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Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:34 pm
Amada Kamimura, 6-0

Immediately he set off, researching the necessary codes to input in the LLS to actually enter the Demon World. There might've been an easier, safer method to entrance but as usual Amada would rather have dealt with this quickly as opposed to properly. Not to say that he didn't care about the dangers. He just didn't--doesn't, consider them. Within a few moments he was ready to go. Preparing himself for the tingly feeling that always followed transport Amada spoke to himself in a bit of a chuckle, "Beam me up, Scotty... hehe.." Even he didn't quite understand why it was funny, but at times as one amongst the many Amada didn't always know how his mind worked. Not that he was complaining.

As if his atoms were pixels Amada's body dematerialised, in place of his location on Earth transporting some air from the Demon Realm and, as expected, a good amount of Za Koa energy. This probably raised some alarms in the building and caused trouble for the faculty; not that Amada cared. By now, he was already gazing at the surprisingly rural, urban-steampunk looking city in the Demon Realm--a city he wasn't quite familiar with but might have recognised in a textbook he was reading.

Within a few moments of transporting to his location Amada was coughing violently with an uncomfortable feeling surrounding his body; not quite like a wave of heat covering his body; more like a sort of darkness, creeping at the hairs of his neck. To say the least, it wasn't pleasant. Wheezing in a slight stinging pain striking at his lungs Amada spoke out the words, "Holy.. shit... the air here is..." before subsequently fainting with a fall to the ground. Such was the miasmic atmosphere of Flow City; the industrial centre of the Demon Realm, and hotspot for negative energies and hollow, arrancar, and demon-kind alike. A tough place for anyone of otherwise race--especially to a spiritual inept boy like Amada Kamimura.

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