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Return to the Homeland Empty Return to the Homeland

Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:40 pm


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1901

One road stop was something his honor dictated he do. The Vandenreich were no longer his to protect or guide. They would fly on their own and he wished to let Sing know. Respectfully that he wouldn't be able to force them to honor the agreement. The Quincy were going into a direction of their own choosing. It had been a long time since such a thing occurred. Ghislain didn't know what he was doing back in Germany again. This place was where his families home once remained. Such a heritage to find out he didn't care for the sword. Instead, he enjoyed the scythe much more. He glanced down at the Grim deciding exactly what he could do. Rubbing his chin together he would need to visit a bladesmith someday in the future. To create a weapon that surpassed even Regalia's. But for now he had an honor bound duty here to perform and he would see it through. His body shifted slightly uncomfortable as he sat looking at the scythe's form before him. Made of Dark Matter it was the correct shape finally. He'd had to make several adjustments to the weapon.

Something was missing indeed from this as he began to sense he could do more. Ghislain wanted to make something for the first time in a long time. A weapon to banish the darkness and protect what mattered. His skills weren't there yet with the scythe to perform such a feat. He would need to visual and physically train himself. So far the style he was building was incomplete. Everything about it was at the moment but a standstill. He didn't know what else he could to create something new. Quincy didn't have a Style or form to fighting with Scythes. But something told him they could much like the sword. But the problem was he was uneducated on its form. He reached outward gripping the scythe somewhere below the blade. His body wasn't strong enough yet for this and the fast paced combat, it required. Physically Ghislain would need to improve his strength. He couldn't just keep using gravity to make it lighter and wieldable for him. Though he guessed that was indeed an option.

His eyes remained closed as he felt the cool feeling pulse between his fingertips. A couple things needed to be done for this to function correctly. The letters he sent requesting an audience with a member of the K-World were polite as he'd always been.

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