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Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:00 pm



Beeping at the moon 6EdIfMt

Song: Remind You| Artist: Gundam Unicorn OST | Word Count: 193

Alone she stood in the field, the emulation of feeling tingling across her nude form as she tilted her head upward, the slight whirring sound of the hydraulics to which the muscles connected amplified by the otherwise silence of the night. Her long red hair caught by the breeze, swaying to her right as the optics in her eyes focused on the moon high above.

In her head there was silence, not a single thought to be had either conscious or unconscious. Her mind was nothing more than an A.I., and for reasons unknown even to itself it had taken her to this field to stare blank eyed and emotionless at the sky.

So, unable to do anything else the girl opened her mouth, vocal cords twitching to life for the first time as she began to beep at the moon. Perhaps it was morse code, or maybe a default error code signal from the A.I.. Maybe it was just complete and utter nonsense from a mind incapable of anything more. Either way, the girl, nude body smooth with the lack of physical detailing, simply stood in a field beeping at the moon.

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