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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Summarized Information On The Known Realms Of The Black World Empty Summarized Information On The Known Realms Of The Black World

Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:02 am

Learn More Of The Inverse Realms

I. Planet Nabla: The Inverse Earth

For the most part, the Living Realm within the Black World is considered to be the same as the PH verse's in the fact that it's technology is on par with the same standards set in the 25th century. So they still have things such as hover vehicles, high standards of living, sky cities, interstellar travel, androids and things of that magnitude. In fact, even the climate is more or less the same and breeds life.

However, what is different is the fact that there is no real set governmental society. For as long as anyone could remember it, regions of control have always been dealt with on a nation by nation bases. As such, a lot of the Black World throughout Earth's Inverse is heavily scattered and divided. Granted, unlike the PH verse, the battles for control are often done on a local level rather than a national or faction based level.

It's not uncommon to see many thousands of different unnamed tribes in control of smaller regions and countries. Some are able to co-exist, while others are more prone to go to war with one another as human nature dictates. In terms of conflict level, the level of instability in this realm is on par with earth in the mid 2000's.

The last world war that this realm had was hundreds of years ago in the year 2100 when resources became scarce. That lasted for roughly twenty years before a combination of technological and magic based systems came into existence to stabilize this planet.

It's also worth mentioning that the continents are considered massive nations in this realm. Some have even merged and formed super nations. For example: North America and South America are considered on mammoth nation called "Averion Continent". While Europe and Asia are referred to as: "The Nazrin Lands". Africa is referred to as "The Tasman Union" and Australia is "The Emirate Islands".

In relation to the recent events with the Black World, the people of this Inverse Earth don't seem too alarmed. The reason for this is because their scientist, researchers and experts have examined the disturbance and have concluded that their realm will be the dominant one. It seems to be having a stronger effect on the mirror worlds it reflects and their existence doesn't seem to be in danger for the time being. That doesn't mean they aren't cautious and they are not sending their own to investigate matters, but the majority of the people are secure in the fact that they will be fine.

As, an important detail to mention is that these people were once considered dead, but brought back to life when Mana Asthavon rebuilt the Black World. The boundaries between life and death became skewed for them when they were revived during the month of April 2416 following the incident between Shadow Fall and The Vanguard. Months leading up to the month, Mana Asthavon had already been portions of their dimension with the excess chaos and instability she extracted from the PH Verse. This effort began in December 2415 and came together as a whole April 2416.

Hence, it is why Mana Asthavon is seen as somewhat of a survivor in this realm. While there are those who are aware of her actions in other realms, many are grateful to have a second chance at life thanks to her. As, from March 2415 up until December 2415 -- this realm was effectively dead. It is documented that many from the Black World were able to live on in other dimensions when the Kora A'ina's of their worlds were destroyed, but those on their home realms were considered to not exist until their revival.

So, as of now, they are gaining a new start and getting back on their feet. It is why many of their wars seem to have eased for the time being. As, the modern earth seems to be unified out of their cautious they have for the PH Verse. While there are still fights, battles and small wars; the overall violence of this world seems to have lowered greatly in anticipation for what is occurring on Earth now. As there are some that are furious with the PH verse, while others simply want to get back to their lives and live on; and many others are simply curious or want to watch them destroy themselves with how many world wars have occurred in Earth.

Hence, only time will tell where the direction of focus will go for the Inverse Earth.

II. Realms Of Spirits: The Inverse Soul Society

The Inverse Of The Soul Society is one without a ruler. There is no Soul King, No Gotei 13, No Iramasha Union or any form of one faction that is in control of the Soul Society. Instead, this Soul Society is ran by the people for the people. A majority of the Inverse Soul Society is ran by by small governments and seems to resemble a modernized earth. They still guide souls between the Inverse Living Realm to the Soul Society, but they appear to have no one faction they call theirs and many different agencies handle these tasks.

At the moment, the Soul Society is trying to come to terms with what happened to them. As, after their world was destroyed during the initial Black World event of 2415, they had entered a state of non-existence and death during the spring of 2415. It was not until April 2416 where their world had been rebuilt and the lives of the Inverse Shinigami had been revived. So, for the time being, they are trying to understand the PH realm, figure out how to prevent it from happening again and making sure their people are ready to defend their world.

So, while the Inverse Soul Society is rather grateful that Mana Asthavon managed to revive the Black World, they aren't exactly too keen to consider themselves allies. At best, at the moment, she isn't an enemy and they are grateful for the work she has done. They are more concerned with what the Soul Society of the PH verse will do now that they have re stabilized themselves. Therefore, they consider them the true threat and are watching the Soul Society of the PH verse carefully.

It's worth noting the Inverse Soul Society has a dense population as well. The Inverse Soul Society has tens of billions of Shinigami and other races that travel to it and call it home. Additionally, demon's, hollow's and Shinigami all work together to better keep the balance in their realms together. While they aren't exactly "allies", it's best to think of the relationship between them as one similar to the United Nations. The reason for this is because they have made long lasting pacts to monitor the flow of chaos, disorder and spirits within The Black World to avoid becoming what the PH verse is.

So, as far as relations go, there are still battles that are waged between these races; but it isn't anywhere near bad as the PH verse's is. The Shinigami, Demons and Hollow's more or less take each incident on a local by local bases. There are times where it fails, there are times where it succeeds; and there are people who are opposed to this, while a good deal of the population is fine with it. Overall, for the time being, they have a system that works and until they see something better they aren't too keen to change it.

III. The World Of Black Spirits: Inverse Hueco Mundo

The Inverse Hueco Mundo is a world is one that is barren and cold. Unlike the warm sands of the PH Verse's hollow world, The Realm of Black Souls is one that is filled with many areas that are either frigid in temps, filled with snow or covered in ice. For the majority of it's existence, however, the population has been abundant and filled with life. The Arrancar and Hollow of this world were a rather spiritual people; more so then the modernized Shinigami. Therefore, a lot of their realm resembled the architectural styling of an Edo Japan covered in ice and cold.

However, after it's destruction, the likes of Rose Mischevang and Mana Asthavon helped bring this realm back to life. Mana Asthavon helped reconstruct the dimension, while Rose took on the task of trying to modernize and advance the people as their Queen. Since many of the Arrancar of this world were unorganized and de-structured, she has formed her own mecha cities that teach the ways of "Evo Arrancar".

These were wide-spread programs which were instilled within the Arrancar and Hollow to help expand their minds to understand the beauty of technology. Through mass telepathy, The Primera Espada bred her seeds into these people to have them more open to the idea of expanding their world and allowing her to evolve it with her refined science. This effort has been a constant since it's reconstruction in July 2415 and has gone into overdrive with the total restoration of the Inverse Realm as of April 2416.

It has made for sudden great leaps in technology, more cities to form and The Arrancar was quickly advancing into a more powerful race because of it. It's even caused other Shinigami to be surprised at their sudden growth. As, in this realm, Shinigami, Demons and Hollow/Arrancar keep a balance among chaos, disorder and the cycle of life and death. They spread corruption, while others help to contain and spread it out evenly. So it's quite different than the relationship the relationship between Arrancar/Hollows and Shinigami within the PH verse.

And, given how most realms are in a state of disrepair, the Inverse Arrancar/Hollow feel their way is better since the world, for the most part, is relatively stabilized.

IV. The Avant Realm: Inverse Demon World

Like many of the Black World's Realms, the Inverse of Demon World does not currently have a set regime of power. In fact, much of it resembles the traditional Demon World. The world is ever expanding, it is roughly four times the size of Earth and the only noticeable difference is that they have roughly half of the demon world's population. That is to say: The Inverse Demon World has roughly 49 billion demons within it.

And, what's more noticeable is the fact that these demon's don't seem to share the same traits as those found in Demon World. When Mana Asthavon began the task of recreating this realm, she had redesigned them all and had essentially freed them all from the influence of Deveta. This then mutated their genetic make-out and made them a much different breed of demons than those currently found in Demon World. They aren't traditional demons, Danava or Rakshasa. Instead, they have been redesigned as "Avant Demon's".

Avant Demon's are considered to be the "Modern Demon" within the Inverse Realm. This is because Avant Demon's do not seem to find their strength in Za Koa, nor do they have relation to the blood of Deveta. This new race of demon's is one that is entirely dependent on themselves and they were created and experimented on by The Demon Queen in the beginning of May 2415. So far, there is not much general information available to the world about them. In fact, she has even kept this a secret from the public for many months up until the dawning of her "Mad Kingdom" that she is ushering in.

As of now, only those within the Black World are aware of the existence of "Avant Demon's" and even those who are apart of it aren't entirely sure what Mana is aiming for in creating them. The Queen has told those who are apart of this kingdom that she simply wishes to see them start anew with the same liberation she granted Demon World when she first took over. To embrace the depravity of the world as they see fit under their own terms. She yearns for them to find their own madness and birth it into the world however they see fit.

Hence, given the fact they were granted a new lease on life, many of them see Mana Asthavon as their new goddesses for freeing them from this bloodline and reconstructing their world anew. So while she is The Queen of Demon World, many refer to her a newborn Goddess within The Avant Realm. Even if she is mad, they seem to have faith and belief in her for granting them this new turn of life.


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