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Mon May 29, 2017 8:09 am


睡 眠 獣


China: China is still very much considered the "epicenter" of Asia, and the trademark location for all Kokuryuteshi trade and business. Although the other sectors such as North Korea are more military focused, China is an amalgamation of all powers within the Kokuryuteshi pored into a single country. While not as military focused and powerful as North Korea and Saudi Arabia, China still has proven to hold a very diverse and strong personal army of their own - one that is capable of facing their adversaries to the east in Japan, or those to the north within Russia. China's population has not only shown to explode beyond the billion citizens in the year 2017, but now house two billion citizens in total. These citizens are both natural residents, born and raised within China itself, and immigrants from the Kokuryuteshi realms and those whom joined them. For the most part, China is the perfect location for all form of trade based deals and is also a major hub for all of Kokuryuteshi's plans. Not too unlike China of four hundred years earlier.

The once smog and pollution ridden China has been given new life with their dictating rule, but there is much to be done elsewhere...

Beijing: Beijing is still considered the capital of China, much like it always has been. There are key differences from the original city however - the aesthetic has been warped into that of a rather pure and white looking scheme, yet keeping a lot of the original aesthetic and draw that the cities gave. This means that their towering sky scrapers are now not only even taller and expansive, but their old school architecture of typical Chinese/Asian style has been expanded upon atop of the futuristic style. Beijing is split into three major sectors: the trade district, the spiritual district and the housing district. Depending on where someone goes, they will find a variety of different utilities and differences. Beijing, overall, is around five times as large as it once was. This means that it not only reaches across the harbor of Tianjin, but goes inland much further than normal. The city itself has expanded so much that it virtually rests up alongside the Great Wall of China.


Tiānkōng: Once known as the city of "Shangai", Tiankong has been warped into a largely military and defensive focused city which expands out across the vast ocean for kilometers on end. The biggest appeal of this location for a military base is the proximity to South Korea. For this defensive location to work, the rather golden and blue hued city expands mostly over water with a lot of the primary manufacturing of defensive systems and equipment happening underwater itself. To get a grasp of the workings of this city, one must imagine an artificial landscape build over the top of the ocean, connecting to the mainland. If one were to walk atop of this platform, they would see an array of buildings and lots of districts - yet no sky scrapers. The kokuryuteshi refer to these as "Hǎidǐ suìdào (海底隧道)" or 'ocean tunnels' in English. Connecting to the bottom of the ocean platforms, large structures have been constructed and lowered into the water across the ocean. Each building underwater has specific uses, a few of the main ones detailed below.

What is the purpose of an underwater city/manufacture? There are a few perks, but most of this is secrecy and defense. Initially, the area was designed to transfer goods between China and Korea, however was quickly added onto silently by Kokuryuteshi, hiding not only from the public eye how much military stock they were making, but also from their enemies. Although hidden facotires are throughout, the underwater cities and buildings brings a lot of tourists and even having large housing complexes on the outer edges of Tiankong.

  • Xūnǐ de: Otherwise known as Virtual one, Xuni de is the main "connector" between south Korea and China. Running directly from Tiankong all the way to Seoul, South Korea, this is a lightning fast method of transportation powered by aether based energies. While a lot of the city itself is maintained by URE Realm energy reserves, by directly inputting the golden Aether energy so often associated with Kokuryuteshi, items, weapons and anything of value up to five hundred meters in width can be loaded into this long "transportation tube". This will arrive within mere moments of sending it off, capable of sending resources to the key cities within seconds if needed. This is also a major factor in how Kokuryuteshi can protect their other cities by manufacturing and trading in China, and quickly shit it to another province they own. For one to utilize this transportation method, they must have a fairly strong presence of some type of spiritual energy and within K-world itself. Via a giant panel located at the entrance, the user must channel intense spiritual energy into a slot that consumes their entire arm momentarily. The machine will then convert whatever spirutual energy they use into an aether based substance, use the energy to power the machine. When firing, or sending the item in question, a golden flash is visible from even outerspace from the underwater region between the two cities. This is capable of sending troops and such as well, however with a high possibility of nausea.

  • Shēngchǎn zhōngxīn: This is considered the largest production facility in China. Based entirely underwater and rather close to the shore in comparison to the other underwater buildings, the facility focuses on airships and transportable stock and ammunition. Running across the ocean floor, the main cargo and deployment area is used to both test and launch new products/designs they may be creating. For Unitech specifically, this is their largest military contract in China, dedicating all of their sources here. From above, a long chute-like elevator is designed to lower parts and equipment.

Siphon: Within the direct center of China, a small city exists with giant towers over either side of a crater. The city itself rests within the crater below, and in the direct center is a tower in which has blue and golden URE Realm energy poring from the top. Each tower on either side of the crater connects directly to the middle tower by arching over the city, stabalizing and drawing energy from the URE Realm in the process. This is placed directly in the middle of China due to needing to reach all portions of the country. Underneath the city is a giant "custom plate", a network capable of housing and distributing the URE energy to the cities all over China. If one were to destroy this city or close the Siphon itself, it could eventually shut off the entire power supply to China. It would take two weeks to entire run out of power for the country.


Chinese Mainland: Outside of the cities and technology, much of China remains unchanged in scenery. Many of the smaller towns had been added onto over time, increases in both population and size of the cities as well. However much of the landscape had been untouched to kind of "preserve" the natural appearance in which China was so famous for, many of their spiritual symbols kept alongside their asian architecture. In truth, the mainland isn't utilized much outside of modelling for their vision of a Kokuryuteshi controlled Earth. There are a few locations and forests which have been modeled for military, production and different uses though. For a location/resource thread, these locations are not necessary.

Available Equipment: URE Realm Link - China is quite reliant on their access to the URE Realm and it's endless source of energy. Similar in method to the other countries, they siphon the URE energy and power all of their cities with it. Unlike the other cities, however, China is far too big for the Kuro Sosu to cover the location - thus relying on more intricate and unique methods of connecting to the power source, large custom "plates" installed underneath a lot of the landscapes upon remodeling.

VOID Series Link - The VOID Series houses a higher amount than the other nations due to the size of the country, thus taking two 0-5 tiered VOID, five 1-3 tier, and seven 2-1 tier VOID.

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