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Cleansing The Hate [Junko/Arianda] Empty Cleansing The Hate [Junko/Arianda]

Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:14 pm

Junko was running through the woods, though this was no child play. She wasn't having fun; fear was rushing through her tiny body. She had been crying out for her mother for however long she ran around the dark forest. She soon made it out to a clearing from running around, though saw a scene that shouldn't be in the woods.

Everything changed in a flash; it was the middle of the night, her mother and father hanging over her. Father had the belt, mother was screaming about something she couldn't distinguish. Her father rose her hand to mother, which created a grotesque scene; mother's mouth hideously stitched together, effectively silencing her as she stared at her daughter with wide, terrified eyes.

"You are never." The belt cracked on the girl's body, pain rippling from the injury site, but she did not scream, "Ever." Another crack, but the pain was far less intense, bordering on... Ticklish? "T-"

A bright light hung over her, darkness on all corners of her vision as the sound of shoveling and the plopping of dirt. She stared ahead, slowly raising a hand from the pile of dirt she was in. A face peered in, and Junko was horrified to see what it was.

It was her, except her features were drastically different; Her eyes were much larger, completely whited out and soulless, with a giant, sharply toothed smile, the corners of her lips being torn to her ears, revealing even more teeth along with being sloppily stitched.

The face leaned deeper into the hole, staring deep into the depths of her soul.

"This is going to be fun..."


Her eyes flung open, the desire to sleep long away from her. She sat up in bed, looking around rather confused. She was back in her own room, but how..? Last thing she remembered before blacking out was her mom getting gored up by the Queen and she got puked on... But here she was, in her lovely bed, not covered in emerald goo.

Mom must have taken her back and cleaned her up... Meaning she was okay? That's all Junko could assume for the moment. She turned to slide out of bed, only for her feet to meet with something soft on the ground. Slippers.

Damn it, mom... What'd I do to deserve you?
She rubbed a hand against her face. She felt horrid guilt whenever Arianda had done any undeserved nice actions for her. She felt as if she was taking advantage of the woman, even if she was told otherwise. But... Something immediately tore her from her thoughts.


She let out a gentle huff, turning to head back into bed. She really shouldn't...

But I should...

A tingle in her heart stopped her from lying down, instead having her turn to the door.

Well... A snack wouldn't hurt, right?

Her feet pattered on the floor, heading towards the stairs, but she stopped, staring down the steps, and to the railing. Her heart was already racing, a feeling of warmth overcoming her as she smiled widely. She felt up to taking risks, just doing some scary shit right now.. She hopped on the railing, sliding down in the darkness to the bottom of the steps, hopping off and somersaulting to the kitchen. She was laughing all the way, stopping at the entrance, flicking the light on. She stopped for a moment, placing her hand on the counter.

"The hell did I do that for?" She mumbled towards herself, suddenly feeling pretty stupid for doing such an extravagant stunt in the middle of the night over nothing. Her stomach growled, "Hungry, right."

She looked around for some stuff to eat, seeing a few snack items that she'd like, but had no idea which to choose. She just stood there for a moment, thinking over her choices, until her brain spouted an idea.

"All of them."

With a hecking big grin on her face, she got the largest bowl she could find, and dumped a bit of each of the snacks she wanted into it, easily filling it to the brim with the mixture of food that definitely wasn't good for any normal, sane person.

Through further thinking, she decided she also wanted to watch something while she consumed the goodies, picking up the bowl and walking into the TV room, flicking the screen on and looking for something to watch as she shoved whatever mixture of chips, chocolate, and popcorn into her mouth.
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Cleansing The Hate [Junko/Arianda] Empty Re: Cleansing The Hate [Junko/Arianda]

Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:08 pm

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