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Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:33 pm

Yaksha, The Anthropophagus

And the show started, all over again. He had spent a good few weeks laying low, simply building on his nest egg yet further. Plans within plans, so many irons in the fire that he sometimes felt a need to grow additional hands. So many fingers in so many pies he began to wonder if this was even worth it in the long run. After all, the pace was so wretchedly slow, and so frustrating, that he couldn't help but feel frustrated by it all. And then he reminded himself that he had literally forever to work at this. He could afford a few setbacks, here and there. That was the beauty of immortality, no?

And so this club had been bought out for the day. The DJ, the music chosen, the drinks served, the invitations...all of it orchestrated by him. And he had invited no small number of special guests; there were slumlords so feared and dreaded that their mere presence in the same room as a politician would've made them break into hives at the media shitstorm, there were demons of such power and prestige that they could probably single-handedly crush their host, without pausing for a moment.

And still he sauntered into the building, with an arrogance and certainty that could only be bred from a deep and profound ignorance. He mingled, he strutted, he preened and promenaded with all the presentation of a peacock. He rubbed elbows and shoulders alike, all the time with that same arrogant, hideously mindless grin of confidence on. And he listened; he soaked in the chatter and the conversation like a sponge, with a talent honed across decades and centuries. He passed from group to group, his presence felt but rarely recognized, his very presence leading the conversations like a pebble dropped inn water, creating faint and slow ripples that moved through and past, without ever truly changing what they struck.

And now, there was but one more guest waiting to arrive. By far, one of the most ordinary of the people he had invited. But then again, ordinary was all relative; he was, after all, one of the most ordinary creatures in existence. A monster, formed from the minds of men long ago. A thing, that had spent so very long finding a purpose for itself. Hardly anything -new-; millions upon millions of stories had followed the same format.

That didn't exactly make him any less deadly.

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Kai Lam
Kai Lam
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Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:21 am
Usually when Kai checked his mail during his lunch break all he was greeted with was spam and bills. Today was a bit different. After grabbing the stack of letters from his mailbox Kai opened his home's creaky front door and shut it behind him, entering the silent and simple house he spent his days in. Or, rather, his nights as he works all day and then works some more. Unique to the neighborhood, Kai's home was old fashioned in that it was made of materials which made it reminiscent of a classic Japanese home from hundreds of years ago. Though still a young man, his old soul preferred dusty wood and rice paper to cold metal and more metal.

As Kai went through his mail, discarding each irrelevant envelope into a nearby dustbin, his mind wandered a bit. Recent events had left him in a somewhat difficult position. Though his life was essentially dedicated to his career, the thrill of life or death situations and not knowing what would happen in the next minute was like a drug to him, constantly enticing him to go on insane adventures. Hopefully today would be relaxed and allow him to get this urge under control.

There were only two letters left and the one Kai was currently looking at was just another bill so he tossed it. This last one though was.....a bit different. The wax seal keeping it closed was a deep crimson and possessed a foreign symbol Kai didn't recognize. After carefully opening it, Kai was greeted by a letter penned with extravagant calligraphy. It seemed to be an invitation to some sort of event all the way in America! Kai was taken aback. His thoughts raced as he tried to figure out who could've sent the letter, but to no avail.

At first he wanted to just throw the invitation away, but within minutes that familiar urge of adventure welled up inside him. There was no fighting it; Kai would accept the invitation and travel to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, a country he didn't know much about due to the current occupying forces in the old country. Getting a last minute flight was easy as it was already the middle of summer so not many people were still traveling. Thanks to modern transportation, Kai was able to reach the City of Lights in only a couple hours.

Outside the airport a luxurious limousine awaited the young foreigner to bring him to wherever it was this event took place. Kai's gaze flit to and fro as he tried taking in all the sights of Vegas at once. This city was like nothing he'd ever seen before, seemingly built solely for fun. Various colored lights flashed above the roof of the limo from the gigantic hotels and casinos on either side, enrapturing the straight laced man from the business sector of Kyoto. Eventually the vehicle stopped and Kai exited only to enter the building named in the invitation letter.

While the lights and people of the strip instilled a sense of wonder in Kai, the high class luxury of this club made him feel a bit more awkward. It was clear he didn't belong here, sifting through a crowd of people who probably made more money in a day than Kai in a year. Regardless, he didn't leave. Instead Kai walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. He figured if he was gonna stay, he might as well get relaxed.
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