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Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:54 pm
He has been thinking about this for a long time the mad demon wanted the evil weapon back the very thing that the shrine maiden iramasha took away from him. Eric thought getting stronger and reclaiming the dark weapon but that wasn't working at all still the mad demon doesn't know what was going on thinking it has to do with something else. Of course, Urizen Thul did train with him the mad demon needed to find him all over again once this is done with enough training. Everybody better be afraid but first things first the mad demon needed to find his old master and since the old man was dead and gone. The existence of the old man is now within the soul plane with enough meditation the mad demon could actually reconnect the essence with the soul plane. Facing off against the soul guardian something the mad demon didn't want to do before the mad demon could gain his help into finding the soul of his fallen master. Calming down his madness was a must even though the mad demon was powerless but going back there the mad demon might be powerless again. Starting to sit down allowing his zoa koa to slowly flow within the demonic core but the madness was slowly leaving his brain. At this point, Eric felt the madness going down into the core of his demonic mind trying to connect back with the soul plane. The thing was the mad demon wasn't dead yet but the mad demon started connecting back with the soul plane but his body was covered in a ghostly red aura. The mad demon was wondering what this ghostly aura was but this was soul plane as the mad one was trying to find the soul guardian but things and places have changed. Rocks and lightning were shooting everywhere something has happened the time that the mad demon was here something was very wrong. The endless soul plane was somehow broken and the countless souls were running amuck but the soul guardian was nowhere to be seen. The guardian of the souls was missing as the mad demon started seeing some blood wondering what could have murdered the soul guardian like this. Eric started seeing a dimensional gateway far away as the mad demon started entering the damn place and then started falling downward. This was going to be another adventure.....
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