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Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:00 pm

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    Queen-pink feathers that were clearly unkempt fluttered about in a minute flurry of motion. The abnormally colored gyrfalcon peered down from the broad shoulder of a lone spirit. Occasionally sounds of mechanic buzzes/whirring spilled to fill the space of the hotel room. A wire was rearranged into its previous place as the mechanic in question flexed to test its abilities. A pause occurred before the sleek black arm raised to be observed in the lighting of the hotel room.

    Naozane nodded his head as he reviewed each and every wire. His partner in crime smiled, sealing the panel over her prosthetic limb. "I think that should do it, Nao." Kai spared her company a prolonged glance as the sleek black metal of the prosthetic shimmered to attain her dark skin tone. She sighed, leaning back into the desk chair provided for her as the gyrfalcon glided to sit front of the television. Her tired grey eyes shifted to the back of his raised mane then shut simultaneously.

    Getting to Germany was no easy feat for her. The Shadow Fall held a heavy fist over the entire continent seeing as it did indeed belong to her majesty high maintenance. Originally the Vizard planned to arrive on a plane, but, fearing the possibility of having her credentials archived, decided to hitch a free ride with a bundle of sailors hassling shipments. From there, she avoided England at all costs, trudged through Portugal, nearly lost a leg in France, then made a semi-successful detour out of France to get to Heidelberg. Money seemed to be of no qualms as she didn't perceive pick-pocketing to be immoral.

    This would go to a greater cause eventually; her ends would justify the means.

    Shadow Fall held a heavy fist, but they weren't invincible. Nor was she seeking a way to collapse the organization. Not yet. She was merely here to observe. To tour and smell and see. To experience Germany for what it was. Blend in like a silly tourist- gather what you can. Take note of civilian behavior. Nothing new for the infamous Axis. Her eyes opened as Naozane changed the channel from what sounded like a sit-com to the news report.

    Damage on a local highway, hm?


    "Get the pack. We're going for a drive," Kai declared with a crooked grin, strands of rustic brown hair framing her sharp features.


    "That's the one," she called over shoulder as she tugged on her boots mid-skip. They were both out the door in less than ten minutes; Naozane in a quilted bird cage (for appearances and what not) with her 'pack slung over one toned shoulder. The large wooden door to her hotel room slammed shut bringing clarity to the situation she dutifully placed herself in.

    She muttered mockingly to her gyrfalcon how they weren't in Japan anymore taking no care to see where she happened to be walking. Her torso lurched forward as she collided into another body. Naozane fluttered about violently at the change, attempting to keep some sort of balance. She righted herself immediately, offering a stern apology in German .

    "Verzeihen Sie mir, ich war nicht auf der Suche, wohin ich ging."

    ”Talk like this."
    Think like this.

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