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Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:58 pm

Operation Shadow Purge [CHICAGO: CENTRAL SECTOR] [EVENT] - Page 2 6EdIfMt

Artist: Nyx - Song: Megalo Strike Back - Words: N/A

[NOTE: This is the R3 Replica Shell of Neoveta's old body]
Resistance against the zombified shell seemed to be of little use in the mind of Neoveta. As soon as the tendrils were diverted away from Inami, dozens of stronger and reinforced appendages dared to bounce off those tentacles and propel themselves at mach ten speed around every square inch of The Queen's body so that they may puncture, pierce and fling the woman throughout the battlefield as if she were a bloody rag doll. Although they still required a high amount of potency from corrupted shell in order to pull off, there would still be time to heighten her defenses further because it took a brief pause in the battle to achieve this feat.

Regardless of what outcome occurred, these appendages that had generated and projected themselves out of the tendrils Inami swatted away were going to be the least of her concerns. Since for the one tendril that did make contact, a secondary attack straight out of hell would emerge. As that would be the necessary direct hit she needed in order to infuse a high amount of DE Energy into. This would ensure that the drain effect which this energy possessed could begin to dull, corrode and stomp out the stamina and volumes of energy within The Demon Queen; effectively inducing pain, making it more difficult to summon her power and lowering the potency of her augmentations.

Following that, an eruption of black mist could be seen expanding for one thousand meters in all directions. This would be the cluster of DE Force brewing within the body of the infected shell seeking to neutralize and cancel out the reaitsu drain effect. This was made all the more likely to occur because of the fact it would seek to utilize the metaphysical properties of the energy in order to attack something as ethereal as the reiatsu drain. As, in turn, it would devour and rot out the effects that this attack might have and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Nevertheless, the woman was still filled with a mouthful of drivel. Uttering words about The Shell's insecurities, violence, and supposed friendship. In this state of mind? It was sickening and she intended to take advantage of the fact that it took so long to vomit out those sentiments and to transform.

"I am violent and insecure? I will adhere to that logic and show you violence."

Without missing a beat, a glowing red dagger emerged in the right hand of The Replica Shell. Not too soon after that action would she then stab this dagger straight into the ground. In this moment, a high amount of energy could be felt leaving the body of The Inverse Shell. Why was that? Simple: she was going to annihilate and force Inami to a critical state of being. The destructive capacity of this attack she was brewing could be enough to wipe an epicenter of two cities the size of New York, but was condensed to only be thousand meters.

What was the intent of all this? To unleash a hell storm of her most foul feelings in the form of a rot-filled attack. Since, when the attack was ready, there would be nothing but the blackest shade of shadows which devoured the landscape while The Queen was transforming. It was seeking to unleash a shiaki level attack of a Captain Commander on the woman. Thus, if she were caught in it, Inami would potentially see 25-50% of her energy devoured. While her defenses could be potentially broken; causing immense body strain, burns, cuts and a greater sense of instability on accessing the reserves of power in her body. This could result in making it two times as hard to summon her abilities, quickly react and it could effectively stun her for one or two post.

All the while, the metaphysical effects of the DE could even begin to slither into her mind, dull out her mind and weaken her pain endurance and willpower to make it that much harder to stand up to The Inverse Shell. As, all in all, it would be attack on the physical, metaphysical and mental level to systematically break down the essence of Inami within this dome of total decay and rot. It was meant to signify the corruption of herself, to annihilate that sense of light within The Queen and bring her to the level of zombification that Neoveta's own sense of was in.

Therefore, all that was left to do was to await in the darkness and let the damning booms of her attack spread for many dozens of miles on the end; potentially even being felt as far away Galena, Illinois. That is how much she loathed this creature in front of her for the potency of this attack to be sensed from such great distances. It was all to kill this attachment to the past and keep moving forward with the agenda of her now hollow mind.

"Struggle? I'll redefine the meaning of that word for you and educate you on it what means, Queen."

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:30 am


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Sinking into the turbulent chaos of battle, Inami’s mind seemed to seethe as an overabundance of emotion flew through her. Frustration, that even one of the shells of her sister had become infected and turned into this perverse existance. Yes, it weighed on her mind and slowed down her metaphorical battle-motor from revving up. What could only be described as a hurricane of movement was whipping around the two entities. As tendrils had been deflected, more of them appeared to take their place, these tendrils sought to strike her vital points and potentially cause inami to become a cripple. However, as these excess tendrils came into being, inami’s own body began to boil as more tendrils formed, each one snaking forth to strike the new tendrils that flew out against her. Each contact resulted in shockwaves in the air, if any lesser mundane beings existed in ground zero well, they would find themselves swept off their feet. They would be slammed into the husks of buildings that existed around these two super-charged fighters, that was the level these strikes had begun to reach.

Within her mind, frustration gave way to regret, regret that things had become thus. It pained what was left of her humanity to see even one of her sisters shells falling so far. It was like watching a good friend dying in front of you, when you were powerless to stop it. Internally she lamented at her folly, thinking maybe at one point she could have changed this all. ”..Is this karma? For everything i’ve done , everything i’ve stood for?” The perverse thought that this could have been the worlds way of passing judgement to her caused the faint stirrings of something more primal within her. This was conveyed when the secondary effect of DE became apparent against her own buffeting waves of power. Now, one must understand, while Inami’s dark energy certainly was not Death energy, it bore trace similarities with the corrosive otherworldly energy. Through this and her almost god-like understanding of demon energy at it’s purest form, Inami would seek to cause a reversal.

Would it be easy? No, but as the very nature of her energy suddenly swelled it caused the corrosive affect that was grinding against her to be lessened bit by bit. Eventually as the properties of decay collided her energy would begin to send its tendrils out within the swarm of chaotic energy that radiated from Neoveta, seeking to disrupt and decay the turbulent mass to the point that it would destabilize the very foundations if this perverse shell of neoveta sought to continue her path of trying to assault the energy within inami’s domain. This would lead to her own reserves potentially diminishing, and even further for her to begin losing energy en masse [potentially up to 20% of her entire reserves would be obliterated by this ] 5% of inami’s own personal reserves had been expended to do this while the queen had exhaled, steam rising from her mouth.

The effect would begin to propagate, spreading into the entire of her domain. This would at the very least for now halt the progress of neoveta’s own attempt to override her space. Her eyes shining like daggers as she thought dismally. ”..This is the path we must take huh? “ Again though, if neoveta continued to push her this energy would begin to attack the stability of her own energy directly, seeking to collapse it inwards or potentially even cause it to turn on it’s own through an inverse application of how demons share energy with each other. Since theoretically speaking, if a demon could share or transfer it’s energy to another, to an extent it should be able to potentially encroach upon another demons energy. In such a way this viscous response had another effect indirectly.

The very ground beneath them simply ballooned outwards as a dome of force shattered everything within a two thousand meter radius while within inami’s mind the melting pot of emotions had finally risen to a head. The darkness encroached upon her, but like a light in the midst of the storm inami’s body radiated a brilliance that even eclipsed the sun. The emotions had all bled into one, the fright and fear of losing a semblance of family, the frustration of her own powerlessness. The naivety she had once held, the chaos within her. They became something like sludge, and soon through her manipulation of zao-ka the amount of energy that expanded from the queen at this moment smashed against the shadows, setting them ablaze before a earth-rending blast blew outwards.

It would be as if a muted solar wind descended down upon the earth, the ground was scorched black, the buildings that stood as husks turned to ash. The ozone was ripped apart and set ablaze, at this point she might have said something along the lines of

”..Then there is nothing left to say. “

But the noise too would be utterly dispersed in the chaos of this wind. It’s affects could potentially be felt in every single sector. Scorching winds and burning flames would fall upon the city like rain, while the queen’s entire body continued to smolder as she had enveloped herself in a cloak of blackened flames. At this point her body thrummed with raw power, and she flew raised her hand as the air began to distort around her body. Several darkened orbs of energy forming within seconds.

Then inami fired and the orbs turned into streaks, having been sped up through environment manipulation. Accelerating them until they became streaks of black against the blazing earth. These orbs would pack enough power individually to cause for everything within a mile to become ash. So if they erupted the amount of force logically would be terrifying. Yet the queen wasn’t done, as her hand jerked down from the sea of flame a great serpent would rise, given form by incalculable demon-magic, this massive serpent would seek to ensnare and entangle with the likes of the Shell of neoveta, inhibiting her movements while the queen had then been assaulted by the mental attack that was associated with death energy.

Inami’s own response would be to exert the instability in her mind, her own resolute determination smashing against the waves that sought to delve into her mind. This would repel the entirety of the energy, and while she was a little worse for wear from the whole of their exchange, it would be at most a few burns on her arms, and a bloody gash going down the side of her cheek from one of the tendrils. Other then that her body, which was still covered by her demon barrier was intact. And she prepared for the next onslaught.

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Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:24 pm

Artist: Poets Of The fall - Song: Carnival of Rust - Word Count:1200

Chicago had always been a turbulent city of death and anarchy but with word of Zombies the captain level shinigami whom had been MIA for months to deal with the insanity Mana had sealed onto his soul had come to the fore front of the action. For the most part he had learned to live with the curse placed upon him and in that time had learned his frigid views of right and wrong weren't as iron clad as they had been, his mercy for others had diminished and his will to protect everyone had suffered a hit as well. It had taken him months to conquer the seal put on him so he could return to a portion of who he had been, months of fighting to reforge the very core of his person and now the small white headed boy stood in the middle of a section of a city on fire, the dead were milling about aimlessly and he had taken steps to close them off from leaving and spreading the infection outside of this city. Before the golden eyed boy would have erected barriers in an attempt to confine the zombies and hope to cure them but now he saw purging them as the best way to deal with such a large scale problem.

Due to his inert angelic ability to not give off a spirit pressure period he had managed to walk the streets with ease without encountering any form of resistance and had laid down score upon score of these damned creatures. They were nothing but bugs to him and he wasted no more energy than it would take for one to bend over and smash an ant with one's thumb. He had made attempts to shelter the innocent and weak, placing them on the fringes of the city as he encountered them but placing them where they couldn't exactly leaving as to not potentially spread the infection. He would kill men, women, and children if they were infected, it didn't matter anymore. what mattered was containment and stopping the root of the problem so as he made his way to the core of the city and saw two women facing off he halted on top of the shattered remains of a burnt out tower. Ones looks like Neoveta, the woman whom attempted to end me in the garden of the gods, the other I'm not sure. He thought cooly, his dulled golden eyes fixating on the woman whom had almost ended him for no real reason other than she hated his angelic blood.

He wasn't surprised to see her as the Americas we're under demonic control now, they had been for a long time, what surprised him was that she was facing off with another woman whom radiated demonic energies. It was strange to see them combating in an area where most would assume them to be allies, still he could come to no definitive conclusion as to who was on which side and for what, all he knew was Neoveta was a psychopath who attacked first and asked questions never. while his almost lifeless eyes scanned the two to find who was the weaker and who held the upper hand they unleashed attacks each, Neoveta using the same corruption and corrosion that she had inflicted upon him months ago. It was an attack that embodied her unstable mind set and ripped into the very core of your being, it was a wicked attack but not one that would phase him as it had before, not one that he would be afraid of if he had been the target, not since Mana's corruption was imposed upon him. Still he felt bad for the other demon, it was a deadly attack to get waylaid by. To his surprise though she managed to back it off and even a counter attack, the power of the two attacks combined would create wide spread destruction for many miles. He could feel a massive energy spike pushing down as a beam of light ripped the cloud layer asunder and the light gave way to destructive solar winds that destroyed the ozone layer and turned the ruined city center into a blackened husk of radioactive fallout.

He would be caught up in the after effects of these two battling and would have been dead if not for the fact he himself channeled stellar energies and the force of light, as the winds of irradiated heat bombarded the area his scarred left hand pulled his zanpakuto free just a bit, the blade shattering into thousands of glimmering fragments and circling him fully. The shinigami was using his most base zan power, his sealed zan ability but he was bending its effect from being a field of blinding power to a defensive dome that reflected the heat and radiation away from him and the building he was perched on, it wouldn't be enough to fully block but enough so that he only received minor first degrees burns on his right cheek and his arms. Wounds that would cause nothing more than a minor annoyance when it came down to it.

Now though the short white haired boy was interested in seeing what the actual fuck was going on down below. He hadn't a mission to do here, he wasn't sent to contain these zombies, as far as he was concerned this was shadowfalls damn problem and they could suck him dry for all he cared. He had just been here, just curious to see what was happening but a girl whom had tried to kill him was in a fight and he owed her a little bit of pay back. His feet crunched under the blackened ash of the area around him before a blast of soot and ash shot up with him moving forward using his angelic light step that was akin to a normal shinigamis shunpo. The ash rained down the area like a black winter, the fallout from the solar wind attack and the boy appeared to the right of Neoveta and the left of the other girl forming a three person triangle, now his dull gold eyes began to light up as he felt the rush of insanity in him, the tiny bit of Mana's curse he had held onto, the bit that made him unpredictable in battle now. The bit that made him just a smidge closer to the demons in front of him.

"Not that you remember me but I'm here for a party." he said, making himself known to the two because even with using two abilities that should give off a signature he still remained without any spirit pressure what so ever. To the uneducated he would appear to be a suicidal child with a katana in his left hand. He knelt oddly on the blackened mound of rubble and yawned before flashing Neoveta a cocky smile and looking at the other girl, his head turning much like a confused dog, he would appear a very odd sight in this grim fight.

(I promise my posting style will come back as the rust comes off, bare with me.)

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