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Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:30 pm
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Family? Himeko had none. Not since the death of her twin. So, if she departed from this world, there would be no one to tell and thus no one to mourn her. Which made Kai’s words not only presumptuous, but hollow as well. It truly was laughable, but this was not a laughing matter and it had been years since the vizard had done so. There was very little joy to be had in this life as it had a tendency of tearing away that which made one happy. It was a lesson she had learned years ago.

Though she had little stake in this war, the red head being there out of duty rather than desire, this did not mean she would go down easily. If Kai expected her to stand around as he fired off his arrows, he was sorely mistaken. Himeko wasn’t stupid and she hadn’t survived this long just out of pure luck. So, naturally, she would not linger in her spot. The moment the second arrow is formed, the vector plate beneath her turns black and launches her at an angle geared towards the left. The distance between them naturally grows because of the angle, the vizard now a good one hundred meters from him.

Effectively, she escapes being crushed by the infrastructure that collapses where she originally stood and even the arrows that had been launched directly at her, assuming that he was too late to adjust to her sudden actions. With their bodies positioned in such a way that she faced his side, her weapon would morph into daggers, one in each hand, which she would throw at Kai. Of course, this was entirely dependent on him having failed to adjust to her movement.

If he had been quick enough, then her actions would definitely adjust to accommodate. If he had adjusted but not fired the arrows then she would not morph her weapon, but instead launch herself at him prepared to engage in close combat. If he did adjust and release the arrows at her new location, then she would have to dodge. If she wasn’t fast enough to effectively evade the arrows that could be launched at her, she would no doubt be flung back due to the force of the resulting explosion. Regardless, her movement would be faster than normal thanks to the vector boost though it would need to be reapplied soon.

If her original plan was successful (dagger one) she would morph herself a new weapon as the old one seemingly dissipated. Appropriately, this weapon would be a sword and she would do what she would have done if Kai did adjust, but didn’t decide to fire his arrows.

So, really, the way the fight would go depended on his reaction.

TDLR; Himeko uses the vector plate to leave her original position the moment she sees Kai form a second arrow. She launched herself to the left of Kai now on his side. Actions taken are hypothetical and thus written as such.

OOC: Since Conceited is busy this weekend with unit related things, I will be posting in her stead. I'd also like to request that from here on out that actions be written as a possibility rather than a certainty.

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Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:34 am

[Oahu] A Hawaiian Vacation - Page 2 YRtYvEZ


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Alex watched all of this with a sense of both worry and...excitement? Oh yeah, it was definitely excitement. That rush of adrenaline, the blood pumping through his veins like it desperately needed to get somewhere, the tightening pressure behind his eyes like they were about to just hop out of his skull and take a one-way trip to Paris. Hell to the yes, this was the kind of shit he liked to see in a fight. Danger, risk, excitement, a chance to really just eat it, right here and now.

Ahh, shit, but he could already feel the other side of the coin building up too -- his fingernails were starting to itch, his bones felt like they were baking his flesh from the inside, and he was pretty sure his hair was about to just fall out of his skull from how fucking weird it felt in his scalp. He'd need to play this one carefully if he wanted to live, have some fun, and not lost his shit all at the same time. He lit a fresh cigarette, mostly in an attempt to just cool off, and took a look back at the carnage below.

Chicky-poo was pretty fuckin' fast, and honestly that was rad as fuck, but he figured the best way to handle that was just to catch her off guard and fuck with her whole little groove. Way he saw it, there was really only one way to do that, and that was to mash this maiden to kingdom come. With a leap off his little hiding spot, Alex gripped the nearest palm tree and slid down, tossing out a long wave of Maiden Masher outward toward Himeko as he did. No matter where she was, or where she went, he recorded that one in Actor Again for later.

He was a simple man, and regardless of which way she might have dodged, Alex would toss his second wave ahead of her rather than directly at her, recording that one in Actor Again as well, in order to create a solid wall of Maiden Masher that would at least temporarily require a stop. His first wave probably came a little close to singing Kai, and Alex pulled his cigarette from his lips before giving him a lazy wave. "Yeah hey, I lied about leaving. You wanna smear this chick's brains across the road or what?"

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