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Face-down on the ground, getting snowed on, and feeling generally like shit. Sounded about right for Mirja. Also, slowly getting colder, and colder. She never really felt the cold, but now she was, and it was strange. As strange as the tired feeling that was coming over her. Maybe if she went to sleep for a bit, she wouldn't feel so bad. A nice nap. But that was not to be, it seemed.
'MIRJA!' A booming voice roared up from inside her, and woke her up, into a half-daze state. 'You are bleeding to death! Do something!' Beowulf's strong voice, commanded her. Usually, she'd take offense to being told what to do like that, but he did have a point. Bleeding to death wasn't exactly the smartest thing to do, after all.

Whatever Inami did was throwing her head for a loop. She couldn't think, couldn't concentrate. And so her Tulpa was out. But, she could use Ruin to stabalize her blood-flow, slow it down so it didn't leak out and propogate more blood for her to survive on. Ruin was so helpful, in that respect. She would have to thank Tsubasa later. And so that was what she did, not the thanking of Tsubasa, but the using of Ruin to keep herself alive.

Once a little more alive than before, Mirja pushed herself up, with rather horrific effort. It reminded her of the time the Devil Bonds were on, and messing her over, all over again. Well, at least it was very good workout for her. That made her laugh rather manaiacally.
'Laughter aside, we need to get out of here and find out what the hell is going on inside us' Hvit spoke. Much softer voice than Beowulf, but that was hardly difficult. Beowulf was a mountian, after all. And Mirja wasn't entirely convinced that wasn't literal rather than metaphorical.

Each step was one of immense effort, and really pissed her off as well, she was used to being really fast, and now she couldn't go much faster than a crawl because she could barely keep her body upright. And it was so annoying. Bleeding down the front of her clothes, shuffling like some invalid, slowly getting her breath back from nearly passing out and dying. Life, was not playing well today. But, she still wanted to see Inami. If only to ask her why she did this. It hurt, and it inconvinienced her a great deal, so it was kind of a dick move to pull off, all round.

It took her hours to go a few miles, but eventually she did it, legs shaking a bit from the strain, but that was not a problem. Nor was the hole in her chest a problem, scar tissue had rapidly formed over it, thanks in part to Ruin. What was a problem, was the sneering Arrancar in front of her. And it wasn't a random Arrancar either, no she knew this one. Masiko, known to her Arrancar friends and a few others, as the Fanged Serpent.

She was good looking, there was no getting away from that, but the cero she was charging was less good looking.
"Asesino de lobo Cero" Masiko then launched the pink beam at Mirja, who knew she had no chance of avoiding it, so just stood her ground against it. She was still tanky as fuck, even if she was weak. But, it seemed the Cero lived up to it's named and hit her like a fully ladened Mack Truck. She never knew a Cero could have such force behind it, but it blew her off her feet, broke a few ribs, and then gave her a painfully solid landing with the ground.

"Everyone goes on, and on, and on, about you. I would have thought you were better than this. But, I guess everyone gets off-days. And on this off-day, I am going to sink my fangs into you~" Masiko had a cute voice, and a great deal of enthusiasm when she thought where her fangs were going before she finally dragged this girl back to Huaco Mundo for Boss. Masiko merrily skipped over to Mirja, and then kicked her in the face. While Mirja did make a cry of pain, so did Masiko, and then she fell over.

"What the helling hell do they even feed you? Dam, fuck, shit, ow!" the cute tone fell apart into a spray of explietives as she booted Mirja's still incredibly solid head. The rolling about gave Mirja some time to get back up, and recalibrate herself against the attack. Masiko got up as well, and faced down Mirja with a glare.

"Tough as you are you are still weak as shit, it seems. And I just need to chip away at you until you break. Just give up and I won't have to be quite so roughp" Masiko tried to taunt Mirja down, but it wasn't working, as Mirja grasped the only thing she had left in abundance, and powered it through her body. Her Silver Realm Dantian gave her a flush of power, and then, to finish this before there was any more trouble, she thrust her fist forward, uterlizing Dantian-Exploding Penetration Strike on Masiko. Mirja was weaker, and slower, so Masiko got her guard up, but the power of the attack blew through her guard and the Tundra was split in two by a hollow woman flying backwards, two shattered arms, one broken face, and no ego to speak of.

Then Mirja collapsed. Emptying her Dantian in a single strike was surprisingly exhausting, it seemed. She led there for a bit, and when it was clear that Masiko had retreated, she rolled onto her back. This energy permiating her body was total, absolute, and utter shit. But....She was Silver Realm. Which meant she could make a Personalized Technique. And, if she carried the one, added eighteen point five, and then threw a should work.

'Are you sure about this? Sounds kind of dangerous' Hvit put in.
"Darling, I have never been sure about anything, except the fact that I am fucking invincible. So what's the worst that could happen?" She asked, cheerful in her own world before beginning. It began with a breath, and then escaladed to spirials, shaking up and down on an unstable wavelength until it filled her whole body with a strange sort of fire. The fire ignited the energy weakening her, and then drew it inwards, siphoning off the power to increase her own, to nourish herself off the incredible power that Inami forced into her body. And when she was done, she felt so powerful.

"Wow. That Inami sure packs a fair something in her, huh?" Mirja quipped, getting up and stretching. Ohh, if she could see Inami again and get another shot of her juice, wow...such a rush.
'Umm, Mirja?' Hvit asked, in a worried tone.
"Don't worry, I'll be responsible and blah blah blah with it. Don't worry" Mirja brushed off Hvit's tone, and then looked around for something to hit.
'Not what she was about to say' The deep rumbling of Beowulf sounded, before something ran through her entire body. A deep, thump, like a heart. And it hurt.

"Gyahh! Ok, what the hell was that?" She asked, before the hump ran again. Her body felt like it was swelling out, like a balloon with too much gas pumped in. "I...I can't..." she groaned, exerting her will over her body and trying to push down the feeling with great force. After a few agonizing seconds, it subsided. "Ok. I think I got it" She said, letting out a soft sigh of relief. That was scary.

And then the balloon popped.

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