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Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:40 am


^ Our first forum.

Platinum Hearts was started in November of 2007 back on our first forum, Rise Of The Goddess. It was founded by myself and Chinchuro (Mother of PH) as we wanted to create a site that was free from a lot of the heavy constraints other sites at the time had in terms of power, plot and staff influence were concerned. Eventually, we renamed ourselves to "Bleach Untold Stories" and moved to a second forum after a few years.

^ Our second forum.

However, I eventually found that something more diverse needed to be created and I shut down Untold Stories 2. I wanted to try something more radical and created Platinum Hearts to be a totally different breed of sites. I wanted something that was open, independent and allowed both its staff and members to thrive in a less restricted environment that encouraged story, progression and growth in writing, graphics, and development as people overall.

So, that is where we are today. After seven years on this forum, ten years overall, we have stood the test of time and our values are what I feel have allowed us to last this long. We've grown and changed over the years, but we are still around kicking ass and moving forward no matter what.


What is our objective on Platinum Hearts? To better ourselves. We want to better our writing, graphics, knowledge, research and even who we are as people after investing so much time in the site. So when you join this site, we WANT to help you grow better as a writer and help our community flourish. As by giving value to our staff and members, we ALL can benefit from having this forward moving goal.


What value do we have to offer members? It's simple:

- We offer stability. Our site has been active for seven years on this forum (ten if you count our previous forums). So it's not as if one day you will look up and the site will be gone.

- We offer positions to grow. If you are hardworking and have a direction you want to go, staff or members alike will want to help you. You HAVE to be proactive, however.

- We are an open community. We generally welcome and are excited to see new members so they can add their ideas and contribute to our home.

- We have an environment where many are often willing to teach writing, graphics and other skills in order to help bring your overall skills to the next level. We are always striving to work and improve on whatever we work on and you can find that improvement for yourself if you stick with us.

About Platinum Hearts RP [History, Mission And Our Value For You]  WVMWLOu
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