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Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training) Empty Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training)

Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:56 pm
The moon glowed beautifully down upon the forest as two beings stood in the middle of a grassed area. Around them was a wall of trees that, with the help of darkness obscured any ability the others had to see past the treeline. Sijel being one of them stood their with a face of stone and determination with slight suggestions of anger. His white hair constantly blew lazily behind him as it was carried in the calm wind. The grass was the only thing near them that made any form of noise. His father stood on he other side of him staring at him with crystal blue eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness that crossed over his face. Sijel had on a pair of white basketball shorts with a black streak down the side and a black tank top. He had no shoes on by the order of his father who stood in a pair of grey sweat pants and a white tank top. His short grey hair standing still in the wind as he stood with his extremely muscled arms crossed over his chest.

"How long did you know I was a demon?" Sijel asked as he clenched his fist. His father just stood there and stared at him. "Well probably since I watched you float from the street from a giant red portal covered in blood and surrounded by the parts of creatures that haven't really been seen anywhere but in twisted horror movies about demons and possessed humans." He said casually as he looked away towards the tree line. "But that's not your real question is it?" He said as more of a statement than as a question in it of itself. Sijel looked at his dad and his eyes began to gloss over as tears struggled to hold themselves back. "If I'm a demon something said to be horrible disgusting and nothing but some murderous creature...then why did you take me in, and why aren't you afraid of me?" Sijel asked as he watched his father carefully. A smirk crawled across Yozu Evela's face as he put his hand up and gestured Sijel to come closer.

"Come over here and find out for yourself." He said calmly and without hesitation a shining white light appeared from his eyes and headed straight of his son. Sijel was able to roll out out of the way of the attack itself, but the blast that came after it knocked sijel several feet farther than he meant to go and also sent him rolling across the ground. He got up taking several deep breaths as he looked to the grass then at his father with a shocked face. "How did he do that." He asked himself as he stood to one knee. "Lets go boy." He called as he lifted his hand. A flare of white light appeared in his hand and with ease he threw it towards Sijel who watched it for a second.

He put his arm above his face and braced for the impact that seemed strong enough to decimate the ground he was propped on. There was an intense amount of force on in front of him, but sijel still felt as if he was standing, very well at that. He looked forward slowly and saw that a giant blue circle was hovering in front of him as a shield to the attack. The half demon would look at his hands in shock then at the circle as it vanished from existence. "How did I? and even so I shouldn't be able to.... but you're so?" Sijel couldn't make a single sentence before his brain interrupted with another question as he looked onto the impossible. His dad just smiled. "Well you're a demon so it's natural that you can use demonic energy to make things such as the shield u saw before you, that was your last name in the center by the way, and I opened up a small portal to hell. It isin't much but it's said that even the slightest of openings could increase a demons strength 5x what they're normally capable of and that's if they weren't ever really in hell to begin with I'm assuming. As to where you lasted some years." His dad said as he pointed at him. "Now fight with all you've got...unless you don't want the answer to your latest question." He continued.

Sijel would look upon his father as a white energy began to appear around him. The pressure spiked exponentially as he continued to raise his power to what seemed like very inhuman heights. Sijel looked at his father and his face hardened as he let his demonic energy spike. The second he released it however it seemed as though his temptation to go mad had increased as his power did. It was as if his native urge to kill and destroy was attempting to rip through him and attack everything around him. His stomach burned and it was as if something inside of him was moving around clawing at his insides trying to kill Sijel himself. He cried out as his energy began to run wild and his body began to change. A set of large blue and black butterfly wings erupted from his back and flap rapidly causing an increase in the amount of wind whipping everywhere now more violently than ever. Yozu Evela continued to watch with a serious face as Sijel fell deeper and deeper into the madness.

It was forcing itself to the top, however quickly sijel finally learned something as he fell mentally. The madness wasn't an was a him and this him seemed to be sijel's inner demon if their ever was one. It was the embodiment of everything sijel wasn't or wasn't trying to be. It was like he was looking at his alter ego and it didn't look good to say the least. "Hey little brother." The creature whispered in a demonic child's voice. Sijel floated in place in is mind as the two were surrounded by darkness. The thing that was supposed to be sijel seemed to be standing far below on something invisible while sijel hovered as if he was talking from the heavens themselves.

"I know for a fact that we aren't brothers." Sijel said as he looked in disgust at the creature as his tongue slipped from his mouth and touched his left eye, like a frog or something. A reversed colored butterfly from sijel's originals flew up to him and orbited sijel's face. The butterfly distracted sijel for a second, but it was quickly remembered that none of the butterflies either of these guys were capable of summoning were safe to be near. As if on que as Sijel began to move from the butterfly it exploded with an uncanny amount of strength. Sijel flew from a cloud of smoke and began to descend head first towards the ground that his other half seemed to stand on. Suddenly the ground began to crack with red and as if someone was snatching the blanket from a table sijel watched as the darkness gave way to a world surrounded by nothing but water. The ocean was red and the sky black as night. The moon glowed an ominous orange and there was a slit in the center as if it was an eye. The slight was partially open revealing a slit of white.

Sijel stood there in shock and fear as he looked around. "Where am I...are we?" He said as he looked at the thing claiming to be his older brother. He completely ignored the fact that he was standing on a body of water and didn't notice that the water itself seemed to be alive. There was a slight hum that came from all directions, but it wasn't noticeable unless someone became highly aware of their surroundings. Sijel didn't brake contact with the creature at all as it began to stand much taller than before. "We are in your mental world...well technically it's my world at the moment since I took over like 99% of it, but nonetheless this space is in your mind and mine as well." The thing said before it vanished forward in a blur as it cut through the water parting it as if it were the red sea. He fully formed in front of sijel eyes wide as his red iris were isolated in a sea of black. Everything else about the creature had seemed to revert to how sijel normally looked, if that's what sijel normally looked like.

"Please me Enoryan." He whispered into sijel's face with a blank expressionless image across his very own face. Sijel looked in shock as his mind attempted to process that at which the speed this creature he would name Enoryan had rushed towards him.
Blue energy with a dark light to it erupted everywhere as sijel began his descent inside. His dad sent three beams of energy towards his son, but they each seemed to veer off and strike the trees behind sijel. "Haha your body knowing it can't block a full blown attack with it's energy instead created a cone to redirect my attacks." His dad said with a slight laugh. His energy spiked again as if it was giving a response sijel's energy also spiked. Black blood spilled from both his white eyes and mouth as he screamed out in pain. Yozu's face changed to that of a very pissed off parent. His cold stare seemed to be that of an assassin ready to kill that which stood in front of him, but if he wanted to help sijel at this moment...that's what he would need to do. He'd need to fight like he wanted to kill him.

Sijel pushed off of his feet and surged forward. Behind him a wave of devastating energy blew through the forest behind ripping trees from the ground they clung to for life. He slammed into his father attempting to hammer his arm through his father's palm which caught him in mid air. Sijel swung his hand in an attempt to punch the top of his dad's head but he missed and his dad sent his own fist into his child's stomach receiving a mixture of spit and blood in his face as his energy surged out of sijel's body sending him soaring into the sky in a pillar of white light. Sijel was incapacitated for a brief amount of time, but his body quickly roared back to life and a swarm of larger black and blue butterflies than normal swarmed around him and began to fly towards his father.

Yozu slowly and calmly put his hands onto the ground and large ring appeared under him laced in rings of weird symbols. Rays of light shoot towards the butterflies and began to pierce through the thousands of the butterflies that swarmed towards him. As if knowing what the outcome would be the butterflies began to explode prior to being skewered in huge flashy waves as the noise boomed across the forest. It could be seen as large explosions in various places booth at the edge of the trees and high above them. Slow arcs of lights could also be seen heading to and through the explosions as they tore through the butterflies below.

Sijel was cut in the leg by a ray of light and as if to be snapped out of a trance his body began to move once again. A large Paper cutter like blade appeared in his hands. The sword then shattered and was replaced with two large steel fans that held blades across the edge attached to the poles that the fabric of the fan was weaved between. He expanded both fans that hung from the waste to the ground and used both creating a full circle as a shield. In front of the circle a large red circle appeared holding sijel's name in the center.

The ray's of light slammed into the circle and for a second stopped, but then sijel was pushed higher into the sky before the rays finally parted and began to circle to converge on sijel one more time. Sijel separated the fans and in a wild sprint began to run down on of the rays as he charged his dad. He jumped from ray to ray dodging most of them as they shot from his front attempting to impale him. He began to spin wildly creating bursts of unstable energy that formed a form of flying object that once again resembled the outline of butterflies. They flapped forward like bullets and began to hit the ground with a force like no other. The rays stopped as Yuzo blocked himself from what he thought to be a barrage of attacks instead all of the attacks missed.

As Sijel continued his decent free from any rays he closed the fans he floated on and reopened them showing the other sides of them revealing two solid red circles. Suddenly the ground near Yozu lit up a ominous blue. The ground then shook and explosions rippled through the area as Yozu lept into the air dodging the attack fully. His clothes began to retain some damage as he rushed forward to hit sijel head on. He unvealed a set of 12 spears that floated around him as he began his fight with his son.
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Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training) Empty Re: Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training)

Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:22 pm
Sijel slammed into the water and slid across as he attempted to catch himself. He was breathing extremely heavily as he looked into the body of red below him. He didn't know how long he'd been fighting this thing but he was sure it was well over an hour. He slowly stood up as his body increased in weight due to his fatigued nature and the water weighing his clothes down. He looked up to see Enoryan diving towards him. He didn't have time to move out of the way so he put his blade up and used it to block his attack. Crackes riddled his blade as the memories of previous head on collisions filled Sijel's mind. Enoryan looked with a kind of disapproving face and rolled slightly to the side. The attack still landed directly on sijel but the impact was more on one side than the other.

Sijel's blade known as hydra had shattered upon contact and a gash was in sijel's shoulder. He cried out in pain but was drowned out by the blast that erupted in front of him when his other half slammed into the water. He was flung into the air and sent hurtling towards the ground in a large arc. He fell for a few seconds then caught himself in the air and landed on a small pile of butterflies. He fell to a knee and looked down at Enoryan. Three butterflies surged forward like bullets and exploded in his area. He appeared behind sijel and drove his elbow into his spine sending him downward into the ground. The butterflies he was on vanished with the impact and instead were replaced with a swarm of Enoryan's butterflies.

"Monarch pulse." He said calmly and the edge of his blade glowed a bright blue. He swung it down and a large silhouette of butterfly with edged wings formed in front of him from a thin blue line left by his sword. It flapped for a second as it desperately seemed to stay afloat. It suddenly surged forward however and froze when it got close to Sijel as if it was charging up for the explosions. It flashed blue for a second giving sijel enough time to jump away from the impact of the explosion. He dropped the remnants of his sword and clenched his fists tightly as he landed farther back from the explosion.

He began to run forward as his alter shot more of those odd butterflies his way. He was able to dodge them with ease since they paused before exploding however that quickly changed. "Monarch burst." The light that was glowing off of his blade changed from blue to red and the butterflies appeared the same color. Suddenly the butterflies flew relentlessly and when they got close enough exploded without a seconds thought. Sijel was desperately trying to defend himself as he sent waves upon waves of butterflies to shield himself form the attacks and counter them before they got close enough to do harm.

He quickly jumped towards Enoryan in an attempt to strike him but before he could swing Sijel was met with Enoryan's fist in his face. It collided with immense force and Sijel began to glide in a pinwheel until his face met the surface of the water and his feet with the back of his head upon collision. He laid there for a moment as he thought about the outcome of this battle if this kept up. His body began to feel even heavier than before due to the giant wound in his shoulder. Sijel rolled onto his butt and looked towards Enoryan. "What in the hell is your got damn PROBLEM!?" Sijel yelled as he looked angrily at is other half. He couldn't help but think that this guy was without a doubt off of his rocker.
His father took a knee as blood dripped from the top of his head. His breathing was extremely heavy as he tried to rest before taking another stance against his son. Sijel laid on the ground sparks of energy erupting from his body and striking the ground. Yozu Evela got up and looked at the body of his son. He surged forward and as if a switched was turned sijel's body shot up and the fight continued. The battle was silent except the clashing of swords and explosions from both parties. Sijel had lost his fans and now fought with a set of butterflies that seemed to be connected by threads of energy. All of the attacks seemed futile now and his father was now fighting on the defensive as his son wildly swung and lunged towards him.

"Sijel you better snap out of it soon before I really put a hurting on you." He said under his breath as he jumped away from his son to dodge a wave of butterflies that he'd never seen before. It seemed as though Sijel's body tapped into hidden abilities in his body with every second that he was under his spell of madness. It was as if he had a never ending set of tricks up his sleeves.
Sijel coughed up large sums of blood as he looked at his stomach. There was now a seal setting there and it hurt like all hell, not to mention from it was a swarm of black veins that were starting to crawl across his body. It was obvious this wasn't going to just blow over but sijel couldn't figure out what it was. It seemed as though that sijel was going to die here....if he could even die here. His vision was getting hazy and he couldn't put detail to anything that was in front of him. His alter had appeared as a giant fuzz ball that seemed to float closer to him.

So the pollen has finally taken affect huh?" The alter called out to him. Sijel looked at him blankly as his body fell to the surface of the water. "You've been inhaling it since the fight started, better yet you've been since you entered this place. But because you've never used the pollen yourself your body hasn't naturally developed an immunity to the contents of the pollen." Enoryan raised his blade and he began to descend it upon sijel's head to end this futile fight. Sijel abruptly sank under the water leaving Enoryan's sword to slam into the now solid surface. He began to enrage and his energy spiked as he belligerently slashed at the water trying to force it to part and allow him the chance to end sijel once and for all.

Sijel continued to fall underneath until he stopped in the center of what seemed to be the bottomless ocean trapped in his mind. A women appeared in front of him though he couldn't see. Her voice sounded so soothing and comforting that it almost caused sijel to believe he was safe and back at home. This voice wasn't familiar to him at all, but the feeling he felt right now was. He couldn't describe it but he knew it. The voice continued to rip into sijel's ears and his body began to move more and more. The pain he kept feeling began to dull and his vision began to return. The voice finally became audible when her image did as well. She had long black hair and her body was covered in cuts and wounds except for her face and hands. One scar slid down her face across her right eye emphasizing the innocent loving look in her hazel eyes and her hands were like she'd been pampered her entire life.

Sijel just stared at the women for a long period of time until something told him to close his eyes. He did and the warmth was gone. Something swirled around him and there was a loud roar and the sound of A lot of moving water. Sijel opened his eyes and when he looked over he saw a large creature swimming towards him, resembling a giant whale with long glistening fins like they were sheets of metal connected to hooks to resemble curtains. It looked enraged and it's jaw was partially open showing clenched jagged teeth as it moved closer and closer to Sijel. "If you want to escape then take it." Came the female voice from before. He looked in shock as he stared at the charging creature. "How am I supposed to accept something the size of Russia?!" Sijel thought to himself.

He thought he was about to die, and just when he was fully healed and able to move. He looked at the creature as it neared and began to cast a shadow over what little light he had left. "Oh my god I'm going to die." He said as he vanished into the darkness of the creatures mouth. For a second he embraced the thought of death, then he realized he was still mentally alive, but it seemed he was trapped in the body of this creature. "What is this thing anyways?" He said to himself just as a flare of blue light erupted everywhere. He was brought to a point in time that he couldn't remember. The black haired women from before held a black haired child in her arms. He was crying and his leg was bleeding. "Oh baby stop crying, you'll get a lot more cuts and scrapes as you grow up." She said simply as she pulled a napkin from her sleeve.

As she whipped his leg she looked back as if to be looking directly at sijel himself. Those hazel eyes as if she knew everything he's feeling right now. She looked back at the boy and put him down on the ground. "Now how did this happen?" She asked leaning down towards the boy. The boy attempted to suck back his tears and stop crying giving off the familiar whimpering sound that sijel makes when he's trying to stop crying. He watched closer now as he focused more on the child than anything. His vibrant red eyes looked at the black haired woman and he let out one final loud whale before he spoke about the situation.

"I was playing with my friend and I was playing a demon, but my friend said that demons were scary and disgusting and all they did was destroy everything. I told him they're not and that you always say demons aren't all bad, but the bad ones give them all bad names, like how some bad people give others bad names. And while I was talking I fell stepped back and fell down the hill." The little boy whined. Sijel looked at the woman as she once again looked back and she smiled a little as she responded to her child. "Well honey not everyone knows that demons aren't all bad, you don't even know that demons aren't all bad you're just going off of what I've told you before. But all that maters is that when it really counts you can see past what people tell you and what I've told you and get who or what a person is for yourself." She said and then she got up and pushed the boy by the forehead. "Even if the person you have to see past is a part of yourself cause remember what I said earlier about fighting when you got into with that bully right?" She said and the boy looked away. The black haired woman glared spears into the childs soul you could see a chill slide down the poor boys back. "Violence is just a natural defense for someone who desperately wants love and by fighting....." The boy stopped as his mind couldn't remember the last part of the sentence. His mother just laughed and began to rustle his head. "When you fight back you're allowing them the chance to let off some steam and later on tell you what's really the issue. Just make sure that when the fighting is give them a hug." She said and the boy looked at her with a somewhat hard face. "Still doesn't make any sense." He replied. "Doesn't have to just do it." She said with playful anger.

As he left she turned and began to walk towards sijel. Sijel just watched as she walked through him and into the opening to a house that stood behind him. "Hopefully you haven't forgotten already." She said and looked back towards the way the little boy went, but it seemed all she saw was sijel himself. Suddenly sijel was laying in the ocean and his stomach was awkwardly full at the moment. He looked down to see a giant symbol on his stomach. The creature that ate him was gone and he was now looking at his other half who laid on the surface of the water watching him. Both were close to one another yet out of reach as well. It was like looking into the mirror. There was an odd look in the things face as well. It looked as if it was in pain, like it wanted to cry.

The voice of the woman filled Sijel's mind once more and her saying before filled his brain. "Enoryan." He spoke, but all that came out was bubbles. Even so it was as if he'd known what he said and his eyes widened. Sijel put his hands at the edge of the water and against the palm of his other half. He smiled as he felt his hand against sijel's , but sijel misread the situation. The surface of the water cracked and his hand was caught in the death grip of his other half. His body was snatched from underneath and sent hurtling into the sky.

Sijel quickly regained his balance and stopped in time to see Enoryan rocket towards him. He was about to call forth his hydra, but he remembered it was shattered earlier. He was still stuck with no weapon. Just as he was about to give up and try to run once more a large circle appeared over him. A line struck through it connecting in the center. Sijel thrusted his hand into the line and grabbed onto the energy. It quickly shattered and revealed a large circular blade with a jagged edge. The line in the middle became a bar that sijel took to be the handle. Two large blades jutted out from the end of the ring and they began to glow a bright red. "Now it's my turn." Sijel called out and he began to violently spin the his weapon. "Pollen incineration." Sijel called out and a red glow began to spill out into a glistening red smokey substance. Sijel pulled his hand back and threw it forward with all of his strength releasing his weapon to soar forward towards Enoryan.

Enoryan smiled as he looked upon the attack. He put his blade forward and took the attack full force. When the blade made contact a huge force erupted outwards and the pollen dispersed in all directions. "Erupt!" Sijel yelled with all of his might and the pollen released caught in flame and became a raging ball of burning energy. Seconds after it caught flame the sphere exploded and in a swarm of energy the ringed blade reappeared next to sijel as he took hold of it. Sijel looked down at his attack as it died down and he could see what happened to his half. In short of his attack Enoryan appeared inches from sijel's face with his sword aimed at sijel's stomach only centimeters away.

His body tingled as it prepared itself to be impaled and at that moment sijel vanished. He reappeared behind Enoryan in shock. Enoryan attempted to strike him once more by turning in a full circle but sijel once again vanished and appeared behind him. Instead of being shocked sijel slammed the flat end of one of the blades at the end of his weapon into Enoryan's head and sent him crashing into the ocean below. As sijel casually spun his weapon he decided to name it. "Marine Monarch." He said calmly as he thought about the name.

Enoryan struggled to get up, but found himself stuck in the lake with only his chest and face above the surface. "Mistelteinn." He said with a smile as the name settled itself in. "Yup that's the name." He continued as he landed just above the surface of the water. Enoryan looked at sijel and anger filled his eyes as they tried to mask another emotion that sijel had yet to understand. "You're just a human right? How can you beat me. I'm you're demon half I'm the half with all of the power." He said as he continued to struggle to get from underneath the water. "I'm not human.....I'm.....half demon....I'm your other half so you should've known that this wasn't going to be easy." Sijel said and Enoryan just looked at him. His eyes void of anything but a blank stare. It was as if he was thinking of what he should feel and do next.

A smile, a genuine smile, crossed across his face for a second then his eyes filled with something sijel knew all to well. It was the eyes he had when he was truly insane and he was really feeling the need to kill someone. "Well Sijel lets see if your half demon blood can crush the madness that you succumb to ever so often." He called out and something rushed upon sijel. "See while you were fighting me in here your body was slowly falling deeper and deeper into the madness that is your burden as a half demon. However your dad was doing a good job of keeping it focused on him instead of the surrounding area." Enoryan said. "How bout we lighten his load and you fight the madness as well."

Sijel's body erupted in black energy and his eyes glowed a violent red as his mind filled with vivid images of the battle that's been taking place outside. Suddenly the energy shot downward like a pillar from the heavens and the madness increased as well as the pain that pulsed through sijel's head as the power from the insanity overwhelmed him. The water cracked as if it were glass and Enoryan jumped up from it and attempted to slash at sijel. Not yet fully gone sijel jumped back with immense for to get a distance between the two, but Enoryan wasn't letting up. Instead he jumped towards him trailing him attempting to catch up and damage sijel while he was distracted.

Sijel threw mistelteinn towards Enoryan and it bounced off exploding in the same red pollen as before and reforming back into sijel's hand. Enoryan caught up to him and slammed his sword back into sijel and caused him to slide across the shattered water. Darkness followed suite as he broke through the reality he once knew . More insanity attempted to take hold as darkness erupted into the infinite sky above. "AAAAHHH!!" Sijel yelled as his pain further increased and his insanity began to take hold of his very own soul. His energy began to swirl around him menacingly as he slowly fell deeper and deeper. He was no longer in his inner world, he was in a cage of madness. Enoryan attempted to wound him as he stood there, but he was blown away by the power that sijel defensively released forming it into a dome to repel incoming attacks.

Enoryan smiled satanically as he landed on the water and surged forward with all his might as he relentlessly slammed into sijel's dome which began to fill from the inside with darkness. "Why does this keep happening, it's like everytime I think I'm going to win I get hit with another freaking hurdle." Yelled in his mind. His body was going numb as he tried to fight off the madness to no avail. His power began to rise with his urge to destroy his own inner world, only the lord knows how bad he's acting on the outside. "UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!" Sijel groaned to himself as he fell to the ground. His mind couldn't focus on fighting the madness in him and standing at this point so his body fell limp to the ground.

The rush of darkness that violently spun around in the dome finally calmed into what could be described as a veil of shadows.
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Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training) Empty Re: Demons know love? Ha that's funny. (Solo/possible one other)(Training)

Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:42 pm
Sijel limply laid on the floor as his mind fought for dominance against his urge for destruction. Enoryan stood in front of the dome filled with dark energy. "Come out Sijel." He said calmly as he charged as much energy into his fist as he could. He surged forward expecting to collide with the dome but instead he was blown back as the dome released all of the dark energy that swirled inside. Sijel slowly stood up as he took large deep ragged breaths. Half his body was covered in dark black vein like structures however it was just a tattoo like seal that spread across his body as he fell deeper in darkness.

Enoryan smiled as he saw the half demon still fighting to stay sane. He surged forward swinging his blade in an attempt to cut through sijel where he stood. Sijel summoned mistelteinn and blocked the attack, but the force behind Enoryan knocked him back though he stayed upright. Sijel spun the blade wildly and the entire blade glowed as a giant ring materialized jus off of his weapon. He put the ring of energy in front of him with his blade that continued to violently spin and a small sphere appeared just in front of him. The ring shrunk and split becoming several butterflies that spun around the sphere of energy.

Sijel's energy spiked as his madness increased and the sphere of energy vanished as his weapon slowed down. Enoryan charged once more and slammed his elbow into sijel's stomach driving it into his solar plexus knocking all of his air from his body. He flew into the air and floated there for a second as his mind fought back his madness to a comfortable place. He couldn't give up yet for the guy below was still fighting and Sijel hadn't thought the fight to be over yet, but how was he supposed to hold his own if his madness was causally creeping on him and waiting for him to let his guard down.

He was fighting a battle on two fronts and as easy as they made it seem in the movies it wasn't this easy in real life. His body finally moved as he began his descent towards enoryan and he was able to stop in mid air. Enoryan floated to level with sijel from a descent distance. He held his hands up and began to charge an immense amount of energy in the form of swirling vortex of energy that began to enlarge until it wrapped around the area sijel stood in about 75 meters around. Sijel looked around frantically as he tried to find a way to escape but there didn't seem to be one. "Embrace your insanity, let it take over, let your DEMON take over and you may be able to survive this." Enoryan called over the roar of energy surrounding sijel. "What are you talking about accepting my demon?!" Sijel roared, but there was no time for an answer. Something began to swirl around him and his body began to develop cuts and bruises all over as blood leaked. "Pollen blade dance." Enoryan said and the sphere of energy vanished and the energy that was tearing at sijel erupted like a ball of snakes as it ripped sijel apart. His screams were inaudible over the roar of the twisting pollen.

It suddenly dispersed and sijel began to fall to the ground as his clothes soaked in blood and torn to pieces began to fall off of him in chunks. As he fell the surface of the water began to crack. He opened his eyes slightly to see a blurred version of Enoryan that got smaller with every passing second. His body was numb and he couldn't move. He tried with everything he had but nothing would budge. He barely heard the sound of glass shattering and suddenly he was watching a hole shrink as he fell into world that was surrounded by stars.
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Thu Nov 12, 2015 7:57 pm
Sijel floated their, in the void of what he could only describe as space though he knew he was still in his mind. "What is this things problem?" Sijel calmly thought to himself though the pain he was in was immense and the fact that he was still fighting his insanity didn't help either. He was torn between trying to heal himself or by fighting off the madness through his pain. He couldn't help but think about the countless times this has happened. He always lost to this madness and he couldn't stop it, it only stopped itself or someone stopped him. "Why can't I do it myself, why can't I just hold it back on my own?!" Sijel thought as tears began push through his tightly shut eyes.

He cried out in a rage fueled with his sadness as he began to once again give up and fall to his madness. He could feel it crawl across his body and his anger level began to rise as an unknown heat filled his stomach. "That's not embracing....that's giving won't win doing such a thing." A voice boomed. Sijel opened his eyes and looked to see his other half standing over the hole and looking down at him with a smirk of victory. That's when sijel remembered what he said. "You want me to embrace insanity?!" Sijel yelled in a rhetorical voice.

"Fine...besides.... I still don't know the answer to my dad's question....that's the most important thing to me right now." Sijel called as he began to fight his madness once again. Sure he could talk the good talk, but how exactly was he supposed to embrace something such as madness. Madness didn't even have a body it was just a feeling. Sijel clenched his jaws as he began to further fight against the madness. He couldn't let this thing take over and just run rampant again like it always did. He couldn't win like this though and he knew that much automatically. Enoryan just watched, his face changed from that of victory to that of an observant. He didn't seem as happy as he did before instead he was hardened. This was a face sijel couldn't really understand upon his first time seeing it, but it seemed as though he was doing something right.

Suddenly he was back in front of the black haired woman. Her face looking down on his with her soft hazel eyes. Her smile sending a wave of happiness through sijel and he felt at peace, like nothing bad could happen while this woman was around. He attempted to reach out towards her but nothing moved. He was just watching her as she seemed to be wiping something off of him, though he couldn't feel it. "Remember when you think you're done fighting hug that person." Came her voice thou her mouth didn't move. Sijel stared for a moment as her image faded and he was back in the realm surrounded by stars.

His face had changed and his hands clenched into fists. He didn't fully understand what the women meant for him to do with such an absurd phrase, but he figured he'd at least give it a shot. I mean at worst he'd die and once again he'd just lose to the madness. He had to give this some sort of shot since it was the "message" he was given prior to having his rematch with his older half. He began to raise his energy as he fought against his madness enough to move. He flew upwards and slammed through the barrier between the realm of his stars and into the original fighting arena.

Enoryan gave sijel that familiar satanic smile as he tightened his grip on his blade. Sijel summoned the blade that was once shattered and slammed it into Enoryan's. The hit bursted with energy as darkness erupted in all directions before being subdued by a blue light. Enoryan flew backwards but caught himself and glided across the water as sijel sent a relentless amount of butterflies in his direction. They surged in his direction with a newfound speed and exploded when thought to be close enough. The madness slowly crept upon sijel as he focused on Enoryan. He felt it coming closer and closer but he wouldn't let it win that easily.

As the madness began to be noticed in his movements he wildly moved forward. Forming large blue and black butterfly wings to soar across the water as he headed towards his other half. Enoryan smiled as his clash began. The amount of energy being expelled would send both parties hurtling towards opposite directions upon impact, but that wouldn't stoop sijel and it seemed to only excite Enoryan as he began to follow suit and slam back into sijel in return. They spiral around each other as their butterflies began to swarm around each other and let off volleys of explosions. Sijel just needed an opening but it seemed he wasn't going to get it. The madness was crawling ever so closely to sijel's mind as it attempted to take over his actions.

"Uggghh just get close." Sijel told himself as he flew backwards. The blade transformed from hydra to Mistelteinn and he began to spin it violently. The attack before began to form as a ring appeared then formed butterflies that spun around a sphere of energy. This is where he failed the last time, but this time he was determined to complete this attack. "Butterfly surge!" Sijel yelled and at first the attack did nothing. "Really, you tried it last time and failed just before you were able to fi-!!" Enoryan was caught off by his shock as a wave of blue energy was shot out. The wave was being spun by a single twisting spiral butterflies going in the exact opposite direction of the attacks spin somehow causing it to spin much more violently.

Enoryan looked as his face contorted into one of anger as he put his hands up creating a barrier of energy. Sijel looked for a moment as his face was filled with nothing but seriousness as he watched the sight. He pulled his head down and took a deep breath before letting out a wild yell that would be responded to by the sound of thousands of butterflies flapping in the wind. The blast exploded and smoke ripped into the air shrouding everything around. It lifted to the site of a standing enorayn with tattered clothes and several cuts and bruises across his body. "HA still couldn't win, but that was good." He said with a laugh as he let the smoke air away expecting to see sijel hovering just over the water.

He looked in shock when sijel was gone he turned behind him expecting an attack from behind but nobody was their. He looked in every direction, but he was nowhere to be found. Sijel had vanished in all traces. Enoryan couldn't track him in any way, until sijel let his insanity which had practically taken over known. The amount of thirst for blood caused Enoryan to hesitate when sijel appeared inches from his face. His eyes as blood red as Enoryan's himself. A smile crossed the demon halves face as Sijel looked as though he was about to end him where he stood. Suddenly sijel's arms rose around Enoryan's neck and his body fell atop his. "I'll embrace my demon if it means this stops, I have to see my dad and find out why he still kept me." Sijel said calmly in the ears of Enoryan.

Both beings began to fall as Enoryans eyes froze as Sijel's words ripped through everything. " could you...that's not's not as easy as just saying you accept it to except it." He began to scream as he struggled in the grip of sijel who began to hold tighter. The world once covered in water that now was riddled in cracks began to heal itself. Before sijel and Enoryan fell to the bottom they were stopped in the body of water. Sijel let his half go and they floated their for a second. Enoryan laid their emotionless as he stared at sijel who did the same. "If you are truly accepting that you're a demon....then let it be known, i'll let you in on some of my power and lets see how you do." Enoryan said dryly as his body began to glow a crimson red.

A trail of butterflies began to leave both parties and began to collide calmly between the two creating a wall of vibrant purple. The energy then began to swallow sijel in a sphere like cacoon and in a flash of light sijel was gone.
Sijel's father laid on the ground as blood spilled from his mouth he began to cough while lying there causing him to sit up slightly. That's when he saw sijel walking towards him. He smiled as he looked at the moon. "Looks like he's finally going to finish me off." Yozu said as he smiled. As sijel stood over him he began to close his eyes when a butterfly of a new color fell to his face. Their were several pulses of energy across Yozu's body as the purple butterfly lazily opened and closed it's wings. Sijel looked at his father with stern hazel eyes as his dad was healed back to prior to the fight. "Really, you thought I'd kill you without finding out why you kept me as your son knowing I was part demon." Sijel said in a dry joking manner.

His dad just stared and chuckled. As he laid there he looked at sijel who seemed to be demanding the answer from him now though there was no fight between the sijel standing now and his father but rather the insanity that sijel harbored inside. "Well.....where you see a demon floating out of a portal I see an innocent child being pushed from a bad situation. Something told me on the inside that you were just as innocent as any other child on the streets, you just happened to have a very 'unique' background. Even now through all of this I can say that you are nothing but an innocent child that's just been blessed with a heritage most would call a curse. And also even now I feel as though it was my....duty I guess to keep you and raise you, otherwise who knows what kind of trouble you would've caused." Sijel's father said as he sat up.

"Dad......what are you?" Sijel's next question came out without hesitations. Sijel wasn't expecting to even say it he was just thinking really hard on the subject. "For now...someone who loves you very much." Yozu said with a smile.
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