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» Name: Charlotte Emilia Leonhardt
» Titles: Cerulean Valkyrie, Aureate Templar
» Appearance Age: Late Teens
» True Age: 154
» Gender: Female
» Origin: Conviction
» Class: Angel of the Sword
» Affiliation/Rank: Iramasha Union | Elite Guard

» Height: 6'2 ft / 188 cm
» Weight: 188 lbs / 85 kg


Natural Born Leader:
A sort of confidence in herself yet not to the extent of pride induces a sense of charisma, and the manner which Charlotte carries herself solidifies such an exterior. Add her capacity to take leadership and project some authority over a crowd yet drawing them together by lifting up an agreeable banner for all of them to follow, and you get the core of Charlotte’s capacity for leadership. If there was one thing in particular which says otherwise, it’s her youth and immaturity that prevents her from being level-headed at times. While the penultimate commander should possess some level of ruthlessness and rationality in conjunction with the drive they use themselves to instill a sort of determination in others, Charlotte is far too empathetic. Still young, she’s often driven by her emotions rather than reason. Sure, she has a sharp mind and the skills at her disposal to achieve the ends of her preference, but due to that innate compassion which embodies her prefered knightly ideology, the Aurelian Paladin is strict and selective on the chosen means. That sort of passion also contributes to her capacity to lead, but such a strong personality can be intimidating to the timid; fortunately, her sensitive side can still draw them under her radiance.

If there’s anything that can really put Charlotte’s gears into motion, it’s a challenge on any level, big or small. As, with her confidence and conviction, she earnesty believes that given the appropriate resources and time will enable her to achieve any goal. For that, beyond just a leader, Charlotte can be considered an innovator, the type of person who won’t just lead from the back, but rather brace the wind at the front to allow others an easier time rising and following in her footsteps. It’s a sort of combination of acute mental acumen that enables her to take those resources and time and put it to good use, thus providing her a positive attitude to challenges of any size. A strategic mind-set and optimistic outlook prevents her from being daunted from the distance of the end goal, even better allowing her to properly evaluate the necessary steps that build up to the bigger picture.

Presented a circumstance of negotiation, Charlotte portrays someone relentless and utterly domineering. Not just because of her natural confident demeanor and high standards and expectations, but because she just won’t settle for anything less than perfect. For that, the Aureate Templar can be considered dominating, because there are few things that can bar those of the same litter them from what they want. Particularly when referencing back to their ‘appreciation’ for a good challenge. She’s strong-hearted, at times even outright stubborn, and damn good at moving forward, let alone persevering. Unfortunately, it’s hard for others to keep up with her consistent 110% attitude, and it doesn’t really help that she won’t fold over when met even with resignation from her subordinates and allies.

Someone of Charlotte’s calibre in not just status but character provides a raised bar of standards in terms of who they can find on equal grounds, intellectually and emotionally. Thus, for someone on par with her strive for precision and quality of action and execution, given Charlotte’s own degree of self-scrutiny, she’s equally capable of finding the faults and strengths of others on various levels, thus emphasising her appreciation for those on another level. So, not only is the girl a capable leader, but in aspirations for leading the life of a glorious knight, she has worked on and become talented at working together with others, though typically taking the forefront even in this regard. This is an exceptional trait when balancing out her confidence, keeping people from viewing her as excessively arrogant, though at times she can’t help but offer an aura of condescension given the occasional repartee for those of more malicious intent.

Emotional expression happens to be Charlotte’s strong suit, and she’s well capable of closing the distance to anyone, excelling most in high publicity scenarios. The broader the crowd, given her analytic qualities, the better it is, both in satisfying her love for a challenge and enabling the opportunity to connect to a larger network of people. The flipside is a deviance in trends given a more professional environment. As someone who highly values emotional bonds and morals, the professional scenarios that might demand more cold-hearted decisions isn’t something she can easily abide by. Of course, she won’t hold her tongue when met with the weaker willed, especially those who settle for their own faults and don’t seek improvement. Charlotte may be empathetic and soft-hearted, but that standard she holds will always be observed.


» History: The dream Charlotte held ever so dearly onto as a child was to live up to the name of her father. Her mother, an affluent Angel Iramasha without earnest influence to her position, a simpler woman. It was that simplicity which Charlotte deeply cherished and missed more than anything about her. That simplicity is what bonded her parents so closely. Unfortunately, there was always a physical and emotional distance between Charlotte and her father, as her parents never married; Kakeru Leonhardt still had a kingdom to attend to, and his time in the Iramasha Realm was short-lived.

Charlotte stayed with her mother, a more stable household to live under and one that could provide more ably, as her mother was no longer an active figure in the Iramasha Union. That very distance from her father is what had Charlotte hold him in even higher regard. The seldom visits had her appreciate every moment with him all the more, eventually shaping her dream as a young child: to be a distinguished knight. That dream was all the more reinforced whenever he left. In fact, for quite a while, it became more of an obsession.

The lack of talent for any sort of sugiuran magic or skills--to the point of complete ineptitude--was a barrier at first. Only with her mother's encouragement and personal teachings in iramasha skills as a substitute was her aspirations achievable. Whenever possible, she visited the Sugiuran Realm, and her status as a daughter of the previous Praetorian Knight enabled easy access. Given the difference in the flow of time, this time became very clearly excessive.

Whenever Charlotte returned home, she looked visibly older. At some point, in her worries for her daughter's growth and distance with herself, Charlotte's mother even began restricting her visits to her father's domain. Taking her previous freedoms for granted, in anger Charlotte ran away from her home.

Rather than fleeing to the Sugiuran Realm where it was obvious, and there was potential of being forcibly returned, Charlotte instead left to the Soul Society. Given the alliance at the time, she was welcomed as a guest. Her battle fervor and innocent charisma made it easy to get alone with the shinigami of the combat division that held similar interests. There were even times when she joined training excursions, a great point of growth for her. The exposure to a group of proper fighters actively engaging in combat was eye-opening, and at times had contrast to her chivalric ideals ingrained into her heart.

On a particular excursion, Charlotte followed a shinigami squadron to Hueco Mundo. Ambushed by Shadow Fall forces, they were unable to escape. She spent the next few months in a constant combat zone for what felt like perpetual fighting. Wherever they went, it was all too easy for Shadow Fall forces to follow after and harass them without rest. They were in enemy territory, after all.

While she had differences in personal beliefs and the manner of conduct some of them had, to a point of self-described savagery, Charlotte's time with them naturally developed an attachment. In fact, she learned many things from them, both practical advice and a means to combat that helped her develop her own sword style. She fought with these shinigami for dear life, and when a portion of them were taken prisoner, like the others she was unwilling to abandon them.

Unfortunately, their offensive raids against the Shadow Fall outposts they believed their mates to be in were consistently unsuccessful. This disheartened the group, and after three years past, despite being battle-hardened warriors, they finally gave up. The shinigami were convinced that, even if they were able to successfully raid the correct outpost, by now their comrades were undoubtedly either dead or totally unrecognisable. The smarter choice was to leave to the best of their abilities and report to their superiors. Maybe they'd be able to send a rescue mission later with greater forces.

Viewing them to be cowardly, Charlotte sends them off angrily. They urged for her to return with them, but just like in the Iramasha Realm, she ran off. The rage and disgust in the abandonment disgusted her. They were all comrades, they fought side by side for what she believed to be a purpose greater than them; yet, now, faced with seemingly insurmountable adversity, they cracked. There was something about abandonment that she couldn't tolerate, though she didn't fully understand why she felt this way.

On her own, she consistently battered innumerable Shadow Fall outposts with attacks, facing off against forces well beyond her means. Each time, she either succeeded in destroying one, or successfully escaped heavily injured. It was good that Charlotte was a talented fighter, and her growth was brilliant. Four more years into her razing of Hueco Mundo, she was far more than simply a known face. She was a force to be reckoned with. Innumerable locations fell under her blade.

All this fighting was still principally for her shinigami allies. Once the enemy knew about her motives, they complied. All the hell she raised wasn't at all worth it just to keep a few shinigami hostages. That said, the people she was looking for were most certainly dead by now. Either way, they needed to give her something to go off of to have her go away, so they instead sent some unrelated shinigami they captured in some other firefight.

She felt demeaned. Mocked. "Fine, we’ll give the tantrum child what she wants.” And for that? Charlotte found her origin: Conviction. This was unacceptable. She burned the base where she received the hostages to the ground, smited them in almighty judgement. It was here that she resolved herself to personally slay Ashlei Clixx and Mana Asthavon, and anyone else under them that had responsibility over these atrocities. No matter how powerful they were, she'd exceed the limits and pass judgement. That was her conviction.

Before then, a greater priority was the safety of the rescued shinigami. They were addled and seemingly mindless; whether they could be returned to being a person was questionable, but Charlotte had no way of helping them there herself. She brought them back to Soul Society and looked at the person who received her with utter contempt and disgust. In all these years she fought for them, she saw no one else sent to aid in the rescues. It didn't matter whether it was a practical use of their military forces. She neglected to even visit her allies from all those years ago and went straight home, to the Iramasha Realm. It was too long since she saw her mother, and her anger for being restricted was beyond settled.

Upon her return, she was given news of her uncle's death, the leader of their family at the time. Additionally, her mother passed as well, from a loss in health due to sickness. This illness had long since plagued her and was the reason she resigned from her position as the head of the clan and passed it on to her younger brother. Charlotte was unaware of this to begin with. Though she couldn't confirm, there was a moment where she heard through the whispers of high society that her death was accelerated through poisoning, but it was passed off as a vile rumour.

For that, Charlotte felt simply whelmed. A sense of apathy drew over her, over-washing the regret and irony she partook in. To her, abandonment was the worst sin. And yet, there she was, abandoning her sickly mother due to a petty squabble. In this darkness, she sought the release of death, the escape of mindlessness. She was tempted by the darkness in her heart as all that she knew was falling apart. When she completely returned home, ready to do whatever it took to escape this cruel reality, she saw a sword hung on the mantle. It was the only thing which stayed steadfast, the one thing she knew that remained. A symbolism of what should lie in her heart, and what she shouldn't give up on. It reaffirmed her Origin of Conviction, and birthed her Aether Class of the Sword.

Charlotte stayed to take care of matters of their fallen house, finding that she was the only one to maintain the clan as the whole of it declined. Her efforts to repair things was taken notice as many vultures came to take from the clan's remains, and charlotte fought them off--physically, if it came down to it. More vultures in another sense took similar notice. Charlotte was a popular person to the layman, and a youth in her own right. With her own noble standing, they saw it appropriate to take her under their wing, and develop a new, strong member of their faction. Fortunately, members of the Iramasha Guard felt the same.

When charlotte learned of the Sugiuran Realm closing and that she couldn't return, there was nowhere else to really return to. For sake of maintaining her convictions, she continued on to rebuild what she could and at least honour the legacy her mother left for her. This absence of any other purpose in the Iramasha Realm, and a sense of likemindedness found in her love for the sword, sense of honour, and general likability made it an easy transition to join the Iramasha Guard.

As the years went by, her popularity continued to rise and her engagement with the Iramasha people in a political sense rose as well. Her nobility was acknowledged, and her clan was regaining its prestige. This political rise was then helped by same figures in the Union hoping to raise her as a member of their faction. In particular, it was to combat the rise of another popular Iramasha who gained a position on the council, heading the current largest faction that was in direct opposition to their own, who rallied the youthful iramasha behind him: Laplace Iramasha.

Fortunately for him, Charlotte was generally uninterested in any active participation of governing politics with the Iramasha, She was only a benign threat. It didn't stop his political opponents from trying to use her, bring her into the fold, and eventually place her on the council herself if need be, so he knew that at some point he needed to act. Until then, Charlotte stayed focus on what she could accomplish in the now, both for herself and her family, and the people around her. She couldn't afford to get ahead of herself, after all; the greater aspiration of convicting the leader of Shadow Fall still remained.


» Hand to Hand Prowess: With her life dedicated to becoming a knight, as a proponent of combat Charlotte lives and breathes the will to fight. Thus, experiencing and training in many forms of structured and intuitive fighting styles alike, even casting aside her superior sword arts Charlotte has rightfully earned the title “Viridescent Asura”, a reference not only to the preferable complex fighting style she utilises, but the colour of her eyes just as her fathers, their incandescent often being the last thing you witness before being felled.

Staying true to her epithet, the defining trait behind Charlotte’s main fighting style is relentlessness, in ways more than one. In terms of technique and skill, Charlotte’s movements mold together, offense and defense, footwork and hand movements working in tandem to move the whole body as a single unit in one flow. The most fearsome product of her fighting style in relation to technique in skill is how each movement is a flowing response leading into another seamlessly--that is the product of experience and training. In truth, what propels Charlotte’s techniques--and capability to tie together multiple schools of martial thought--is manipulation of force.

For Charlotte, the truth behind her seamless attacks and defense is through manipulating her momentum. Every strike will never waste power, as its recycled into the next attack through centrifugal force. The Leonhardt’s relentlessness in technique lies in her never stopping movement, steadily and constantly building momentum. For example, a simple right-hook. Charlotte’s immediate action thereafter is to use torque through her waist, storing all that kinetic energy released from her right-hook in her shoulders as if actively converting it back into potential energy. Her shoulders must then follow after per inertia, pulled by her initial strike forward and the exerted centrifugal force pulling it back, and centripetal force pulling it around, keeping all the force of her right-hook available to add onto her next attack. Like this, the Asura’s movements constantly gain speed and momentum like a juggernaut, simulating heaven breaking blows with godlike strength.

This kaleidoscope manner of combat injected into a coalition of simultaneous attack and defense makes her all the more fearsome. This allows for inescapable pressure, as most attacks thrown at her are responded to accordingly, while she still provides her own strikes to give little room to breathe, fully embodying her “Asura” self. Once more, the key feature of Charlotte’s fighting style is “relentlessness”. Once she starts, it’s difficult to stop her, like a raging demon coming down on her opponent in a flurry of attacks whilst absorbing all initiations and counters perfectly.

Exerting maximum force with minimal exertion through whole-body utilisation in every movement, the Areate Templar’s endurance appears endless, presenting the second half to her “Relentlessness”. Born from her inexhaustible determination drawn from her core origin of Conviction, Charlotte’s body may not be indestructible, but the toleration towards pain and next-level reserves of energy and capacity to fight leaves her enemies breathless. While she prefers using technique as her defense, blocking, parrying, and dodging any attempted damage, the Asura refuses to let injury or pain discourage her onslaught.

That being said, as is most often the largest fault in the young, Charlotte’s combat potential is stunted by her immaturity. By the present descriptions, Charlotte seems like an incomparable opponent with unstoppable force. She holds an iron defense which, even if penetrated, still meets her unending will, further accentuated by an offense battering down any opposition to an inevitable defeat. That is what it means for Charlotte to be called “Asura”. So, what do you do against a difficult opponent with boundless energy? Restrict them, seal them or their driving power away, interrupt their building momentum before it becomes unbearable.

All things considered, Charlotte still relies much of her force on wedging her way into a position where slowly building up power to an incredible extent is viable. Taking away that initial positioning, even outright restricting her physically, nullifies any attempt to do so, leaving her particularly vulnerable given she’s not in the peak condition to engage. Breaking her positioning is a weakness for her in that her combat potential relies on that initial build up, so facing someone who can break her stance and prevent her to start up the engine that powers her consistent dynamic combat style makes it impossible for her to gain that "unstoppable force" to begin with. Charlotte’s usual success using this method never allowed for development of proficiency in any sort of holding, grabbing, and locking-oriented martial arts, and instead developed in parallel on becoming proficient at avoiding situations enabling the sort, neglecting any attempt at learning them herself. All things said, considering her locomotive transactions using close-quarters combat as a conduit, any ranged fighter that could keep her at a distance would easily lead Atsuyo on like a dog on a leash.

Another apparent weakness is Charlotte’s straight-forward manner of combat. While she’s working on it, and at an incredible pace, the hybrid is not yet fully adapted to tactical combat and real-time strategy. She’s grasped many more rudimentary concepts such as misdirection, sensory illusions, or elusive body posturing, but something like mind-games through technique--as anything less direct to include speech isn’t a viable distraction for such an steadfast warrior--easily escape her attention and bypass her instinct-driven fighting personality. Take too long and, in accordance with her personal tendencies and natural inclination and inherent talent with combat, and she may adapt, learn, and adopt these methods, so a hasty utilisation is paramount. Draw things out too long, and not only is her built-up momentum virtually unstoppable, but she's had the time to adapt to any cues that lead into strategic fighting styles, all leading up to Charlotte fully embodying the idea of a “weak early game” character.

肢妖魔流 - Shiyōmaryū [Ghost Limb Style]
A learned style of hand-to-hand offense in which witnesses have often commented on the user's arms or legs disappearing or multiplying, leaving a broken enemy in an instant and thus being the true origin to her epithet, “Viridescent Asura”, as if Charlotte were a four-armed oppressive demon. Shiyomaryu was a hakuda form Charlotte was taught during her time in Soul Society, learning from the shinigami in the Gotei. In truth, this style is designed to maximize time-efficiency and utilise breath-taking instantaneous and explosive speeds similar to boxing, resulting in the user's movements moving faster than what can normally be processed. Of course, against the spiritual level opponent, simply exceeding human standards of sense isn’t sufficient.

Shiyoumaryuu was developed on the basis of combining Charlotte’s past training and kaleidoscope style of combat with her new experiences of actual combat, even incorporating aspects of Juujun Ryuushiryuu to bring this martial art to the apex. Involving both the Asura’s natural explosive and constant nature of full-offense and the tricky and uncommitted body-posture and tactical techniques of a real life-or-death scenario, Shiyoumaryuu becomes a one-of-a-kind form with room for very little counterplay.

The basis for its seemingly invisible attack form is constant motion to attract the opponents focus, combined with visual cues to draw that attention away: misdirection. The end result is an unpredictable body posture difficult to defend or jump straight into, especially considering the differing attempts of misdirection through visual cues, implying rigid movements to force static to dynamic visual focus, and the contrasting seamlessness of Charlotte’s consistent-motion techniques.

The key is balance, which centres as the controlling force behind manipulating the propelling centrifugal force behind Charlotte’s additive attacking power. This is featured in controlling the pause in the transitional phase aforementioned in the right-hook example, where the time gap in the pull of inertia brings Charlotte’s static shoulders filled with potential energy around one revolution to strike with full force from hip tor am strength. That balance allows for more meticulous manipulation of the acting forces, exerting a flowing constant transition of rigidity and flexibility.

What makes her technique all the more fearsome is the initial power generated behind execution. Atsuyo is clearly an agility-based combatant, but that doesn’t take away from her built-in strength that supports her capacity to reach that level of unstoppable momentum in the first place. Atsuyo enacts striking techniques for the most part, and therefore stresses focused power for maximum efficiency. Should she let that innate strength run rampant, each of her strikes would instead of possessing a piercing attribute, carry massive blunt force that shatters earth and voids the air itself.


» Five Tenets of the Armament: A form that holds all the answers to every situation, and for Charlotte, it holds all the answers in general. She practices the Leonhardt Sword Style not just as a means of combat, but as a means of meditation and philosophical inquiry, evolving it into what it is now. The tenets pertain to the matters of the heart, the matters of the mind, the matters of the soul, the matters of life, and the matters of battle. Living well and wisely, and battling well and wisely, can be done through following them.

Matters of the Heart: Don't take fights pointlessly. In real combat, there must be a reason to fight, or else why fight at all. Be certain that the movements of the sword follow the movements of the heart, or you will lose. When you swing the sword, do not hesitate. Be certain of it, and certain of yourself for why you are swinging it. Matters of the Heart is a simple style, predictable but powerful because all that is in you is put into each movement. It is fast, with no wasted movements, directly to the point and aggressive in nature.

Matters of the Mind: A style focused on fighting the opponent mentally, with the sword as a conduit. It utilises mental games, feints, plenty of tricks and unnecessary movement to maintain unpredictability. You must be steeled against the opponent's own attempts to misdirect and distract. Fight with an attempt to establish knowledge on positioning, outside factors, and how to use them.

Matters of the Soul: The soul grows by taking in what it is given and transforming it into something beautiful. An ethereal form, with wide movements that look more like a dance, it is adaptive and malleable. Matters of the Soul is more of a responsive sword style that changes according to the flow of the battle and its objective, moving with a cadence that shifts at a moments notice and counters each attempt the opponent offers. In similar function, the movements of the enemy are incorporated, reflecting their actions with an appropriate response. Matters of the Soul is well equipped to deal with multiple opponents because of its fluidity, flitting between openings and bodies with grace.

Matters of the Life: Life can be overwhelming, and it will throw all it can at you, leaving you with no other option except to endure. Matters of the Life is primarily defensive, steadfast, and only breakable when your spirit breaks. It is able to tackle many opponents and tear through massive walls provided by both the enemy and nature itself. When an opponent hurls a massive fireball at you? Cut through it. When the earth is upturned and a crevice opens to swallow you, level the world so that the crevice is but a valley. In this manner, Matters of the Life is also especially adept at changing the circumstances to your favour.

Matters of the Battle: Not everything is a battle, and you do not need to treat it that way. But there could be a battle to face at any moment, whether literal or spiritual. Be prepared for it. Ironically, Matters of the Battle isn't so much about acting in the midst of combat, but how one should conduct themselves outside of it. Be steeled in every moment, habit makes a person. Walk with purpose, think with purpose, breathe with purpose. It is an exhausting way to live life, but a righteous and fulfilling one.

» Four Virtues of the Covenant: Charlotte lives steadfast in her principles, and many of these principles are promises she makes with herself. While the tenets are her philosophical principles that guide how she sees things and how that translates into her sword, the four virtues are the promises she made with herself to maintain her conduct. It is in the four virtues that she remains conscious of how to stay true to both herself and the sword.

Honour: The sword might have many means to achieve your goals, but how you conduct yourself to reach the ends are just as important. What you wield isn't a sword if it's used haphazardly and without concern; then, it's merely a tool. What makes it a sword is when you use it righteously. When you use it with what is right in mind, and you act accordingly; that you be chivalrous, mindful, and honest with the world and yourself, both in the dance of the blade and in the tribulations of natural life. Most importantly, for whatever you do and however you use the sword, take responsibility for it, even in finding yourself walking astray.

Courage: The sword is the weapon of the brave. It is the weapon used only when you have the inner strength to do what is right by your beliefs. It is not a weapon used by those with an absence of fear or an absence of heart, but one used by those with the capacity to act beyond their fears. To cut through one's reservations and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Be decisive with your sword and with your choices. Hesitation is a spiritual and literal death.

Perseverance: Always move forward, never stagnate. Pierce through all your trials and come out on top. No matter the wall faced, you can cut it down. Even if it takes one million strikes, the wall will fall. There's nothing wrong with finding a means to overcome your barriers easier. You don't have to be bull-headed to persevere. Simply never give up, never quit, and when there aren't any shortcuts, steel yourself regardless. Do your due diligence, apply the necessary effort, and be responsible for it.

Kindness: The most important quality of the four virtues is to be kind. Be generous, and have the wellbeing and interests of others ahead of your own. The sword moves quickest when swung with selflessness and the willingness to sacrifice. There must be mercy in your blade; using it to satisfy your own whims is a lack of respect to both yourself and your sword.

» Three Words of Temptation: Another side to being steadfast is being stubborn. An effect of ambition and pride is narcissism. Passion can turn to violence. These things serve to not only make a woman a fool of herself, but dull the mind and the blade. These words are ones she carves into her heart to remember when her quest to stay her path goes too far, and that she doesn't fall to the follies of her conviction. It is a means for Charlotte to be temperate and in control of herself. The things a woman fights is not only from the outside.

Dogma: The most dangerous extent to avoid for those which follow the Four Virtues and Five Tenets. Stay convicted in your beliefs, but do not remain blind to what is around you. Keep an open mind, be willing to accept the reality that stands before you and the hearts of the people around you. As long as what remains in your heart is good, that you know what your principles stand for, and you applies them to reality in a reasonable manner, your sword will reflect that. it is hard to see the difference between what confronts your beliefs and what is showing you the truth. That difficult is the silver lining that she must aim to cut down, to bring the curtains away from your eyes.

Arrogance: In a similar manner, what may be in your mind and heart might not be what is in the world around her. Stay practical, stay grounded, and acknowledge your own limitations. There may be a time when you must be rooted against the world, when all evil is coming down to strike you. Then, you muster all that you have to fight back. But the world is not always against you, as much as you feel it can be. Not all around you is evil, and not all things must be resisted. Be mindful of yourself, be present with yourself, and know when to back down. With every swing, accept the resistance against the sword. See past the subject of her focus to know what you are truly cutting down, and follow through. When a blade comes, don't simply resist it. Let it come, and let it pass, and like the willow in the river move with the motions when it is right.

Hatred: Emotions aren't to be denied. There is much to gain from it, and feeling are an undeniable, intrinsic part of a person. Not all of it weakens a person, or limits them. In the same coin, not all emotions should be heeded. Do not deny the anger in one's heart, but understand it. Understand where it comes from, why it festers in you, and how to control and release it. Hatred is a virile feeling which corrupts the sword, and lends it to the hands of evil to be used inappropriately. Keep the sword in your hand. Do not lend it to malice. It is to be used to protect your principles and your person, and the people which stand behind it, not to enact vengeance and violence.

» Two Hearts of the Dance: Treat the sword as its own entity. Have it used where the sword is meant to be used and have no delusions or misguided ideals on how to use it. Care for the sword, and the sword will care for you. Imagine it to have agency and be of its own mind. It is your partner; the sword is of one heart, and the wielder of another. When you acknowledge that there are two separate components active in sword play, you come to dance with the sword than merely wield it. This sword style, and its philosophy, is about showing the opponent that the fight is a two versus one. They must face not only you, but the sword as well. Two Hearts of the Dance fully encourages using full body contact in a serious fight, not only the sword. The sword will be chipped for the sake of its wielder, and the wielder must be willing to have sacrifices in turn.

» One Sword: Charlotte always felt like there was a piece missing to her sword arts. Despite all her mastery, there was some sense of incompletion. To this day, she continues to seek out the last piece that bridges her the hearts of herself and her sword, to become one with it and truly actualise the greatest depths of her Aether Class. [will apply in an upgrade]

» Sword Force: The essence of her Aether Class. Sword-Force is in essence the result of imposing Charlotte’s mind on the aether itself, with a will so strong a literal force is manifested through it. Even in the absence of aether Charlotte can conjure the aether embodied by the sword into her vicinity regardless of her aether control. With an existing sword in her presence, the manifestation is much easier, and around her person and sword aether is directly converted into this Sword Force, manipulable and understood only by masters of the weapon. Even other Iramasha might see it as a foreign energy, though the universe won't reject it.

When Charlotte comes into contact with a sword, as if it were a natural force enveloping herself and the weapon, Charlotte exudes a sort of Sword Intent, similar to her Aura of Conviction, but more refined and focused. Her aura sharpens, and even a stare from her induces the feeling of blades stabbing at you. The more seasoned warriors won’t be perturbed by it, but the sensation in itself shouldn't be dismissed.

Using Sword Force compared to aether is effortless, and any attempt to imbue her sword with aether arts takes a small fraction of the energy expended otherwise, such as if she were to do use hand-to-hand aether arts.

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    » Heaven Summoning: An advanced school of Aether Magic which uses the manipulation of external aether to cast spells. It involves summoning aspects of the aether and materialising them. This could also be used as a means to summon other Iramasha to the area, though it would require a connection to that Iramasha through a property relevant to them nearby, as well as their own consent. Charlotte inherited the spells of her mother, who taught her all she knew about Aether Magic and Control, and by extension Heaven Summoning.

» Avatars of the King: A series of Heaven Summoning spells which imbue the surroundings with effects that correspond to the respective qualities each aspect represents. The Avatars typically focus on manfesting immaterial and mental spells, bringing forth metaphysical concepts to have physical effects on the surroundings. Some of the summons also influence the minds of those in range of the effected surroundings. The limits of her spells and their range are determined by her aether control skill level unless stated otherwise. Only one avatar can be summoned at at time.

Keter: This summoning has the subconscious come to the forefront, switching with the surface conscience. What Charlotte thinks about is manifested in reality, formed by latent aether. If while in a thread she is exceptionally arrogant and thinks herself impenetrable, while she isn't literally penetrable she will act as if she were, and both aether and her body alike will accommodate this state of mind. She won't be encumbered by her own physical or mental limitations on a cognitive level, and the aether will try to fulfill these wishes. Whatever she thinks and desires is formed so long as the resident energy can support it. If she imagines a massive shield guarding her, one will be created. If the strength and density of the shield exceeds what the surrounding aether is capable of, the shield will continue to guard her up to its limits before breaking.

Chokhmah: Summoning an infinite light from heavens that permeates everything, the whole of her surroundings is flooded such that no shadows can exist. The light can envelop whole cities. All the energy within the vicinity takes visible forms. This isn't the same as reiatsu which is only an expression of the pressure of someone's energy. The actual energy itself takes a physical form; even powerless and spiritually unaware people can interact with it. The denser the energy, the more obscured one's senses are. Most latent energy comes only up to the point of being a mist, or something similar to an aurora borealis. The more chaotic the energy, the louder it is, with serene and controlled energy at most offering a constant light hum. Those in the immediate vicinity of something with an enormous expanse of energy (1-tier and up) likely can't even see through anything, hear anything through it, or feel anything except the energy coalescing around. They need to rely solely on their ability to sense their surroundings on some other level other than through physical stimuli.

Binah: This spell summons mirrors made of pure light. Anything reflected in the mirrors shows their true forms, though of course one could always obscure their forms by having something between themselves and the mirrors. If there's an illusion in play, it shows the reality within the mirror, like a shifter form. For people not in an illusion, it reflects some of their thoughts and how they see themselves provided no particular mental barrier is in place. If so, the mirror will at least expose the mental barrier.

Gevurah: Latent aether is converted into fires, and as long as the aether remains in the area, the fires continue burning. The fires are indiscriminate, even burning Charlotte herself, allies and enemies alike. The aether itself is seized, like moving in a viscous substance that sears to the touch. Breathing is like sucking in nothing but scalding hot air; keeping your eyes open and exposed subjects them to the feeling of boiling in their own sockets. Gevurah doesn't burn natural components of the world (existing trees, the ground, rocks, etc.)

Netzach: Netzach strengthens the surroundings, making whatever protected subject durable beyond belief. All standing structures within the area, the ground, the trees, parts of nature and even the integrity of the air is protected and maintained. So long as the spell holds, the subjects under protection will endure. The spell will hold for as long as Charlotte can endure herself, with her own will and composure and ability to control the aether in the area being the determinate for its resistance.

Yesod: Charlotte is joined with the universe itself. Her physical form disperses and becomes intangible. Her breath is the wind, her body is the earth, her soul is the warmth, her will is the sky. Yesod allows her a thorough understanding of the world itself but also leaves every part of her being more vulnerable than ever. Seizing the wind stops her breath, attacking the earth harms her body, blocking out the sky weakens her will. Charlotte summoning Yesod and dismissing it must be in two separate posts. Any damages faced in Yesod translates to herself after rematerialisation.

Malkuth: A summoning of Charlotte's own design, rather than a spell inherited from her mother as the rest of the Avatars of the King are. Malkuth converts the entirety of the aether in her reach into sword force. A physical vision of a whole kingdom made of swords manifests in the sky. Each individual blade that forms the kingdom reflects light of varying colours and intensities. The aether in the area is under her command, every corner of the reachable aether a sword she could wield, in her hands or from afar.

    » Aether Stones: Charlotte studied aether stones academically under her mother's tutelage and formal lessons. She has some level of experience in making aether stones herself, but it was never a subject of her most immediate interest. While she remains a knowledgeable person on the topic, she doesn't have a level of expertise on the actual craft. By extension, she is technologically literate when it comes to the appliances and technology of the Iramasha Realm.

Saturn's Amulet: A golden bracelet sort of amulet, with a lightless black cube sort of stone embedded into it. The stone seizes aether in the area and slows movement. Imperfectly made, if the stone is broken, the surrounding aspects of nature are destablished and natural disasters may occur. This stone was personally made for her as a gift from a good friend in the Iramasha Guard. She believes it a friendly gesture of camaraderie, coincidentally on the same day as the Iramasha holiday "Mountain Day", named after a historical figure often considered saintly. The holiday is usually to celebrate love, where couples exchange expressions of appreciation. Charlotte is in the understanding that her friend had no idea, on account of him being very bull-headed and unaware of worldly affairs beyond the scope of his duties. She appreciates the gift nonetheless.

Lunar Eye: A grey, marble-like stone that improves the user's mental state and focus. It also wards off mental and emotional intrusions, typically self-motivated. It isn't very potent, a simple and common device that's easy to get in the Iramasha Realm. It's popular for focusing on mundane tasks, school/paperwork, and being generally safe with no excessive side effects.

Nightstone: A lethal end exceptionally dangerous aether stone. It corrupts aether within one's body and drains it out of them. On a weakly body it could kill them, but usually just progressively destroys one's mind. It also sends aether into the body to accelerate the effect and by extension works on non-Iramasha as well (though not as potent). To stronger Iramasha with powerful aether control, they could resist the effects but typically walk away with nmemory loss. It is illegal to use in the Iramasha Realm. This aether stone was created solely for malicious purposes by Devil Iramasha with ill intents for the conflicts that occurred prior to The Great Divide. Though it i s outlawed, nefarious iramasha still make them on occasion. After the fall of her clan and death of her mother, in her apathy and depression Charlotte studied how to craft a nightstone to attempt suicide, or destroy her mind, or forget herself entirely and free herself of whatever pain she was experiencing. She decided against it, if at least on principle belief. She hasn't since returned to that period in her life, but Charlotte keeps the nightstone on her as a grim reminder of those days and who she has become beyond it.

Obsidian Fire Star: Shaped like a sharp arrowhead, the Obsidian Fire Star is glassy like actual obsidian. The edges look sharp, but it's actually pretty dull. It is shiny and reflected, but the base colour is black. When used, it empowers the user defensively, making their skin incredibly difficult to pierce. Blunt damage still translated through decently well, but penetrative power is largely diverted.


Heart-Force: Heart Force is the embodiment of the mind, enacting physical phenomena and in the most literal sense shaping reality by the grip of one’s mind through the aether. There is no expenditure of energy, though aether must be present as a conduit for her will. The only other point of limit for using Heart Force would be Charlotte’s mental endurance, and every usage of Heart Force just serves to siphon a bit of that mental strength.

Generally, Heart Force is used as an accentuate to some other force or action, and not usually one used by itself. For example, if Charlotte were to execute a sword-strike. She could potentially infuse Heart Force in that strike, significantly bolstering its power, speed, and precision, pushing the intentions of her heart and mind to control the existence of her blade and the forces driving it, and thereon empower it. Alternatively, she could be meeting her match in swordplay, and to defend against a swing containing more power than she can naturally endure, Charlotte could infuse heart force into her parry and successfully ward off the attacker.

In essence, Heart Force allows Charlotte’s intentions to take shape in reality, but due to the degree of power necessary to cross that threshold, a lot of the potential effects are lost in conversion. Thus, Heart Force is often more suited towards empowerment. The prime exception is in the case of using Heart Force to impose her will on someone else’s heart. It’s not absolute, naturally, but the effects are easily comparable to abilities of a psionic nature, and are also considerably less fatiguing.

For example, conveying her thoughts to another person. Considering there’s no sort of conversion which takes place, where her will must take shape and effect reality, it’s an easy feat to accomplish, with something more sinister and malicious being not too much harder. Charlotte could apply some mental pressure, potentially affecting the target’s ability to think properly, offering disorder in their minds, or even just exuding a sort of aura which instills some trepidation in their hearts. In fact, effects along the lines of Charlotte exuding some sort of aura is a passive occurrence.

Heartsense: Heart Force’s attunement to the world isn’t a one-sided connection. While Heart Force can impose on reality, reality may offer things in return. An attunement to the world will innately offer some bits of information on the world itself, at times mimicking extrasensory perception. For example, an ambush during an adventure. Charlotte may only hear it as vague whispers, but that would be more than enough for her to at least get a feeling that there is something to come. The world will never just spell things out for her, and to some degree she needs to do a bit of numerancy, deduction, reasoning, and hold a bit of faith before anything accurate can be formed from a vague whisper of caution whisking by. Think of it as a sixth-sense, though amplified by a considerable degree. The foremost application for Heartsense is a sort of intuition, particularly to danger, but in general an intuition at the level of supernatural.

Heartseep: Charlotte can bind material objects to her soul, establishing a connection beyond material, which yields a number of benefits. With Heart Force being an ethereal power of will and heart, it’s applications majorly extend to matters concerning the soul, and in turn acting as a bridge to connect the power of the soul directly to physical reality. She will never lose sight of where the object is, regardless of distance--even across dimensions--and all of its qualities. Whether it's in poor shape, if a piece of it is missing, if it's in active use, even its past history. In theory, if someone knew of Charlotte's Heartsense, they could cast a spell on the item she attempts to make a connection to, and this being a direct line to her soul, it could be exceptionally dangerous.

Heartlock: Heart Force majorly deals with matters pertaining to the soul, and Heartlock is likely the most crucial technique in the arsenal.While some might feel that the greatest defense is an overwhelming offense, there’s no harm in having a good amount of both, and that’s where Heartlock comes in. Most of the Heart Force techniques listed thus far are supplementary, Heartlock serves a purpose directly as “defense”. It may not be common in the world, but there are beings out there which can directly target one’s mind, heart, and soul. For that, Heartlock functions to adamantly shield Charlotte’s self from these effects. Any attempted influences on this lvel will be redirected to a sort of wall.

A powerful enough effect will naturally seep through the walls and successfully damage Charlotte, but in essence so long as it isn’t someone with means greater than her own will and focus and is of particular expertise in the field, for the most part Charlotte will be safe.

(e.g If Charlotte is a elite level on the relevant will skills, then considering she would be a elite-level will skill fighter that specialises in will skills, naturally no one should be able to get through her defences without also being at her level and also specialising in will skills, or if they don't specifically focus on will skill related techniques and abilities, they should at least be a step higher at master-level to override her defences simply out of being all that much more powerful in the relative field. Even then, there should be considerable resistance noted to break through.)

This is particularly effective against something that might serve to change her soul, such as any attempts to forcefully bind or attach something to her, or change something fundamental about her spiritual being. In this sense, she’s also nigh immune to any attempts at spiritual siphoning. Other indirect applications which still affect the three subjects, depending on their degree of strength and nature, such as illusions driven by magic, spiritual techniques, or otherwise, will most of the time also be subverted.

True Sight: A child-ability to Heartlock. While Heartlock defends the soul from outer effects, to include attempts to deceive it such as illusionary tactics, True Sight is an inherent application of Heart Force directly on the senses. Thus, while the technique is named “True Sight”, technically it applies to all the senses--including the pseudo-sixth sense clairvoyance of Heartsense. Thus, effectively True Sight offers incredible immunity to optical and sensory illusions.

True Sight doesn't offer total and absolute immunity to any and all illusions. In particular, an illusion caused by magic directly or relative forces wouldn’t fool Charlotte. However, against an illusion caused by literal light bending? Reality itself has actually been changed to conjure the illusion, thus Charlotte can’t actually perceive past it through True Sight.

Heartsight: While True Sight is a child-ability of Heartlock in terms of seeing through illusions, Heartsight as a parent ability has wider application, with some child-abilities being a bit more offensive in nature, others being similarly supportive but more direct. Heartsight is the direct and willful application of Heart Force through Charlotte’s eyes to purposefully execute abilities optically relevant.

Reading:True to its name, Reading allows Charlotte to "read" things around her of a more spiritual, mystical, and supernatural matter. This ranges from being able to see the auras of beings and accurately gauge these auras as well as things which might serve to change them and therefore gauge those effects (e.g emotional weight on spiritual effectivity, etc.), to even some farsight applications that enhance Charlotte’s vision, allowing her to see so far that she may even see through dimensional walls.

Burn: Burn directly attacks the mind and soul of the opponent, inciting a burning sensation that won’t dissipate with sheer spiritual retaliation. In fact, Burn works to breakdown any means of spiritual or magical usage from inside out, thus quantity of energy and expulsion of Burn through energy is completely ineffective. The only reliable protection is either a defense of the soul directly, powerful enough to ward off the burn which in prolonged usage will actually break down and reduce a person’s energy reserves, or to break the catalyst which incited Burn to begin with, that being eyesight.

Similar to an illusion, there is no real, physical damage that will take place, and a ritual of sorts must be completed before the effects may take place. As a child ability to Heartsight, one can guess that this is drawn from eyesight. So, simple enough, avoid eye contact with Charlotte. Burn alone will naturally be easily countered by this one stipulation; the issue is achieving this when Burn is used in conjunction with other Heartsight abilities.

Gaze: The window to the soul is the eyes; perhaps that’s why quite a few of Charlotte’s applications of Heart Force is focused on eyesight. At the same time, Charlotte can use this connection and apply it to others. With their own eyes as windows to their soul, locking gazes with Charlotte can be a fatal or prosperous event, depending on where you stand with her. Gaze, similar to Reading, allows for information to be communicated,With Gaze,; it’s specific information on a person’s core being, their own heart, mind, soul, and thoughts.

For that moment which Charlotte holds their attention and eye contact, herself and the subject will form some inexplicable sort of commune. Charlotte sees through to the principle truths of the person, whether it be their truest desires, a dark secret, the origin of a vast power within them. If someone's heart was guarded well enough or had an ability with similar function to Heartlock, maybe nothing more than a vague sense for some of these things can be achieved. A lot more can be achieved if someone willingly opens their minds to her. Then, Charlotte is able to fully explore them.

Pressure: Similar to spiritual pressure, it’s a passive effect drawn from sheer presence, and for Charlotte who draws much of her strength from her heart and soul, that immense strength is all at once conveyed through simple eye-contact. In total passivity, Charlotte only exerts a sort of intensity in her eyes. Much of the time it instills a sense of subservience in others, where the strength in her eyes paints the picture of charisma and strength. When Charlotte has some intention in exerting pressure through her eyes, for the weak-minded, like spiritual pressure this can induce unconsciousness, and for some others an innate sense of fear. Those with their bearing, might at most feel trepidation, or at least an understanding that she isn't one to be trifled with.

Aura of Conviction: A passive force which exudes from the core of her heart and soul, Charlotte’s Origin is literally based around "Conviction. That is to say, Charlotte exudes an aura that is unrelenting, confident, and absolute. Even the hegemons of the world, though they may not be affected as directly as the masses, will be able to sense this natural feeling of nobility and power coalescing her figure. If one should attempt to employ their own will over her, they would see that coalescing power take form and lash out. Though it would be nothing more than an apparition, it would certainly demand some hesitancy towards anyone that would attempt to impose themselves.

When truly and fully provoked, the Aura of Conviction surrounding Charlotte would even take shape at times, forming an indistinguishable but towering figure, large enough to blot out the heavens itself. That’s just how powerful Charlotte’s heart and mind is, that her conviction would ephemerally manifest and coat the skies. All that desire and intense drive is condensed within her tall and builtbody, imposingly.

Important to note that in many circumstances this can be confused as and treated similarly to reiatsu, the physical pressure of one’s reiryoku, but Aura of Conviction and the intense pressure it can exert is independent and separate from spiritual energy, though beings with inadequate perception skills may not be able to differentiate when subject to it.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Elite

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Adept
  • Aether Magic: Advanced
  • Aether Arts: Advanced
  • Aether Aspect: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite

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