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The Moon

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Vanguard Moon Base

You read it correctly; accompanying the city that has been built upon the moon a detachment of the original Special Human Task Force was sent with them and later set up a waygate within the city. While Vanguard’s major priority is still Earth, it has not retracted its members here should the city come under attack. As well as this, is sits as a situated secondary relocation for most VIP-class humans or spirits in case of their possible assassination. Because the outer reaches of space are still somewhat hampering to spirits, fighting is discouraged and difficult. However, it is still possible.
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Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:10 pm
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The Lunar Capital City

This is essentially the Moon's Karakura Central. The capital of the moon is a vast, spiraling, futuristic metropolis that spans for hundreds of miles throughout the moon. It contains millions upon millions of citizens of almost every race, the techonlgoy here seems to even outshine what is on Earth and some places are even hard to comprehend even by modern day Earth citizens. It is very easy to get lost here if you are not sure what you are doing, who you are with or what your purpose is.

Infact, if you look so much as suspicious or don't check in the database the moon has on all it's citizens, trusted Officials list from the main organizations of the known realms or do not show up in any known database, you could possibly be detained, questioned or imprisoned as they do all that it takes to prevent what happened with Earth from happening on The Moon.

Apart from that, once you enter The Lunar Capital City, you will notice that it has the apparent ability to change from night to day unlike most other cities on the moon. It is synced with the CST Time of Earth and has it's morning, even and then night which is just a clear view of Earth. If you have what it takes to sustain yourself on the moon, your more then welcome to visit.
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Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:15 pm
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The Moon Empty
The Moon is one of the hidden trump (or trap) cards The Earth's forces have. It is the home of many residents of who migrated from Earth to the moon, Royal Iramasha Clansmen, highly trained Gotei 13 soldiers, top ranking Yayjuu Members, the topmost important officials in the Vizard Corps and Vanguard representatives. Along with that, The Moon is also an intergalactic hot spot when compared with it's past state.

There are many hub stations for ships coming from Earth, others planets and deep space; while there are also stations for inter-dimensional vessels, attack craft meant to protect the moon and things of this station. At any given time, though, there are hundreds of thousands of hover craft, space ships and other odd vehicles being used in some of The Moon's Main Cities; though this activity drops when you reach the city limits.

And, on that note, The Capital City Of The Moon is said to be a great, futuristic metropolis on the center of the moon with many spiraling buildings, hyper advanced technology even by 24th century Earth tech and a strong force of top class warriors protecting it as it meant to be a safe heaven from the events currently taking place on Earth. Therefore it is highly understood from all records hidden within need-to-know-places on Earth that their civilization is extremely advanced, extremely dangerous and extremely hidden from uninvited forces.

To get into even further detail about this; The lunar population possess weapons with a firepower that far surpasses anything there on Earth, it contains light of relics such as medicines that can cure almost all known illnesses and lengthen lifespans even further past what they are on Earth in it's current state. And, on top of that, they even used spiritual side of things to create a similar barrier that The Iramasha Clan used to hide the presence of their lunar capital and other important places.

Infact, most people who call The Moon their home are people of the moon consider the Earth to be a realm that is a hellish place to ever think about living, and it's said that they send people from The Moon back to prisons on Earth who commit serious crimes. So it is very clear that not just their weaponry or medicine that is advanced, but the whole of their civilization is more advanced than that of Earth. Even most of their citizens are at least somewhat well versed in combat in order to sustain themselves on the moon, fight against intruders and be the people to stop it from ending up like Earth.
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