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Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:07 am


Elegy of the Breaking [Andi/Ceal] 6EdIfMt


Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Andi stared intensely at the watch that was in her palm, having been keeping her mental functions solely on the watch. She needed to get this fixed, she didn't quite click why, but something compelled her to get the chip she had embedded within this device up to working order. Why was she so intent on fixing the watch? Why did she block everything else out? It was... Simple. To block out the hunger, as an experiment. She noticed how much she ate, and after witnessing how seldom humans consumed things, particularly this thing called... "Food", that was edible for their weak, nutrient consuming stomachs. Andi honestly wished to see how long she could go without eating, and it had only been about a few hours and she already felt weak and faltering. Her transformations were far less structured, appearing more grainy and wobbly. Not only that but...

Voices spoke to her. This was completely new, but things literally whispered to her. She tried to keep focus on her watch, but it wasn't long until the most sickening thing occurred; A mouth formed on her shoulder, a rather disturbing feature as it possessed all what a mouth needed; lips, a tongue, and rather... Disturbingly formed teeth. It made a rather grotesque grin, making some sort of laughing yet crying noise. Andi herself felt a real sting of emotion, not from chemicals, but from her mind knowing the feeling that this wasn't quite right, this being magnified due to lack of eating.

You poor baby... You look so sickly... Maybe you should eat.

"It's fine... It's all to see how long I.. C-can survive without food."

But you're falling apart, just look at the tools...

Andi gave her fingers that were currently a set of tools in place of stumps. They were slightly misshapen, looking far more similar to grey chalk than metal.

Just eat, poor honey...

"N... No... It will be fine. If it gets particularly bad..."

Then you'll die...

Andi felt a stone in her lower torso. She honestly didn't think much of that. What if she did die when... No. Get a hold of yourself. Just work... Just...

YoU'Ll dIE. eAT. eAt! lOTS! loTs!

Maybe eating was a good idea... Yes... Yes... Her breath heavied and broke at a few points, her placing the fingers of her free hand inside her mouth and began relentlessly gnawing on them. For any onlookers, it would look like she was damn near about to just bite her fingers off, or at least gnaw them loose. Eat... She had to eat... But where... WHERE?

Impulse completely took over Andi's line of thinking. She had to eat or she'd die... Die... Die... Not the watch, no.. No... That wouldnt be enough... But it wou- no... No no no... Andi immediately put the watch to the pavement she was seated on, immediately forcing herself up in search of something to eat as close as possible. Of course she could just start eating everything in sight but... There was still a few clicks in her loosened gears. She had enough sense to know it would be a terrible idea to start eating buildings. Garbage... She needed....

She immediately ran to the closest garbage container, forcing herself to open the lid and jump in instead of eating it from the outside in. The extra effort and being kept away from food just a milisecond longer than she wanted caused her to begin screaming. It wasn't just any sort of pained scream, it was one of agony, of horrific, torturous pain. Not eating for so long was like torture to this creature, and they had willingly done this. A second mouth appeared near her abdomen, letting out pained breaths.

Eat.. Eat... We gotta... Eat...

Honey stop screa-screaming and... J-just EAT ALREADY OKAY?!

Andi immediately silenced her meaningless screaming by forcing her body forward, slamming her face into a bag of trash and immediately ripping the bags apart, swallowing every single scrap of matter the container held. The mouths soon receded, her body not screaming in pain for food. Though something quite strange happened; while she gorged herself on a whole container of trash, a small feeling tingled throughout their mass, a feeling of... Contentment. They were happy they finally got food, but they couldn't control themselves on how content they were with eating. Not only that, but as she consumed more and more, locks of her hair became changing from shades of purple, to pure white. Her right sclera began to darken, the iris lightening.

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