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Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:55 pm

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The city of light, a beautiful place of horrors yet so breath-taking to those who experience it for the first time; the quincy began to walk around before stopping abruptly to  tall building in front of her.  The small residences stacked one on top of the other and over twelve just one one floor. All the middle class citizen's saw was a stack of rabbit hutch sized dwellings for drug addicts and a decline in the standards at the neighbourhood schools. And in many respects they were right. It was a condensed mass of disadvantaged humanity, every social problem that inflicts the poor crammed together with little to no support. So when the plans came for skyscrapers there were protests, almost riots. Now they stand in a grid pattern that makes the downtown core, they are steel but on any cloudy day they mirror perfectly the lazy puffs of white. They are precise engineering with a mixture of high end shops and coffee bars, offices above and some residences above that. But they're not cheap. They're among the most expensive pieces of sky anywhere.

Ritsuko pondered as to what she should do far as entertainment and socializing
"Maybe i can meet toshiko again, i could always have her show me more of her cool gadgets...then again i could ask her in a dinner date. But will she be busy?" she sighed in dissapointment she could visit henrex or mirja in vastime but they're probably busy saving people as well.... besides toshiko was the only "quincy" to actually interact with her apart from Ghislan who although is a execllent mentor haven't gotten a chance to know him on a more personal level.

The name of the resturaunt was "Zu Tisch" she didn't understood what it mean but boy did it had great food she actually went to this restaurant on a pretty regular basis – partly because it was quite cheap and affordable but also because it had a wonderful terrace where you could sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee or wine after eating. So while she didn’t exactly go there every week, she did eat out there 2/3 times a month.

The menu had an assortment of foods ranging from simple entrees, appeteizers, and even those delicious deserts they have. Ritsuko skimmed through the menu and something caught her eye the Plump Shrimp suprise it had sautéed with chile flakes and served with a salad of oyster mushrooms, cucumber and corn.

Ritsuko was ready to order and looked at the waiter and said with a smile on her face "I'd like to have the Plump Shrimp please"
The waiter had a very cute smile, however she couldn't help but stare at his moustache.. it just looked unatural and something a child would draw whatever the case ritsuko tried to keep herself from laughing outloud he smiled and took the menu from ritsuko telling her that the mealshould be arriving shortly Ah! Great choice young lady, i'll have it right over

A few minutes later.....

Her mouth was salivating at the smell of the shrimp on the plate, her stomach was pratically begging to if her stomach could galk it'd probably say "Feed me already!" After thanking the nice waiter for the meal she picked up the fork from her right wide and scooped up the shrimp making sure to add a few mushrooms and corn to complete the delicious combination of flavors plump shrimp, sautéed with chile flakes and served with a salad of oyster mushrooms, cucumber and corn, turned out to be everything she wanted on a Saturday morning: fresh, vibrant and crunchy, with just enough spicy zing to wake her up.

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