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How To Increase The Chances Of Your Characters Upgrade Being Approved Empty How To Increase The Chances Of Your Characters Upgrade Being Approved

Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:22 am
How To Increase The Chances Of Your Characters Upgrade Being Approved Latest?cb=20100901145233

The Point Of Guide And What You'll Gain

The point of this guide is to make clear how to improve your chances of getting an upgrade approved. After reading the contents, you should have a better view of my expectations.


This is important to me because of the fact that I want to be sold on something. How exactly can you sell to me that your character deserves to be upgraded? You have to be able to properly communicate that as I don't feel that "I just want an upgrade" is a sufficient pitch. Try to go over some of the elements below to sell me.


Have there been any storylines, events or plots your character took part in? You should be able to have a timeline of events to otherwise back up your upgrade claims. It makes it seem like a more worthwhile investment when you do.


"I feel Timmy has the potential to upgrade because of the fact that he has been through this training arc, gained this lesson and learned how to otherwise use a power he was limited in through trial and error."

This sounds better than

"I just want to upgrade Timmy because I finished a thread and want an upgrade."


What kind of effort have you put into your upgrade project? You can go ahead and list off the threads they've been in, word counts and any type of effort you feel is relevant towards this. While word count/post count isn't everything to consider in an upgrade, I will take it into consideration if it's sufficient enough.


While you may think this is related to the story, it is not. The purpose part of pitching is describing why you want your character and what function it serves to further development your character.

For example, I had my own characters upgrade for the purpose of wanting to develop others recently. Since I created various upgrades for my character Liu that were designed to create story arcs for characters, help them discover themselves and develop their potential.

It sounds much better than:

"I just want an upgrade so I can be super badass. :D"


Lastly, we have achievements/impact. What are your characters feats, achievements or impact they've had on the site? Have they made a lasting change? Used their powers to alter a storyline? Added value into the site? Performed a major feat?

To get a better example of this:

Feat: "My 4-5 character was able to endure an immense gravity shift during his last training session and not die. This meant that he gained durability points that can benefit his character overall and develop an ability to become durable."

Value: "My character has invested their powers towards the organization they are a part of. They were able to create rows and rows of weapons which contributed to improving the offense of this faction."

Impact: "Throughout the last event, my character was able to help change the tide of things by using it to hold back the enemy forces."

You see where I'm going with this?

Extra Note: Frequency

One last note I would like to add, however, is that you should watch out for frequency. While we sometimes process rapid upgrades, it puts a VERY ugly impression on you when you are rapidly making upgrades for your character every other day. I'd recommend limiting yourself to 1-3 upgrades a week for your character if you do not want this impression.

There will be exceptions, though. As I may be more lenient on someone who upgrades every few months as opposed to someone with a higher frequency who does it weekly.


If you are going to make a power upgrade, please put some thought into it. Otherwise, we may deny it if there isn't sufficient reason that is pitched to us.

Also, apply common sense. If a staff member approved you for something like a miniburst upgrade, then you better link the approval or we aren't obliged to approve it.

How To Increase The Chances Of Your Characters Upgrade Being Approved WVMWLOu
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