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Thu Jan 28, 2016 4:57 pm
The mad berserker was alone in this world as his powers were completely gone and his cross breed powers were trying to be unleashed after being revived from human, iramasha, shinigami, demon and finally suguiran DNA. A dark well of racial madness but really the demon was completely revived from the death energy the first time yet that was decades ago way in the past. However, He remembers the mad demon that the berserker was bonded to being ruled by another this plan was in the works for a long time still the weaker demon title was now on his shoulder. The thought of death itself being killed by that suguiran knight yet the other mad demon survived not him it wasn't his body at all so the berserker didn't have a say in the matter. He was weaker but gained a lot the moment those two idiots step upon the satanic pentagram the well of souls was activated as their powers were taken by the circle. The demon souls were useful in restoring his body which was good too but it needed power the soul of a mad demon; Christopher Seiger made the ultimate sacrifice allowing the berserker to live. Dellapero and that Yuudeshi fool helped as well allowing Zamiel's very mad power to be restored still it was a sea of mad power as hollows, humans, demons, soul reapers, iramasha members and even suguirans all those powers were nourishing the mad berserker back to health. When it was all said and done the mad berserker returned to the demon world with the combined powers within his well being hoping for revenge.

But the mad demon was under the influence of the Asthavon clan the most powerful one who the mad demon believed that Eris Asthavon is a mad demon like but it was an hypothesis. How long did that bitch have him under the influence of such rage drinking his madness for so long??? It was fucking nourishment to her and now after all this mad berserker broke the very Asthavon bonds. Only this time the mad demon was on his own still the demon was breathing this was his body not Eric Zarathos but his own body and it felt good. Christopher Seiger had done well but it was all on him even the death energy meaning the mad demon would have to learn everything all over again. Still, He hopes to see how his children we're all doing well but the mad one wasn't concerned about that still there was the matter of restoring his powers all of them. He wanted his Zanpakutō back and the mad demon wanted everything that Asthavon bitch took away from him it was only a matter of time and great work to do. "I'm still too weak where did all that power go anyway this doesn't make any sense at all. Christopher Seiger sacrificed all his power into me where did it all go his powers and his abilities they should be mine already. Hmmmm, I guess I need to unlock them since all of his powers belong to me" He thought. However, He needed to calm down before even considering of getting his powers back including his Zanpakutō the only friend that calmed his evil rage down completely. It maybe a little but the mad demon could actually feel his zoa koa within his body; Zamiel was focusing upon that little energy with him. Concentration was hard and difficult the mad demon wanted to bring it out in the form of madness but that wasn't working the demon was much weaker now which was a disadvantage. Zamiel tried focusing upon the zoa koa within his body but the demon of madness couldn't bring it out of him and form it into an attack. This was going to be a problem but really did he want to do this thinking about it trying to draw it out of him this lasted for hours with no result focusing on one thing the zoa koa. He thought this was a hopeless cause his resurrection maybe a farce but something was always on his mind the thought of being Eris's slave for so long making him do god knows what. Zamiel started clenching his fist thinking about that one desire to get back at the Asthavon clan a sign of revenge. The mad demon couldn't stop the demon needed to continue no matter how painful the training maybe his goals were too important to let him quit now. He started again and started focusing and using his willpower upon the zoa koa energy within him and tried manipulating upon breaking his energy just a little bit.

Zamiel tried this concentration on the zoa koa within and finding some way of breaking it down slowly. Through a dark communication method the mad demon started feeling it slowly emerging but suddenly it gone. He didn't know what happen or why it just disappeared so quickly the mad demon needed to calm down and try again this seemed like a risky move but the mad demon was confident to try again. With concentration, Zamiel felt nothing happening but then the mad demon tried another method focusing on his rage then trying again with the zoa koa within his body still the mad demon tried building the zoa koa. He started breaking it down and harness and energy ball from it then with zoa koa manipulation and his rage the mad demon started breaking the energy source and making it into a weapon. Suddenly, Energy started forming within his hand and then with focus the mad demon formed that energy into a energy ball the mad demon had done it still it wasn't enough. With rage, Zamiel threw the energy ball at a target and it caused only very little damage almost like a little bruise but with the right training the mad demon could improve still his zoa koa needed to grow. But this wasn't enough the mad demon needed something to boost his powers right away and still it felt like the demon was at a weak level of power. Still, A mad demon loves to fights and with the powers that he has now the demon would be killed fighting off against unbelievable odds the berserker could let fear control him. He must prevail his goal was too important of challenging Eris Asthavon and getting the revenge for all of that evil bitch's rule over him and then make her allies pay.
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