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Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:18 pm
How long has it been since she last visited the human world...days, months, years? Keija wondered that as she stepped out from a portal seeing the beautiful karakura forest once again,the forest felt like an orchestra to her mind, playing one enchanting symphony after another. The leaves dance to an unheard beat, whispering their songs to the wind. In here, sheltered by the mighty trees, is every kind of life, from the humble beetle to enchanting birds of every colour. She held her hands up to feel the cascading light, a brilliant white shaft illuminating the path that takes her onward towards a goal.

At the moment Keija was just a nobody a typical demon people or spiritual beings have already saw or killed in the process...but that was about to change maybe shell meet new enemies that'll test her skills as a fighter and how the demon race is represented as a whole, or meet allies that accompany her towards a similar goal of hers. With enough training and motivation she'll be abke to join the likes of shadowfall and become a soldier to the Queen of Demons herself Mana.

Despite no one being in the forest keija decided to take a precaution and change to her shifter form the form itself took appearance of an 18-20 year old woman with a slender frame, her clothing consisted of a blue and white military uniform that gave her the appearance of a young military soldier or Sargent. The facial structure was angular and had beautiful blue eyes with black hair that went past her shoulders and had eyebrows that looked like worms or caterpillars if looked from a distance. Now Keija was ready to begin her stroll in the forest making sure to be cautious of the environment around her, each step she took made the grass rustle she unsheathed her sword hidden beneath her jacket and had it to her side ready to party any strike used against her. Now...let's see who'll try to ambush me"

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Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:43 am

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: 408

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: 502