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The Gatekeeper's Return Empty The Gatekeeper's Return

Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:44 am

Verathius Mischevang

The Forgotten One
Enter The Lost Mischevang

Kurama hung around his neck and shoulders almost like a scarf. He'd returned to a scene long lost to him. He remembered this place once took sanity and humanity from him. It made him stoic and took away any form of a personality. Verathius had very easily forgotten who he was here. He felt the mask over his face slipping nicely and comfortably. This wasn't a situation where he could simply forget either. It was a painful memory, his outfit swept through the sand. Painful memories like grains of sand went through his memories. He took a gloved hand and slowly ran his fingers through the sand. The number he'd been given remained on his torso. He'd had that number put on and removed so often. Some people made the joke it was musical numbers. A joke to the human game musical chair. He smiled softly as he merely looked out at the desert. Ashlei had gone yet again and he answered Rose's call. When did he get time to be himself and away from this all. When did he get to focus on being himself and finding what was lost?

He was born strange and was consumed by fire over anything else. It could be argued that his sister left him in her normal fickle nature. He didn't feel animosity towards her. But when would he be spoken of in the same hushed tone as Nagato and others. Ashlei and Rose were on completely different status than him. Merely a Gatekeeper for the moment of his birth till now. Couldn't he be more than just someone's second in command? Couldn't he become something greater than just a Gatekeeper? The number of Hollow's who shared his accomplishments were few. He fought Ibiki Sukia and was present when Hell's gate was established. He leads the forward unit into the Soul Society. Going further than any Arrancar before him. Why couldn't Verahtius be something more than a mere reflection? His sister's both had games they desired to play and become. Was it time for him to stop being a dog and do something else. Maybe it was about time Verathius did something more than sit.

Perhaps it was time to challenge people in a place where no other would. It was time to take ground but not with thousands getting in his way. But to go in and fight the strongest they had and defeat them. Verathius closed his eyes slowly as he thought about the prospect of what he could do. Did he honor Shadow Fall and keep fighting for someone else. A feeling of life beckoned beneath the former Gatekeeper's chest. The Bulwark of the family, maybe it was the time the Bulwark became the blade. That would shatter and bring about some revolution for him. He rubbed Kurama's head as he remained in a deep thought. He didn't know where the road would go from here. He didn't agree with the methods of either faction in this case. They had no honor nor dignity in their moves. They simply butchered and continued no matter the situation. This wasn't such a simple thing anymore, could he still fight that way? Could he still raise his inferno for others or perhaps it was time for the Gatekeeper to move on to the next chapter.

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