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Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:45 pm
Zane Fenier
Kin's Shadow

Zane was one that would be open to seeking out those that oppose him and wiping them off the face of reality, however that was not always the most realistic answer for dealing with such things. As such, Zane was taking his time in obtaining countries on the Earth, but he stilled wanted to at least test out his skills outside of the Kokuryuteshi Realm's forces. This was how he found himself in the land known very well as Hueco Mundo, the land of the hollows, the never ending desert as, some may even call it, for no one knows, nor cares, to see if there is an end to this place's domain. He was well aware though that this was a place that was technically under the control of those known as Shadow Fall, but not all of it belong to them of course, as some splinter groups have emerged here and there, from time to time, in his understanding, most of them did not last long. To stand against the might of the demon and hollow org, was not an easy feat, something that Zane could respect, but current his home was aligned with the likes of Shadow fall, their enemies, were also his enemies. So he was going to have some fun, while he was doing such, taking care of such a task was up to anyone to do. Shadow Fall would probably greatly appreciate it, if he happened to be successful in defeating the enemies that he was seeking out.

So he found himself looking up and into the sky, his spear at his side, slowly being raised up into the air as he looked onward. Looking for the only thing that was evident in the clear skies of Hueco Mundo, the Moon, this was where he would, find his fun, and his target. Zane wasn't sure what would come of his opening move, but he knew at the very least, it would get the attention of the people that he wanted to get the attention of. The energy that flowed around him, that flowed from within him, began to swirl upward, being guided by his spear, his greatest focus point for his energy, an instrument of destruction, was only the simplest way to describe it as it was pointed directly at the moon. Even from this distance he was sure that he could accomplish, his objective, as the energy was slowly forming into that of a blast. The young human, was indeed, in no rush, it didn't even care if he got their attention earlier than intended, the one thing he didn't want to see was being ignored, that would be a rather bad annoyance for him. He would have to do far more than that in this case.

"Come out and lets begin the fight I've been waiting for, Hollows." He would say to himself after this long time that he was within the silence of the desert.

A blast of black light fueled not only by Zane's own personal energy, but the energy of the URE sphere within him spiraled out , going for a shot at the moon, or more specifically, what was on the moon, a base of operations for a group of hollows that separated themselves from the likes of Shadow Fall. The blast was known as the Yin Surge something that Zane specialized in using as it raced upward further into the sky, he had it split off into many smaller blast but all together were still at the strength of the original trying to deal some kind of damage all across the base's domain and grounds. Not very much would be left missed, with Zane's intentions and he fully expected for the base to have some form of defenses against such a thing, but he would hope that would drag someone out, instead of forcing him up there, after all, what was more annoying than dealing with ranged attacks on your headquarters all day long. It was only a matter of time before something, yes anything could happen, that was what the young human was looking forward to, something that could only resemble an evil smirk was upon his face, but at the very least he was being honest with himself, he very much wanted to at least try and enjoy this extinguishing.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are?" He would state, laughing a tad bit afterwards."Only time could tell, what could occur next, whether Zane got the type of respond that he wanted or not, all was left up to the force that could only be known as "fate" and "chance". After the blast was done, the damage may or may not been done, he would be on the ready, with eager anticipation, this was all he could do as he waited.

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