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Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:13 am




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Andi had a rather... Interesting week in the outside world. She had traveled quite a long way, very long indeed. Of course she wouldn't do anything as impractical as walk the entire way! She more often snuck onto trucks and trains, taking a smaller shape, and waiting for whenever it would stop. She had absolutely no idea where she came from, or where she was going. She didn't think about it in the slightest however, she was too busy enjoying herself.

It was like some grand, self imposed vacation, though she was far more hooked to learning of things. The world was much more vast than the maps she had seen during the days in the dark halls... A few times, she even thought the world was only those halls! Of course, she saw several maps as she walked about, soon stopping to stare at one while she was in a nice and pristine train station. There was an arrow pointing at someplace in the east, though the creature didn't understand much of it aside from "Europe". Context clues alone, she understood she was... Someplace in Europe. Well that was an interesting name!

She emerged from the station, her purple locks being caught in the wind as a car passed her. She looked around, slowly putting a bare foot forward, before making a mad dash across the road, not taking into account a single car as it swerved out of her way but didn't manage to crash. Andi soon stopped as her feet touched the sidewalk on the other end, letting out a few pants, despite not having lungs. Once she achieved that rather insane feat that likely worried many parents walking the street, Andi made a mad dash to elsewhere.

She absolutely enjoyed her time in the city, despite not having a clear idea of where it was. The buildings were gorgeously crafted, some shapes catching the blobby demon off guard.

"Uaahhh... People are so amazing...!" She would breathe at practically every street corner.

Of course, appearing as a child in a plain dress, bare feet, and no parent or even an adult present got the girl some strange and worried looks, but she didn't pay too much mind. She was enjoying herself, just living her own life, enjoying hopping on street lights and looking at the change in fountains with a skip in her step. She wanted to learn, though she couldn't properly intake the information, so her little self was all over the place with the situation.

Hours later, along with twilight taking over the sky, the girl had taken refuge on a park bench. Her feet looked quite clean, despite her romping around barefoot all day. She was looking at the star-speckled sky, amazement in her eyes. She had read about stars, but she never really knew what they were. Her "breathing" was slowed and relaxed, the clicks of crickets and other insects making their nightly music in the grass, accompanied by the buzz of the park lights being on.

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