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Mirja Eeola
Mirja Eeola
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Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:11 pm

Mirja, The Wolf of Eden

Morroco. Lovely place, if you were stealing from a super-sane scientist that was the leader of a group of mad scientists who had kidnapped you and experimented on you in the thoughts that you were a Demon and then eventually turned out that you were something entirely different. Aside from that, Mirja did not have many memories of this place, which was why she strode carefully. It was in Shadowfall's grasp, after all. And that, beyond anything else was reason to be careful. She had no reiatsu to speak of, but if a certain someone caught word of a wolf-girl prowling around the town, there would be problems for everyone involved.

Another thing that was probably going to be problems for everyone involved, was the girl she was hunting down right now. A rather crazed Demon Girl with a sword and a temper a million miles wide. Mirja didn't want her to be trapped in the world where nothing except her rage grew, and so she was going to take the girl out and see if she could chip through the fiery charade she put up. And this was Mirja, so she was going to get through even if the charade didn't exist. Between her disjointed mind and incredible persistence, if she thought something was, it happened eventually, even if it wasn't.

Remembering the scent of the girl, she sniffed intensely, following any strand she could find as she darted about Morroco, dressed in a cute divided skirt and blouse. She wasn't an idiot, making sure that the skirt would not impede her ability to kick in the slightest before actually going out in it. Because who knew, maybe she really would need to kick someone before the day was out. Just, hopefully not the one she was looking for.

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