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Chasm's Domain

Chasm's Domain is a realm compromised of chaotic and mad energy. It is a realm that has existed many thousands of years and was created by the Greek Goddess known as Eris in Danava Form. This realm acts like a stabilizer that helps manages the flow of disorder in the world and counteracts an opposite realm of order to help keep the balance among all dimensions. It is able to absorb chaos, destruction, instability and madness found within the PH verse and seeks to fuel chaos for all of eternity. It can appear in different realms at the will of those who have the Mark Of Eris. This realm also has many sub-dimensions within it by those who have that mark and there seems be entire pocket dimensions that have elements of subtle or overt madness within them.
The Core Of Eris
3134My Rotten Goddes...
Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:25 pm
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The Iramasha Settlement

This is a large piece of land that expands to the size of a mass equivalent to the state of Hawaii. It can house roughly six million Iramasha's and is meant to be their settlement as they encompass to the likes of Earth. It has four different major cities within it's walls; while as you go to the out-lands you are met with a series of forest lands, rivers and eventually sandy beaches and palm springs; running into many sorts of mystic structures comprised of stone here and there.
The Summit Of Heroes [Founded By Cirno Iramasha]
44390Mend The Heart [...
Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:50 pm
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Imaginary District

A rather new section of Karakura Central; The Imaginary District is located somewhere between Sukai Karakura and Karakura Central. It was crafted from Shadin Yuudeshi's Imaginary Computation + Yuudeshi Network in order to forge an entire additional city section of Karakura Central in order to store hidden weapons, keep track of almost everything going in and out of this section of Karakura and basically it's a place where most can feel free to go all out as most things and even SOME people are not real. Think of Fake Karakura if you will; many conqueres that occur here do not effect the real Karakura Central.

Moreover, though, The Imaginary District also serves a place for people to grow into stronger, learn from other fighters and even come here to learn how to become apart of The Vanguard, The Yayjuu, The Vizard Corps, The Gotei 13 and other similar organizations. In fact, as you run throughout the city you'll notice that there are many school's, training facilities and programs meant to help people awaken their power, register different abilities into the Yuudeshi Network and make Earth's defense stronger. Some people have even sent their children here to grow into mature fighters, deal with problematic youth who have trouble controlling their powers and other similar circumstances.

The Imaginary District is also used by scientists who research on a large range of powers, abilities, fighters and so on alongside the immense amount of technology put into this place. Therefore, The Imaginary District is also a breeding ground many experiments or trials from different projects. You might even be drafted by one of these researchers, Org Members or others who see talent in your power.

Thus, with all that said, welcome to The Imaginary District: Home Of The Fighters.
F-Zone, S-Zone, E-Zone
75436Hello Darkness, ...
Sat May 19, 2018 2:53 am
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Saburo City

320 Miles away from Karakura Central is a semi-large town that resemebles a broken down 21st century urban city. Some buildings look much newer depending on what district you go in, while others are still damaged from the war against hollow's and demon's that took place many years ago. Most decided to simply flee away to Karakura Central, while must stubborn local's were determined to stay and keep their city alive for as long as possible.

The city has no protection against hollow's or demon's aside from a mysterious group of local's that place temporary seals all throughout each side of the town to protect from any evil force from getting in. That does not mean, however, that there haven't been attack's on the city before. Infact, if you go to some of the abandoned area's in the city you will still see bodies scattered throughout the streets from previous attack's on Saburo City.

Town Square, Abandoned District (Area X), The 'Burbs, Outskirts Of Saburo City
45431These Crumbling ...
Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:26 pm
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London Reborn

London has been totally re-birthed. After the original London's destruction at the hand's of Shadow Fall, and most notably Queen Mana, it has now been reconstructed with the assistance of Shadow Fall and K-World alike. Modern Day London is now a massive spiraling metropolis that is a mixture of a Futuristic Steampunk city and Gothic architecture all throughout the city.

In addition to that, this new London requires all citizens or people whom enter it's doors to have background checks in order to be on constant watch for any outsiders whom wish to bring about a revolution. Thus, this new London is home to people who either: wish to help these organizations, members of these organizations, those from Demon World, those from Hueco Mundo, those from The Kokuryuteshi's Realm or those within the Monsuta. All others will be detained, questioned, imprisoned or killed on sight until further notice.

'Tis also worth noting that the home to Mana can be found in the Center of London in the form of a massive, barbarous palace.
The Queen's Palace
39291The Wicked Way o...
Tue Mar 22, 2022 7:32 pm
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Ayuka Wagama

Once a small fishing town, Ayuka Wagama exploded into a large city based on tourism. People there can expect many zoos holding animals extinct anywhere else, pristine clean beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries of all biomes. Next to a beautiful white beach, all races come here and unlike Karakura, the level of hold is quite loose, allowing for a feeling of carefree joy to rule. The city produces large amounts of a special chemical in the air that is harmless and usually undetectable but wards of hollows as it causes headaches and imagined pain to whatever hollow wanders in. Arrancar who come visit typically are able to survive the chemicals due to a high spiritual power but eventually also have headaches and must leave the vicinity to recover. The beaches are lined with a beautiful reef, using advanced human technology along with null alchemy to provide life and a place of entertainment towards all races.
Sandy Beach, Wagama Park
23351Fun in the Sun [...
Sun Jan 05, 2020 11:47 am
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Housing District

This is the Housing District of Karakura town, where all the houses are at and where the people of the town live peacefully in their dome shaped homes.

56668Cookies for Powe...
Fri May 15, 2020 8:34 am
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Downtown Karakura City

The Downtown side of Karakura Town has a seemly endless supply of street and neon lights. Many sky scrapers, buildings, highways/skyways, subways, and people dominate this part of Karakura.



1291434The simple life...
Sat May 01, 2021 12:06 pm
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Vanguard's Hidden Base

Located on the south side of Sukai Karakura, Vanguard have their base is hidden underneath a massive white colored square building. The main front is used to handle diplomatic issues, paperwork, meetings with world leaders, and assigning new special powered humans and Shinigami to the sections of Earth they'll patrol, and discussing matters on how to deal with the imminent hollow invasion.

Their barracks, however, looks like a typical Gotei 13 squad area thanks to them using special holograms to make the ceiling appear to have a blue sky.

14110Sight Is Relativ...
Wed Apr 20, 2022 10:12 am
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Underground Karakura

Underground Karakura is still in construction, though it is opened to the public since there is enough living space. Not much is really known about it, aside from the fact it will be twice as large Karakura City. It can also be used a shelter if the dome surrounding Karakura City ever fails. Most citizens, however, are unaware of it.

The Vizard Corps
52560Ode the King
Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:26 am
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The Kuchiki Family Manor

Here lays the primary residence of the Kuchiki Clan. The Kuchiki mansion sits on grounds so vast that Byakuya has his own river flowing past his private chambers. When the grounds are first entered, there is a large lake filled with Koi of impeccable pedigree that have been raised in that Kuchiki manor lake for generations.
22213Hotheaded Huh? (...
Sat Dec 11, 2021 10:48 am
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Outskirts of Karakura

86763The Uncanny Enco...
Sun Dec 31, 2023 7:32 am
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The Shark Shed

This is a rather modest sized house which is covered in bricks and has a large view of the forest, four bedrooms and seems to be something straight out of the 21st century from the way it is styled. Although it looks a bit aged with dirtied windows, dusty roofing and overgrown grass; there is still one occupant inhabiting this house....and he goes by Radioactive.
422Clawed Seclusion...
Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:49 pm
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Karakura City

Karakura City consists of very futuristic buildings, highways/skyways, parks, train systems and many other resources. There is also mostly Dome Shaped houses as you leave the city and head towards the housing area. The city is also protected by an invisible dome shield that is set to kill or injure most Arrancar or hollow's before they can even set foot in the city. Most low level arrancar or hollow's will be vaporized on sight once they touch it. Mid-level Arrancar or hollow can break a hole in the sphere, but it will quickly patch the hole and the authorities along with the Soul Society will be alerted instantly. And finally High-Level Hollow or Arrancar can easily sneak in as long as they don't unleash their reitsu. There is also beefed up shinigami presence in this district.

Kisuke Urahara's Shop
1481852From scratch (Sh...
Sun Sep 10, 2023 3:38 pm
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Monsuta's Chokehold

This is the accumulation of most of the antagonistic org "the Monsuta's" bases. Established into a choke hold primarily within the large majority of South America this main compilation of territories makes up the groups turf. This area is under constant and heavy defense the same network grid previously used within their territory of Australia being used here. Around the grouping of cities sits a large dome of energy comprised of not only spiritual and naturally generated energy but now due to a design implement that was created after Australia actually siphons regulated flow energy of whatever touches the barrier all of this being fueled by generators stored beneath the surface of nearly the entire of south America. This is a hostile zone that if entered extreme care should be taken.
The Blood Fall
27146A Blood Coup Bre...
Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:00 pm
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The Moon

The Moon is one of the hidden trump (or trap) cards The Earth's forces have. It is the home of many residents of who migrated from Earth to the moon, Royal Iramasha Clansmen, highly trained Gotei 13 soldiers, top ranking Yayjuu Members, the topmost important officials in the Vizard Corps and Vanguard representatives. Along with that, The Moon is also an intergalactic hot spot when compared with it's past state.

There are many hub stations for ships coming from Earth, others planets and deep space; while there are also stations for inter-dimensional vessels, attack craft meant to protect the moon and things of this station. At any given time, though, there are hundreds of thousands of hover craft, space ships and other odd vehicles being used in some of The Moon's Main Cities; though this activity drops when you reach the city limits.

And, on that note, The Capital City Of The Moon is said to be a great, futuristic metropolis on the center of the moon with many spiraling buildings, hyper advanced technology even by 24th century Earth tech and a strong force of top class warriors protecting it as it meant to be a safe heaven from the events currently taking place on Earth. Therefore it is highly understood from all records hidden within need-to-know-places on Earth that their civilization is extremely advanced, extremely dangerous and extremely hidden from uninvited forces.

To get into even further detail about this; The lunar population possess weapons with a firepower that far surpasses anything there on Earth, it contains light of relics such as medicines that can cure almost all known illnesses and lengthen lifespans even further past what they are on Earth in it's current state. And, on top of that, they even used spiritual side of things to create a similar barrier that The Iramasha Clan used to hide the presence of their lunar capital and other important places.

Infact, most people who call The Moon their home are people of the moon consider the Earth to be a realm that is a hellish place to ever think about living, and it's said that they send people from The Moon back to prisons on Earth who commit serious crimes. So it is very clear that not just their weaponry or medicine that is advanced, but the whole of their civilization is more advanced than that of Earth. Even most of their citizens are at least somewhat well versed in combat in order to sustain themselves on the moon, fight against intruders and be the people to stop it from ending up like Earth.
Vanguard Moon Base, The Lunar Capital City
425Lunar Aftermath ...
Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:10 pm
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Locked/Archived International Threads

This is simply a board for locked international threads.
The Kokuryuteishi, Shadow Fall & Monsuta Strongholds
5644687A Song Of Storms...
Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:13 pm
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The Outlands Of The Soul Society

What are the outlands of the Soul Society? These are locations that extend beyond the reach of the Seiretei and Rukongai district and reach into a no-man's land. Out here is where many types of clans, separate villages, cities and other societies take place. It is also where many sorts of criminals or those who want to get away from the law of the Gotei 13 attempt to hide as well.
The Atarashii Settlement
45383I don't even lik...
Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:45 am
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Shinigami Archives

This is where everyone will put their own tid-bits of data that's happened over both the Earth's and Soul Society's history. Things like former Captains, Historic Events, Intel On Enemy's of the Gotei 13 and things of that nature. And just to make sure no funny business is taking place, most staff will overlook your threads to make sure everything is up to par.
313A Shocking Past ...
Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:56 pm
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Old Gotei Reformed Board

This is where the Old Gotei Reformed will be placed as of 1/24/2017. Active threads will more than likely be moved to their proper locations in the Gotei United, but threads can still be RP'd here.
2132150Recovery [JJ/ASK...
Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:55 pm
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Central 46 Compound

The Central 46 Chambers Compound is a highly restricted area in the Seireitei in Soul Society. Most of the building is underground, with only a small portion visible from the surface. In the anime, it was depicted as a circular building in the center of a body of water, surrounded by a wall with a single gateway. Access to the main building was via a bridge. It houses the Central 46, the central government of Soul Society. The Central 46 rules Soul Society on behalf of the Spirit King. They make all of Soul Society's laws and try those who are charged with breaking them, whether the crime was committed in Soul Society or in the Human World. Following the massacre of the Central 46 at the hands of Sōsuke Aizen during the Soul Society arc, and Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto subsequently taking over their normal duties, the compound has lost much of its former status as one of the most important places in Seireitei.
632The Questioning ...
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:24 pm
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Forest, Rivers, and Lakes

Numerous forests are located in the Rukongai. Some are inhabited and some are dead. These forests can be peaceful or even as bad as an area of profit for bandits and such. Throughout Rukongai you can find large rivers some even resembling to small oceans in their size. Or simply lakes that are found nearby most districts.
72861The Woods have E...
Mon Jul 05, 2021 1:23 am
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Realms Of The Multiverse

This a special board for threads that take place in locations not covered by most of the other realms in the PH Verse. This includes, but is not limited to: Inner Worlds, alternative timelines, sub-worlds and other different dimensions within the PH Verse that the other boards don't cover. This is a place where all of those types of threads can be placed safely.
The Demon World, The Kokuryuteshi's Realm, Black World Realm
3552906Sord tiem
Sun May 01, 2022 6:35 am
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IC Discord Role Play Documentation

PH allows for ICRP in our Discord. Anything that happens IC-wise in Discord can be confirmed here.

Approved Reports, Unchecked Reports
4083Nenka meets Kimi...
Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:52 pm
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