen talks to one in the stockade, or about to face the gallows. her speech, her actions, her very movements resonate with the energy of one who is utterly bored with whatever it is you're saying or doing, and completely uninterested in the "hows" and "whys", caring only to get you out of her sight as soon as possible. If you are there specifically to fight her, you will be treated to irritated actions, as she will protest at every turn until it is absolutely impossible to continue protesting. If you still insist, then she will, begrudgingly, combat you, but not without a high degree of irritation, and no small amount of prejudice toward you personally for wasting her time, energy, and combat prowess on a mere, insignificant welp. For that is what you must be to even dare intrude upon her, and her time to himself.

One thing that's characteristic to Kameko is her smile. her lips will nearly always be at least partially upturned in some sort of happy, or at least amused, expression. Whether this is out of genuine amusement, or simply because she enjoys disturbing those around her, isn't really known. God help the one, however, who manages to make that smile leave her face. There are very few things that can irritate or anger Kameko. Assuming one is equal to her at all is one of these things, as it is inconceivable to Kameko for anyone to even reach her on the vastly superior level she believes herself to be on. Maggots overstepping their position is another one of these things. E.G. people from other organizations who broke orders to seek Kin out, or those in her own organization who decided that they wished to seek her when they had other duties to attend to, lest there be a VERY important reason.

Such things will show one an entirely different side of Kameko. Gone is the noble princess who doesn't want to so much as dirty her hands. Gone is the smile, and the attitude of uncaring. When this point is passed, Kameko will use every resource at her disposal simply and efficiently to annihilate the one who dared to cross her bad side from the very face of existence itself.


Chaos Moves and Fighting Styles

Chaos Moves:

Chaos Warp

When this technique is activated it allows the user to teleport from short range distances at first, then when they become more master this move more they able to use to technique to teleport from long range distances along with being able to warp anywhere as long they can sense someones spiritual pressure or reiatsu. When they become more powerful they sometimes able to slow down within a limited range and gain the upper hand on their opponents. Advanced and master's can also teleport through dimension's and create pathway's to other world's. Adept can do it, but it takes much longer and drains them.

However, Chaos Warp is not just limited to that. It can also be used for teleporting things and other beings. It starts by firing a burst of Chaos Energy from either your finger tips, palm's or anywhere else you can think of in your body. Then you can create it in any shape or form you want and try to have it attach itself to the thing you want to teleport. For objects, it's almost instant to teleport. However, to move massive land masses and things along those lines it would take a bit more time. Between one or two posts for Kameko, herself. To teleport living beings it takes Kameko between 1 and 2 posts.

Chaos Blast (Also Known as Ranmyaku Blast)

This is the Iramasha's own version of the cero. It is a blast of either angel, demon or both (when used by hybrids) that is gathered from inside of their body and shot out in a massive wave or sphere. When used in a wave, it's faster, but not as strong. When used as a sphere, it is much stronger, but slower. Another thing to note is that when a Angel Iramasha uses Chaos Blast the blast is typically white or blue, while when a demon fires it the blast is typically black or bright red. If your a hybrid, it's both. However, some Iramasha's have customized their own Chaos Blast's to fit their needs

Iramasha Sync

Iramasha Sync is a natural ability all Iramasha have from the moment they are born into this world. Iramasha Sync is how all the Iramasha's are in tune with one another. They can share visuals in battle, energy, information and various other things by using this technique. To activate it all you have to do is say "Iramasha Sync" and it will instantly link you up to their network.

Chaos Unity

When the leaders of the Iramasha Clan are in desperate times they will each get the Angelic Gems and Demonic Gems to perform a fusion technique. When this move is activated each of the leaders will fuse with the other, along with the spirits of past Iramasha's leaders, into one powerful being. Other Iramasha's Can also use this technique with less jems, but they often have a time limit on how long they can maintain this form depending on their combined power.

Chaos Barrier

Chaos Barrier is a move you perform by summoning up Chaos Energy, placing a wall or sphere of energy around your body and sealing yourself inside your own world for up to three post. Nothing can get in OR out of this world. Which means you cannot attack while within it, nor can you be attacked. Also, if you stay in here for too long and you are not a master or Advanced you will eventually begin to erase yourself. Master's and Advanced can to, but this usually happens after five post after the recommended three post length. Also, after the recommended three post length, it can also be damaged by other attack's and eventually bought down.

Soul Enhancement

The Angel Iramasha appear to have an ability where they are able to use energy from other souls to power themselves. For example, if they were in the Soul Society they would be able to call upon small bits of energy from multiple Plus's and some Shinigami to eventually and gradually make themselves much stronger. This will also work with other Iramasha as they are naturally incline to help each other and will succeed in making both Iramasha somewhat stronger for a short amount of time. But, Angel Iramasha's must remember that if they do not get full approval from each soul they take power from only a small fraction of that soul's power will come to them. So, unless there is a mass acceptance of Angel Iramasha being able to take this energy, this is usually done in more populated areas with large amounts of Plus's, Iramasha's, Human's or Shinigami. This ability also does not work as well with Arrancar, Demons, Vizards or Hollows; the races listed would need to fully give the Iramasha their energy and be committed for this one to work. It is also rumored that if enough souls are gathered by a very powerful Iramasha, one may even be able to rival the Soul King himself in times of crisis.

Soul Creation

Within certain realms, The Angel Iramasha have been blessed with the ability to manipulate certain factors within their environment by The Soul King himself. For example, while within the Soul Society Angel Iramasha on a higher level have the power to create certain living beings from the allowance of the Soul King, easily control the weather, forge various objects from nowhere to attack opponents with and even form imaginary realities within confined areas. They've even gone as far as to reshape other opponents or allies body to their own needs if enough power is backed behind it. This ability requires more power to master, however, so the higher your tier level, the better you are controlling this. Along with that, it's only at it's strongest in the Soul Society, with the World Of The Living coming in a close second. For, when they are not in the Soul Society, they rely heavily on the supply of reiatsu, reishi and reishi in the air in order to perform these feats. And in realms such as Hueco Mundo, The Kokuryuteshi's Realm and Demon World; this becomes increasingly hard to perform, but manageable.

Divine Purification

As with most types of Angel's, The Iramasha Angel do have the ability to purify various races. What in the world does that mean? It's really quite simple. If they are able to weaken or overpower a demon for example it would be possible to make an attempt at converting them into a more pure race such as an Angel or even going as far as to rebirth them as a human to atone for their sins. The same can apply for Vizards, Demon's, Arrancar's and Hollow's. However, these are more extreme examples of purification. On the combat side of things, this purification also becomes heavily useful against these races attacks. For example, a high class Iramasha Angel would have the ability to negate certain Demon Spells or cut through a weaker level cero shot off from an Arrancar or Vizard. Along with that, the Divine Purification would even allow for them to even shift the blast entirely into a holy energy and use it against said Arrancar or Vizard to cause more damage. Not only that, but more highly skilled Angel's could even disarm or immobilize certain low class or weakened Demon's or Arrancar merely by touching them and attempting to rid their existence by the pure angelic radiating inside of them.

This Purification can even be used for non-combat purposes or healing purposes as more powerful Angel's have the ability to even cure people of illnesses, do away with most toxins or poisons and even perform miracles by sometimes making the most impossible injury or damage done to person become undone. Those who are even on a lower level can at least give their comrades a sense of extra energy with their presence, do away with most common sicknesses and things of this nature. Along with that, this purification can even be extracted from some Iramasha's to be converted into various objects that generate holy barriers that have the potential to reject most types of foul creatures and do great damage to them or prevent them for entering the area altogether.

In short, it would be wise not to underestimate this holy ability of the Angel Iramasha.

Soul Reading

Angel Iramasha's have the ability to actually look into ones soul (See: Inner World) in order to determine what a person or creature is like on a more spiritual based level. For lower level Iramasha, they can easily be rejected, injured or whatever else have you if they wish to enter someone's Inner World without permission. On top of that, it also requires more effort on their part as they are not accustomed to it as more powerful ranking Angel's within the Iramasha are. However, as they get stronger, eventually they will no longer require the need for permission and can sometimes enter a persons Inner World without their consent. When this happens, the person in question will either fight them off to eject them out of their soul, allow them full access or The Angel Iramasha will deal with whatever rules the Inner World they are entering has in store for them.

Now, moreover, if someone is able to fully accept this Angel into their heart it can be possible for The Angel Iramasha in question to do positive deeds for them. Take this situation for example: There is a Plus Soul in danger of being overwhelmed and turning into a hollow. If an Angel Iramasha is present, they can easily enter that Plus's soul and remove the hollow infection so that they may pass on to the Soul Society in a more peaceful matter. Another situation that would be considered a good deed with this ability is an Angel Iramasha even taming one's Ziamichi Spirit in order to enhance that Ziamichi's overall control and power. And the last example of this ability being used for good would be for an Angel Iramasha to somehow awaken a person's hidden or suppressed memories. So, by these three examples alone, there are many ways for an Angel Iramasha to do good, but there is also many ways for them to do negative impact.

Thus, on the flip side, an Angel Iramasha can possibly enter an Arrancar's Inner World and begin the task of destroying their vast collection of Souls until said Arrancar was no more or dropped dead if they failed to fight said Angel Iramasha off. Another example of using this for negative impact would be to completely shatter a Shinigami's Soul Chain if they were able to locate it or said Shinigami did not reject or rebel against The Angel Iramasha. Finally, they could even split a Ziamichi Spirit or Hollow away from their host and cause some serious mayhem for said host.

Therefore, this ability must be used with utmost caution. It can turn the tides in a battle, or can easily be used against an Angel Iramasha if an experienced fighter knows how to handle dealing with someone inside of their inner world. Alas, though, most Angel Iramasha choose to simply use this ability as more or less a passive move to see inside a person's soul. So, on that final note, use it as you may.

Chaos Restore

An Iramasha with Advanced or Master control over Chaos Energy can replace a limb or non-vital organ with ease. For Advanced it takes one post; for Master's it's almost instant. You can only use this move three times in a thread if you are advanced with a cool down of 3 post, and six times if you are a master with a cool down of two post. If you try to go over that limit there is chance something can go wrong.

Chaos Orb

A technique that uses a ball made from Chaos Energy to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The user must know that person's reitsu's pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they maybe very far away, the orb will be able to confirm their position.

Chaos Vortex

Chaos Vortex is a restraining Chaos Move mostly. It starts by the user summoning up a large amount of Chaos Energy for one post. After a one post charging period, a vortex that can be of any color appears above the user's opponent. Once there, a large beam of light, that can also be any color, shoots from the center of the vortex and encases the opponent within it. From there, the walls will soon begin to become extremely heated to the point to where if you even touch them your hand can possibly melt and there will also be lightening surrounding the walls to detour people from escaping. After the walls come down, the gravity inside of the vortex will be becomne five times stronger then Earth's gravity and will most likely cause the opponent to fall face first into the ground. It can also make it difficult to use any other kind of energy besides Chaos Energy due to the sheer amount of Chaos Energy that's slamming down on the user. Not to mention that the gravity can eventually begin to tear you apart if you are severely weakened or on a two, three, four or five tier.

The only way to counter this is to either shoot some type of strong energy into the vortex to disrupt it, place a defensive kido around you until the vortex is gone, use Chaos Control to teleport yourself out of the Vortex or place your own barrier around you or raise your reitsu if you are stronger then the user.

The Vortex can also only be up for a maximum of three post by a master, two post by advanced and one post by Adept. But when the vortex is about to disappear, all the energy it collected will explode and cause a massive explosion. If the user is not careful, they can also get caught up in this blast.

The drawbacks to using this power, though, is that you can only use it three times per thread. So, after you use it once you cannot use it for another five post no matter who you are. It can also cause moderate exhaustion for three post after it's summoned and can slow you down for one post.

Chaos Flurry

The user summons chaos energy and molds them into bird like forms. These birds can be sent to attack the enemy with amazing speed. Their power is low but the speed in which they attack is blinding. Upon impact the birds will explode. Many birds can be summoned at once and one can combine them into bigger versions to increase the power. However, the speed of which will decrease.

Chaos Web

The move takes a lot of concentration. It creates an invisible web of chaos energy. When an opponent is trapped in this web their speed is drastically decreased as well as slowly decreasing the amount of reiatsu the opponent has.

Chaos Javelin

The user focuses chaos energy into his palms and forms it into a lance like weapon and hurls it at his enemy. The power and destructive speed of the lance is defining. Upon impact to an area or person the attack destroys a large area.

Chaos Break

Chaos Break is the brother move of Chaos Soul. Upon usage, a mirrored version of the Chaos Soul seal appears under the user, and two clones of light or shadow appear, as usual. After entering the mind of someone, seals on their powers and inner demons can be attacked - Advanced can break most seals, while Masters can only be stopped by other Masters using Chaos Soul at the same time.

Chaos Link

Chaos Link is a technique where advanced and master users of Chaos Energy can enter someone's mind in order to read their memories and past experiences. They can also share their memories with the person they linked with. However, the link can only happen if the other person accepts. There is no way to perform Chaos Link against someone's will.

Azul Illuminare

Kameko plants her hand on the ground, Gathering a considerable amount of chaos energy into her palm; The ground underneath her beginning to shine brightly with a five foot radius. The energy begins to seep from the ground in a daunting manner before she pushes on the ground itself- All of the energy almost instantaneously going to the focal point which is her palm. A soft concussive wave then follows only two seconds later, Kameko standing up straight with her respective hand aimed at said target. From here, Kameko is able to fire ringed blasts that grow from three to nine feet in length; four to twelve inches wide. Once it has affected the target, The ring instantly wraps around the opponent and explodes violently. Kameko is able to fire six rings of the Azul Illuminare in succession before needing to recharge once again. This attack has a Two post cool down before being able to be used once again. The energy can last on her hand for about three posts before dissipating.

Shattering Chaos

Shattering Chaos is a move where the user can either summon a small amount of Chaos Energy or a an extreme amount of Chaos Energy in order to shatter most things around them. For example, a typical wave to use Shattering Chaos is to place your palm on the ground, transfer the energy from the air, through your body and into the ground in order to cause it to explode and shatter the very earth around an opponent or even the user.

Another example of using this move would be to direct the Chaos Energy needed for this move into their palms and soles in order make Earth Shattering punches and kicks, possibly cancel out attack's with this intense shattering effect, defend themselves by releasing this energy all around them in one intense shattering attack and so on and so forth.

The only drawback to this move, however, is that the user can risk harming themselves if they do not put something in effect to protect their own body. They can also injure those around them along with causing much damage to the environment around them.

Chaos Ray

Chaos Ray is activated when the user generates a fair amount of Chaos Energy and light from the sun. Afterward, they would need to appear in the center of the sun for angel's, or the center of the moon for Devils, and let loose a burst of bright white light that would hopefully blind an opponents eye for two post.

Chaos no Enkan

Often called Rho Aias by most, this defensive spell is very powerful. It can only be used by mid-level and higher Sugiuras as it takes a hefty supply of reiatsu to supplement it. The spell takes the form of a seven-layered barrier with the shape of an iridescent flower with secen petals sprouting out of the user's palm. Each layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall. However, since it is necessary for the user to fill the barrier with his or her own desire reiatsu, the user will feel pain if it is broken. The level of pain increases as the number of uses of the barrier increases. The barrier can block strong Kidō, Gran Rey Ceros, Cero Oscuras (Oscuri?), or equivalent-strength attacks. There is another use for this spell other than a simple barrier. This other way is to simply create a casing around the ally or allies' attack to prevent major tampering with it. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos no Kusari

This spell is said to hold the power of "Commanding the Gods." Ten no Kusari is a mid-level spell best used for escaping. It creates a long spiritual chain out of the user's reiatsu. It has no real power in its spirit form. In order to solidify it, the user must have a drop of his or her own blood fall onto the chain. It begins by wrapping to the chain around the target's entire body, binding them and severely limiting body movement. The chain acts like a Chinese finger trap. The more power you put into escaping, the stronger the trap becomes. The main weakness is being used against weaker opponents of those capable of cloaking their reiatsu. For against them, it is nothing more than a simple chain. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Kyuutenchokka

This spell is a great balance between both defensive and offensive strategy. By gathering up enough reiatsu, the user creates a barrier shaped like a dome. Once the dome is completely formed, a swirling torrent of wind will be spun by the palms of the user turning the dome. The dome can also be sent towards the opponent in the form a bubble of half the diameter of the dome. When it gets within a specified range, the user can clap and the bubble will "pop" and release the reiatsu in the form of a massive shockwave. The defensive power of the dome is greater than that of the bubble. It can only take up to two high-level attacks before destabilizing. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos no Shuuryou

This spell creates a pyramid-shaped barrier. It is highly recommended to be at least a few meters away from the opponent. If the user is too close, he or she would be trapped within it as well. It does not need a high level of reiatsu to use, but it instead requires a great deal of concentration. Thus, only those with peak concentration skills can use the technique. It is simple in that it encases the opponent within the barrier. If broken, the remains can act as restraints to hold the opponent down for a short amount of time. The user can open a small hole in the side of the barrier to attack. A conventional use of the barrier is hitting the side from the outside. It will cause a very powerful sonar-like attack that bounces from side to side, increasing and decreasing in intesity randomly until finally the equilibrium of the opponent is damaged. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Distortion

This Boundary Field that creates an aura around the user that is like a calming wind. However, the wind contains a very powerful and dissonant energy that can burn or shock the opponent. Whenever an attack strikes the field, the damage is reflected. It only requires a calm mind, and normally an attack will disrupt the calm mind afterwards. The field stretches out in a 10-meter radius. Any attack done outside of that radius will be cancelled out but so will the field. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Tate

Aka Tate is a simple shield of light particles that dissipates energy attacks as it contacts the surface. It is not as strong as most shields and can only stand up to a lower Grand Rey Cero-level attacks. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Blessing

Specialized healing magic is rare in the Sugiura magics, but Shimura's Blessing is the main one. Named after the proverbial founder of the Sugiuras, it channels the user's reiatsu into a white, gel-like substance that surrounds the target. The energy slowly flows into the target's body; thereby healing them. The healing takes longer than the Shinigami methods, but it has a more widespread effect. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos no Mannakahe

Taiyou no Mannakahe is a high-power long-range energy attack. It has no "element" but rather is made of pure reishi. It is fired from the user's index finger of their dominant hand. If ambidextrious, it can be fired from either hand. Only one can be fired per 5 posts. It is the Sugiura equivalent of a Cero Oscuras in terms of power. It is broken down into two stages. The first stage is the "aiming" stage. After pointing at the target, a one-inch-diameter circular beam will be emitted from the finger. Anyone who has not seen or heard of the attack will believe that the beam itself is the attack. However, that is false. Instead, it acts as a laser sight for the actual attack. The longest range ever recorded was 5 miles. After one post, the true attack will be fired. Instead of being something like a large circular attack, this technique takes the form of a long, tall, thin, blade-like attack. The highest ever recorded height was 10 miles high. However, all Taiyou no Mannakahes are EXACTLY one inch thick at their thickest point. Because of the immense power required to fire just one, only Suguiras of 1-1 or 0 tier can learn this technique. It can only be fired when unreleased or when in Kyuu Kyou. The attack will most likely damage the user's hand in the process as well. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Moeru

Hana Moeru channels the user's reiatsu into petal-like objects and vibrates them until the petals burst into flames. It then sends the petals out in an expanding radius. The flower petals they resemble depends on the user. Only Sugiura with either their element or their reiatsu as fire can learn it. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Gensou

Despite the name, Yuurei Gensou has nothing to do with illusions. It creates a round pulsating seal in front of the user's palm, which then sends out a paralyzing ring of energy. If it hits and traps an enemy, the user can attack the circle, causing that damage to be transferred to the trapped opponent. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Petals

This spell creates the flower-petal like design like Chaos Moeru. It will either have sharp or exploding properties depending on the user. They are sent out like Hana Moeru as well. It is the standard way to attack without a Sacred. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Hikaru

Surudoi Hikaru sends out a single beam of light that is almost like a telescopic pole. The attack is meant to be accurate and not wide-spread.It requires high concentration and a good eye to be used to its fullest. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Souseiki

Chaos Souseiki is most effective at attacking those with strong armor or durable bodies. The user sticks his or her hand out and makes it appear as if it were a gun. Of course, it still is a hand obviously. At the end of the index finger, a marble will appear and fire off like a bullet. Once the marble enters the body, it will first emit spikes from all across the surface. This is followed by the spikes firing throughout the body. More spikes are made from the marble itself, so once the marble is used up the spikes will stop firing. The more reiatsu channeled into the marble before firing, the larger the marble. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Dama

Hahen Dama is a larger, more unrefined version of Hahen Souseiki. It requires a larger amout of reiatsu to be pumped in before it can be fired. To launch, the user uses his or her palm instead of the index finger. It moves at a much slower speed than Hahen Souseiki when fired. It rotates as well, which is a hint to its future purpose. Once it reaches a certain area, it will start sending spikes in all directions. Its main purpose is total eradication. The spikes use up the mass of the sphere, much like Hahen Souseiki. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Arc

This is a more destructive set of magic that is well known for its devastating effects in the battlefield. This spell requires moderate reiatsu in order to cast. By sticking the palm outward, an arc of luminous crimson lightning is shot out, the arc usually strecthing out to 9 feet. The arc moves at a speed similar to an arrow, and dissipates upon hitting anything other than another being. If the arc strikes someone else, it will cause some serious burns from the inside out, rather than from the outer surface, due to its fevid, unique magical propeties. But that's not all. If there so happens to be someone else right next to it, the Oblivion Arc will jump off the first body, scorching the other one. The more people that are next to each other, the further the oblivion arc shall travel, and the greater the overall damage becomes. This is excellent for dispatching groups of enemies at once, though, the user can also be struck byit, if too close to the enemy. The size and soeed of Oblivion Arc cannot be increased, but more arcs can be fired in rapid sudcession if the user is adept enough. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Oblivion

Oblivion Arc MUST be learnt first before Oblivion Sphere. This spell is more costly, compared to the former, due to its more destructive power. By sticking both hands out, a large, glowing crimson sphere is fired, usually the size. A deep hum can be heard emerging f.rom the sphere, sounding like an electric generator. The sphere moves as fast as the arc. As soon as it gets close to people, Oblivion Arcs will shoot out of the sphere towards the enemy. The sphere itself is incredibly hot, and contact with it will incinerate the enemy from the inside out. At least 4 arcs can be contained in a sphere. The size, and quantity of arcs contained can increase by using more reiatsu. The user can get struck by this attack if nearby AFTER the sphere is fired. Any cold based attack will successfully damper the sphere's power. Another energy attack can be used to overwhelm the sphere. Upon her conversion, Kameko has carried this ability with her as a Chaos Move in its new form.

Chaos Fighting Styles:

Chaos Impact

Chaos Impact is a rather simple move Iramasha can use if they need more physical output for their punches or kicks. By summoning just a small amount of their Inner Chaos Energy, they can use that force in order to make most of their physical blows two times stronger then normally depending on how much Chaos Energy is infused with the blow they are trying to make. More skilled Iramasha can even make use of the chaos particles in the air in order to combine inner and outer Chaos Energy to make a more effective punch that can even make their hits four times stronger then usual. Therefore, even on the most basic level, Chaos Impact is a rather deadly technique if it is used in rapid succession for those who have a good mastery over Inner and Outer Chaos Energy. It is recommended for those who wish to use for prolonged periods to have a large base of Inner Chaos Energy or have knowledge on how to control the flow of Outer Chaos Energy as this can tire a person out if they intend to spam this technique.

Chaos Burst

Chaos Burst is essentially a fighting style that increases the speed of a users punches or kick's in order to create devastating blows to anything that they happen to hit. By summoning a decent amount of Inner or Outer Chaos Energy, an Iramasha can make use of Chaos Burst in order to make each of their hits have an immense amount of swiftness and impact force that it can blow through an Arrancar's Hierro, shatter barrier's in stronger opponents or even outright blow through someone's defenses if they aren't on guard when this attack is occurring. Potentially, this technique can even be used to fight on par with both speed and physical based opponents as they are essentially getting the benefits of speed, with the devastating force of a physical user in one sharp blow. This can be used as often as an Iramasha wishes, though they should keep note of how much energy they drain from using this much like Chaos Impact and other similar techniques.

The Fist Of Chaos

This is a pretty basic Chaos Fighting Style. By summoning a person's inner physical energy, they can channel it into their palm in order to blow through brick, steel, barrier's and pretty much anything their hand comes into contact with raw physical force. This open palm strike can also be augmented with the help of an Iramasha's Inner & Outer Chaos Energy energy working together with their spiritual energy in order to augment the overall effectiveness of this attack by two times for each set. The overall strength could be enhanced by two times from spiritual energy, the damage could be increased by two times with Inner Chaos Energy and the impact can be increased with Outer Chaos Energy simply tapping into the abundance of Outer Chaos Energy within any given area. So, as basic as this move is, if combined with other powers, racial skills or energies; it can be pretty lethal. Since, even on a raw physical level, it would most likely have enough strength to send armored characters flying for a pretty good distance with decent damage to whatever body part the Iramasha was able to strike.

Chaos Brow

For the most part, this is a simple headbutt maneuver some Iramasha like to do to create some nasty injury to their opponent. With the Iramasha's physical energy alone, Chaos Brow can be used in order to send an opponent flying for mid-range distances. This can create extreme pressure on their body in the process in order to cause additional damage from the initial blow. Which, in itself, has enough impact to make every fiber within a person's body scream in pain no matter the race. And, eventually, the pressure was generated from the releasing force that sent said opponent flying would begin to accelerate with the help of Outer Chaos Energy in order to create a dense explosion to augment the damage from the initial physical attack. So, it goes without saying that Chaos Energy can further increase the amount of effectiveness that this attack has. In fact, a common way to use Chaos Energy or Spiritual Energy with this is to simply create an explosion upon impact that leaves the user unaffected, but the target roasted into burnt remains.

Chaos Deflect

Chaos Deflect is a move where the user's physical strength is summoned to the surface and mixed together with Inner and Outer Chaos Energy in order to effectively reflect or redirect attack's. One of the most common fashions of how Chaos Deflect is used is that it is often summoned in either of the user's hands, curled into a fist and makes use of a punch that has the capacity to redirect attacks back at an opponent or redirect them to avoid them making any damage on the user. This means it can be applied to almost any limb on their body or any part, for that matter. However, there is a more advanced version of this for Iramasha who are further along in their Chaos Energy. Starting at advanced or master level, most people who use Chaos Energy Deflect can summon their overall strength in order to create a "wave" of Chaos Deflect that is spread from every single pore in their body in a complete three sixty sphere.

What this effectively does is repel, redirect and or reflect all attacks that come into contact with this visible OR invisible sphere; depending on how skilled the person is with hiding the aura that generates from this attack. The physical strength rises to the surface with a little bit of help form Inner Chaos Energy, though it can be done with spiritual or natural talents. From there, it then spreads outwards from the person's body in order to combine with the stream of Outer Chaos Energy in order to create an attack that can be used to surprise an opponent with a sudden redirection of their attack. It can be used in all sorts of nifty situations in order to have crafty escapes, daring counter attack's against a target and even reflect things that are magical, spiritual, divine or otherwise have some sort of mystical energy akin to Chaos Energy. So, this makes Chaos Deflect a very useful tool to have in one's Chaos Fighting Style. And, for those who wish to put more Chaos Energy into it, it's even possible to extend the zone of sphere upwards of about five hundred meters in some cases with those on the Master level of Chaos Energy.

However, like most powerful techniques of this caliber, there are limitations to it. The first one being is that it can eventually make a person exhaustion as this takes physical energy out of them. That means they can become fatigued if this is used too much, their muscles can feel extremely drained as if they had pushed them to the limit and can eventually lead to the technique being ineffective if they become too exhausted to continue this feat. Moreover, in some cases, Inner Chaos Energy or Spiritual Energy is needed; so this can gradually or quickly decrease an Iramasha of their energy supply if it is abused too often in battle. It can be done more naturally in order to merge with the flow of Outer Chaos Energy, but that only increases the effects of the physical strain on the Iramasha in question. Therefore, most try to use this sparingly or when they know they can't defend against something.

Chaos Decimation

This is a seriously devastating move that is often used by advanced or Master users in Chaos Energy. Based on the fact that it generates a large amount of damage, leaves the users own base energy barely touched and requires a an immense skill of Outer Chaos Energy; it is only natural that it would be left to some of the more highly trained users. This isn't to say, however, those with lower skills cannot use it. It will simply be less powerful, cause alot more strain and more risky then someone who is well versed in the arts of Chaos Energy. In any case, Chaos Decimation begins by the user holding out each of their hands in a horizontal or vertical direction; making sure they have their hands curled up in a fist. From that point, they will need a bit of time in order to direct all flows of Outer Chaos Energy in the vicinity towards their arms and legs. Therefore, during this period, all of their limbs will begin to have some sort of glow related to the users spiritual color. For instance, if Koichi Iramasha had happened to be using this technique, then all of his limbs would be engulfed in a purple or black glow.

Then, once that phase is completed, The Iramasha in question should have been able to gather enough Outer Chaos Energy from the area in order to increase their strength temporarily by ten times. In some cases, this can be higher or lower depending on the overall skill an Iramasha has with Chaos Energy, how much Outer Chaos Energy the person was able to gather or how much damage their body currently has. In any case, they should be able to finally make use of this technique as each hit made from their bodies will have the impact force to generate large craters throughout the battlefield that can vary from the size of a pothole from a simple kick, to the size of a asteroid impact from some of the strongest people to use Chaos Energy such as Ketsu Iramasha and former Iramasha Leaders. Therefore, it is wise to to take this technique lightly as one hit can cause critical damage to most opponents if they let themselves get hit by it.

Moreover, it can even be augmented further if one was able to combine Chaos Decimation with their Inner Chaos Energy to increase the effects from two to ten times strength which explains why this move is so very lethal when applied to those who are highly versed with Chaos Energy. However, with a technique this devastating, there is bound to be a few setbacks. For starters, this move can usually only last one to three post for all users. Anything further then that can lead to serious injury without a cooldown period of one or two post depending on what the character's weakness is. In addition to that, this can also cause immense strain on the muscles, have waves of pain sore throughout a users body if they are unable to control it and has the potential to backfire on the user if they end up breaking any sort of bones or damaging their muscles while utilizing Chaos Decimation. Therefore, try to imagine the pain inflicted on yourself if you had the capacity to destroy an entire city with your fist, yet all of that is being redirected back on your body due to misuse, damage, exhaustion or other similar circumstances.

Therefore, Chaos Decimation is to be used with the utmost caution and is a highly revered Chaos Fighting Style due to it's potential damage use by those who know what they are doing with this technique, the art of Chaos Energy in general and the chance to change the tide in a battle by unleashing this devastation move

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Frightening Natural Intelligence and Analytical Ability:
Kameko's greatest weapon is her prodigious mind. When Kameko was IQ tested, the test actually failed her because there was an automatic cheat prevention system in place at the time, and it was impossible to score perfectly. Her brain is hard-wired for knowledge and data absorption, allowing her to instantly remember and store any input from any of her five senses. She could remember the after taste of a dish she had five years ago, or the feeling of a particular knot on a particular tree during one of her journeys. Her analytical abilities match this, and augment her intelligence even further. She can plan, plot, watch, research, note, and the like during any situation, even under high stress, or in the middle of a largely chaotic area. This makes her a master strategist, on top of her already super-computer levels of brain function. Possessing a genius-level intellect, she is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. As a child, and even to this day, she is a brilliant chess player, besting any opponent who plays against her. She can manipulate people and factions with well-spoken speeches and clever deceptions, easily ensnaring multitudes of people into her web. This is, in part, because she's a true master of divulging the strengths, weaknesses, and such of those around her. Including the kinds of things that people find endearing, and the kinds of things that set people off.

Multilingual: Kameko knows English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, German, and Italian. Her primary language, and in fact her FAVORITE language, however, is Latin. Although the language is, by all accounts, dead, she speaks it fluently, oftentimes slipping into it when angered, or passionate about something. She loves the way it sounds, the way the words roll off of the tongue, and especially the fact that it seems no one knows it, so any insults or terms she throws out are usually greeted with your general "bwuh??" or other such terms of confusion and cultural ignorance.

Unfathomable Sword Skill:
Kameko has had generations, eons even, to perfect her favorite and favored method of combat. She has studied every aspect and school of the blade. Anything from Kendo to Fencing, she has at least some knowledge of, and can replicate expertly in combat. It gets to the point where, even with large swords, Kameko can strike quickly and lethally, aiming for vital points and important areas as a priority, aiming to disable and kill quickly, instead of simply slicing and attacking blindly. Her precision and skill is terrifying to those who don't know the blade, and deadly to those who are weak to it.

  • Hitotsume: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "The First: Killing Stroke"):
    This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash that is so precise, that they aren't even aware of it until after it has taken place.

  • Agitowari (顎割, "Chin/Jaw Splitting"):
    A sword technique where a single sword attack cuts an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body until the target is bi-sectioned.

  • Senmaioroshi (千枚卸, "Thousand-Page Wholesale"):
    A technique where multiple blade movements take place so fast that they can literally shred a target into pieces.

  • Ryōdan (両断, "Bisection"):
    A two-handed sword technique that has the practitioner bring the sword down with enough force that it can cut an opponent in half right down the middle.

Speed and Chaos Warp Master:
She is perceived to be so fast that one cannot discern even being attacked by her until after it has taken place. She is capable of effortlessly dodging simultaneous attacks at close range and the evasion of Bankai level techniques. She moves so fast that opponents commonly do not know her movements until after she has made them and is skilled enough in her movements to evade at high speeds even when being attacked from behind. It is questionable whether she is fast on an org-leader level, however, as the full extent of her combat application is yet unknown.

Adoptive Muscle Memory:
Kameko can copy any movement after seeing it performed. She can achieve acrobatics, martial arts, and physical stunts. Fighting against people who move out of an erratic and unpredictable nature is nearly impossible and can not be memorized. Copying movements from, say, an Olympic gymnast can allow Kameko to know what is coming next. She can copy how a person aims, giving herself incredible marksmanship, though if she wanted to use certain weapons, she would have to watch a person fire that weapon to be able to copy it. Such as how to fire a rifle as opposed to how to fire a bow, or how to throw knives or darts.

Enhanced Agility and Reflexive Instinct:
Years in gymnastics courses as a child coupled with lots of strenuous agility training she put herself through means that she is far more agile than your average person, and far more flexible as well. This allows her some interesting positions to be able to bend herself into, which is useful for dodging and maneuvering, especially around the kind of opponents that flood the very air with a seemingly endless torrent of attacks.

Inhuman Endurance:
For reasons not quite apparent by looking at the surface, Kameko's body is able to take insane amounts of damage. Her skin has been hardened to the point where one below her level who would be attacking her could confuse her with some sort of abyssal demon, incapable of taking damage at all. Hit her in the face with an airplane carrier, she'll MAYBE blink. Smash her over the head with a mass of land like an asteroid? She'll start feeling it. Is there a mosquito in here somewhere?

Galactic Spiritual Output:
When not controlling or holding back the amount of spiritual energy that she puts out, Kameko's natural reiatsu is on a level that some might consider insane. Her spiritual output is.. enormous, to say the very least. With the potential to level city blocks, uproot trees, and toss any loose objects miles away, it becomes exceedingly difficult to find an opponent to face Kameko who wouldn't be, at the very least, sweating a little from the pressure of her full reiatsu. Weak opponents wouldn't really be able to be near her at all, as her sheer power is enough to send some to their knees, and even cause some to pass out, or otherwise lose some sort of cognitive thought from simply being around her when her full power is being brought to bear.

The Rack: A passive ability enabled by Kameko whenever she enters a fight. Any time an opponent hits her with an attack, they take X damage, where X is the amount of damage they've taken so far over the course of the fight. This ability, however, automatically turns off whenever Kameko goes into her Angel forms and abilities, and stays disabled until she re-seals her form.

Prototype Portal: Kameko's own custom reiatsual method of getting between dimensions. A circular portal that spawns, allowing her access into the between-area of the three dimensions.

Levitation: Simple, really. Kameko can use her reiatsu to levitate into the air and float around.

Amulet of Vigor: A passive ability. Kameko's body can never run out of energy. She may run out of reiatsu, and be unable to use her reiatsu, but her body systems are designed to never give out during combat. ONLY during combat is her stamina unlimited.

Eternity Vessel: An interesting technique. Whenever Kameko activates this ability, it is "imprinted" with the amount of reiatsu she has available at the current moment. It then copies that reiatsu, and lies dormant. At any point in the fight, Kameko may re-activate this ability. If it senses a change in her reiatsu level, it will replace her reiatsu levels with the ones it had copied. Limit one use per fight.

Walking Atlas: Kameko may use any one ability without paying the reiatsu cost for it, so long as she channels it through the reiatsu necessary for this ability. Limit one use per fight.

Mystic Eyes of All-Perception (オール知覚のミスティックアイズ)
One of the Sugiura's Mystic-Eye abilities they get within their various states of magic, the Mystic Eyes of All-Perception somehow remained as a natural technique within Kameko even after her conversion to her Iramasha state. The primary ability of the Mystic Eyes of All-Perception gives Kameko a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. Upon activation of the MEOAP, Kameko is granted an automatic fifty meter field of vision. The MEOAP is also able to see through solid objects and smokescreens, even through most barriers as only a particularly strong barrier such as one put up by someone of captain-commander class is able to somewhat distort the MEOAP's perception. It can also differentiate between non-corporeal clones and see through techniques that would otherwise hide an opponent from normal sight. The MEOAP also have the ability to follow high-speed movement, allowing Kameko to keep up with even extremely rapid shunpo-type techniques up to and including org leader levels. The MEOAP are also able to magnify objects to see the smallest of targets in the area and see in infrared to detect a target's body heat. Arguably its greatest ability is to see reiatsu in all its nature, including its flow and the circulation system inside the body with great detail as well as the colour of reiatsu. The MEOAP can detect reiatsu-sealed barriers as well as determine when an attack that is based in reiatsu (Kido, Cero, et cetera) is being used. Constantly using the MEOAP over a very long period of time causes severe eye strain, Kameko becoming unable to properly perceive targets at all. This condition, however, is not permanent. When using the MEOAP, Kameko's eyes will flash a light blue before glowing a white on top of of their gold coloration.


Seishin Buki

Seishin Buki Name: Yggdrasil: The Tree of Nine Worlds

Seishin Buki Appearance:

Kameko's Seishin Buki is an odd sort of "individualized" weapon set that is not a singular item but is, in fact, nine different weapons. Each of these has its own spiritual makeup that remains invisible as it floats around Kameko in the form of spiritual particles. She can summon these particles into the form of their respective weapons in any order, at any time. However, she can only have one summoned at a time at any given point. Even though she can switch weapons quickly, she cannot have more than one in her use at any time during a battle. She has the innate ability to control these telepathically with as much skill as if she were wielding them. This allows her to be a dangerous combatant, as it essentially gives her nine different strategies all at one from the very start of a battle.

Seishin Buki Abilities:


The "Asgard" takes the form of a blade, roughly a meter or so in length. The style of the blade itself is much how one would picture the Royal and Regal blades of old to appear, with the blade's point in the dead-center, as opposed to curved like a traditional Japanese blade. At the base of the blade, it spikes slightly in both the left and right directions, creating a barb of sorts. On and below this is a twisted, branch-like pattern, atop an ornate design (the crest of Kameko's house and former kingdom). Below this is the Guard, which extends, much like the barbs, in both the left and right direction. The darker, grey steel has claw-like curves up and down the guard, each decorated with an ornate, almost Gaelic-type design. Next, the grip. The Guard is linked to the grip by another curled pattern, of a lighter coloration than the guard itself. The grip is, by all accounts, standard. Except, of course, for the chain-mesh pattern that adorns the entirety of it. At the base of the grip is an inverted flower-type attachment, with steel "petals" and a ruby in the center as the "stigma". Beyond just LOOKING pretty, it also has a few.. special traits of its own that Kameko quite enjoys.

  • Spiritual Makeup: The essence of Asgard, the core, and the very design of it, is comprised entirely of spiritual particles, woven in and out and threaded and infused into a metal, combined with Sekiseki. The result of this is that Kameko's blade can not only fight on par with blades of a much higher strength from opponents who have vastly powerful weapons of their own. This also helps prevent Asgard from breaking, as the spiritual particles can compress and strengthen to harden the blade itself. Beyond this, it also allows Kameko to summon the blade at will, keeping the spiritual particles that make it up floating around her normally, until she has need of it, at which point they will all converge in her hand to make the blade itself. It can be summoned and un-summoned in this matter at any point.

  • Absolute Domination: Much like a Shinigami's Zanpakutō, Kameko's Asgard is bound to her soul. However, it runs more deeply than a simple connection. Asgard is infused with her own, specific spiritual signature. When Kameko touches the hilt of Asgard, her own spiritual energy is read by the blade, and the blade becomes operable. When Kameko ISN'T touching the blade, when it isn't her spiritual energy that is being detected or read, the blade becomes nigh unusable. Not only is Kameko able to break it apart or reform it at will anyway, but also, like the Mjolnir of legend, Kameko's blade becomes infinitely more heavy when she isn't touching it. Without Kameko's spiritual signature infused into it, the Asgard will weigh billions of pounds. So much so that if Kameko were to drop Asgard, the impact on the ground, and the surrounding area, could be extremely devastating, especially from any great height. This also has the secondary effect of the blade being extremely difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to pick up but herself, as the huge weight of the blade is too much for almost any opponent.


  • Absolute Constant Velocity: Absolute constant velocity (or ACV for short) is a rather interesting power that isn't too commonly found. First of all, it requires motion in a swing from the sword to properly work. By charging her sword with an intense amount of reiatsu, the blade will begin to glow brightly and illuminate in a dark red colour. Following this, any motion or strike that Kameko does with the blade can slice through anything it touches, not being able to stop until the slash as reached it's end or Kameko has decided to stop mid swing. This is a powerful technique utilized by few people, allowing them to slash through anything without meeting resistance at all. Slice through metal? Kameko's sword slash could go through it like it was nothing but air. The same goes for Seki-seki stone, the material that borders Seireitei as a defense mechanism. Although it needs to be noted that such attacks do not work so directly on weapons that are apart of someone; such as a Zanpakutō or spirit weapon. Any other weapon, this works with great effect, but a zanapakuto or something similar? It isn't likely to cut through it. Although this doesn't mean it won't be extremely damaging to the person behind it. Why would it be damaging? As they are stopping an, apparent, 'unstoppable force' it would be difficult to instant stop it by a simple block. To be struck by this sword technique in a block could very well launch you across the landscape and injure yourself by other means. On some cases, Kameko has shown to be able to slice Zanpakutō in half (with permission of the said character) as well as Quincies Spirit Weapons.

  • Drawbacks: One of the major drawbacks to this ability has been covered, being that she cannot fully slice through an opponents Zanpakutō, only occasionally working as it is bound to their soul and considered a part of themselves. Not only this, but it becomes dangerous to Kameko in some other aspects as she might be able to slice up the environment unwillingly, causing an unstable structure for them to fight in. Eg, if she was fighting in a city; she might coincidentally slice open buildings whilst swinging her sword crazily, and end up burying herself in rubble from the buildings. Finally, to use such an ability she must sacrifice a portion of his defense; meaning that to use this unstoppable blade technique, it is needed that she pushes more energy into the blade, rather than her actual body. Which, for example, will leave her defenseless to say, a punch or a sword slash if she were to get hit, becoming much more injured than she normally would whilst this is active.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] D5SCEIO


Vanaheim is interesting in the fact that it doesn't initially appear to be able to do anything. It is simply a small gemstone that Kameko will materialize in her hand.

If nothing more. Vanaheim has the ability to bring any object that is dead, back to life. Now, this doesn't include sentient beings of a higher-thinking nature. (E.G. Humans, Demons, Iramasha, Shinigami, et cetera.), and it DEFINITELY doesn't work on herself. However, it DOES include animals, and CAN include low-level hollows (below the Adjuchas level). All she has to do is have it touching some part of her own body. Once this step has been reached, she can simply mutter the word "Vita" (lit. "Life"), and whatever object she places her hands on will regain the life it once had. For example, if someone brought a plant to her, or crops, or a prized vegetable or fruit of some sort, Kameko could use the Vanaheim to revive it to full and untouched nature. For animals, and hollows, this becomes a bit more complicated. She can save the body, certainly, but the Vanaheim is unable to salvage the "soul" of such beasts. For animals and hollows alike, any self-thinking or questioning or intelligence will be gone from whatever she revives. In its place will be a mindless beast, only able to act on instinct, and unable to so much as hold any sort of judgement for the fine line between what it is and isn't capable of doing.

On the flip side of this, Kameko can reverse the origin of the gem, turning it a midnight black instead of its traditional emerald. If she does this, the abilities become far more sinister.

This ability set works under the same principle as the first, but on a larger scale. When using the Black Vanaheim, an unseen circle of energy (about 20 feet in diameter) will form around Kameko's feet. Anything non-sentient within this circle will slowly shrivel, and die. This means plant-life, animals, bacteria, low-level hollows, and even ambient reiatsu will slowly die in a corruption-type of state. The circle itself extends upward as well, as high as a skyscraper is tall, roughly two hundred and fifty feet. Within the circle itself, the distance from Kameko matters quite a bit. The farther something is from her, the slower the decaying process is. The closer something gets, the stronger the rotting becomes. The stronger the thing that enters the field is, the less it'll be effected by it. But the opposite is also true. This means that a weaker thing, such as a tree, or a hollow, or even a cero of any normal strength, could quite possibly be completely corroded and dispersed before it even reaches Kameko herself. Like anything, this has drawbacks. The first of these is the very fact that opponents will not be effected by this. Only things of a non-sentient nature will truly be subject to this technique. The second is the range. Twenty-feet across may sound like a lot, but when attacks are very strong, traveling very fast, they have the potential to bypass the field entirely. Just like with Vanaheim, this technique can only be used if Black Vanaheim is touching her body for it to have any effect. Once it is, Kameko can utter "Mortem" (lit. "Death"), and the energy field will activate.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] 054_zpsdfb97239
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Tourmaline-gem-348713a_zps9ca096bb


Kameko's "Alfheim" takes the form of a katana, more traditionally japanese of a weapon than any of her others.

When using Alfheim, her affinity leans toward light in several interesting ways, the first being "refraction". Using this ability, unless Kameko's opponent focuses on a specific area of her body, their vision of her will be skewed. Unless her opponent focuses on her left shoulder, she'll bend and twist in their vision. This ability allows her to, in her opponents vision, anyway, come from seemingly random directions, cutting and slicing like a madwoman. Couple this with her already acrobatic nature and Kameko becomes nearly impossible to land a solid hit on, though that's the challenge of it.

  • Shield of Light: By holding her arm out horizontally facing left and putting her right hand on her forearm, she can make a circular shield made of light in front of her. This shield can withstand one attack up to a Hadō 88 in strength before it breaks. Once it breaks, it takes 3 posts before she can use it again.

  • Bars of Light: By pointing the tip of her finger at the enemy's heart, a wall of thin bars, like a wall of bakudo 62 in appearance, will appear behind her. This wall will simultaneously fire out a hundred bars of light energy. This energy has the damage strength of a bala, but the knockback strength of a cero. She can only use this ability twice for any given fight, and it can't be within 5 posts of each other.

  • Final Flash: Kameko can, only once in a fight, drop to the ground in a kneeling position, turning the ground around her and her opponent completely white for a half-mile diameter around them. From this white ground, a huge explosion of light erupts skyward. This light is enough to stun and possibly incapacitate any opponent in the circle, depending on their strength, it does not effect her. However, after using this ability, her refraction stops completely, and she is unable to use Alfheim any further.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] MARTO_160_zpsb3bf4804


Kameko's "Midgard" weapon isn't actually something that takes the appearance of a weapon at all. Instead, the reishi that make up this weapon take the form of two armored black gloves on her hands.

Kameko can channel her reiatsu through these gloves into the earth, or any material that had come from the earth, including buildings (based on the materials they're made of), trees, or whatever else might be attached to the ground. When using Midgard, Kameko has complete control over the area around her, and everything in it that comes from the earth. Using this, Kameko can reshape the environment to her liking at any given moment, changing the elevation of plates and ground, altering building placement, launching things from the earth at opponents, crashing them down, ripping trees from the ground and hurtling them at opponents, etc. Along with this, she can use the materials in anything she touches to make her own personal combat more effective. For instance, if she was standing on a building, she could pull the concrete or steel from below her, forming it over her legs, or whole body, creating a thick armor over her. However, her spiritual energy allows her to alter the makeup of these materials to make them as light as she wants, regardless of what material it is. However, she can't change the durability, whatever material she decides to use will decide how strong the armor is. Another example is that, if she was standing near a wall, or a block of sekiseki, or something else of this sort, Kameko can use that material to make a weapon of any kind, wielding it as if she were a master of the use of that particular weapon. The rules of the weapon are the same as the rules of the armor, the material she makes it from decides the durability.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] 115566_H_SH315_MW355_zps777cf79d


Kameko's "Jotunheim" is a rapier, made in a traditional style. It carries with it one set of abilities based around an element. In this case, the element is ice.

The core of all of Kameko's other abilities while using Jotunheim is Cryokinesis. In the most basic sense, this can be described as complete and total control over ice, and over the things that make UP ice. Using her cryokinesis, Kameko can not only control ice that currently exists in the environment, but she can also make her own, created simply with the water in the air. Her ice can even be made from water that other people use, or send at her. Water users are basically useless against her, as it doesn't matter the strength, speed, or use of the water, Kameko can turn it to ice. She doesn't even have to see it, as her affinity for ice gives her a sixth sense of sorts for the location of water, and can detect it even if it's sneaking up behind her, or dripping miles underground. She can shape her ice into any form, or use it for a variety of attacks, and has literal full control over it. Her ice has a trick up its sleeve, so to speak, as it CANNOT be melted. In fact, she can freeze fire solid, as long as it's physical and not spiritual.

  • Ice Wall:
    Kameko can form her ice into various walls, defenses, blocks, etc to use as a counter to enemy attacks. Her ice being as strong as it is, the most impenetrable of her barriers could possibly deflect up to a Hadō in the 50s-60s or so (Up to 88 in angel forms). However, it will shatter instantly if an attack of this strength makes contact.

  • Ice Prison:
    Kameko can manipulate the ground in a circle with a radius of about 10 feet around her opponent in every direction. From the circumference of this "circle", she can generate an icy barrier, making a dome over the opponent, a "prison" of sorts. It is totally possible to dodge this, as it forms over the course of a post, but it forms rapidly. After this dome forms, the ground below the opponent will freeze as well, making it harder to get out by tunneling. This prison will have the same strength as her ice walls, making it difficult to break out of if you didn't dodge it.

  • Flash Freeze:
    Kameko's "Flash Freeze" ability is one of the few times where her direct attacks won't be already ice. For this ability, Kameko actually shoots high-powered jets of water from the tip of her blade, traveling at rapid speeds through the air, in straight shots. Whenever this water makes contact with anything, it will "splash" around whatever it hit, freezing instantly. The rest of the water will then freeze, making a path of ice to the ground, or another object. This technique is extremely useful, as it can not only potentially immobilize opponents, but it can also freeze some ranged attacks. This ice is easier to break than her walls or her trap, but only barely.

As long as Kameko's feet are on the ground, she can freeze any non-humanoid thing touching planet earth, at least within the area she's in. Freezing over the ground, fountains, trees, buildings, etc. The way this happens is a circle of dark blue will start from her feet, creeping outward in a circle over everything in its path before reaching the intended to-be-frozen object, covering it in this dark blue before the ice appears, freezing it solid, along with anything the blue was touching at the time.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] MusketeerRapierSworda2_zps65969fd1


Kameko's "Svartalfheim" is quite literally the most simple of her Seishin Buki forms. The only real ability that this gives her is the ability to travel through shadows adeptly. By this, she simply dissolves into her own shadow, her shadow still remaining, but her being gone. Her shadow can then move between other shadows. This is primarily, and only, used as an escape technique. She can only do this once per thread, and coming out of it leaves her too fatigued to fight, making combat application impossible. Apart from this, she gains no abilities. The "weapon" itself takes the form of a pendant around her neck.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Dial_pendant_silver_labradorite_1024x1024_zps3e80458c


Nidavellir takes one of the more interesting forms out of the weapons Kameko has in her arsenal. The unique quality of it is, she can fight with it like it was a blade, but it has another mode. The blade can spin back into the hilt, the hilt itself being a gun. This gun fires Kameko's spiritual energy in controlled bursts.

  • Wanshotto (Single Shot): With her weapon in gun form, Kameko can fire her gun in singular shots, these singular bullets have the strength of a weak cero, or a very VERY strong bala. Each individual shot is heat-seeking up to thirty yards. This can be a downfall as it will follow any heat signature, including distractions launched by her opponent.

  • Kyouryoku Na Dageki (High-Powered Shot): With her weapon in gun form, Kameko can pack more reiatsu into her gun, firing it in a high-powered shot with the strength of a very strong Cero. This shot has the same heat-seeking rules as the first.

  • Kyuusoku Na Hi (Rapid Fire): With her weapon in gun form, Kameko can fire rapidly, the amount of shots she can fire at one time with this ability going into the thousands. This is easily one of her most draining abilities if used for more than a little bit at a time. Each individual reiatsu bullet's power can be compared to a strong bala, or a very weak cero. These are not heat-seeking, but numerous enough to where it shouldn't matter.

  • Surasshu No Dageki (Slash Shot): With her weapon in sword form, Kameko can pull the trigger of her gun and have the reiatsu blast from it coat the edge of the blade. With this ability in use, she can either keep it on the blade for enhanced melee combat, or swing her blade and fling the energy at her opponent. Much like that other slash attack, except weaker for obvious reasons.

  • Shiage No Dageki (Finishing Shot): With her weapon in sword form, Kameko can impale her opponent, and then pull the trigger. The resulting energy courses through her opponents body and simultaneously destroys every major organ. This ability can only be used if her opponent is close to death, and if they have given up their will to live. (e.g, a death application has been filled out and approved.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Shitsunen_zpsce2bb9ae


Niflheim is a weapon that actually.. isn't a weapon at all. While it classifies as one of the forms of her Seishin Buki because it is centered around an ability, it has no attack usage and thusly can't be classified as one of the "weapons". In essence, Niflheim is a small, totem-like object that can be summoned anywhere on the battlefield, not necessarily on Kameko's person. When summoned, the gem atop this totem will glow periodically, signalling the ability being in affect. The totem itself is lightly cloaked, having the light around it bent in a very loose invisibility tactic. However, anyone who would be able to sense the energy displaced away from Kameko, or anyone who might accidentally bump the totem, could easily "break" it, sending the residual spiritual particles back to Kameko's weapon pool. This totem can only be "placed" twice per thread, and cannot be placed again within a thread if it is "broken" both of those times.

The actual ability of Niflheim is quite simple. When the totem is summoned and the gem starts pulsing, a thick, rolling, black fog will materialize within a 100 meter radius to the totem itself. This fog is so dense and suffocatingly dark that it would be almost impossible to see your hand in front of your face for any opponent who didn't have countermeasures to fight against blinding techniques like this. This fog has the dual affect of scrambling reiatsu signatures to a degree. Because of the flowing mass of it, the fog will carry ambient reiatsu around as it moves and bends, potentially confusing an opponent's sense of where either Kameko or another opponent within the fog might be, possibly causing mis-aimed attacks. However, for those who specialize in sensing reiatsu or reiatsu abilities, this won't really throw them off. The fog will remain for a total of eight posts before disappearing entirely.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Ward__league_of_legends__by_jackspade2012-d6p7q4k_zps14618dc1


The ninth form of Kameko's Seishin Buki is known as "Muspelheim", and takes the form of two large, double-sided axes that Kameko wields in each hand. Each of these is a weapon she wields adeptly, showing speed and precision despite the unusual and even partly obnoxious size of the weapons. These axes are strong, yes, but the primary usage of this form of the Seishin Buki is the element that attribute Kameko with. Fire.

Kameko's fire actually starts with her "battle spirit". Simply being involved or invested enough in a battle, loving it, relishing it, or needing to win it, will make Kameko's "soul set ablaze". If she is using this form of her Seishin Buki at any time during, or after this realization, her very reiatsu will actually have the heat and take the shape of white flames. (As opposed to just the white glow as per her normal reiatsu) Kameko's reiatsu flames burn at roughly 15,000 degrees C, and at about a ten inch radius around her body. However, this is not the only thing Kameko can do with fire. She has the capability to set literally anything in the environment ablaze with a mere glance. This excludes her opponent. Beyond this, after creating flames, Kameko can do almost anything with them, this includes throwing them at the opponent, forming them into structures or other attacks, using them for walls or barriers, etc. She can also create fire around her own being, hurling balls of it for attacks, engulfing herself in it to enhance her hand to hand, etc.

  • Fire Manipulation/Creation:
    Kameko gains the ability to form and manipulate fire. She can move it telekinetically from other sources in the room to her, or create it.

  • Immunity to Fire:
    Kameko cannot be damaged by fire while she is using this weapon form. (This is in addition to her ziamichi's fire resistance/immunity)

  • Fireball:
    A simple cero-strength ball of fire that can be formed in, and thrown from, Kameko's hand.

  • Flame Pillars:
    Kameko can make huge (50 feet tall by ten feet wide) pillars of flame form at will. Instead of growing up from the ground, her pillars simply form in their entirety in an instant, making them much harder to dodge than your average pillar of fire.

  • Flame Boomerang:
    By pushing her reiatsu into her palms and opening her hands, the axe in each will start spinning wildly, each being engulfed by flame before she throws them at the enemy at lightning fast speed. The flaming axes will head for the enemy, tracking their reiatsu signature for up to 50 yards, bouncing off any obstacles in their path and redirecting course. Once they have traveled 50 yards each, however, they will stop dead in their tracks, the flames will disappear, and they will return to Kameko's hands.

  • Wall of Flame:
    Kameko can extend her hands out to either side, making a large (one hundred feet tall by a hundred feet wide, by ten feet thick) wall of pure fire appear in front of her, moving slowly (about one foot per 30 seconds) towards the opponent(s) for a total of fifty yards. This has the dual effect of distracting the opponent while they're looking for a way out, and setting the battlefield ablaze. If the opponent is caught in it, the flames will burn them, at temperatures around 20,000 degrees C, for as long as it takes for them to pass through the other side.

  • Flame Arena:
    Kameko can create a dome-shaped arena of fire around her and her opponent, the dome is roughly fifty feet tall, and has a sixty foot radius.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Black-legion-battle-axe2_zpsa875003a



Angelic Release Appearance:

When Kameko releases her first angelic form, her skin will be lined with the aura of her reiatsu. Beyond this, though, there will be no physical changes except for the pair of white, feathery wings she will now sport on her back.

Angelic Release Abilities:

Wall of Spears: Kameko, using her reiatsu, can summon a literal wall of spears made out of reiatsu in front of her, deflecting one attack of any strength under a 60s level Hadō per use. Cooldown: 6 posts.

Carnage Altar: By sacrificing 10% of her reiatsu output for the fight, Kameko can eliminate the cooldown for any ONE ability.

Explorer's Scope: Any time an opponent uses an ability, Kameko may use this ability to see, in her mind's eye, exactly what the effect of the ability is. Limit three uses per fight.

Trusty Machete: By sharpening the reiatsu of an attack around it in a shape roughly resembling a machete, Kameko can double the power of that attack.

Mortivore: A large blast of dark energy, about the size of a cero, but with the speed of a bala. Its power is equal to X. Where X is the combined powers of all attacks that have hit Kameko over the course of the fight. Limit one use per two posts.

Consume the Meek: An AoE spell that stays active for 3 posts. Any attack weaker than a Hadō 54 launched during this time is automatically halved in power. Cooldown: 14 posts.

Caller of Gales: Target attack doubles in power. Cooldown: 5 posts.

Steady Progress: Kameko uses this ability and uses it on her own body. The effect that it has is slowing down time exponentially. Not for anyone or anything else, just her own body. This is used mostly to give her more time against poisons, or slow-acting pain causing abilities. One use per fight.

Trample: For one post, any non-lethal attacks that Kameko executes cannot be blocked. If the opponent intends to raise a hand, or a weapon, to block the attack, the attack will simply phase through, until it makes contact with its intended target. However, using energy to block the attack will result in an overload of the ability, and its effects will be nulled. Any attacks made while this ability is active will have a green aura about them. Cooldown: 8 posts

Mighty Emergence: Any attacks launched by Kameko for the current post, and the next two posts by her, will increase in strength by 1/3rd as soon as they are launched. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Rage Reflection: A passive ability usable only for two posts. When it is enabled, any attacks that Kameko makes against the opponent, if they hit, will hit with double strength. Defenses are also weakened by this power due to the complexity of it. The attacks are not hitting with twice the strength, as it would seem, but are actually hitting twice. If the attack is blocked by physical means, the first attack will be blocked, but the second will continue on as if the defense wasn't there. Meaning if you truly wish to block an attack during this period, you will need to block it twice. Attacks made while this ability is active will have a red aura. Cooldown: 7 posts

Cerebral Eruption: Kameko's head will gain a slight red aura around it. Upon this happening, she can make any object in the environment explode, as long as the explosion itself will not directly damage the opponent. Stays active for two posts. Cooldown: 8 posts.

Lifelink: An attack only usable if Kameko is wounded, and only usable for one post. Any attacks that hit her opponent during this one post, will heal any wound on her body of equal strength. E.G. If she gives the opponent a bruise, it'll heal a bruise on her body. Her injuries, while being healed, will glow with a slight white aura. Cooldown: 6 posts

Dispense Justice: Target opponent's attack will disappear into a state of “exile”. Reiatsu and energy abilities only. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Awakened Divinity State Appearance:

In her Awakened Divinity state, Kameko's appearance seems to age. She becomes older looking. More filled out. Taller. But she also looks more.. sad. As if her age far outran the still-vibrant appearance she holds. She retains the white glow while in this state, as well as gains a second pair of white wings added to the first.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] Header_zps05d4061a

Awakened Divinity State Abilities:

All Angelic form abilities carry over into Awakened Divinity State.

Marsh Casualties: A passive ability that effects both her and the opponent. For two posts, all attacks made in the AOE (the battlefield on which they're fighting) by any opponent will be reduced in strength by half. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Consuming Vapors: A thick fog that will cover the area for only the opponent's post. Any energy-based attacks launched during this post will be absorbed by the fog and disappear. Cooldown: 15 posts.

Boomerang: A passive ability. A blue energy flow around her hand, almost like running water, will form. Any energy-based attack (under the power of a Hadō 88) that hits it will re-bound at the opponent. Anything over that will simply deflect, harmlessly, into the distance. The energy must hit the field exactly, no other part of her body, otherwise it won't deflect. Duration: 3 posts. Cooldown: 7 posts

Distortion Strike: An ability usable only on Kameko's own attacks. For two posts, any attacks she launches will refract the light hitting it, appearing to be moving irrationally all over the place. Cooldown: 9 posts

Beastmaster Ascension: A passive ability, activated when she enters this form. A small green orb will hover above Kameko's head. Every time an attack of hers hits, a number will appear within it, starting at one, and increasing by intervals of 1. If she takes a hit herself, it's reduced by 1. As long as the number above the orb is over 5, all of her attacks are doubled in power. If the number is under negative 5, her defense is doubled.

Slice in Twain: Kameko swipes her hand through the air, a green blade of energy hurtling towards the opponent at bala speed with cero strength. Cooldown: 2 posts.

Hellfire Mongrel: At the beginning of each opponent's post, if they have landed 25 or more hits against Kameko over the course of the fight, they will take damage equal to the strength of the last attack that hit her.

Fissure Vent: Kameko can open up deep cracks in the earth, superheating them as steam will fly out, possibly damaging the opponent, and posing a safety hazard to the area.

Brave the Elements: A white glow will emanate off of Kameko, and she will name a type of attack. For the next three posts, she will be immune to any attack of that nature. (Melee, reiatsu, lightning, etc.) Cooldown: 9 posts.

Soul Parry: Kameko can activate this ability and her hand will glow a dull white. She can then use that hand to block any reiatsu or energy-based attacks. Instead of actually being blocked, however, the attack will reverse course, redirecting at the enemy. Duration: 2 posts. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Divine Ascension Appearance

When utilizing her Divine Ascension, Kameko's appearance changes drastically. Her hair lengthens, her skin becomes more pale, her eyes turn a blinding white, and her outfit melds to look more like a battle-dress than anything. She also gains her third and final pair of feathery white wings, as well as a long staff in her left hand with two prongs on the end.

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] AvacynAngelofHope_AVR_1280x960_Wallpaper_zpsbac191ff

Divine Ascension Abilities:

All Angelic and Awakened Divinity abilities transfer over into her Divine Ascension form.

Dead Reckoning: Kameko may re-form the energy of any attack she has used over the course of the fight, and re-use that energy to launch an exact replica of the attack without paying the attack's reiatsu cost. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Memoricide: Kameko, if attacked, may suspend said attack (if energy or reiatsu based) in mid-air. This attack will then be broken down and absorbed into Kameko's own being. For the rest of the fight. That same attack cannot harm her, as if it hits her body, the energy of it in herself will flare and destroy it. One use per fight.

The Mind Sculptor: A blue aura will form around Kameko's hands. The blue aura lasts for two posts, and surrounds her hands flowing like a smoke. While the aura is formed, any energy or reiatsu-based attacks that Kameko blocks with her hands directly will cease to exist, banished into an exiled non-existance. This attack is disabled if she takes a hit, or after 2 posts. Cooldown: 12 posts.

Gravitational Shift: For three posts, anyone, even Kameko herself, standing on the ground, will have their attacks reduced in strength by half, while any opponent in the air will have their attack strength doubled. Cooldown: 13 posts

Birthing Pod: If Kameko has launched any magic attack, she may stop that attack mid-use, the attack itself glowing green before exploding. The resulting energy Kameko can use to fire an attack twice as strong, or twice the cost of reiatsu, for the same reiatsu cost as the first attack fired. Use: one attack. Cooldown: 7 posts.

Asceticism: For two posts, Kameko levitates herself into the air, surrounding herself with a bubble that is impervious to energy attacks, but is easily popped by a melee strike. Cooldown: 6 posts.

Claws of Valakut: Kameko's hands glow a dark red, her nails, now claw-like extending six inches in length and the edges becoming molten. The slicing power of these is equal to a bankai Zanpakutō, and after the opponent has been slashed, the wound made will burn as if someone had poured magma on it. Duration: 3 posts. Cooldown: 10 posts.

Molten Psyche: This is a spell that reverses the nature of the enemy's attack, a sort of.. voodoo doll-type trick. Usable only on one attack per use of the ability, whatever damage that attack does on Kameko's body will instead happen on the enemy's body. Usable only once per fight.

Iona's Judgement: Kameko may stop any energy or reiatsu based attack from an opponent mid-air, surrounding it with a white glow before exiling it. One attack per use. Cooldown: 12 posts.

Harmless Assault: Usable on one energy-based enemy attack. Said attack does no damage to Kameko if Harmless Assault is used on it. Cooldown: 6 posts.


Class Information

Class Title: The Angel of Separation

Class Traits:

The Middle Way

An ability unique to Kameko's own being as her origin of Separation and one that she has spent generations perfecting, The Middle Way is one of the defining traits of Kameko. It is, quite possibly, one of her strongest and most developed techniques, despite being an ability useable from even a base, sealed level.

To start the explanation of this ability, one must truly start by explaining the essence of Kameko herself. You see, when she was converted into an Iramasha from her former Sugiura lineage, she was made for one purpose, and one purpose alone: Separation. She is made to be the line that separates the meek and the strong; the low, and the high.

Because of this need to separate, Kameko's spiritual energy channels itself in a rather.. odd sense when focused through The Middle Way.

The way that most spiritual particles move and materialize is through microscopic vibration. One of the biggest advantages of the Quincy arsenal is the Seele Schneider, which vibrates at a faster rate, allowing them to easily slice through things, beings, and other things crafted from spiritual energy. Kameko's spiritual energy, when used in The Middle Way, and channeled through her hands, is unique in the regard that it vibrates the OPPOSITE way.

What this basically entails, is that anything with a spiritual signature, any thing that has been altered using spiritual energy, Kameko's "Middle Way" will create the antithesis of. It will adjust based on the energy signature it is making contact with to create a negation technique that makes spiritual energy basically useless against her.

This isn't a technique that removes things from existence, or anything of the sort. In fact, if anything, one could call it more or less a "recycling" technique. What it does, in essence, is return anything that has been altered or crafted from spiritual energy into its first and most basic form, keeping the base elements while removing the tampering that has occured.

For example, if an opponent was an earth-type elemental user, they could feasibly imbue the ground with their spiritual energy, or take control over a section of the ground, to attempt to attack her. If they took this path, Kameko could swipe her hand against the earth that they use against her. her spiritual energy, channeled through The Middle Way, would reverse the alteration to the earth, returning the earth into the simplistic, non-altered form that it previously was. It works with multiple things, however. If one used fire from the world around her to pelt her, in an attempt to burn her, she could easily use The Middle Way to remove any traces of spiritual alteration to the flames, returning them to basic flames which would then fall uselessly to the ground, or simply fizzle out if they're in an environment in which flames shouldn't exist in the first place.

Another example would be weapons made of certain elements. If someone were to assault her with a blade that used the properties of fire and ice, Kameko could lay hands on the blade (so long as it didnt have a protection against this technique, and so long as it wasn't a spiritually bound weapon) and return it to its "origins". This can be done either by removing the fire and ice from the blade and producing a sword with elements seperate from it, or by separating the parts of the blade and assigning each an origin to take the attributes of as the "components" of the blade itself. (E.g, a blade made of fire and a hilt made of ice.)

Another example of this would be those such as the Arrancar, who use Cero, or the Shinigami, who use Kidō. Even though they aren't utilizing the world around them for such techniques, they still transform energy into something that it shouldn't naturally be, an offensive ability. If an arrancar were to fire a cero at Kameko, and Kameko managed to use her Middle Way technique on it, the Cero would seem to dissolve, returning into its most pure form, the Reishi and Reiatsu that it was comprised of, and the same rule applies for Kidō.

In a more specific example, this also works against those who alter Spacial Alteration. If one had the ability to warp the space around them, create portals, or whatever else might fall under this header, Kameko would simply have to channel this ability into whatever alteration was made, be it directly into a portal, or what have you. When she does this, that specific section of Space will return to its normal and unchanged form, before the alteration was made.

The other, and final, usage for this, and the one that Kameko uses far less often, is.. less apparent to those who would see this ability in use, even those who could guess or discern how the ability worked, or how Kameko used it. To use this final technique, Kameko must meet a certain set of conditions and prerequisites. First, her opponent has to be in a released form. So, for instance, if she was fighting a Shinigami, they would have to have already released their blade into the Shikai or Bankai release for this ability to take effect. Second, Kameko herself must sacrifice anywhere between one-sixteenth, and three-fourths, of her total available reiatsu for the remainder of the battle if she is to use it. Third, Kameko must make direct contact to establish a circuit for this specific use. Meaning, she has to have at least one, if not both hands, directly on the opponent's weapon. When each and every one of these conditions are met, Kameko can actually use this ability on the reiatsu of the opponent themselves. With considerable effort, Kameko can use the same reverse-particle effect to reverse the effects of the opponent's release, and on the air around them, as well as the opponent. By doing this, she will effectively re-seal the opponent's abilities into their original form, (E.G. Re-seal a bankai or shikai back into the sealed blade) a technique she does not use often, or lightly, simply because of how taxing it is on her own person, and how difficult it is to achieve. she CAN do this multiple times, if the opponent has multiple spirits or releases. (E.G. Seal a Ziamichi form back to its original after re-sealing a shikai). The number of times she can do this, however, is based on the strength of the opponent.

Now, like any technique, The Middle Way has drawbacks.

For starters, she can only channel this ability through things she touches with her HANDS, specifically. Thusly, if one were to hit her with an attack in the head, or torso, or legs, or back, or whatever other part might be assaulted, then she wouldn't be able to use this technique on it at all.

Secondly, if her hands are COVERED in any way, (E.G, gloves, pockets, cloth, tissue, wrappings, whatever one might think of) then this ability will NOT be able to work. she can ONLY use The Middle Way if there is no obstacle between the intended target and her hands.

Thirdly, this ONLY works on ENERGY and ELEMENTAL-type abilities. Things born OF something else, things made FROM something else USING reiatsu. Things such as cero, Kidō, or the altered earth elements. If one were to attack her using PHYSICAL means, such as Hand-To-Hand combat, or Swordsmanship, or other such methods, she would be unable to use this ability to prevent anything coming at her, as none of the attacks that would be hitting her would be at all born of something else, it is all up to the wielder's skill at that point.

And lastly, for the drawbacks of the final ability of The Middle Way. The conditions for using it, in their own respect, are a drawback. It is vastly difficult to lay one's bare hands on an opponent's weapon, especially if that opponent is equal or superior to Kameko in strength, this could prove considerably harder than against a weaker opponent. The stronger the opponent is, the more reiatsu Kameko has to use to contain their power. Opponents far weaker than her may require barely any, such as an eighth, or a sixteenth, judging on the sheer power gap. Opponents ON her level could take up to HALF of her available reiatsu simply to seal. Opponents ABOVE her level might take three-fourths, or sometimes, in rare cases, even more, depending on the sheer level of power they put out. Another disadvantage to this comes in the form of the sheer variation in enemies. For instance, if one's released state didn't HAVE a weapon (e.g. a Shinigami who's bankai imbued them with some sort of ability, and removed a weapon from the equation entirely) then Kameko has nothing to channel The Middle Way through, thus rendering this ability useless. Another example of this is the possibility for an opponent to create MANY weapons in a released state. If there is no "original" weapon linked back to the owner, Kameko cannot use this ability. If Kameko channels her reiatsu through the wrong weapon, or a duplicate of some kind, she still suffers the reiatsu loss, but without the opponent being sealed. Another major drawback is the fact that Kameko has to pay the reiatsu cost for EVERY time she does this. Meaning that if she seals a shikai that takes one-fourth of her reiatsu, and then seals a Kyuu Kyou that takes half of her reiatsu, then Kameko is short a total of three-fourths of her available reiatsu, with no way to get it back until the battle has ended. Another drawback to this ability is the fact that Kameko's sealing process only works at its best if the form she's sealing has a reiatsu output, or is effecting the outward world in some way. For those such as Nemain, the circumstances change somewhat. In the instance of her Segunda Etapa, she COMPRESSES all of the power of Segunda Etapa into a more compartmentalized form for more INTERNAL power. This kind of ability, or release, is more difficult for Kameko to seal, as it takes more of her reiatsu to get past the compression, since the density of spiritual pressure in her opponent would create a wall, of sorts, that she would have to breach first. The final drawback, and one of the most obvious ones, is the simple fact that even once she's SEALED a form, there's no way for her to KEEP it sealed. For instance, if she sealed a Shinigami's shikai, the Shinigami in question could EASILY re-release their sword back to the Shikai state. The only downside for them would be the added strain.

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Song: Fucked up World - By: The Pretty Reckless - Word Count: N/A


The Spirit's Basic Information

Name: Hotaru Mayumi
Titles: The Hell Below, The Red-Haired Grim Reaper
Race: Demon
Age: 515 Years Old
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual, Polyamorous
Blood Type: O Negative
D.O.B.: October 25th, 1899
Zodiac: Scorpio
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Rank/Affiliation: Free roamer, former bounty hunter and contract-maker for the demon realm.

The Spirit's Pictured Appearance:

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] CasterFateEXTRA6001406983_zpsa8f9803d
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] CasterFateEXTRAfull1547957_zps85348edb
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] CasterFateEXTRA6001563705_zps5f82f872


The Spirit's Personality Section

The Spirit's Personality:

Hotaru is suave, but she loves to use insults and banter. she uses gratuitous sexual innuendo in an effort to make people uncomfortable and therefore give herself an advantage. Hotaru is an efficient business woman and while she prides herself on integrity, she will use any loopholes given to her to turn the situation to her benefit proving the saying 'be careful what you wish for' to be more than true. This was more than evident in her dealings with Mari; although she gave her the power to avenge her parents. Hotaru willingly gave Mari the use of the demon Facilier as a spirit but kept a hold of her soul knowing that she could use it as leverage later. Hotaru is also skilled in deceiving unsuspecting victims by appearing charismatic and alluring, as she was able to quickly entice Mari during their encounter and almost every member of a family she planned to deal with described her as "charming". Hotaru has also called herself an altruist and a developer.

Hotaru's main goal is self-preservation, and she is willing to sacrifice anything else for it. In fact, she tends to only lose her temper when her personal safety is threatened or when dealing with what she considers overwhelming stupidity. It has been described in the past that, when dealing with Hotaru "she will always find a way to bone you". A good example would be her only large-scale appearance, in which she orchestrated the death and/or imprisonment of most of those she held a grudge against and also captured a large number of shinigami.

She is not above making deals or alliances with hers enemies when she feels it is beneficial for her. She is extremely opportunistic and her goal seems to be to expand the grasp of hers power as she's gone from "punk-ass demon" to the self-proclaimed "Crossroad Queen" and "Loophole of Hell".

Hotaru is cunning, devious, and highly skilled at manipulating others. This is best demonstrated when she tricks Mari into seeking vengeance for her plight by assaulting a demon operation, dooming not only her soul but a large number of demons who she led to the slaughter. Despite her arrogance, she does not dismiss possible threats like the shinigami as other demons do, but seeks to eliminate said threats, however at times she does let her arrogance get the better of her, especially if she feels certain she will win. She has thought up new ideas for how Hell ought to be run and tries to convey them to others on a regular basis. When other demons resist this, she's quick to call them "evil lying prats" and "stupid", expressing the desire to kill them all at times. She is also quite sentimental as she is rather dismayed when someone she actually likes has to pay their end of the deal if the consequence is to the negative. Hotaru was also intelligent enough to work out several loopholes to hell's layer-system, even when it seems other realms and races are unable to. As the Queen of the Crossroads, she is also extremely skilled at drawing up contracts and creating hidden agendas to trick her enemies.

Beneath Hotaru's affable facade, she is cruel, sadistic, and merciless. She appears to be quite vengeful: she decided she wants utter annihilation of the arrancar just from one instance where an espada of theirs insulted her and implied that she would like to see all demons destroyed; she has kept many secrets and has apparently tormented some of her "clients" so badly that they've gone catatonic. Hotaru also has no problem killing children as she is willing to slaughter a nursery of infants if it means getting something she wants, dismissing them as the eggs needed to crack for an omelette.

Hotaru is shown to be a tough task master and inspires fear in many demons. A captured demon might prefer death than the alternative of facing Hotaru. Hotaru is also masochistic as she laughed at the idea of being tortured and will gleefully provoke those who choose to do her harm.

Underneath Hotaru's demonic nature, it is revealed that the reason she does what she does is because she just wants to be loved. It is assumed that this is true and her time in Hell has twisted her desire to a megalomaniac need for power and respect. She also displayed some regret for her actions, having asked one questioning client where she could even begin to ask for forgiveness.

Hotaru is an accomplished tinkerer and innovator, having innovated various methods and techniques simply for harming her opponents and causing more pain. Hotaru is a very capable strategist, a skill she has used and demonstrated multiple times to achieve survival or dominance. She has outplayed or outwitted many of her opponents, even those more powerful than her. Ultimately, Hotaru is untrustworthy, greedy, and quick to anger, but also very cunning. She can adapts quickly to use various technology, weaponry, and armory to her advantage in succession despite using each item for only a short time.

She has a twisted sense of humor, even going so far as to kill a girl and steal the clothes off the girl's corpse to dress herself simply because of the girl's ironic "The Devil Made Me Do It" shirt. Hotaru is extremely ambitious and power-hungry, even for a demon; secretly she plans to not only take over as ruler of Hell, but also the world, forcing all demons, humans, fallen angels, and the like to bow to her or be killed.

Although Hotaru enjoys causing suffering to others and basks in the fear her victims have of her, she prefers to kill her victims in quick, brutal ways and move on. She views killing as "art". Additionally, she sees the act of killing her victims quickly as merciful, as opposed to torturing them over a longer period of time before taking their lives.

Hotaru flaunts her superiority over others. However her arrogance can cause her to underestimate and underplay her opponents. She has shown to be highly aggressive and has a tendency to attack those who do not show her enough respect. Hotaru values young, attractive clients and takes pride in roping them into a deal.


The Spirit's Background Section

The Spirit's History:

Born to two nameless drifters in the fall of 1899, Hotaru's first few years were relatively happy; but after the sudden departure of her father during the lass' formative years, Hotaru was left with her mother and older brother Kane as her only family. The three lived in peace in the rural village and the siblings began displaying a remarkable talent for alchemy at a young age, much to the joyful astonishment of her mother. However, early in the year 1904, Hotaru's mother contracted an illness that had been spreading in the area and died, leaving her two children orphaned. Even while mourning, mired in grief, Hotaru vowed to her brother that the two of them would find a way to bring their dear mother back to life with the power of alchemy.

Hotaru and Kane spent the next few years living on their own in the family home, pursuing the alchemical knowledge necessary for their planned resurrection. Although they had gained a great deal of information and comprehension regarding the extended basics of the craft, before long it became apparent to the young prodigies that there was only so far they could go while being self-taught. In a stroke of good fortune, Resembool was visited by an exceptionally skilled alchemist who, after some persuasion, agreed to take the siblings on as her apprentices provided they pass a preliminary test. She brought the boys to Yock Island near the town of Dublith in the southern region, where she informed them that they were to survive for one full month without alchemy. If, at the end of their ordeal, they could correctly explain the concept "One is All and All is One", they would begin their training under her wing.

While there, the siblings discovered self-reliance and gained new abilities and insights relevant to living in the world under their own power from having to forage and hunt for food as well as fend off periodic attacks from Manson, an employee at the butcher shop who had disguised herself as a masked wild man at their instructor's behest. Coming to realize that, as a human, she is but a small part of the world and universe as a whole, but that the world and universe cannot exist without a collective of small parts, it is Hotaru who answered teacher's riddle properly when she finally returned. For the next five months, the siblings were subjected to intensive alchemy and martial arts training, growing significantly in both mind and body and gaining a great deal of alchemical knowledge before returning home. Though instructed specifically by their teacher to understand that death is an irreversible part of the flow of the world and that acceptance of such is important to the "One is All, All is One" concept, the siblings dove headlong into their plan to resurrect their mother upon their homecoming, having advanced their knowledge while abroad and discovered the basics to a forbidden practice called Human Transmutation.

Devising a Human Transmutation Circle, amassing the elemental ingredients for an adult human body and offering their own blood as soul and biological data, the siblings secretly initiated the Human Transmutation secretly in their home. Unfortunately, the Human Transmutation resulted in a Rebound; Kane and Hotaru were pulled into The Gate. Encountering the mysterious being called Truth, Hotaru was stripped of her left leg in exchange for crossing into God's domain and peeking at the Gate's vast wealth of alchemical knowledge. Maimed and bleeding, Hotaru was returned to the human dimension to find that Kane had not yet returned from his disappearance into the Gate, that the mother they had attempted to revive was a grotesque mass of organs only capable of sustaining life for a few moments and that her own sojourn into the Gate had granted her the curious ability to perform transmutations merely by clapping her hands together, without the aid of a Transmutation Circle - in the same style used by their teacher. Desperate to at least have her brother by her side, Hotaru willfully performed another Human Transmutation to call her back, this time sacrificing her right arm in exchange for Kane's soul, which she bound alchemically back into the world before passing out from severe blood loss. Kane carried Hotaru to their teacher's house, where the shocked instructor performed emergency surgery to save the young girl's life.

For some time afterward, Hotaru remained in a sorrowful torpor until a Lt. Colonel of the Alchemist Program arrived in Resembool on an inaccurate tip regarding possible State Alchemist candidates. Upon discovering the bloody remains of the brothers' failed experiment, she confronted Hotaru at the home and persuaded her to consider joining the State Alchemist program as a means to perhaps restore her limbs someday. Hotaru, driven by the guilt of what her ambition had done to her mother, commissioned a few other alchemists to craft her an artificial arm and leg in order for her to follow her advice. When told that the surgery would be excruciating and that recovery would take at least three years, Hotaru commented that the pain would be nothing compared to their mother's suffering and promised to finish recovery in a single year.

In the fall of 1911, her new limbs complete, twelve-year-old Hotaru ventured with Kane to Central City to apply for her state certification. After passing the written examination and psychological evaluation, Hotaru astounded all the officials present - including the Führer himself - with her superb and unique abilities and even managed to win the Führer's favor with her brazenness. Within a week, she was issued her license. On October 3rd, Hotaru returned to Resembool, packed up her belongings, burned down their house (claiming that, without it, she and her brother would have no means of turning back from their goal) and left home with Kane to find a way to restore her to normal.

This was, however, when everything began to go wrong for Hotaru. As a dog of the military, she and her brother were sent to the small city of Ishval, all intents being to demolish it. Furiously leaping into combat, it only took a few days of fighting before the last of the city was being burnt to ashes. However, not without tragedy. During one of the climactic battles, Kane was tattooing a Transmutation Array onto his arm, allowing him to also perform alchemy without a circle, like his sister, however, she only finished one arm of it before she heard Hotaru cry for help. Having been bested in battle, her mortality all too realized, Hotaru had lost her left arm, reliving her past once more as she slowly bled to death. Ignoring the enemy, Kane made the split second decision to save Hotaru's life, grafting his tattooed arm into Hotaru's being, allowing Hotaru to replace her arm with the materials. However, the tattoo carried over with the replacement. A now weakened and ripe target, Kane was murdered by the strange opponent in a blast of fire. Hotaru escaped, only barely, with her life.

Years later, Hotaru's mortal shell finally passed. she moved on. But not very far. It was only a day of death, after dying from a bullet of all things, before she found herself in a strange new area, feeling... a whole lot less mortal than she had previously. With a crack of her neck and a new resolve, Hotaru set out to find out more about the area. she didn't get far, however, when she discovered that her artificial limbs were whole again, and the only evidence of her past was the array of tattoos on her left arm and her abilities. She set out, looking to cause trouble.

And she found it in the form of a sobbing girl begging for a way out of her situation. It was this girl that Hotaru clung to, befriended, deceived, and ultimately possessed..



Natural Abilities:

Za Koa Skill:
Za Koa skill is how much skill your character possess to manipulate the energy from the core. Typically, this should be your strongest asset when it comes to the skill sheet. The higher your mastery of this ability, the more techniques you are able to create, use and share. However, this has many more uses then that.

Za Koa's Influence:
For example, an advanced Za Koa Skill user at two tier is capable of spreading this technique across an average battlefield in order to taint the surrounding vicinity around them in order to gain the upper hand in combat. These advantages include that all of their stats are typically doubled if the influence is not sealed away or fought with magic. So, going back to our two tier demon, he would be able to obtain a doubled increased in his abilities, powers, speed, endurance, reaction time, mental thinking, knowledge and so on and so forth. Users whom are Master in this skill can usually get triple benefits, and Grand Masters quadruple.

Along with those enhancement boosters, another advantage of Za Koa's Influence is that it can also alter the area around a demon in order to give them the upper hand. For example, our two tier demon will be able to dim the area around him into darkness in order to make himself even more formidable as demon's are naturally inclined to become more useful in the shadow's, being able to generate various toxins in the air in order to gradually wear someone down, create harsh acid rains, for the terrain they are on, turn an ocean-type battlefield into pure fire and things of this nature.

Knowledge Of Environment:
Another trait gained from spreading Za Koa's influence throughout any given area is that typically most demon's are given knowledge of their surrounding vicinity. For example, if our two tier demon had performed this within Karakura Central, it would be able to detect various hidden sources in the immediate fighting area such as hidden barriers, seals , spirit beings within the area and things of this nature. On a master level, this would allow some demon's to even detect various elements within in a being. This can be from a persons Zanpukto Spirit, to scanning JUST how much energy they have in total left in them, searching for any unusual traits about their body such as abnormal defense or offense and things of this nature that CAN be detected. This knowledge ability, however, only gives you the knowledge to beat something. Actually beating it, however, is another story.

Reaitsu Drain:
This ability goes hand and hand with Za Koa's Influence. With this technique, our two tier can constrain the flow of reishi and reiatsu within an area in order to make opponents somewhat weaker as reiatsu is energy in use, this can also lead to canceling out attack on some levels, overpowering attacks if there is a major gap in power and for advanced users and up being able to control the reiatsu they constrain. However, please note, reaitsu drain does NOT mean you will simply go around consuming energy until you level up.

The energy you collect, for intents and purposes, will only be able to be utilized for one thread if you are on adept level or lower, while advanced will be able to keep it for two threads, Masters being be able to retain it for three threads and Grand Masters for four threads. This means that during that thread or threads, it's benefits will only qualify there (This means that if you make ANY new thread with your character following the events of where you consumed energy, it will count). In addition to that, this does not always mean you get a tier increase as only those on Master level are able to obtain TEMPORARY boost in their tier if they are able to consume enough power. (I.E. someone like Mana or Abaddon performing this on a large scale such as Karakura Central or the Gotei 13; to give you a measurement of how much power you need to collect with Reaitsu Drain and skill needed to gain that temp tier boost.)

With all of that stated, the main benefits of this Reaitsu is that it is used to increase anything on a demon that deals with power. For instance, a demon could have FAR faster attacks then before if reaitsu drain was performed successful, their attacks would have much more stopping force and it may even have additional benefits. Another example would be their spells being further increased with all of the extra energy being generated within them from the drain. One final example is that it can also be broken down into energy for strength to increase their physical offensive power, increase their defense and advance their durability. So, with that said, these are examples of how reaitsu drained is used.

Black Inferno Blast:
Black Inferno is a massive burst of destructive energy a demon can unleash if they have Adept or higher on Za Koa. It starts by gathering energy from Za Koa along with the Demon's Blood and any type of darkness. From there, it will form into a ball of darkness that can be used to unleash serious damage upon anything it hits; resulting in a black explosion that is similar to a cero in destruction and can be broken down like a bala as well. Though, unlike a cero or bala, The Black Inferno Blast does alot more then just simply explode. When it explodes, if trapped within the blast, the opponent will begin to feel extreme amounts of heat generating from their skin; so hot, in fact, some believe they are actually on fire from the strain on a person's will. However, this does more then that. That's simply the sign of a dangerous demon parasite entering a person's body. If a direct contact is made or even partial contact, there will be a strong rush of parasites, demon magic and Za Koa's force entering a person's body. From that point, over the course of five post if there was a direct hit or three for a indirect, this will begin to heavily tax an opponent. It will force them to drain extreme amounts of energy until they are somewhat weakened, slowed or damaged if they are unable to extract it from there bodies.

Along with that, if they get hit enough with Black Inferno Blast they even run the risk of dying if it begins to suck the life energy out of them if there is nothing else to extract. The effects also vary from level to level. Adept Za Koa users will be able to do all of the above, while the higher you go, the more quickly, effective and longer the effects will last along with doubling in strength for each skill increase. Therefore, it is highly wise to stay on your toes when a demon opponent is firing this Black Inferno Blast. It could be your last time doing so if you fail to separate this from a regular energy type attack. Hotaru's Black Inferno Blast can hold anywhere between the strength of a Gran Rey Cero to the strength of two of the Espada's Cero Oscurus, depending on how controlling she is of her reiatsu output at the time.

Kage Chōkyō-shi:
Kage Chōkyō-shi is the ability for most demons with adept Za Koa users to travel through different dimensions, travel throughout the battlefield or even use it for defense. By channeling Za Koa's energy in addition to the various seals throughout their body in addition to their Shadow Movement, they are able to create many different holes in the area's around them that can range from small to extra large depending on their Za Koa skill. These can lead to other realms, can be used to shield against attacks if they are not more powerful then the demon and be used on the offensive by attempting to create these holes to slice someone's head off.

The Art Of Demon Magic:
What exactly IS the Arts of Demon Magic? In a sense, you COULD call it the Demon's Kidō, but you'd be wrong as well. Why? Well, Demon Magic actually works like real MAGIC is suppose to. Of course, Kidō like spells, summons and barriers can be created with Demon Magic. That's a given. However, it can be taken MUCH further then that application. For instance, an advanced user in Demon Magic could use this in order to gain Telekinesis on a more light level. Even combat standards, if he were to look at an attack and see it coming, the Telekinesis would kick in and attempt to change it course if enough was generated from The Demon to negate it. Other example would be gaining Gyrokinesis in some cases in order to actual make it seem like they are toying with gravity itself; which in fact they are. Within a contained area, this demon could remove the gravity of some things, make it heavier in other places or even apply it to more focused objects like their attacks to cause more impact force.

Not only that, but an even higher example of that is that some demon's with a Master in this would be able to even create things out of thin-air with no explanation what so ever. For example, a Master in The Art Of Demon magic could defy the laws of physic's by actually making energy cease in something and remove it. This may not seem like much, but it's actually an amazing feat as the laws of physic's clearly states energy can never be erased. However, in terms of combat, in order to do this they would need to overpower it. Another situation in which you could get a taste of Demon Magic would be them turning your energy attack into a batch of living snakes, them creating fields of anti-spiritual barriers around them or just making themselves plain invisible.

Now, performing magic is vastly possible thanks in part to connection most Demon's have to Za Koa. However, thanks to the varying seals scattered throughout a demon's body at birth by Touketsu's DNA, it is possible for them to even use the Magic without Za Koa's connection. You see, these seals are constantly gathering energy from their surroundings. From every attack, from every environment, from every power increase; these seals gather and store power for a demon to use. There is even an ascended state to unleash all of this collective energy, but that is not in this section. Instead, this is about how demon magic works in general. As stated previously, Demon's can perform magic with or without Za Koa. But, for some demon's, they are able to merge both of these together in order to double the strength of all of their spells or anything having to do with demon magic.

Despite all of this wonderful stuff, however, its biggest drawback in demon power is the power itself. What does this mean? Well, if you don't have resources, power, sacrifices or anything else to carry out your spell, it will in turn cause great damage to you for however much energy you tried to perform. An example of this would be a weakened demon who drained his resources trying to perform a large scale demon spell, only succeeding in heavily wounding himself along with producing a very weak version of whatever spell or magic technique he was trying to perform. Another drawback is that is can sometimes be countered with other types of magic such as Kidō, Chaos Energy or Sugiura Spells.

Akuma Kyodo:
Thanks to the full body seal most demon's have on their bodies from birth, Akuma Kyodo gives most Demon's a layer of defensive skin that is similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. This will be general defense, though if have a high Za Koa Skill, you can temporarily double your defense. Masters can do it for ten post, Advanced for seven, adept for four and beginners for two. All come with a three post cooldown. But that's where the similarities end, and the differences begin. What makes a demon's Akuma Kyodo: so different? Well, for instance, this layer of skin is not just applied physically like Arrancar's are or any other races natural defense. What makes a demon's defense stands out is that it applies to magic, spiritual attacks, their environments, how resistant they are to poisons or toxins and even how much their mental state improves.

You see, thanks to having so much magic being pumped into their bodies, their defense is MUCH more wide spread then any Shinigami, Arrancar or even Iramasha. Basically, the higher your defense is, the most attacks, barriers or ANYTHING in general; the more resilient you are to anything offensive being thrown at you. So a demon's Akuma Kyodo: is not something to scoff at, ignore or consider the same. Hotaru's Akuma Kyodo is one of the strongest examples of the technique that there is among the natural demons. Her defenses are ridiculous, against the physical and the spiritual alike.

Shadow Movement:
This is what some MIGHT call the Demon's Answer to flash step: Shadow Movement. It allows them to move at quick burst of speeds on most occasions to allow them to travel very far distances in short amount of times, that is for certain. Though, this is where some similarities come to an end. Unlike most other races, Demon's get many nifty benefits then just Super Speed. Take this for example: from the seals on a demon's legs and feet that generate insane amounts of energy from all of the sources of power they collect; it will be able to give yourself temporary boost of intense speed called "Shadow Burst". Shadow Burst is a period of time where your demon will double their speed on average if they are at least adept. It will transition into how fast their attacks are created or launched, the demon's reaction time to increase the odds of evading, countering or noticing a person, object or anything else within a vicinity that has a prense in order to do something about it, it increases their mental awareness to more alert levels and it even goes into their natural powers.

For instance, one could use Shadow Burst together with The Art Of Demon Magic in order to create burst of accelerated healing in order correct injuries to your body at insane rates of speed during this period. Another example would be using Shadow Burst mixed with Za Koa in order to consume an area within it's presence much more quickly along with all of it's sub-abilities being accelerated. Finally, one last example would be for their special powers. For instance, if a demon could control fire they could generate, fire and reload it at double the speed they could before if they were adept. And, with that, that goes into their rates of speed in which they can perform these things.

If you were a beginner, you could only maintain this for one post only and would have a five post cooldown. Go to the next level and a demon will be able to double their strength, increase the amount they maintain this form to three posts and they typically only have a three post cooling period. Progress pass that to advance and a demon will be able to main this form for four post, triple their effects and will have about a two post cooldown. Along with that, at this level, they gain a new ability to Shadow Movement called "Force Speed" where they are able to effect the area around them on some levels. This includes being able to speed up objects, increase allying forces speed somewhat or even increasing the force of wind around them to do more critical damage.

From that point, if one should become a master in this, they will obtain a five post limit for how long they can maintain it, quadrupedal the effects and only have a one post cool down period. Additionally, the Force Speed technique they learned before will become much more widespread. Now, instead of the immediate area around their body, it will be able to effect more large scale areas. Take this for thought. A Demon who is a Master in Shadow Step will be able to generate vicious storms of gust that can cut through steel, and on a more extreme level, spiritual based attacks. This is something which could be used for offensive means by cutting up energy attacks, slashing down Kidō or even creating thousands of small burst of energy to cut right through some energy based moves. Lastly, the last thing they gain from having a master in Shadow Movement is that they have the power to suck the speed right out of some things. For instance, within a small field, a demon could zap the speed clear out of an attack to make themselves faster, their attacks faster or even break it down into energy to apply to other areas until it burns out in one post or two such as physical, spiritual or whatever else have you.

Lastly, and the more rare case, is Grand Master. If a demon should have possess a Grand Master in Shadow Movememnt, they will quintuple the effects of this move, they will have NO cool down period; they will simply rely on how much their body can tolerate and all effects before will be increased. Now, Force Speed has increased to the point where it is able to be performed on a devastating scale. It is no longer confined to a small fighting area or somewhat large area; it can expand upwards of two miles in some cases in order to form domes of Force Speed. Within this area, with their Force Speed, they can utterly decimate and destroy objects on a microscopic scale with it; rather it be physical, spiritual, natural or unnatural. Though, this gets harder to perform the larger you make it and makes a demon burn through more resources.

Additionally, at this point, they even gain a power known as "Phase Speed" where they generate an insane amount of Speed Force around their body that they are able to simply phase through solid and sometimes spiritual objects. For instance, a Demon Could use Phase Speed to simply fade through rocks, water, fire or even through the Earth itself until they reach the core of it. Along with that, if it's spiritual or energy wise, they can even phase through certain attacks if they are more powerful. So, to put this in prospective, if an energy attack didn't have enough force to rival a demon's power, they would use Phase Speed to simply blow pass it unharmed in some cases. Phase Speed can even be used to propel Demon's through Astral Planes, cause them to go through dimensional warps or even create their own small wormholes that can be used in combat to surprise an opponent.

Now, with those powers aside, the demon's gain one final benefit from Shadow Movement that is related in the origin of their name. Whenever a demon is placed within an area of darkness or shadow's, these skills will typically double in strength. They'll even have the ability to travel through a shadow world and come out of different shadow's throughout many different realms, worlds and universe's even on Master Levels. This makes it extremely hard to detect demon's in some instances if they figure out a way to bring out this shadow realm's presence to the field once they reach advanced level. Therefore, it is highly wise to never fight a demon at night as they can quickly gain the upper hand with this set of abilities.

Affinity For Hell:
If a Demon ever gets the chance to foot into hell or has the skill level and power to summon it's presence on the battlefield, they can potentially increase their power by five times just by having it around them. In some instances, in fact, Demon's can even rise one tier level if enough consumes them for the duration of the thread they are in. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of hellish energy within that place for Demon's to thrive on and it's filled with many hidden elements that were designed to overcharge a Demon in times of crisis. But, in addition to that, the presence of hell augments not only their power abilities but the inherent and magical abilities of said demon; giving improved versions of their abilities or completely new ones altogether.

Sacrificing Incantation:
Sacrifices are something that are very unique to demons as there are thousands upon thousands of them that have many different effects, methods and steps. For instance, a small scale Sacrifice would be something like a demon spilling human blood in order to get a slight increase in his power for a short time. While on the other hand, if a demon were able to slaughter a mass population center, they would be able to gain more power such as in KQM Mana's case. Though, Sacrifices are NOT just for power. They can be used to increase intelligence, increase will, unlock hidden talents, give untold riches to the demon and so on and so forth. (There will be a list of available sacrifices as a demon can do very soon to accommodate this new power.) Hotaru has mastered the art of sacrificial incantations over her eons as a Demon, able to perform masterful feats of vast and massive sacrificial actions with little to no effort.

Curse Effect:
Curses are a natural to a demon and work somewhat like a decaying system. For instance, when a demon uses their Curse ability they can inflict sickness on any type of living or spiritual being which in turn can bring about illnesses within them, gradually drain them of their power and ultimately make it very hard for fighting due to the fact that this Curse Effect can eventually begin to heavily weaken the persons Reiygoku, Reaitsu and Physical body to the point where it would be well advised to seek medical attention before too long. However, that is not the only use of Curses. It can also be inflicted on a mental level depending on the persons Will Power Skill Sheet and can eventually begin to inflict insanity, madness, distracting thoughts and some succubus class skills.

Not only that, but curses can also be applied to the area around them. This is usually done by using this curse to containment the flow of reaitsu within an area to make it very unstable to use for non-demon races; causing their bodies to react violently by spewing out blood, causing malfunctions in their powers or their bodies outright rejecting this flow of additional power and sometimes even canceling out attacks. Or, another example of this on a less spiritual level would be a demon using their Curse Effect in order to taint the air around them to make it very toxic to most races apart from demon to breath in order to make them sick from the inside unless they figure out a way to cure themselves or overpower it in some means.

Examples such as these are usually how curses work with demons. Despite that, this cursing skill varies from level to level, though. The more advanced your tier is, the more powerful your Curses can become. So a four tier cannot perform the same type of heavily effecting curses as a 0 tier could possibly do with theirs. Therefore, it requires a bit of common sense to use curses. Your curses will not always be auto-hits or successful, but they can do pretty amazing things.

Body Manipulation:
This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version.

Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.

There are more ways to use this ability, but it's all up to the user of it to figure out.

The effects of this spell is rather simple. It will utilize the Demon's energy, spread it out over a fifty to three hundred meter area and look for any sort of object cover it's influence in. If a subtle object is found? Then it will swap places with the users, temporarily transform the item in question to appear like the opponent and allow them to evade an attack by "logging" the intended target to hit a dummy.

Dual Boosting Spell
Dual Boosting Spell, often called DBS, is a very popular Demon Spell that is meant to double the strength of a Demon by two times. Usually, this connection is made through connecting into the spirit of Za Koa and then directing it's energy into them with their Demon Magic. Once this process has occured? The Demon will often experience a two times boost in their abilities, powers, skills, physical attributes and so on. They can apply this two more times if they are master, and up to three times further if they are a Grand Masters.

All others can only apply this once to themselves and will often last, even on master level, for roughly four to five post with a four post cooldown until they can use this technique again. Additionally, for masters and GM's, the more they double the spell? The more prolonged their recovery time can be. So, if they choose to perform this spell three times in a row? Then they'd probably have to wait eight post until they were albe to utilizie this technique again. All in all, though, this can be a very useful maneuver if one is looking to get an increase in power in times of desperation. Just be sure to watch how much your body can sustain, the skill of your Za Koa Connection & Demon Magic and to make sure you get whatever you need to do done in a quick period of time.

Vicāra Sakriyaṇa (Thought Activation)
This will most likely cost a fair bit of energy to create, but the effects generally justify the means. The first step to really activating this spell is to begin envisioning a body in your mind. Figure out what it will look like, what you can realistically summon and what is within your power to bring to life. Following this, you'll then need to set forth the energy required to bring whatever it is you are summoning to the field. Alongside that, you'll need to memorize the spell in order to create a connection to your mind and Za Koa. Proceeding this? You'll then have the needed networking required to go into Phase Two: summoning. Once the body has been constructed inside of your head and Za Koa is ready, you'll then need to begin bringing forth your creations to life.

Thus, it's worth nothing that it is wise to say the prayer before releasing them into the world, but it's not needed. Moreover, for this spell to work properly, you'll also need to know the amount or strength of monsters, clones or replications you can make based on your Demon Magic Skill and Za Koa Skill. Why is this? Well, your Za Koa skill typically determines how long you can keep this monsters on the field, how many you can conjure up and how short your cooldowns can be. Meanwhile, your overall magic skill can determine how powerful you can make these creatures with Za Koa's assistance. So, below, you'll see what each level is capable of doing.

Blood Rain:
The effects of this Demon Magic is extremely simple, but very effective if used in a large battle. This ability opens up a portal in the sky, the size of it depends on the mastery of the person, and then begins to rain the blood of the damned from the sky in a downpour of rain, this spell doesn't do much besides augment the power of the Demons in the area by giving them a slightly better connection with Hell itself though the blood of those that are damned there. This increase the strength and stamina of the demons that have been touched by this rain, but the boost will only last for a certain amount of time based on the mastery of the person who cast it.

Unique Abilities:

Form Transference:
Hotaru holds the unique ability of being able to transfer her visage onto her host's person if the host allows it or if some force from the outside pulls her out, essentially allowing for her body to take control for a very short period of time.


Adjustable Demon State

Adjustable State Appearance:

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] W9WC632

Adjustable State Benefits:

Seven Deadly Sins:

The ability Hotaru retained from her ziamichi status is her use of the "seven deadly sins" from Hell lore. For each sin, Hotaru has a different power gained from it. Along with this comes an ability that will be outlined after this one. The sins go as follows:

  • Lust:
    Hotaru's "Lust" ability is the "Ultimate Spear". While risque as the name sounds, it actually has little to nothing to do with the actual concept of lust. Hotaru has the ability, with her "lust", to extend her finger nails to any length, seemingly infinitely so, though she's never gone farther than 500 yards. Said nails will turn to a black coloration whenever this ability is being used. These extended nails can extend and retract relatively fast, around bala-ish speed, and pierce with roughly the force of a Zanpakutō in a shikai state, per nail.

  • Gluttony:
    The "Gluttony" ability can be seen by many, well.. mostly all, as rather disturbing. While her appetite, even normally, is rather ferocious, the "gluttony" ability allows her to take this even farther. Basically, her teeth, gums, and jaws are all surrounded with an energy similar to that of a Hierro. Reinforcing the bone, muscle, vein, blood, marrow, and etc within to ridiculous strong proportions. Along with this, her saliva becomes acidic, with a molarity of roughly 30. Dissolving anything she bites into, making it both easier to bite, and allowing her to chew and swallow it without so much as effort. With this, Hotaru can even chew through Sekiseki. However, the acid doesn't work on Human flesh, so if she wants to bite into any person, it has to rely on jaw strength alone, which can bite with the force of several tons, but some opponents can resist against this. While using this ability, her stomach becomes sort of a trans-dimensional gate, allowing anything she "eats" with this ability to be stored forever, instead of actually making her "full".

  • Envy:
    The "Envy" ability of the Seven makes more sense towards the actual sin itself than lust does. Showing "Envy" towards other people for what they are, rather than what they have, is the key here. The "Envy" ability gives Hotaru the power to transform her body, voice, and her mannerisms into that of another person. Said person has to be someone she's seen, but he only has to see them once. Her mind and observation skills are keen enough to pick up on almost everything about a person, and by using the imagery to study the layout of their vocal chords, she can recreate their speech patterns without even having to have heard their voice. Again, she only has to see them. This transformation, this doppleganging, doesn't give Hotaru any new abilities based on who it is, nor does it replace the original person. It's just an aesthetic copy.

  • Greed:
    The "greed" sin is more of a personal, inward power, than an outward one. It doesn't effect anyone else, and it's more of a defense than an offense. "Greed" may refer to her being greedy about her own life. Hotaru has the ability to, with only a simply thought, rearrange the carbon atoms in the molecular structure of her skin and bone to form a substance with roughly the toughness of diamond. This shell is extremely difficult to break through, but not impossible. This "Ultimate Shield" is the true power of Greed.

  • Sloth:
    Hotaru's ability for the deadly sin "Sloth" actually allows her to be a bit faster than she normally would be able to, contradicting the sin itself. She is able to transform her body into a watery composition, flowing from place to place, easily slipping through crevices and grates, or using the water to drown or trap opponents, depending on their strength. Now, it is not impossible to harm her in this form, damaging the water also damages her once she returns to her original form. She's just a lot faster in this respect.

  • Wrath:
    Hotaru's "Wrath" ability takes her alchemic power, and turns it inward. Now, normally, the manipulation of humans is something impossible and taboo, even one's own body. However, using "Wrath", Hotaru can assimilate any sort of material or object into her body. Using this, she can take the world around her, and turn it into defenses, offenses, or boosts for herself. For example, she can take the steel of a building, and mesh it into her chest, creating a stronger defense and an armor of sorts. It's uses like this that make this ability potent, even deadly, depending on the situation.

  • Pride:
    Hotaru's "Pride" ability is an interesting one to try and explain, as it does not reflect his own pride rather, but the pride of others. In the simplest sense, Hotaru is surrounded on all sides by an aura, with a diameter of about twenty feet. Anything within this diameter is subject to this ability. Quite simply, if one is bragging to Hotaru about their abilities, their strength, their life, or basically if they're being arrogant or hot-headed about anything in general, then it will activate this aura. Something to note is that the enemy doesn't have to be within the aura to activate it, they can be exemplifying this hubris anywhere within earshot of Hotaru. Whenever the aura is activated, targeting a specific enemy at a time, all attacks that enemy uses towards Hotaru will be halved in damage as soon as they enter the aura. This does not include Physical Attacks. This ability does not in any way force a change or alter the opponent in any way, it simply changes the flow of reiatsu and reishi around Hotaru to disrupt that of the attacks, lowering their full damage output. However, if more than one enemy is showing this trait at any one time, then Ed must choose which opponent is effected by this, as only one can be at a time.

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I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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Song: I Want to Know - By: Kill la Kill OST - Word Count: N/A


Ziamichi Powers


Unique Traits:

Use of Demon Magic:

Kameko's ziamichi spirit actually gives her full usage of the demon magics that Hotaru possesses. This is something that can confuse, disorient, or even scare opponents as seeing an iramasha, especially one of an angelic nature, use this kind of power would be almost unheard of. (See Ziamichi demon magic list above.)

Kameko cannot die of age, nor can she die of most mortally fatal wounds. There is only one way that Kameko can be killed, and that would be by beheading her entirely.

Immunity to Heat and Cold:
Kameko's ziamichi-based vampiric nature strengthens her natural defenses against the heat and the cold, temperatures between 10,000 C and -10,000 C won't effect her in the slightest.

Improved Strength and Speed:
Kameko possesses strength and speed much higher than most, complete with incomparable grace, a different sort than the animalistic fluid nature of lycanthropes. she can move her body so fast that any outside watchers may think that she had shunpoed or sonidoed. her strength is such that she can put her fist through steel without so much as popping her knuckles.

Improved Senses:
Kameko possesses senses much greater than that of humans. she has better hearing than most dogs, and her sense of sight is much greater as well.

Heightened Endurance and Resistance:
Kameko is resistant to many things – in fact, weak or regular attacks (2-tier or lower) will hardly even begin to slow her down and will heal nearly instantly. Wounds dealt by 1 or 0 tiers, however, will heal with near-human slowness.

Through direct eye-contact and injecting some of her blood into their blood stream (a near impossible task with a sentient foe), Kameko can capture the mind of her target and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on. This is a skilled art rather than a thing of brute power – elegance instead of strength. It is through mind-rolling that vampires can seem to disappear or move across large distances in an instant. Once more, Shinigami, Demons, Arrancar, and Iramasha have partial or full immunity to this ability.

Once a thread, Kameko's own will can cause her to rot into piles of pus-filled oozing flesh, which can be reformed into her usual form even if she is torn to pieces. Despite the sickening appearance, there is no smell of decayed flesh. It is; however, excruciatingly painful to Kameko to do this.

Kameko has the ability to glide, levitate, and fly with grace, speed, and power.

Voice Tricks:
Kameko has the ability to roll the minds of humans and weak beings of other races with her voice alone. It is a very warm and pleasurable sensation and very hard to fight against it because of it. Once more, this is a power of elegance rather than power – it is a skilled use of power and not something to overwhelm a person with using force.

Stillness / Making no Sound:
Kameko has the ability to remain perfectly still, beyond that of anything most other beings could achieve, as if she were dead. Because of her grace, Kameko can move similar to lycanthropes, making next to no sound.

Waking when Threatened:
Kameko has the ability to wake if her body is threatened, she can rise up to kill those who attempt to slay her.

Read Surface Thought
Kameko has the ability to read thoughts such as telepathy, enabling them to read the victims mind and what is currently being thought. This will read ONLY the present thoughts that are in the persons mind and not the entirety of the thoughts within. (The controller must allow this)

Dream Walk:
Kameko can enter ones mind in their sleeping hours.. she CAN manipulate the dreams, and she CAN communicate with the dreams occupant. BUT even though she can alter the dreams course, she CANNOT KILL OR INJURE the dreamer. (The controller must allow this)

Animal to Call:
Kameko has the ability to call upon the animals of the land she's in, whether it be wolves, rats, bats, foxes, sheep, what have you. she can summon said animals to come to her side, and have them fight with her, for her, and beside her.

Binding Ritual:
If any being willingly gives themselves to Kameko, signing a contract written by her in blood, Kameko may bind that person, and their power, to her, using it as if it were her own, along with her normal power. However, it has to be completely willing.

Human Servant:
Kameko possesses the ability to take a human servant. After four marks, each successive mark bringing the human closer to Kameko, the human and Kameko are linked forever. A human servant and Kameko share their power – Kameko gains another source of energy, while the servant gains increased strength, speed, senses, partial immunity to vampire tricks, and the ability to be as immortal as Kameko. After four marks, if one of the two dies, the other is soon to follow. She may only take one servant.

First Mark:
Kameko shares her "life force" with the human. This makes the human immune to her glance, voice and mind tricks. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the human servant.

Second Mark:
Two points of flame from Kameko come and overtake the human. They merge into the human's eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the human can no longer be invaded by Kameko. Also, Kameko can feed off the human from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the human servant as opposed to drinking blood. The human will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by Kameko and she can taste the food that is being eaten.

Third Mark:
Kameko drinks the blood of the human, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents and flows of power take over. The scent of Kameko's power is a light and airy vanilla scent that the human would smell anytime Kameko is nearby from here on in. This mark establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between Kameko and her human servant, allowing telepathic contact.

Fourth Mark:
Kameko opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the human servant drinks from it. The human servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as Kameko lives. The human lives as long as Kameko does and possesses her strength and stamina. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain.

Weaving Shadows:
Kameko possesses the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness into opaque walls, forming crude shapes with them and darkening them.

Time Matters:
Between Midnight and 1Am, she fights at normal capacity; however, between 2 AM and Dawn, her powers all double in strength, as do her senses and natural abilities.

Implant Memory / Trigger Memory:
Kameko can craft and implant her own versions of memories, altering present ones or recreating their own into the victims mind, These memories are very real and are believed to be real, leaving no doubt in ones mind they really happened. However, they can be fought. If the person detects that their mind was messed with, and finds even the slightest issue with the memory Kameko implanted, or suspects that their memory was tampered with at all, that person's mind will be locked to any further implants, and the current one will be discarded. (Must be given permission by controller)

Trigger memory is an extension of it, letting Kameko put a common phrase or word in ones mind, including any other little thing that will reacted with their senses, ie:: taste, smell , sight, touch and hearing. Meaning you can put a trigger in their minds and once that trigger is activated they will recall said memory. (Also requires commission).

Body Swap:
Kameko's magic can allow her to temporarily (3 posts) switch forms with another being. However, this can only be done once per thread, and has some very strict guidelines.

  • Kameko does not gain any of their abilities, nor them hers. They only switch bodies.

  • Any damage Kameko's body takes, the person who she switched with will feel. Once she switches back, that damage, and the pain that goes with it, is transferred to the body of whoever Kameko had switched with. The same goes vice-versa for Kameko while switched.

Strength of the Ages:
What a lot of people see as Kameko's most potent ability. For every ally she has anywhere on the planet, she gains a boost to her abilities and physical attributes. Both increase by 1/40th for every ally. Meaning for every 40 allies, they increase by 100%.

Step of the Vampire:
A flash-step like technique that exceeds the speed of all normal steps techniques. Basically what it does is break apart her body, and reform it in another place. However, the atoms TRAVEL from point A to point B, so it's not teleportation, it's just as fast.

Portal System:
Kameko has a system of portals she can create using her reiatsu mixed with her blood that allow her to travel between any of the different dimensions.

Kameko can use her mind to manipulate objects to her will. Whether it be lifting a school bus, tossing pebbles, holding weapons aloft in the air, opening gates... Her mind can lift up to ten tons of weight with no visible strain on her.

Willpower Control:
Kameko's powers begin developing with control over willpower. Basically, she can sense and manipulate the willpower of others, or herself.

Example 1: Kenpachi Zaraki is fighting Shunsui Kyoraku. Shunsui just took a bad blow to the leg and is limping and bleeding furiously, sure he's going to lose. Kameko manipulates his willpower, increasing the will to live, the will to win, and the will to keep fighting, and Shunsui comes back with a vengeance. Ignoring his injuries, he goes on to win the fight.

Example 2: Kenpachi Zaraki is fighting Nnoitra Gilga. Nnoitra's absolutely confident in winning, and is 100% sure of himself, to the point where he can almost taste victory. Kameko manipulates his willpower, drastically decreasing his will to fight, his will to live, and his will to win. At this point, Nnoitra gives up fighting entirely, resigning himself to death at the hands of his opponent.

Drawbacks: Those with strong willpower will sense their will being tampered with when Kameko tries this. If they focus on that sense, they can fight his tampering with their own willpower, and if they win the mental-battle of wills, then Kameko can not try and tamper with their will again for the duration of the thread.

Every time Kameko uses this on an opponent, her own willpower drains away slightly, causing him to lose a chunk of morale each time.

Control of "Mind":
Kameko's power further expands by increasing her hold over fate. Extending it to include "Mind".

Which basically means that Kameko now has the power to change how people PERCEIVE things that happen to them, or sensations that they experience.

Example 1: Kameko changes around a human's perception of meeting her to where they interpret it as fate, or interpret her presence as friendly. Kameko changes their perception of her form to where they are happy to see her, and wish to ally with her.

Example 2: Two lovers are quabbling. Kameko changes the perception of love in one's mind to hatred and murderous rage, the effect of this being any number of possibilities, all ending in the other being hurt in some way.

Note: This ability is VERY taxing on Kameko, and he can only use it sparingly, lest her sanity be lost or her reiatsu reserves be exhausted. Like her last ability, this one can be resisted if the intended target can detect and resist this manipulation.

Destiny Control:
Her powers expand even further. Covering the basis of "Universal Destiny" as well.

This allows Kameko to see the strings of possibility, chance, and events to come, and react accordingly, or even change them. It is not, however, clairvoyance, since she's not seeing the future, she's seeing destiny.

Example 1: An opponent is rushing towards Kameko, she looks at all possible outcomes, factors in the chance of each one, and then narrows it down with a mix of her own analytical ability to decide exactly which path said opponent will take, she then uses this information to block and counter the opponent's forthcoming assault.

Example 2: Kameko walks forward. Destiny says that she will be 100 feet ahead of her position in a set amount of time. Kameko can alter that destiny to change how long it'll take her to get there, altering it to within a millisecond. Thus, creating the appearance of a teleportation.

Example 3: A sword is on a trajectory towards Kameko's head. Destiny's possibilities include the sword impaling her head or her dodging. Instead, Kameko changes the destiny of the sword hitting him to the sword falling uselessly to the ground.

Note: This ability CANNOT be used to DIRECTLY affect an opponent. Meaning no changing destiny so the opponent dies, and no changing destiny so a thrown sword teleports inside them and kills them, etc.

Control: Ten. Kameko and Hotaru have come to an understanding that Hotaru will remain dormant as long as Kameko stays strong and keeps fighting. However, if Kameko were to ever lose her strength, this control would drop to 0, allowing Hotaru to take over her body. Either temporarily, to keep Kameko from hearing certain things that might spark the memory Kin sealed. Or permanently, as penance for Kameko's weakness.


Amaterasu Eikyo: The Fallen Angel's True Pinnacle


Amaterasu Eikyo Description:

Kameko's final form is a combination of the pinnacle of her Ziamichi abilities, the energy of the spirit inside of her, her Iramasha energy's full potential, her Sugiura heritage, and the influence of Kin on her soul and being as he was the one who converted her over to this state. This form is the absolute top of ability for Kameko. It signifies the combination of the leader of K-world's sheer power of presence with Kameko's own significant inner strength to create a form that has been said to be able to "tame even the Gods themselves". Use of this form comes with a high cost, but one of the interesting things about this form is that the cost has a "delay" in the form of the fact that the energy burnout, physical damage, and exhaustion that come with this form are only applied to Kameko once she LEAVES the form. This allows her to stay in this form for a virtually infinite amount of time, but the damage to her person if she ever left it would be catastrophic.

The biggest weakness of this form is that the barrier that Kin put on her memories and emotions is at its weakest while this form is in use. If she were to be distinctly reminded of her past life, or shown some proof of who she used to be while in this form, said wall would break, and the weight of all she had done and all she had suffered would come flooding back all at once in a way that would be as emotionally crippling as it would be terrifying for her and advantageous to those she's fighting.

Kameko can activate this form from any form or state, even completely sealed. The only requirement for reaching this form is that she summon all nine forms of her sacred at once. Upon doing so, they will become a visible trail of energy that will wrap around her, swirling rapidly like the wings around Saturn before collapsing in on her in a brilliant flash of white light, revealing this form almost immediately without any debris or further indications besides a huge torrent of white energy exploding upward from Kameko's being. While using this form, Kameko retains use of all of her Angel State and Natural abilities, as well as her Ziamichi abilities. The only ability she cannot use in this form is The Middle Way, her Iramasha Class ability.

Amaterasu Eikyo Appearance:

Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] OtsutsukiKaguyafull1766485_zps5a7ffcd7
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] OtsutsukiKaguyafull1753724_zpse028dd22
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] NARUTOfull1748450_zps1184c9a3
Kameko Amakudari, The Fall From Grace [APPROVED; 0-2+ HOST 0-3+ SPIRIT] NARUTOfull1738771_zpsa9952bad

Amaterasu Eikyo Abilities:

Physical Enhancements:

Any physical combat (punches, kicks, blocking, etc.) that Kameko partakes in shows a distinct change in her body while using this form. Any time an object hits her body, or any part of her body impacts with something, a small discharge of electricity is released that carries about 10,000,000 volts, about the strength of a strong lightning strike. If she hits an opponent, or an opponent hits her, this discharge is directed into their body. Her physical attributes are greatly augmented in this form. Nearly above any sugiura in her former clan. She was able to out-run, out-step, out-fight, and out-endure Xaver, the former Captain-Commander, himself during her training with this form. Xaver commented, albeit with pride a bit hurt, that Kameko's physical prowess in this form far exceeded his own in every way. Meaning that Kameko, in knight form, is stronger than even the former zero division leader. A frightening prospect. Xaver also noted how staggering Kameko's reiatsu is in this form. It's "like falling, drowning, and suffocating. The vastness of it and the sheer strength of its power is terrifying." She also gains an even faster version of any traditional steps technique, entitled the "Kirijoto" which is faster than her sugiura self's Knight Step by about two seconds, compared, which is a hell of a lot. At this point, it's even faster than the steps possible using Shunko (for the average user). The major difference, however, is whenever she uses Kirijoto, it leaves behind a flash of blinding light that's aimed to disorient an opponent. The only true downfall to her physical enhancements is that she lacks a proper defense in her physicality against point-blank attacks of a strength nature (her insane endurance from her previous forms not translating into this form, leaving her essentially as a glass cannon as all of her natural defense is sacrificed for ability power and unnatural defenses), meaning if you're an opponent on or near her level and you can get up close and start punching, it won't be too long before she goes down.

Mystic Eyes of Life And Time Perception:

When Kameko moves into this form, her MEOAP evolve, morphing and upgrading into the dangerous and taboo Mystic Eyes of Life and Time Perception. Essentially, her eyes will be constantly and completely white while using these. While she keeps her nearly 360 degree field of vision and seeing-through of walls, techniques, and the likes in this state, the MEOLATP's new abilities consist of two parts: the "Eye of Insight" (洞察眼, Dōsatsugan, Kameko's right eye.) and the "Eye of Hypnotism" (催眠眼, Saimingan, Kameko's left eye.). The first of the MEOLATP's powers is being able to see reiatsu flow. The MEOLATP itself gives colour to reiatsu, allowing Kameko to differentiate the differences between the reiatsu flows of opponents. She is also able to tell if a person is under a hypnosis or some kind of control because the person's reiatsu flow would be irregular. This also allows her to see the "real" person out of a group if someone has a cloning ability, as their reiatsu would be original, and thusly the most vibrant of their own reiatsu. (As well as actually having an organic reiatsu flow as opposed to a "copied" reiatsu flow).

The MEOLATP's second-most prominent ability grants Kameko an incredible clarity of perception, allowing her to easily recognize different spiritual abilities for what they are and different forms of reiatsu or chi. This also allows Kameko to pick up on subtle details, enabling her to read lip movements, or mimic something like pencil movements. The MEOLATP is also able to see through thick fog and other vision-impairing screens. This ability extends to Kameko being able to track fast-moving objects, up to and including even masters of shunpo, sonido, or other steps-techniques, with little to no effort. On top of this, they also give some amount of predictive capabilities to Kameko, allowing her to see the image of an attacker's next move from the slightest muscle tension in their body and counter-attack or dodge without any wasted movement. This is vulnerable to feints, movement of a higher caliber than mastery in normal steps techniques (grandmaster in normal step techniques, or mastery in specialized steps techniques unique to the user), as Kameko's predictions cannot always be perfect with this factored in. Also, even though Kameko may be able to see an attack or know it is coming, her body may not always have time to react.

The MEOLATP's third and most well-known ability is that it grants Kameko the ability to copy almost any technique that she witnesses, apart from techniques that are made to be unable to copy or tamper with. Kameko can memorize kido, cero, demon magic, et cetera with near-perfect accuracy, allowing her to use the techniques as her own, or even modify them to create her own new techniques (such as combining kido). In order to reproduce a copied technique, however, she must have the necessary skill or ability to perform them. It also cannot copy physical skills, or skills solely dependent on an element from the surrounding environment as opposed to a generated element, as there must be a present reiatsu signature for the MEOLATP to copy. In addition to physical skill and non-copy-able techniques, the MEOLATP cannot reproduce techniques dependent on other factors, such as summons that the user has not signed a contract with. The biggest drawback to this ability though is the fact that any techniques that Kameko has copied using the MEOLATP can only be used while the MEOLATP are activated. This means that any kido, cero, magic, or what have you that she copies can no longer be used by her when she exits this form. However, knowledge of these techniques is stored, and she is able to recall this knowledge to reuse these techniques upon reactivation of this form.

The MEOLATP's final commonly-used ability is capable of inducing a unique brand of hypnosis that involves suggesting actions and thoughts to the opponent through gentle suggestions cast by simple eye contact between both parties. This ability is heavily limited as not only does it require direct eye contact for a period of up to five seconds to even begin, it is also not a direct control of any kind. Instead, it is simply Kameko sending suggestions to the other party. Small nagging thoughts that play on what Kameko believes to be her opponent's interests. These suggestions are meant to sway an opponent, to convince them of whatever she is trying to convince them of. However, there are two major flaws. The first is that if she gets what she believes her opponent wants wrong, they can easily shrug off these suggestions, and refute whatever her wish for them is without even a shadow of the doubt. The second is that opponents with a high amount of willpower can easily fight off this technique, regardless of whether or not she plays to their correct desires or not.

In addition, more rarely used by Kameko, the MEOLATP can allow her to perform two very powerful and unique techniques: Izanagi and Izanami, which alters or decide one's destiny, respectively. Izanagi is a one-use only move that Kameko would only ever use if it was absolutely necessary and if there was no other option left to her. In short, Kameko's Izanagi removes the boundaries between reality and illusion within her personal space. This technique is capable of turning any occurrence including injuries and even death inflicted upon her, while the technique is active, into mere "illusions". If Kameko were to receive a fatal injury, she would automatically fade away as though she were an illusion all along and then return back to reality; physically real and unscathed. With one exception.. the loss of her left MEOLATP. If she were to ever use this technique, the left eye of her MEOLATP would be sacrificed permanently, removing the usage of the Izanagi as well as removing any usage of suggestion abilities from then on. Her eye would return to its normal state, leaving only her right eye able to use the MEOLATP even if she were to exit and re-enter this form. Izanami, on the other hand, is more dangerous as a self-preservation ability. Essentially, Kameko's Izanami is "constantly active", taking snapshots of her being from her reiatsu levels to her mental state to her physical health.. et cetera. A complete diagnosis of her status. If Kameko were to truly activate Izanami, her whole body would freeze in place, her movement, thoughts, voice, and even consciousness ripped from her as she would freeze entirely. Once this is done, her body will return to the last "snapshot" that Izanami had recorded of her being in good health and condition. From wounds healing to reiatsu reserves refilling.. anything that had happened to reduce her health from that snapshot would be undone. However, it is not as simple as just exiting this state after this has been completed. Kameko cannot be harmed while in this state, but she also has absolutely no control over herself either. Only Kin Iramasha, or someone of his bloodline, have the ability to lay a hand upon her and unfreeze her from this state while she is in this condition. Once she is unfrozen, she will be returned to a sealed state, and her right MEOLATP will be sacrificed, giving up any future use of the Izanami as well as any use of her MEOLATP's abilities beyond the simple suggestions.

Although the MEOLATP consumes Kameko's reiatsu while active, the amount of reiatsu that the user must exert is so insignificant that they can keep it active constantly.

Ethereal Blades:

Instead of being able to switch between the forms of her Seishin Buki, Kameko gains the ability to create blades of pure white reiatsu called "Ethereal" blades that cut with about three times the strength of a bankai Zanpakutō. They can be summoned/dismissed at will, extended or shortened from the length of a kunai to the length of a lion-tamer's whip (and used in such a fashion, as they can be hardened and softened to match almost any weapon or combat style with the exception of weapons unique to another person). She no longer needs to switch between forms to access her Seishin Buki's abilities, and can use them all freely in this form by utilizing the ethereal blades in different ways as all of her Seishin Buki abilities will now be channeled through her ethereal blades. Kameko has two offshoots of this ability. The first is "Ethereal Gun" which allows her Kameko to hold the palms of her hands towards the opponent, rapidly firing ethereal blades at them. Each of these fired blades will explode on contact with somewhere between a cero and a gran rey cero level of strength depending on how much reiatsu she assigns to this attack, possibly burning or injuring the opponent, or worse depending on the strength of the opponent. The second is "Ethereal Dome", in which Kameko can make a large dome, about the size of her Seishin Buki's fire arena, around the opponent (unless they escape this as its being formed), made of black energy. The dome will generate exactly 50,000 Ethereal blades around the inside walls and top. The black energy will then change to white, as the ethereal blades change to black, and fire at the opponent, each about cero-strength with bala-speed. If blocked or intercepted by something, they will dissipate, and any defensive Kidō will stop a few as well. It is not so much unblockable as it is more of a test of the opponent's endurance, stamina, and strategy.


This technique channels an overwhelming amount of Kameko's white reiatsu into either or both of her hands, fusing it with the static electricity into the air to essentially "spark" it, turning the reiatsu she channels this way into pure, compressed lightning (of the same voltage as that which courses through her body). The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping. Once the technique is completed, Kameko charges forward and thrusts the Raitoningu toward the target. If a direct hit is made, this attack has enough raw power, reiatsu, and strength behind it to mean the end for any of a low two-tier or below if they were to suffer that infamous direct hit from her. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces. However, if Kameko wishes, this can also be used to simply give the opponent a large electrical shock without impaling them. This technique has a major drawback, however. The speed at which the attack must be done, combined with the fact that Kameko must keep her focus on the opponent while using this, causes a tunnel vision-like effect for Kameko. This allows the enemy to possibly produce a counter the attack, seemingly making it a potentially lethal move for Kameko. Though this drawback would seem to make learning the technique fairly pointless, Kameko is able to avoid the drawback because of her MEOLATP, which takes in every detail, regardless of how fast Kameko is moving. Beyond this standard usage of this attack, Kameko has several varients and additions that she can call upon to build on top of this.

  • Current:
    An electrical discharge flows from the Kameko's entire body roughly twenty meters in all directions allowing her to affect multiple enemies if she is surrounded. When using this attack on a great number of enemies at once, it can effectively double as an instant defense. On extraordinarily weak opponents (3-tier or below), the body of the person touched by the Current could misinterpret the lightning nature as "electrical signals from the nerves", making its muscles contract. This causes the body to involuntarily go stiff, while at the same time receiving damage. (If the opponent is unable to dodge, the result will end up being a will-save, as if their pain endurance and willpower are high enough to resist the muscle contraction, they can prevent their body from seizing up.) This attack can also be channelled through the ground to increase the range of the attack to fifty meters, although if this is done, the retrofeed of muscles is removed, and only the damage from the electricity itself remains.

  • Ethereal Blades: Raitoningu Katana
    This technique allows Kameko to channel the Raitoningu through her Ethereal Blades. This makes them difficult to block as the radiating and chirping blades can easily cut through any material up to and including Sekiseki stone. Furthermore, if an opponent is stabbed, their body could possibly go numb due to an electrical current which causes the muscles to contract, making it nigh-impossible for the opponent to move if they actually succumb to this. However, the blades can be countered by other weapons that also utilize electricity as their primary element.

  • Thousand-Pronged Raitoningu
    This variation is essentially a shape transformation, but definitely a potent one. In comparison to the standard Raitoningu, it further specialises in speed, by being transformed into countless sharp senbon, which are all aimed and fired at the enemy. By increasing the amount of reiatsu used, the number of senbon also increases proportionally. (from five hundred at the lowest to a grand total of ten thousand at the highest amount that Kameko can funnel into it). When used in tandem with the MEOLATP, it becomes far more effective and deadly, as it allows Kameko to precisely shoot for the target's vital points.

  • Raitoningu Spear
    This technique uses shape transformation to form the original Raitoningu into a spear or blade-shape, adapting it for mid-range attacks with a maximum range of about five metres. Its increased range means there is less of a risk to Kameko. It also has the advantage of being able to be used for surprise attacks and capturing. When the enemy's body is pierced, Kameko can alter the spear's shape into multiple additional blades, increasing the number of wounds. The blade can also be swung in order to cut things as well as cause fatal injuries. Kameko has shown that she can also channel this technique through her ethereal blades.

  • Faiyaburiza
    Faiyaburiza is an extremely powerful, one-shot, lightning technique created by Kameko channeling her Raitoningu. She draws natural lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of her strike and controls it with reiatsu. Unlike most techniques, which are based on the user's reiatsu, this one uses the natural lightning, which reaches the ground in 1/1000th of a second and has the potential to strike the opponent with many times the force of your average Cero Oscuras. However, the preparation time required also decreases the technique's efficiency. If there are no active thunder clouds, the user must create them by channeling the Raitoningu into the very air, an extremely draining task. Once a lightning source has been acquired, shaping and guiding the lightning to the target requires very little reiatsu. In addition, usage seems to disperse the thunder clouds as the sky cleared up of clouds after use. As such, this technique can only be used once in a fight. The technique can completely obliterate a small mountain.

Kuroi Hono:

The jet-black flames of the Kuroi Hono, said to be "the fires from hell" and as hot as the sun, ignite at the focus of the user's vision. Though the flames have been stated to be unavoidable, it is entirely possible if an opponent possesses the reflexes and speed necessary, to avoid the flames of the Kuroi Hono. The flames are capable of burning through mostly anything in their path, even smothering regular fire techniques with ease. Kuroi Hono is said to never stop burning; even when whatever is caught by Kuroi Hono is completely reduced to ash or destroyed, it can still continue burning for seven days and seven nights. It cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods, as the flames aren't actually comprised of "fire", but of reiatsu moving at a rate so fast that it is incomprehensible to the brain as anything but flames, which is what this technique takes the form of. Despite the burning potential and heat of this technique, the flames burn fairly slowly compared to ordinary flames. This allows anyone struck by Kuroi Hono an opportunity to remove whatever clothing or body parts have been caught ablaze before the flames spread further. The way that this works is that Kameko will focus on a specific area for but the briefest of moments, and the oxygen around that area will be used as the conduit for igniting these flames, setting whatever is within ablaze in the process (thus allowing the opportunity for movement or dodging, as this is not an auto-ignition of an opponent or the environment, but an ignition of the area around a point instead, and the actual ignition of the target is by proximity). This creates the obvious disadvantage of allowing opponents to move out of the area she is setting ablaze if they're fast enough, but it also creates the disadvantage of removing her control of this technique in any area that she cannot see. Meaning that she cannot ignite anything outside of her line of direct eyesight (DIRECT eyesight does NOT include her added field of vision given to her by the MEOLATP.)


A manipulating off-shoot of Kuroi Hono, Kagutsuchi allows for Kameko to infuse her reiatsu further into Kuroi flames that she has already spawned, manipulating and shaping them in a variety of ways to suit her needs.

  • Kameko can make a sort of defensive encampment by surrounding herself with the black flames, allowing for a defense against any except those strong enough to breach the flames, as any others might find themselves lit by the flames if they're not careful and attempt to attack her in this way. However, this defense only lasts for one post, can only be used twice a thread, and is useless against those who are immune to reiatsu abilities or can break through abilities like this one.

  • Kameko can converge the flames in front of her, forming a barrier of spike-shaped flames that not only shield her, but also pierces and burns any opponent that comes into direct contact with it unless they have a defense against this kind of technique. Like the last ability, this will only last for one post. This ability, however, can be used up to three times per thread.

  • Kameko can manifest weapons of various kinda out of the flames. Up to and including spears, swords, and even a bow that can launch arrows made of these flames. The flames can be wielded in Kameko's own hand without her being incinerated, but they will have the same burning and piercing effect they would normally have on any opponent or object that these weapons come into contact with. There seems to be no limit to these weapons as far as how many she can spawn over the course of a thread, but she can only have two active at any given time (one for each hand. The exception for this is the bow and arrow combination, in which case she will have a base amount of 1,000 arrows per post that can be launched at roughly the speed and density of your average quincy commander-class.)

Anti-Life Disk:

Kameko has an ability in this form that is essentially a swirling void of black energy that can be spawned in either hand. This energy's strength is dependent on the equation of (X^Y = Z) where X is the attack's "base" strength of two (roughly two cero in concentration), Y is the number of energy, elemental, spiritual, or otherwise reiatsu-using attacks that Kameko has been hit with over the course of the fight, and Z is the total strength of the attack itself. This means that, over the course of a fight, this attack will only get stronger and stronger, meaning that once Kameko enters this form, the faster you can defeat her the better you will be off at the end of it. This attack can either be shoved into an opponent bare-handed from close range (hitting with all of that force directly and in a more compressed form) or launched at an opponent from long range in a roughly cero-shaped form, albeit more chaotic, and a deep, unending black (exploding in an outward and scattered blast in a more released form).

Anti-Life Equation:

The "alternate ending" to this ability, so to speak. If Kameko, instead of launching or hitting with this energy, simply drops it toward the ground, it will embed itself into the soil for only the briefest of moments before exploding upward and outward with the full force of its strength. If this ability has a Y value of 15 or above, the "Anti-Life Equation"s explosion will be large enough and carry enough force to level a city the size of Karakura Town. However, if she uses this subset ability, she is unable to use the Anti-Life Disk any further throughout the rest of the fight.


This ability is the be-all end-all abilities of Kameko's final form. This is an ability that require the third, vertical eye on Kameko's forehead to open, enabling what Kameko calls her "pinnacle ability". The first of these is an ability she fondly refers to as "Absolute Fiction" or "All Fiction", and takes two forms. The form of an invisible aura around her immediate person, extending about a yard outward from her skin in any direction. This aura is her "Fiction" ability. The second is an aura she can materialize upon other objects. This is her "Non-Fiction" ability.

To start, the "Fiction" ability, channeled through this aura around her person, will "remove" or "make imaginary" (e.g. "make into fiction") abilities and weapons of any reiatsu based weapons that come into contact with the barrier. The exact specifications of this ability are largely unknown, even to Kameko herself, but it doesn't actually "remove" things from existence, so long as they can be pulled back to whomever their original owner was. For example, if someone were to stab at Kameko with a Zanpakutō, said Zanpakutō, being a reflection of the wielder's soul, and made largely of spiritual particles and energy, would disappear, leaving apparently no trace except the remaining fist-shape of the opponent's hand as they grip an imaginary handle. While this might freak an opponent out at first, if they simply withdraw their hand while retaining that same grip, they will find that their Zanpakutō didn't go anywhere at all, and would still be firmly in place in their hand. Another example would be cero that can be guided, or other energy attacks with a "boomerang" or "lasso" effect. Once they enter the barrier area, they will cease to be, but if the owner of the technique uses whatever "withdrawal" technique that they possess, the ability will exit the barrier and return to them as if nothing had happened. The only abilities truly permanently affected by this are those without this kind of rebound technique, such as basic cero, kido, or any ability based in a reiatsu-origin, elemental origin, or spiritual affiliation of any kind. For this reason, weapons forged of purely earth-made materials that are made to affect spiritual beings could still enter this zone. She would have to deal with those some other way, either by dodging, blocking, or actually taking a hit. The same rule of non-fiction applies to spiritual beings. Any object with a living conscience cannot be affected by the aura, and will remain just as they were even after stepping into this zone around Kameko's personage. This also applies to abilities or weapons with a special trait imbued within them to keep others from tampering with them, such as Xaver's Gáe Bolg. Weapons of this caliber will not be affected, as the field won't be able to place its desired effect, allowing these weapons to still break through the barrier.

The second part of this, the "Non-Fiction" ability, allows Kameko to "undo" things that have been "undone". This means that injuries her allies have sustained, destruction that has taken place in the environment, anything and everything up to and including the rebuilding of an entire world or plane can be accomplished with this ability, albeit at great personal cost to Kameko, disallowing her to use this form further for a great period of time if something of the latter's sheer scale were attempted. However, repairs such as rebuilding a city or even a country are trivial to her, despite the short distance between those two examples. When it comes to Kameko healing or restoring something (an injury healed, a weapon restored, etc.) belonging to or part of another being, she requires that being's express permission first. Unless they give her permission to do so, she cannot restore whatever might've been lost this way. The "trump card" of this ability is the ability to restore one life besides her own. This requires the express and full permission of the closest person to the deceased, either by blood or by relationship. Once permission is given, Kameko can perform Non-Fiction on their body in a Judas-style revival, reanimating them with soul and all intact, returning them in a similar way to her Izanami (restoring them back to the last state they were intact). The cost for this, though, is a complete sacrifice of the All-Fiction and Non-Fiction abilities, followed by a sacrifice of Kameko's consciousness as soon as she exits her form. This unconscious state can last for a period up to a year, depending on the damage to the corpse she revived.

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Song: Amnesia - By: 5 Seconds of Summer - Word Count: N/A


Background Section


Chapter One:

Before we can begin Kameko's story, we have to go back thousands of years prior. Back near the beginning of the sugiura clan, when the first royals created the main houses, there was an under-stated, secondary clan that didn't breed royals, but instead bred the knights of royals. There were four houses in this clan. One for each king, and one for each queen. The clan specifically bred for the eastern queen was dubbed the "Madoka-Sugiura" clan. The Madoka-Sugiuras were a clan of defenders with golden eyes, bred specifically to protect, and not to ever raise their blades against an opponent. Their sole purpose is to put their lives in a position where the royal they're assigned to can be protected. Whether the Knight is sacrificed because of this or not is not the concern of the clan, showing you the immorality of the Madoka-Sugiuras. One of these original Madoka-Sugiuras was Yoisuko Madoka-Sugiura. His powers all revolved around the art of creating the perfect shield defense to completely disable all attacks created by the opponent. This was used to great effect when it came to protecting the royalty of the clan. However, staying in the homeland security of it was not nearly where his job ended. He was assigned to protect and escort specific targets from the human world to the sugiura dimension, sometimes with backup, sometimes without. One of the more dangerous missions he was sent on involved a five-person team on a stealth/assassination mission that was planned to be a week of planning followed by the job itself and three days of cleanup. It was here where Yoisuko met the love of his life and his future wife, Kame Serisen. The two would always, against all odds, end up on the same team for missions, supply runs, even strategy meetings. At first the two ignored the coincidence, but after a while, they started warming up to it, and each other. After five years, they had fallen in love, and Yoisuko quit his position within the clan to become a teacher at the Knight Academy of the Madoka-Sugiuras before popping the question to Kame. Of course, she said yes, and the two of them were wed at the academy, close to home and around the people and things they loved. An unorthodox request, but an understandable one. Now, Kame's powers were a bit different than Yoisuko's. Instead of pure defense, she wielded pure offense. She wasn't accepted, because of this, by a lot of the clan elders, but Yoisuko accepted her, and that was enough. Combined, they knew their genes would create the perfect knight for protecting a royal. They knew what had to be done, and after about a year of planning (putting this at roughly nine thousand years before present day), they had a child, a female. Taking her mother's name and adding on the end of her father's, they christened her "Kameko Madoka-Sugiura". And so marked the beginning of the story.. The story.. of the Knight.

Chapter Two:

Kameko's birth was not a well-known event around the land of the Sugiuras, or even within her clan. Yoisuko and Kame didn't want anyone to know about her until she was "ready", so to speak. However, even they didn't know when her power was going to emerge, or in what form, as it is different for every sugiura. But, of course, Kameko's existence was not just a countdown until preparation for them. They did love her, of course, and nurtured her as they raised her, supplying her with care and stimulation as she grew up in their household.

It was apparent, from a very young age, for Kameko, that she was an extremely intelligent child. The spawn of two of the greatest minds in the sugiura clan, her analytical and problem-solving skills were shown to be at, and even above, an adult's level, while she was still a kid. In training, she showed to be proficient in kendo, hand-to-hand fighting, and even weak sugiura magic, with the right instruction in each. With every training session, she improved, until she could best her father in a kendo match at only age ten. It was not until the age of ninety, relatively late for a knight, that Kameko managed to train her guardian beast into submission and take control over her powers, finally learning to summon her sacred.

Chapter Three:

However, the abilities that she showed disappointed her parents to a level not thought possible. Her abilities were primarily, and in entirety, offensive, the complete opposite of the necessary for the knights of the clan. Shamed, her parents took her before the council, who called her an embarrassment and exiled her to wander the sugiura lands. Kameko knew what her purpose was supposed to be, and the fact that she could not accomplish it made her feel worthless, the height of failure. However, during this time, she met a man. A shinigami, in the human realm, whos name she never recieved. She knew him only as "Dai". He slowly became the only person she could trust in the world that had scorned her, before he became a close friend, and then finally, her boyfriend. They spent quite a while together, Kameko wasn't quite sure what "love" was at that point, but if you asked her about the relationship now, she would say that he was, in fact, her first love. It looked like everything was going to be fine for her, she was happy. Until, however, she met Kyoubou during her exile..

Chapter Four:

Kameko spent the majority of her exile in regret. Her entire life she had been raised with a sole purpose, to protect the royals, and the queen in particular. She had been trained to defend, to give her life for said woman, and yet she couldn't.. She would never be given the chance to do the one thing that she had been raised for.. the one purpose she had was kept from her.. To protect Dai from this side of her, she stopped going to their meeting place, missing every time that they had "scheduled" for the week, and therefore unable to recieve the next week's schedule. However, every time she would miss a meeting, her head would be haunted by the sounds of their phrase.. the one Dai uttered to her that she would never forget.. ""There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will. ". To this day, she remembers that phrase as the signature of their relationship. Eventually, she broke. In a small un-named village, in the dead of night, it all got to her, and she broke. She found a ruined house and just cried. She cried, and begged for the end. She wanted everything to stop. All of it. She wanted to die. She wasn't allowed to go back.. see her parents.. protect the royals.. everything her life had been so far had become invalid.. it was too much for her to handle. That's when it happened. She felt a spiritual pressure, one with a force she hadn't experienced thus far.. Looking up, she saw him. Kyoubou, the Berserker, a guardian beast wanted by almost every sugiura clan for murder and chaos. And then.. he disappeared. Sealing himself, suddenly, inside of Kameko's body. Her appearance changed. Her white hair became green, she grew about five inches, and her skin became more pale. The force of the sealing, however, knocked Kameko out.

Chapter Five:

When she finally awoke, Kameko could hear Kyoubou in her head. The beast was speaking to her, telling her that something had gone wrong in the sealing, and Kameko could feel it. Not only did she absorb all of his power, but it sealed her spiritual pressure in a sigil on her forehead. So, she could still fight at full strength, but no one could feel how strong she was until the sigil was broken, either by someone hitting her head, or she released it manually with her reiatsu. Taking advantage of these turns of events, she headed back to her clan home. Of course no one recognized her, and she enrolled in the Madoka-Sugiura knight academy.

Training ever-vigilantly, her second guardian beast, Kyoubou, supplying her with defensive abilities, Kameko quickly reached top candidacy for becoming a knight. And so it was that when the time came to assign who would be the knight for Misaiko, queen of the East, Kameko was chosen. When she was asked to state her name, she gave it to the clan, everyone's shock was apparent as her offensive-type abilities had become widely known, so the fact that they were now defensive was a mindfuck. On Misaiko's order, her exile was overlooked, and she was officially christened Knight of the Eastern Queen.

What did the future hold for her?

Chapter Six:

I will be tacking on an "up to this point" kind of thing for the sake of updating everyone on where she's been until now. I'll re-write this whole thing and expand exponentially at a later date.


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Song: Build God, Then We'll Talk - By: Panic! At The Disco - Word Count: N/A


Extra Info





































The Host's Skills

Ziamichi Host Class: S

Ziamichi Spirit Class: S

General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills For Host
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Advanced
  • Chaos Warp: Master
  • Chaos Fighting Styles: Advanced
  • Gem Creation: Advanced

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Advanced
  • Control Over Spirit: Advanced
  • Seal Strength: Advanced
  • Sync-Rate: Master

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master


The Spirit's Skills

General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills For Spirit
  • Za Koa Skill: Advanced
  • Demon Magic: Master
  • Shadow Movement: Advanced
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master


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Finished and ready for checking~

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
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Application Checklist
  • Name [-]
  • Appropriate Age [-]
  • Gender [-]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
  • 10 sentences for personality [-]
  • History is of appropriate length [-]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[-]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Ziamichi Host's Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

Ziamichi Spirit's Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Jesus Christ nice app.

Host Tier: 0-2+
Host Class: S
Spirit Tier: 0-3+
Spirit Class: S

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Moving to archives, post in this topic here, in order to have this character restored.
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