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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Enter Soul Evolution
تطور الروح

I. What is Soul Evolution?

What is Soul Evolution: Instead of drawing upon their own inner-power human of this nature instead draws on the primeval force of Prima Materia, using either that are considered to be either magical and/or scientific to achieve this goal. If Chi Humans are on one side of a coin then you could easily say that Soul Evolution is the flip side of that very coin.

Soul Evolution has actually been around for quite some time, this was before humans even became spiritually aware though. Starting as far back as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and many civilisations. The practice would later be coined by the term alchemy which is how this began to develop. The pursuit was born, humans sought the first element, objects that they could create such as the Universal Panacea and Philosopher's Stone became the purpose. Truly humans did not understand the full scope of what they could achieve with their practice, this would later evolve into what is referred to as Soul Evolution in recent times.

II. How does it occur?

Artificial Birth: It is possible for a Soul Evolution Human to be artificially born, usually using a body or Golem as some form of shell to act as the body. Most processes usually involve some form of scientific infusion into the shell such as using a mixture of sexual fluids or alternatively but much rarer is utilising the "human soul" as the final component. Children born using the more typical method are typically born infantile and must develop like a baby in terms of psyche. Utilisation of the soul however has shown much more advance results, usually presented in the case of children growing up more talented and mentally developed as well as their mindset even being able to become a fully formed personality within days.

Natural Birth: Soul Evolution Humans can be born, they are born just as normal humans are. There isn't really anything special about them if they are born this way but they do tend to have an easier time with their powers and growth.

Conversion: For those of other races it is possible to become a Soul Evolution Human, there is the facet of it that allows for people to undergo a curriculum of sorts. The only requirement is that their body must be altered into that of a human - a process which is extremely painful for other races - which allows them to begin the Curriculum of becoming a Soul Evolution Human. It should be noted that racial skills do not carry over, a high skill in Za Koa will not translate to a higher skill in Prima Materia.

Hybrid Discipline: While noted to be extremely rare and considered to be a miracle upon itself the act of merging the two disciplines of Chi and Soul Evolution has been the goal of various groups within the past. There is the issue however that an incredibly tiny portion of humans themselves could unlock both routes. To unlock both Soul Evolution and Chi without negative side-effects would give access to Yin-Yang essentially. The Soul Evolution Humans focus of the outside and universal planes while the Chi Humans skill with controlling the metaphysical energy within their bodies. For most handling the two styles simultaneously would be disasterous due to the impact on the body and soul with maintaining both an Anima Stone and active Qigong.

III. Prima Materia

The First Matter: Prima Materia or First Matter. Is the original matter of everything, it is the foundation of every reality and every universe. It is responsible for everything in the entire scheme of the fundamental mechanics of causality. This energy is the literal universal energy that Soul Evolution Humans draw upon to utilise. It is infinite in supply as this matter gives birth to itself to continue to fuel the multiverse.

So from this knowledge, Alchemy is the closest practice that allows one to harness this energy as alchemy requires it for the magnum opus of the art. The Philosopher's Stone, The Universal Panacea. Constructs that are not naturally occurring are suddenly possible with this energy. This energy is the beginning, the present and the future. Their magic and skills are incredibly potent because of it, they however are not trying to harness their own power when using it which is something that separates them from many other races. In the same way that a Demon draws energy from the Demon God the Soul Evolution Humans draw strength from Prima Materia.

The Law of Equivalent Exchange: What if I told you that Soul Evolution was an economy? It is a complex system of mathematics and science despite its esoteric nature. Take for example the simple saying of "turn lead into gold", through their use of Alchemy a user could in fact do this but at the same time the quantity of lead would need to be larger than the quantity of gold. Everything in the entire multiverse is an economy, even races to an extent. A demon has less value than a human, demons multiply ridiculously fast and are so prevalent that they really have no value in the grand scheme of things. Prima Materia doesn't care about the personality or slight differences in between people. They are ultimately just so much more prevalent than a human.

Why is this important? Should a Soul Evolution human with a considerable amount of skill begin to delve into the idea of familiars then crafting demonic ones would be much more cost effective than humans. It is a very complex system to understand but ultimately it comes down to the idea of quantity equals value. More of something devalues it while less equals more valuable.

The Anima Mundi: Otherwise known as "The World Soul", what is it? Anima Mundi is the spiritual energy and raw force that the World itself is. Think of the world as a giant Anima Stone that is a system connecting all things on the planet. This is utilised by Soul Evolution Humans and their counterparts the Chi Humans to an extent. By controlling the "soul" of the planet a user can begin to alter physical aspects of the world by subtle manipulation of the world around them. As an example by manipulating the soul of the water they stand on a user can begin to walk on water by pulling on the soul and manipulating its properties. Concrete that is otherwise rigid can temporarily become a liquid for a trap or even elastic to propel a person as if the concrete was a trampoline.

IV. Racial Skills

Prima Materia Control: Things that fall into this category is the control that a Soul Evolution Human has over their Prima Materia, this is typically what the true potential of their skills come from but there is exceptions of this which is covered in the other sections. Simply put this skill can be divided into categories to make it easier to understand; Construction and Manipulation. A quick and brief idea as to what these two categories mean. Construction is a highly potent aspect of this skill. It follows the simple idea of using Prima Materia and Alchemy to create objects or something into the tangible world whether that be a conceptual object or physical ones. An example of a conceptual object would be akin to a knife constructed with the idea of "water". A simple concept which would be more reasonable for a person of lesser skill meanwhile a more advanced user of Prima Materia could take a more intricate concept such as acid, efficacy or even time if they had achieved the pinnacle of mastery over the energy. Constructs are not limited to objects though, construction also involves the formulae for uses such as golems, familiars and equipment. Here to downside though. More often than not construction is not something you can do on the fly, it requires preparation and time. This skill is not often viable as a means of combat with very few being able to do constructs on the fly.

Manipulation however is slightly different to construction. It doesn't require preparation as much, it can achieve results when needed but preparation is possible. A ritual or process can greatly improve results if a Soul Evolution has the forethought and creativity. This involves alchemy that can occur immediately such as harnessing Prima Materia to cause an effect immediately in the form of a spell or something of that nature. Imagine if you will a river, using alchemy a user can force that water to perform an action, perhaps it freezes or it boils to result in steam and burning a target or even for a more advanced user the water itself is broken down to oxygen and hydrogen and used as fuel for an explosion. A grasp of chemistry and the application of real life instances can be highly beneficial to a Soul Evolution human in this art. Ultimately this is a magic-based skill, akin to Kido and Demonic Magic this aspect focuses on magic.

Anima Stone Control: The Anima Stone is more important than you'd think for a Soul Evolution human, not only being their actual connection to Prima Materia it has a great deal of importance. Firstly an Anima Stone actually is the means that energy is gained. A person will be connected to Prima Materia and also the Anima Mundi through this stone. If Prima Materia is manipulating the very nature of reality through the energy that is gathered by the stone then the Anima Stone actually allows for the "manipulation of the Anima Mundi". It is the aspect of environmental manipulation that a user has. This involves a more direct control of matter, not overlaying an effect on reality.

An example of this skill in use would be a user "cleansing" an environment. In the case of a demon trying to exert their presence on Earth through their Za Koa field then a Soul evolution human can oppose this by forcing the Anima Mundi to reject the influence like an immune system fighting a virus, it can operate as a sensory skill to an extent by connecting to the world and using it to expand the senses where it is possible for the human to be able to feel the world around them but not visually. These skills can only be accessed while on Earth or in the World of the Living however, it cannot be used in other realms since it isn't using Prima Materia but the soul of the World which is derived from Prima Materia.

Aiónios Skill: The Universal Panacea is one of the two main goals of any Alchemist, what if I told you this goal had been achieved many centuries ago? Originally crafted as a elixir the innovation of the race eventually allowed for it to become imbued within their genetics. Essentially instead of creating it again they have already assimilated it into themselves to grant a very, very high vitality. Their life-force is considered to be immense, with the ability to survive damage similar to a Shinigami - where the only true way to ensure death is through beheading or substantial damage for long periods of time without aid. Their ageing has essentially stopped albeit a curse. A Soul Evolution human's Aiónios is effectively sealed until they have gone past puberty. Therefore until a person's body is completely developed they will not have access to the benefits of this skill. Keep in mind this is not age related but development related to the body, bodies can develop after a few months and attain Aiónios if they reach maturity.

As mentioned before Aiónios is now integrated with the nature of Soul Evolution, they have evolved for their very bodily fluids to contain high amounts of life-energy granting a resistance to the forces of Death and and also being able to act as a medium for healing. By activating their Aiónios a user can begin to reconstruct their body and heal with high-speed regeneration and stamina recovery. This can also apply to other areas, for example you'd be hard-pressed to find an infertile Soul Evolution Human and their blood and bodily fluids can possess medicinal properties.

Víma Skill: They would not be complete without a high-speed skill, Víma is their answer to keeping up with other races and their unnaturally fast pace. In this instance they instead "trace lines", to achieve high speeds a user is not actually running and nor do they even have to move. What they possess is akin to moving their own vector, by tracing these conceptual pathways that they travel upon a Soul Evolution human is effectively riding a conveyor belt and creating the path as they travel it, alternatively a Soul Evolution Human can personalise this or use it in different ways such as appearing to skate, fly or even swing from apparently nothing. Preparation is key though with this race a stronger user can achieve effects such as tracing a line for their attack to make it occur faster or even slow down an opponents offence with they are skilled enough.

Ultimately there comes the added benefit of travelling, where too? Just about anything a Soul Evolution human does can be made better with preparation. This is no different. By taking into account time, energy and location it is possible for them to discover an pre-existing crack in reality or even create one for higher levels. These cracks serve as doorways, allowing them to slip between the gaps of the universe to travel across realms but are not static and move and change which means a crack can just as easily move or close while another one re-opens elsewhere. The teleportation is simply to long to be used in combat for any benefit which makes combat teleportation not possible with the exception of a potential escape from a sticky situation if only once per thread but ultimately it is unwise to try and apply combat teleportation with this skill.

Racial Skills
  • Anima Stone: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Prima Materia: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Aiónios: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Víma: Grand Master/Master/Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

V. Historical Information

The Beginning: Ancient Egypt. Many millennia ago the very practice of Alchemy originated in this land. Started on the idea of achieving immortality the egyptians would develop the very basics of what would be known as Khem. At this stage there was no spiritual aspect of it, it was merely a rudimentary goal for immortality. At which point around the time of 332 BC Alexander the Great and the Greek controlled Egypt. It was there that the Greek Philsophers merged their own ideas such as the four basic elements and the Egyptian ideas to form Khemia. This is widely considered to be the birth of Soul Evolution amongst the race.

As practice became known within the Arabic Community as Al-Khemia. This was due to Egypt being occupied by the Arabs in the seventh century, by this point in time Soul Evolution had developed quite a lot. More than was let on in recorded history. A few sects of Alchemists had discovered magical skills involved in it, altering the way were and observing phenomenons that shouldn't have been possible when other alchemists did it. Out of fear and their own selfishness they kept this knowledge to themselves and began working on their mystical art.

Still quite rudimentary though Soul Evolution reached its golden age when it came to the Western World and Europe in the eighth century. The dark ages rejected science and other practices which opposed the ideas of God but if Alchemists and Soul Evolution humans said that their art was the work of God now that was something special. The more scientific side of Alchemy was lost - the mystical side only grew though - Soul Evolution Humans kept it secret but made sure their theories and pursuits were all derived from the Almighty God.

Freedom came and a revolution, the Church's grip on the world was falling. The Renaissance era was here and with it a man credited as the strongest Soul Evolution Human to ever live, the great philosopher and alchemist Paracelsus. Fame and power did not come easy in the world, such an influential and powerful alchemist simply wasn't possible in this era. It was by his knowledge of Soul Evolution that Paracelsus became so known.

The Age of Enlightenment: Beginning roughly after the Aizen Incident and the turn of the century. Soul Evolution evolved as the world itself did. Their powers became more open, they didn't have to hide them anymore. Older families and groups who were forced to practice their art in secret could now stand amongst the changing world and embrace it. This lack of restriction gave way to them taking new approaches to development and the newer generations incorporating modern practices into their arts. The results allowed Alchemy to truly flourish. More and more Soul Evolution Humans became known, one particular family known as the Bernstein was acclaimed to have studied fire until they obtained primal fire, Prima Materia in the form of fire. This skill was incredibly powerful but their actions would lead to attempting to mass produce the skill within homoculi unfortunately this caused a sense of value loss in the concept and so when World War Three occurred the Bernsteins would finally burn out.

World War Three didn't just end a lot of these families and groups. It forced them to change. The overall culture became fractured. Between the low-middle class and the high-class. Some families survived and would continue their practices but in the open. The majority of freelances left formed small gangs and quite a few became bounty hunters around this time. There was always one every now and again before the war but the occupation became swarmed with Soul Evolution humans seeking materials and knowledge of the world around them.


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