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Tempt Fate Why Dont'cha~? [Junko/MORE OPEN THAN THE GRAND CANYON] Empty Tempt Fate Why Dont'cha~? [Junko/MORE OPEN THAN THE GRAND CANYON]

Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:34 pm
"Bored bore beard beer borediddily bored..."

Junko's several minute long prattling of how deathly bored she was left her lying on the cold-ass floor of her home as she let out a loud grunt. Neither Mom or Sis were home, so what the hell was a girl to do?! She mentally whined about the mind numbing silence.. Despite her having done everything to eating a collage of food that should never be in the same bowl as one another, watching heart-pumping films, or tossing herself in the pool. Nothing cured her boredom, impossible!

The girl let out a loud groan, which resonated in the long halls of the mansion, as she did a peculiar movement of... A caterpillar or worm, letting out a loud huff with each contact with face to floor. Eventually she became worn of complaining to empty halls, getting up on her knees, crossing her arms.

"Okay, yeah, this isn't working."
Actually acting logical for a moment, she sighed, tapping a finger to her chin as she thought of what to do... Til she looked over at the window and saw how lovely the day appeared. She chuckled, slapping her face and running a hand through her hair; Outside, of course! She forgot it existed sometimes...

A roll through the city wouldn't be oh so terrible today, yeah?

Immediately getting prepped to leave the comfy abode, wearing a cute black and white striped top with a teddy print on the upper left of the design, a lovely light pink flowery skirt that ran to half her thighs (Hey can't look too virgin now, roight?) and slung a long strapped grey cat purse with some cash inside to load up on some sweet shit things that may catch her eye.

"Bye bye house, seeya at sunseeet~!"

She hollered to the mansion, as if bidding a good friend goodbye as she skipped away from the property... If shadow travel counted as skipping. She soon entered the familiar streets of... Who-cares-ville (Not like she'd remember any place's names) joyfully hopping along the sidewalk as onlookers had weirded out or concerned expressions her way. Not like she cared much, of course.

Rounding a corner, her gaze caught one of her favorite kinds of places... Ice creaam!

A boringly mundane exchange ended with her getting at least three different flavors and four different toppings, along with her butt on a bench, contently eating the frozen treat like a little child who just had the best day ever, grasping the cone like it was the most important thing in the world.
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