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Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:18 am
"There we are…" A young man muttered to himself, spinning the blade around in his hands before sliding it back in its sheathe. Theoretically, he should be handling Vanguard business, but for this mission he had removed any sign of llegince. After all, Kurama was a member o the Vanguard to advance his own goals.

"...what do I do…" He continued his muttering, stepping forwards. He had come here to discreetly ship out a collection of people who believed that they could live a better life in a plce not ruled by Shadowfall. While Kurama had dealt with most of their pursuers, and their bodies were laying on the ground around him, there was still an ominous feeling in the back of his mind. ...Of course, they would probably send someone like me… someone with a touch more power.

Spinning the blade in his hands, Kurama took a look at his surroundings once again. He was in a cove on the West Coast, one that had been used by smugglers, far in the past. Granted, what they were doing now was similar in nature… only they were smuggling people. Illegal immigration away from the country, hmm… The human thought to himself, walking towards the building that linked the smuggler's cove to the surface world. It was around that point that the ominous feeling reemerged.

Kurama took a stance in front of the door to the outside world. Whatever came through it would not get past him. He was a defender for what he believed in… and an organization like Shadowfall controlling such a large territory was not something he was particularly interested in. So it was that he drew the blade out of its sheathe, the metal sparking as the electromagnetic blade unhatched from its container. The blade vibrated at intensely high speeds within his grip. Placing the weapon in front of himself, his one eye stared at the door.

This wasn't just for niceties. The village that used to exist outside of this building would have pointed towards this door, this direction, as the pathway towards the Cove. Blood splattered the walls from the enforcers who had arrived earlier. Kurama, for his part, had only gotten blood on his hands and arms, not a speck going past his shoulders.

This place had once been known as Angel Island… but Kurama strongly doubted that he would be meeting one of those.

"Alright… Let's dance."

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