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Artist: Mogeko Castle - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

The sound of a pen against paper, scribbling notes echoed softly in the underground chamber that lay deep beneath the surface of the city of light. It was a place that many, not even the captains of the vandenreich knew of. In this stone chamber, imbedded in the ocean floor it could be said that if the elect wished, even the screams of a god could be held at bay, and left unheard at the surface. Yet, returning to the surface there was easy to discern characteristics on the granite desk that she currently resided at. One, was the papers that littered it, these papers could be considered classified intelligence; gathered by scouts of the vandenreich from the world. The information hidden in these papers, could be considered beyond precious. Each paper held a trove of information that the elect felt was beyond the knowledge of common captains in the vandenreich. Not, because she had a lack of faith, or trust for them. But rather because from how she had learned of their personalities, she knew that they might act upon some of the sensitive information that constantly was scanned by her eyes on a daily basis.

Other than the elect, the executive division was aware of this hidden space, each one would be made aware of it once they ascended to their respective spots, as the pillars of the vandenreich organization. Yet for now, above ground several sentries had detached from their posts, in their own respective parts of the city of light. Moving like wraiths they had slid silently through crowds. The elect had called for them to bring a single person to her. A male that she had become aware of during the conflict of america. When they battled a beast whose stature rivaled medium sized buildings. Sprache, yes that was this lads name, the name of the individual that had invoked the interest of the leader of the vandenreich so much. Infact, she had been trying to find information on what kind of power he truly possessed. For during the battle, even if she hadn’t been paying attention. . . she still could feel the heaven-defying power that he exhibited back then. At first, it perplexed her; a quincy that was capable of releasing so much power even if he seemed to be weak.

Then it became simply fact, and she had dismissed it after making note of it. Since combat was not the time to inquire about certain assets or abilities an individual may have. It also had been that Sprache, had done a great service when he aided the vandenreich, as a fellow quincy who, in all honesty she hadn’t even heard of helped them. Thus with all these factors in the base of the city of light in Kammer der Abstammung, (Chamber of Ancestry) , a hallowed ground within the city which could be considered it’s heart, the Elect had sent for this male, and currently awaited his arrival. Her expression remaining rather calm as she pondered it. An idea that she had in her head for some time now. It was the fact her eyes could not be everywhere at once, even if she intended for her hand to be gentle, she couldn’t be more cautious about how she led the vandenreich.

It was for this reason that she had thought of creating an elite division that functioned within the vandenreich, yet was also able to function on it’s own disgression unless acted upon by the leader of the vandenreich herself or the executives. This group would on the surface hold no rank, but in times of dire need each and every one of these members; would have the authority of someone just below an executive. They would hold rank higher than a captain. The name she had come up with was Versteckter Zweig, the hidden branch. Although she had no clue about just how she was going to have them operate, and in what capacity; She was sure she wished for sprache to be a part of this division, hence for now as she waited she pondered, and she focused. The quincy still needed foundation, and that, was exactly what she was planning to give them.

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