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 Kanashii Yukiko[Approved 1-5]

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Kanashii Yukiko[Approved 1-5] GPkD5Me
Kanashii Yukiko
the endless white

Full Name: kanashii yukiko
Nicknames: yuki
Role: long range combat
Original Race: soul evolution human
Current Race: arrancar
Gender: female
Sexuality: demisexual
Age: physically eighteen, cumulatively two hundred and twenty-one
Affiliation: shadowfall
Rank: tba
Alignment: neutral evil
Loyalty to: shadowfall
Status: alive
Theme: the cold part by modest mouse

seamless disguise

Yukiko is a startling figure to many that don't expect her.

Despite being an arrancar, she looks nearly perfectly human. Her skin is slightly pale to living standards, but still seems healthy. The skin itself seems, and feels soft, but people tend to notice how cold she is to the touch. Her hair is fine and blonde is color, so people can't really notice it on her skin. She used to be more androgynous, but slowly her face has become more distinguished as feminine. Some examples are the soft curves of her jaw, and her adam's apple-less neck. Her entire frame and body look surprisingly fragile, as if she could shatter at any moment. This almost too thin like appearance make it hard for people to tell, paired with her clothes, her body shape - but it is surprisingly well shaped despite that.

Her hair is long, reaching just past her butt in length. It is comprised of relatively neither thick or thin. Her hair takes time to style, simply because there's a lot of strands. Generally, she makes it straight, as her hair as this sort of natural movement flow to it, making it really easy to shift and move as she does. What's perhaps the most interesting, is how her hair is exactly two shades - white and black. it's split down basically the middle, her bangs alternating depending on her mood. Sometimes she'll put more of her blank bangs forward then her white ones, and vice versa. It honestly depends on the day.

Her eyes are a surprising shade of blue. In fact, her eyes look like the ocean near the polar caps, deep and endless, but with the light cyan shades playing around. The pupils are slightly larger then normal, making them feel weird on contact. The rest of her face structure looks more feminine then it has before - she can actually smile and it doesn't look like she wants to use your guts as a skipping rope for once. She even puts on lip gloss, giving them a bit of a sheen more then they used to have. Her natural face is still blank, if not a bit irritated, but lines around her face have lighten up quite a bit.

Her hollow hole is locked in the exact center of her tongue - therefore it is not visible to the naked eye. Only if she purposefully sticks out her tongue can one see it, and even then it's slightly awkward. I mean, who wants to stick out a tongue that much? Her hollow bone is actually not very much of a bone at all - it is soft and supple, and is the white half of her hair. It imitates all of the property of her hair, although a fragment of her bangs is actually solid, and the only clue that this is her hollow bone. On the back of her neck, there is a tear shaped mark. It is inked in a very light blue, and can be missed at first sight. It seems to be a remnant from her time as a human.

Her clothing hasn't very much changed - she still prefers to wear trench coats of the dark marine variety. With this, she pairs similarly shaded leggings and black boots, giving herself a more masculine appearance. However, since her chest is still moderate, it tends to off-put that impression most of the time. When she's not dressed like so, she tends to wear an outfit that is much like her hair, and dual toned. It is comprised of a tunic with cyan lines, and she wears black leggings with it as well. She has a pair of bracelets that she carries at all times as well. She can wear other clothing, but they're always either black, white or two-toned with accents of cyan. It's her particular taste for fashion. She will also wear accessories that might seem like ice - like a three crystal clip - when she feels like it.

reflected shards

Yukiko has changed, in her time away from the visible world.

The arrancar still retains some old traits of course. In the end, a person's personality still retains the same bases, but evolves according to one's own experiences. Yukiko still retains how easily she gets bored of people. But rather then reacting with acidic or pessimistic to said boredom, she just becomes apathetic. She just ignores and moves on - if someone bores her, then they're not worth her time. The old quiet demeanor she had has also been shattered - she thinks there's no longer a point for her to play within the human world anyways. So she doesn't seem shy and quiet anymore, but rather one can easily tell she doesn't think highly of a lot of things period.

Some may call this arrogance, and she would actually laugh if people call her arrogant. She simply thinks she's over the whole need for hiding in the shadows. She's ready to step up herself, rather then play around in the background and draw people into trap. That doesn't mean she still can't - she still is very capable of manipulating others by giving them a opponent to spur them on. In fact, she still enjoys getting under people's skins, if only to watch their reactions. If anything, it gets entertaining to watch people get wound up over being ignored or taunted. To be honest, she doesn't care at the level of her taunts either such as using very childish ones, or ones that don't make sense, to her it doesn't matter as long as she spits it out.

Of course, she still has the ease of learning. How else would she learn so many hobbies and excel at them? Despite never sticking to one hobby, she prefers to refer to herself as the jack of all trades, often combining or piling her hobbies together in order to make the most of them. To her, everything she learns has a role in soothing her boredom induced apathy. After all, if she can get a few fleeting moments of amusement, why not? She's not a risk taker either when it comes to it, preferring to keep the situation under control. She's not going to walk into a battle of someone higher then her without an idea, and even then, she makes sure she has escapes.

She holds an excellent confidence in herself, having no problems showing who she really is now. Any negative reactions she tries to hide immediately, or counter on the fly. But generally, with how disconnected from people she feels, she just doesn't really care. To her, people and bonds will just get in the way, and as long as she can respect a person, that's good enough. She's not going to make efforts to be social with people, and just prefers to do her own thing. However, for those she respects, she will follow them and make efforts. She just often prefers being in her own command, so it's very rare for someone to actually be able to successfully order her around. Even the Thrones might find it difficult. It's not that she offers active resistance, it's just she doesn't care enough about the situation to do it. Of course, if it's made interesting enough...

She does still like playing with human technology however, for some reason.

funhouse shades

Sometimes, the stories we think are true, are not.

Yukiko found that out the hard way.

When she eclipsed from the human world, her intention was originally to simply rest a day or two. However, it turned out that something else was happening - she went to a reclusive corner of Hueco Mundo, where nobody dared to venture. There, she found something fascinating - crystals. She traveled around the area, as it held something familiar, if not nostalgic - and finally, she came upon a broken mask. It was eerie and beautiful, and yet... upon touching it, her head hurt. She didn't hesitate after that. She simply took the mask, and rended it in between her own fingers, and then her mind started to reel, started to painfully hurt and then she remembered.

She was born in Karakura. Her parents were with her, but had decided to leave the country, to go to America for some reason. And on the way there, they were attacked by hollows. An american woman intervened, destroying the hollows, but far too late for the parents. A shinigami arrived and passed their souls on, as the pair looked at her. They took her in since then - she must have been no more then three years old. Her 'parents', the ones that took her in, revealed at the age of twelve that she was not their daughter. She didn't mind it then, and when she hit sixteen, she declared she wanted to be a full partner. They were hesitant, but when she displayed her powers, they couldn't resist.

And thus, they taught her how to fight, how to survive. She learned how to take out hollows, and proceeded to help them fight in the streets of america - before she came. This was a girl, younger then she, taken in by her surrogate parents. Yukiko adored her. Sometime during that time, they became together, and were a beautiful tag team like their teachers. And slowly, things became more normal, as resistance was their only option against hollows. She was the one that went in, and discovered, and brought the information back to her party. Of course, nothing would remain the same for long, now would it - one day she came back to camp, the day of her eighteenth, and everyone was dead.

She let herself be killed, if only to join them.

However, her surrogate father had managed to purify her 'mother' and her lover, before he himself passed. She had none of that. She wandered the desolate camp and city near by as a plus, the hollows unable to come close due to her stone. She still held her human stone, as it hadn't been shattered, but was still on her body. It was easy to grab it and hide, and stay hidden no matter who came. She stayed like this for two years, until the chain of fate dissolved, and then she became. Her form twisted and changed, and she became a hollow, preying and feasting on the others near by. Her stone was still being used instinctively, making her a very dangerous one. She remembers feeding on everything and nothing - and finally, being forcefully brought to Hueco Mundo. She was supposed to become an arrancar, but she escaped into a far corner, and defeated the hollow that made it's territory in a rapid like area.

She froze it over.

Years past, and then finally, someone found her. Fought her - and defeated her. Ripped off her mask, and left her to die - or perhaps this person hoped that she would achieve the transformation. Whatever it was, it was pain all over again. And to fill the void that was inside of her, they made up a story for her. They told her her history and then left, leaving her with the burning away old memories, sealed within the mask. She had come forth, and lived - and had done things for Shadowfall. She had been an Espada - but two years ago, something twisted, something wanted to change. So her instincts had brought her here, needing to find out the truth. She remembered, and she knew her past now.

So instead, she trained for quite some time, relearning her techniques and the things she had been taught. She took her time, reconciling with herself, as someone had changed her memory of her past for a reason - she wasn't even sure why, but whatever it was, they must have achieved it. It was a mere day or two ago that she finally stopped her training regime, because something caught her attention. She could see it, in the many crystals. For some reason, these crystals were linked to some in the human world - and she knew how to use them because this is what her hollow did. With a smile, she touched the crystal, and found the need to move, to go.

She had to come back to the world someday, didn't she?

Kanashii Yukiko[Approved 1-5] Z4GkVGE
The powers
hide and ice

Yukiko is an arrancar with an anima stone that used to belong to her human form. She also has several techniques that were taught to her as well, as well as around three general fighting styles meant to give her flexibility in combat.

The first fighting style is more of an assassination style. This style focuses mostly on her anima stone, and using her general capabilities in order to quietly and efficiently take out single target enemies. It is best used in surprise attacks or in situations that they are not aware of her. Because of this nature, it focuses more on close range combat, but it is by no means her best style of combat. She tends to underplay this aspects, if only to hide it for when it is most useful. Despite that, it has weaknesses. Mainly, if someone becomes aware of her attacks, they can easily deflect them - that and trying to slip away from the close range can easily defeat this style of combat.

The second fighting style is a long range, area of attack type of style. She tends to use large attacks that can go far and hit a lot of things at once. This is very showy and very obvious, and works the best if she is around water to begin with. These attacks are generally made to keep people away from her as they are rebuffed with several different types of attacks from all angles. It works well with companions as well, as she can hide them within her techniques to give them bonus strikes. She can even grant them immunity to her techniques so that they can move freely through them, and blindside the opponents. However, it has it's own weaknesses as well. Considering how highly destructive it is, it does a lot of property damage and can hurt her teammates if she's not careful. Considering how long range it is, people that can close gaps are more likely to succeed in trumping the abilities then not.

The third style is something of a mix between the two others. This style tends to focus on short, mid and some long range attacks that tend to be single target or slightly multi-target. This style is meant more for when she doesn't release her resurrección, and wants to keep the area damage to a minimum. It's her most used style since it works best unreleased and doesn't require heavy use of her anima stone either. It's a very comfortable style, but is generally weak as it is not her specialty, so it's difficult to keep up with those that are more used to this type of fighting. She isn't a slouch either however, and may surprise people.

Yukiko also has a few items here and there that are useful to her - however, she doesn't keep a running list and so for now they are not marked here. She generally relies on her own powers more then anything else, and during her training heavily did her best to train them all up to scratch.

basic abilities
what's natural

Yukiko has a selection of basic abilities - many of them arrancar in nature. Such as Bala, Cero, so on and so forth. As a former Espada level arrancar, she has a great many more then some Arrancar. However, these skills are outlined elsewhere, and thus they do not need to be expanded on at this moment in time as there is nothing custom about them. However, should this change, they will be expanded down below.

Cristal Garganta :: Crystal Throat
Yukiko's Garganta - and thusly, her Garganta Broadcast - are unusually shaped and made. Where as most merely rip a black hole from Hueco Mundo to the living world, or project using this sort of hole, Yukiko's is contained in the form of crystals. Her Garganta broadcast crystals tend to float around places, generally hidden from immediate sight and sensing, but are about the size of an american football at most. Her Garganta portals are a shimmering crystal, the opening filled with shards, and the color seemingly clear - making it hard to see them at times. When closing, the shards shatter and dissipate. This strange method of Garganta is unique to Yukiko for some reason.

Furthermore, she has a variety of other basic abilities that can be taught to others, or are things that are common among others.

Armamento Militar :: Martial Weaponry
Yukiko was trained in handling weapons of all sorts - from martial arts weaponry, to medieval to urban and even futuristic. She has general knowledge on nearly every weapon type she could get her hands on back then, and has since caught up on a great number of them. This generally means that she can pick up a random weapon, and be able to use it barring any special abilities that prevent the use of a weapon. She is no expert of course, therefore anyone that has refined skills in a particular weapon can out-wield her. She generally doesn't showcase this as it slips more easily into her first fighting style, and thus she tries to keep it quiet as much as possible. She does know enough on each weapon to be able to teach the basics to someone else as well. She also tends to downplay her mastery, to surprise people when they try to engage her as well. But generally, this basic power is not the skill which she uses the weapons - that is regulated by the Weapon Skill skill sheet - but rather the amount of knowledge she holds, thus allowing her to analyze and combat a myriad of weapons as well.

Figuracion Trampa :: Trap Figuration
Yukiko, due to her mortal world training, is very, very efficient with traps. And not just plop a hunter's trap with a cupcake in it either. The kind of traps that deal with using her powers to kill or incapacitate people, and using objects from the world around her as well. Generally, these traps were originally made in an offensive measure to draw and lure hollows and get them purified. These traps can be taught to others, as a great many of them use a special sealing language that Yukiko knows, and as such must be taught. In a way, these traps often resemble Kido or Demon Magic. However, due to the fact that a single sealing can actually have a variety of uses, and thus is flexible in each use, it's a different type of thing. Generally to formulate the traps, one must have a trap in mind, and clear areas in which to do so - and it depends on the user's skill limit, and knowledge limit as well. Also, the traps cannot be activated immediately either, due to the sealing needed to shape the trap to take hold.

Físico Condicion :: Physical Conditioning
Yukiko has a relatively amazing physical conditioning. In fact, she has a lot of different tips and exercises she can preform, to keep her body in tip top shape - sure, naturally she has a super human shape but still. She wants to go further then that, and thus knows a variety of things to increase her flexibility, her reaction times, so on and so forth. She takes a great pride in keeping her body conditioned, as she finally remembered most of the tricks she had been taught when she was in her mortal shell. These exercises can be passed on to others, as it can help people maintain a good physical condition. She generally uses them to relieve stress, and slowly augment her body's capabilities by pushing it further and further, hoping to be able to use all of her body in whatever she does.

unique abilities
the small things

Yukiko's entire arrancar form deals with water, ice and crystal manipulation. This is most definitely present even in a base form, due to the sheer amount of power she holds within this sector. Due to this ability being at the core of who she is, she can use several basic abilities whilst her zanpakto is still sealed. What is also interesting to note is that as a human, she used some of her anima stone skills so much that they carried over as special abilities in death. As such, this section is dealing with abilities that are not her arrancar racials, or even general skills she can pass onto others, but rather skills unique to her very being.

Helada horas Matanza :: Frost-Killing Hour
This ability is a simple one - it is the free form manipulation of water, ice and crystal. Of course, it is much weaker then in her resurrección, but it is still rather powerful. This means that she can use water, ice and crystals freely, and can form one from the other in a more lengthy conversion process. It is also imperative that this manipulation cannot control sources generated by others or controlled by them. A simple example is someone shooting water bullets at her - she cannot control these as someone else controls them. Another note is that this general manipulation requires next to no energy, due to it being rather intimate to Yukiko. Furthermore, the cost of the manipulations depends on how it's manipulated - a giant ice dragon will cost more then a single slim water lance. However, even this it's rather low, due to firstly the weaker nature of the abilities, and second due to the fact that she will often use a premade source for the ability. For further convenience, let's break down each section.

Water manipulation is the first level of her ability. She can control water in several ways, but when unreleased, always needs a source of water. She can do this by either taking time to draw water from the molecules in the air, or use a more ready source of water, such as a lake or river. She can even pull water from plants, although this discounts living beings above that, such as animals, humans and spirit bodies. The manipulation of water is generally free-form, and thus is not locked into specific techniques or utility. She cannot create or generate strange or unique waters, with one or two exceptions. However, water is not her specialty either, therefore the water manipulation is a bit weaker then the others. She does have a good enough grasp of it to use it occasionally, but it's generally best used not in combat. Due to this manipulating typical water, it holds all weaknesses associated to the element.

Ice manipulation is the step up from water manipulation. This is Yukiko's secondary domain, as she found her primary one during her three years of training. Generally, ice manipulation is of two ways - a large amount of it can be made from present water, and she can make a bit of it without water. This is of course, due to the fact that the manipulation is weaker outside of her release. As ice was Yukiko's primary domain for a long time, she has a rather intimate knowledge on how to make it work. Therefore, she can freeze water instantly to create ice and manipulate it. This basically allows her to easily create a field of ice that she can control at whim. Of course, as the ice is formatted from water, it has all natural weaknesses associated to ice.

Crystal manipulation is Yukiko's primary, but unrefined domain. As such, few people actually know she can do this for one - as she went missing for three years - and secondly she doesn't have that much control over it. Unlike the other two, this manipulation outside of her resurrección is actually quite difficult, and thus only able to be used when there's actual crystals on the field. As such, she has to carry crystals in order to use them. She can use them freeform, but the amount is finite, and she cannot produce anymore at this stage. It also holds similar weaknesses to ice, but has a stronger resistance then ice itself, thus requiring more of said weakness to break it up.

Hiela Sangre :: Ice Blood
As Yukiko has basically existed in ice, water and crystal conditions, she has a few small gifts imparted to her. These are passives that are present in both unsealed and sealed form and thus seem to compound on her less the human aspects. This is all labelled under the Ice Blood, as it seems to be unique to her and her powerset.

For example, she is immune to the cold. That means, she could walk naked in Antarctica and not even care. The cold doesn't bother her, but as a trade-off, she notices heat a lot more. To the touch, she even feels colder then most people. Also, from this, she can control her own body temperature. Her highest temperature is slightly cooler then normal human temperatures, but it makes her look flushed. She cannot go any higher, and heat higher then that affects her easily.

She is also immune to ice, water and crystal effects - the attacks would hit her naturally of course. But if someone adds a freezing ability to their strikes, as in encasing her in ice, then she will not fall to it. This effects only things that are based in ice, water or crystal types. Otherwise, she'll be effected normally - it is important to note that heat and fire tend to make more damage against her, depending on how she is currently.

Yukiko can breathe underwater, like a fish if she so wishes. This allows her to submerge herself deep in the ocean at will. In fact, she can even cut off the need to breathe period, as she holds some back up oxygen in her body, and can even produce oxygen internally, giving her the potential to survive in space if need to. Of course, she can't keep that up for long, but it's still an interesting thing.

Percepción Falsa :: False Perception
Yukiko has spent most of her mortal life sneaking around - her anima stone's specialty was primarily sneaking around. Hiding in the shadows, become invisible, so on and so forth. And some of this has found itself into her actual being - in fact, it was a very part of her personality before she reawakened her past into herself. And that is simply - misdirection. To put it simply, Yukiko has a power to cause slight misdirection about her person - it is not full blown illusions, but rather small tricks that she cannot pass onto others, as it requires the use of her own energy to do so.

These tricks are very flexible, but deal primarily with her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms. The lay on a small coating of her energy to change the selected area to what she wishes it to be - however, these changes are easily found out if someone actually tried to touch them. Also, these tricks cannot overtly change her either. So small things, like hiding her chest, or sharpening her jaw to be more masculine, are completely acceptable. Turning herself into a twenty-foot tall cow? No. Also changes like eye color and voice timber are slightly more flexible. In general, it just helps her conceal herself in some ways, to give a different impressions on others. Of course, over time this might develop.

anima stone
slipping away in the night

アニマ石 - ステルス :: Anima ishi - Suterusu [Anima Stone - Stealth]
Her anima stone from when she was mortal is still in her possession by some miracle. She's held onto it, and as the stone went for her desires of power more so then a reflection of her soul, she got two different sets of power. At that time, she honestly wanted to be hidden from the eyes of others. She didn't feel comfortable being seen by those she didn't trust, and she wanted to take out hollows without them being able to track her. As such, her stone reflected that deep desire, and became primarily focused around hiding away. It's a pretty blue stone, and it's framed in a metal frame that allows her to put it into clips, pendants, bracelets, and whatever else. Generally, she wears it hidden from view.

The stone itself allows her a myriad of techniques and skills that hide her from the view of others. Of course, each technique has a focus, but they are all full stealth techniques. However, some aspects are more hidden then others, allowing her to cycle in between what she needs to hide most in that situation. These techniques are all similar within each other, and thus makes it hard to tell which one she uses in most cases. The stone itself also extends from personal only stealth, to transferring it to objects on her person. She didn't necessarily train in the stone's power, but she did brush it up in order to be more competent with it's usage, reducing the time and energy it takes to slip into a technique. All in all, this stone is meant for her to position herself, and take full advantage of her first fighting style. As a note, only one of these may be active at a time.

Of course, weaknesses are localized per technique.

メルドシャドウ :: Merudoshadou [Shadowmeld]
Shadowmeld is an ability that concentrates mainly on visual impairment. Of course, this technique requires shadows for her to use it. What it basically does, is that it makes Yukiko disappear into these shadows, making her unable to be tracked visually. Tracking her via smell or presence is still possible, but has to be done by those of equal tier with difficulty, or higher tiers more easily. The only exception is those that specialize in tracking have a higher chance of finding her at lower ranks, but it's still difficult. The only visionary element that might be able to track her is if someone has vision that does not take the input of light within them. So such things as x-ray or thermal may still find her.

青い影 :: Aoi Kage [Blue Shade]
Another visual effecting technique. This one instead, focuses on melding her from other types of vision, by equalizing her with the environment. Also, this technique is generally used for muffling her scent as well - therefore it's harder to track her by scent. She also is hidden from special types of vision, however can still be perceived by light based sights (such as see in the dark, low-light vision, etc.) albeit it's not easy. The technique still leaves some sound and some presence, making it easier to track her in that way.

ワイプ効果 :: Waipu Kōka [Effect Wipe]
This technique works primarily on physical presence. It seems to wipe it, making people ignore her, and therefore invisible. Rather, the saying is that she blends in the crowd perhaps - in this case, it makes it difficult to track her specifically, as the technique tries to hide her very existence. It grants an observer status, as preforming any actions in the awareness of the people near by, such as attacking them or something similar, will wipe off the technique. Generally, this technique makes it very hard to acknowledge Yukiko period. However, if someone were to seek out her spiritual source, then it would be obviously broken for that person. Of course, people that might feel something is wrong are higher tiers, and those with high deduction.

精神的な消失 :: Seishin-tekina shōshitsu [Spiritual Vanishment]
Spiritual Vanishment is very much like Effect Wipe in nature - however, it's of a spiritual nature rather then a physical one. Basically, this technique primarily focuses her to hide from the spiritual aspects of things - thus wiping away her soul characteristics, and making people see her as a human when in gigai, or a random soul. This is a suppression, and thus is very hard to detect in general by spiritual sensing moves - she is quite visible, audible and what not however. Although, to those that might be simply sensing, they will never note her. Mainly because she can lower it even more. However, the moment she uses a power, this breaks. This will also fool scans that seek a certain spiritual wavelength, allowing her to enter places as a human or a spirit rather then an arrancar.

無能な :: Munōna [Shiftless]
Shiftless is primarily focused on sound - erasing even her breath from hearing. Basically, it makes her totally silent, so that even the finest hearing cannot hear her. This also lowers her interaction sound, so long as they are inanimate objects. The moment she interacts with something living, or someone, this technique breaks. However, this is quite useful to sneak up on high hearing users, letting her prepare her attacks in a surprising fashion. This also seems to make everything else semi-hard to detect, requiring people to be of her tier or higher to see, sense and smell her, unless they specialize in tracking.

the frozen oceans

Yukiko has a reserecion - and she's proud of it. She was one of few Espadas to not fall into the new technology available, and she hopes to be able to make it to a natural Segunda Etapa. Of course, that all depends on the results of her training. She has tried to widen her reserecion techniques, in order to fulfill her second style of combat.

Her sealed zanpakto is odd in the fact that it is not a blade of some sort. Rather, it is a hilt within a sheath. To most people they would be surprised at the lack of weight that it has. The sheath is also small, looking to be dagger like length only, despite the hilt being that of an actual katana. This weird discrepancy becomes obvious when she actually releases her Zanpkato. To release it, she speaks her activation phrase 'Tormenta de color blanco puro, deje que su furia enterrar.' (Storm of pure white, let your fury bury.) and then pulls the hilt from the sheath. Attached to the hilt is a vibrant blue blade, seemingly made of crystal. And then when the tip of the sword reaches the sheath, there is a light that seems to come from the sheath. Then then when the blade is fully pulled, a bright white light flashes in the air. When it dissipates, it shows her resurrección form.

El Hielo Blanco (The White Ice), is Yukiko's resurrección. Her appearances actually changes surprisingly. Where as she looked nearly exclusively human before, this has changed - her white half of hair is now visibly hollow bone, creeping along her jaw and slightly along her eye. Also, in that white segment, there is a blue crystal that now seems to multiply, and float near her head. Her blue mark on the back of her neck spreads, leaving blue lines that make an interesting design all over her upper body. Her eyes are now a much more brilliant blue as well. What's also interesting to note, is that she can no longer use the subtle transformations, and she fills out a bit more because of it. Perhaps the most notable change is the fact that she has faint crystals around her body, mostly around her opposite eye and hips if they are seen. These small crystals look relatively like scales surprisingly enough. Although in the end, it doesn't look like she changed all too much, there is in fact many changes - most of them just aren't visible, that's all.

Of course, this means that Yukiko's abilities are now at full force. She gains a greater mastery over water, ice and her own crystals. The last of that list is of course the weakest currently, but probably her main affinity if one were to consider the properties of her ice before this. Of course, this means that all passive abilities are augmented, able to form more, go faster and even more so be more deadly at less cost. She now has quite a few new abilities, generally focusing on an area of effect as well, making her a very dangerous being. She now has several variations in how she can use her moves, such as making snow on a whim as well, or gather up a storm to her command. As notes, all of her ice is unnaturally hard and difficult to melt, nearly like her non-released crystals, where as her released crystals are no longer weak to force and fire, but instead are now weakened by brute spiritual energy focused into them.

Cegador Blanco :: Blinding White
This ability uses primarily her ice affinity. With her ice, she freezes the water in the air, turning it to a myriad of snow flakes. These snow flakes can be freely manipulated like everything else Yukiko does. Of course, she can also shift around the snowflakes - hardening them to make them razor sharp for example. She can also take full advantage of the snow to make solid constructs that will follow her commands, and one of her favourite moves is to make a flurry of snow surround her in a razor sharp tower. She can also create a glare with the snow and the light, but otherwise, this is just generally a freeform manipulation that's under her command.

Lago Oscuros :: Dark Lake
This is an ability using Yukiko's water manipulation capabilities. Although her typical water manipulation can solve most problems, this is a different kind of water. In fact, she keeps a small vial of the liquid on her at all times. When she wants to use this, she finds a water source, and dumps the vial into it. When the Oscuro water mixes with normal water, it starts multiplying at a rapid rate, taking over the source of the water. This applies to not only natural water or water that Yukiko herself creates, but all kinds of water. It cannot penetrate people and animals unless they're dumb and actually drink it. But otherwise, this has a very specific use - all water tainted by this, becomes completely under Yukiko's control. Basically, it allows her to extend her water manipulation anywhere that this water presides in. There are no other effects from the water at this time.

窒素零 [Chisso rei] :: Nitrogen Zero
This is Yukiko's signature technique. She typically uses this after the above ability for a wider AoE effect, but can use it individually ; needless to say, this is absolute ice manipulation. She can form ice instantly, regardless of where she is, and this ice is not easily melted. Due to being formed out of her energy rather then actual water, this ice is also not as weak to fire as it typically would be. In a sense, it is not ice but simply Yukiko's energy given form. However, it carries ice properties ; it freezes on contact, it is clear blue and almost transparent at times, and even shatters. Each technique used under this ability is capable of instantly freezing an opponent if Yukiko hits them with the right skill. The opponent does not die instantly ; in fact, they slowly die. This is mainly because the ice is not made for killing, but simply holding. Each post spent frozen slowly advances hypothermia. However, for those of a cold immunity, it simply starts to seep into their bones, numbing and in most cases, paralyzing them. Yukiko often states is a person's nightmare, particularly if they have cold immunity. Being a slow killer, the cold typically numbs and puts asleep the one it's holding, before killing them painlessly ; however, if someone is immune to the cold, it will kill them painfully, as they won't fall asleep from the cold.

全て飲み込み氷 [Subete nomikomi kōri] :: All-Engulfing Ice
This is the AoE version of the ability. By using it in an area rather then simply forming, Yukiko makes a sort of field that is under her control ; she is capable of manipulating everything within that area. It is basically a control of that area's reality, using only her energy and the ice. However, this is extremely draining, and is only used against very powerful opponents, considering that any attacks here made by Yukiko's ice, can adversely affect her minorly as well, as long as this move is in action. This is about 50 meters in radius.

ヘビの野生花 [Hebi no yasei hana] :: Snake Wildflower
This is the activation technique that Yukiko uses in order to trap opponents within a case of ice, if they are hit by her technique. She simply calls out ''-'' (Bloom) in order for the ice to instantly snare around whatever it's holding. She can use this offensively as well, extending her attack's range by a good 5 feet with a burst of ice from the tip of her attack. If any of that 5 feet of ice touches an oppnent, they will be snared and entrapped in the technique.

危険が下にある [Kiken ga shita ni aru] :: Danger lies Below
Yukiko can easily, and simply, form spikes out of ice. She can make them pop out of the ground, requiring contact to the ground if not in the secondary form. These ice spikes are about 7 feet long and 3 feet thick, making them quite dangerous as they come out in a high velocity. Yukiko can make about 20 a post. They will remain in the field unless disposed of, or if Yukiko retracts them. They are about the strength of an average bankai strike, making them hard to break.

また、上方にある [Mata, kamigata ni aru] :: It also lies Above
Yukiko can form crystal diamond shards in the air, each about 6 inches in all directions. However, these shards are razor sharp, capable of easily slicing or piercing through armor. Yukiko can form 30 of these a post, and they naturally float. They are also directed by Yukiko's mind, and sometimes hand movements, and thus can keep attacking until Yukiko herself stops them or they meet an obstruction. A secondary effect is that she can make each of these shards explode into shrapnel, capable of inflicting damage. A third effect is that she can combine two to be able to punch through most obstruction. The only exception is armor worn on a person ; if the person is of a higher or equal tier, Yukiko will have to use a multiple of ten of these shards to make a hole. [unless the armor is classed as ''unable to be penetrated by anything.'' or that the person deflects the shards.]

私の手の中に [Watashi no te no naka ni] :: In my hands
Yukiko can make this ice into a katana like blade, that is weidable with one hand. This blade holds all properties of the ice, and acts like a blade. It is however, capable of being broken easily. However, Yukiko keeps this secret, but this technique can form any weapon of her choosing ; however, she uses a katana almost exclusively unless she feels pressured. Any weapon she forms is easily breakable, unless she strengthens it by forming it 5 to 6 times over one another.

私の体からの [Watashi no karada kara no] :: From my Body
Yukiko has a layer of ice around her at all times, capable of being inside and outside of her all at once. This ice however, is very resistant, making it hard to break under most circumstances. Even higher tiers find her defense surprising, as it can easily take a cero and still come out whole. The secret is that this ice is not necessarily strong ; but it regenerates at an extremely high pace. As long as the blow would not incinerate Yukiko, she can survive just about anything. If the activating skill is used on this ice, Yukiko can seal herself into a block of ice. However, unlike with anyone else, it will not adversely effect her ; it is more or less like suspended animation, as she remains aware of things going on, and can even break out of the ice. In this case, it opens the following ability.

私からあなたへ [Watashi kara anata e] :: From Me to You.
Yukiko has a block of ice formed into several locations, mainly for her own business or her own time. These blocks are all connected by the previous ability ; so if Yukiko needs an escape, she simply encases herself into the block of ice, and using the connections, slips to another one. It is almost like teleportation, in a sense, however since the ice is all connected to her energy, it works like a surfing line at the same time. It allows Yukiko an ultimate escape should the situation be dire. However, should the ice block be destroyed, she will no longer be capable of using it for transportation. Only 4 of these blocks can be present at anyone time. [althought they are placed into different locations, it does not stop the opponent from finding them and destroying them previous to combat. In this case, Yukiko only notices their disappearance if she enters Ressurection.]

La Vida Matando Blanca :: The Life Killing White
This is the culmination of Yukiko's entire being. It is also currently her strongest ability, as it fuses all three of her manipulations into one giant cluster fuck. This ability is very dangerous, and she only uses it when she judges a fight to become serious, and forsakes any sort of holding back. Again, this ability is extremely powerful - as such it is also very draining, but only takes it's toll once she's ended it. Which is part of what makes it dangerous to herself, because she could easily push it being her ability to handle it, and thus harm herself extremely once the ability is over. There are ways to counter this obviously, but generally it's very hard to stop when in action. The primary weaknesses are at the beginning and at the end of the ability, due to the set-up time, and the amount of energy it takes.

There are three stages to this ability. The first, named 'La Vida' is the start up portion of the ability. Basically, Yukiko begins to massively gather water from sources around her, and even creating some out of her own reishi. Any source of water she can control can be gathered into this. The more water she gathers, the more of a whammy the next stage of the ability shall be. Of course, this doesn't mean she's defenseless - she can still manipulate the water in free form style to defend herself. However, it becomes quite noticeable that she's gathering a large amount of water. This can last from 2-5 posts, dependent on how much water she wants to gather. The longer she does this, the more she attains.

Stage two is named 'Blanca'. Basically, in a single instant, Yukiko freezes all of the water under her control, turning it into ice. This flash freeze is dangerous for not only herself, but everyone in the area - because as long as she gathered it with her reishi, it will freeze, no matter where it is. This stage is the shortest out of the three, since it prepares for the next step. Along with the flash freeze, Yukiko starts making the ice absorb heat, slowly driving the air colder and colder. It usually finishes up at around 1-2 posts, depending on the amount of water she's gathered to freeze.

Stage three doesn't have a name. But it's the full activation of the ability - with a final wash of her reishi, the entirety of ice simply crystallizes, and then vanishes. There is a small moment of calm, as then the ability takes hold - and produces a massive storm, centered around Yukiko herself. The storm's radius honestly depends of how much water that Yukiko has absorbed. Tentative radius are at minimum about 800m (0.5 miles) and at maximum 4.8km (3 miles) The storm itself is formatted of Yukiko's unique crystal shards, being razor sharp. They do not harm her as she is the center of the storm, and it moves around as she shifts. However, moving more then 5 meters in any direction is a problem as it would cause the ability to end prematurely. The damage caused by this storm amps up the longer it is activated - as it slowly wears away at any defense within it's midst. However, currently, she can hold the storm for a maximum of 9-11 posts (tentative amount) before releasing it with major side-effects. If she holds the storm for any longer, she could potentially cause some fatal side effects.

To expand - the storm is comprised of Yukiko's special crystals, being resistant to force and heat, but weak to a large input of reiatsu within the crystals. The storm itself is made up with intense winds, and several millions, if not billions, of these tiny crystalline shards. It's shape is like a sandstorm, and it is domed around Yukiko's position. Add to that a freezing atmosphere, and things get a big difficult. The damage incurred by these shards are initially minimal, but within one or two posts, the sheer cold and the shards will eventually wear away at resistances. As the shards are made up of her energy as well, they affect and wear away at spiritual things as well. What's important to note, is that these crystals will reflect any light within them, thus able to blind everyone within the storm with a well placed flash. Otherwise the storm looks rather pure white.

skill sheets
actual measurements

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Human Skill Sheet
  • Anima Stone Strength: Advanced
  • Soul Sorcery: Beginner
  • Soul Dash: Adept
  • Soul Detection: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Perquisa: Advanced
  • Sonido: Adept
  • Cero/Bala: Adept
  • Hierro: Beginner

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Old App in case ya need it.

Tentative radius means basically whoever checks this gets to tell me if it's actually good or not!


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Advanced

Tier: 1-5
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