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Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:09 pm
It was a relatively normal day for the young Danava, the significantly aged Lilium having taken it upon herself to roam Vegas, during the time of the highest volume of sin in the city; Night. This was the time people were engaging in all sorts of questionable activities; dealings, drinking, hooking up ladies. She was lucky to have trained herself to gain a tolerance to the high volume of sin and take her eating more slowly. She was on a constant edge, having to watch where she was travelling.

Even if she could actually walk in this city full of the sinful, she had to avoid any noticeable torrents of it.

Damn it Yaksha! Setting up shop in a city where everyone's filled to the bones with sin or whatever...

No matter how much she studied her reactions to things, she simply could not figure out why this sin was even there. She knew it was there, yes, but... Where it came from is what has her stalled and stuttered, and the frustration was bringing her to her wit's end. She wanted to see if walking around Vegas would give her any answers, and so far it was midnight and she didn't have shit to show for it.

She growled, stomping her feet and releasing several huffs as she was into a low mumble of how pissed she was with her body not cooperating with her as she walked across the street, looking like a lost sheep in the wash of people, til she was greeted with the angry beeping of a car that almost smacked into her.

"Hey lady! Watch your fucking-"


She yelled out, slamming a balled, miffed fist onto the car as her frustration led to that fist caving in the front, causing the windshield to crack, and quite the ugly smash of the front of the car. Lilium stared in absolute shock, holding onto her hand as the raw flesh had chips of metal popping from it like fleas on a dog's pelt, the stripped skin slowly being replaced as her mind caught up to what her body did, causing her to flee with the angered yelling of the owner of the car she smashed.

"Ow ow ow ow ow..!"

The silver haired girl quickly ran into the worst place one could go during the night; alleyways. She rushed into the walks, panting and wheezing as she was sure she lost any sort of authorities, causing her to slow to a stop. Even if the wound managed to close she felt the stinging pain... No.. No...

She heard them, the screams of blind, immense rage, piercing her brain, her body feeling like it lit into flames. She could feel it, the anger, the seething, the pure wrath...

"N-nono- stop stoh..." She felt the liquid spill from her eyes as she tried to suppress it, to divert the sin within herself, so it wouldn't spill out. She tried as hard as she could to keep the door shut, to not allow the incoming angered yells to further the pries, as she fell to her knees, plunging into a darkness as if the fall was instead into a blackened sea instead of concrete.

She bubbled, rising up onto another side, the sweet song she heard with every drop into unconsciousness as little hands fiddled with her hair, a soft form cradling her as she lied in a cool expanse. But this time, she did not lie there and succumb to the singing. Instead, her frustration boiled into this state, her lips parting like a newborn taking in their first breath, but instead of unintelligent screaming, there was speech.

"Why can't I see?"

The question was simple and profound, as the singing ceased, the hands slipping to her shoulders. A full minute of silence followed her question, which only made her tense and spout once more, "Why can't I see? Answer me!"

"Perhaps because... You don't wish to."

The reply was relaxed and controlled, as if the little voice expected it to be asked.

"What are you tal-"

"Don't ask stupid questions, little Danava, you know it to be true. You know in your puny mind that you do not wish to see."

Lilium was highly taken aback, though her body didn't show it, still being quite still and quiet. She knew... She knew what he meant, but... He wasn't right!"

"I can definitely open my eyes.."

"Show me, then. If you truly wish to see, open."

Lilium felt her fists clench along with her teeth, her body trembling as she tried to will her eyes to open, but no motion of her eyelids happened. It was as if she were far too weak to even pick up a piece of paper, the slip hardly having permanence between her fingers. Several minutes of strain lead the voice above to sigh.

"Cease... You aren't capable, and you know that to be true, Danava."

"Shut up! I can do it!"

"Can you truly? Those fears of yours truly weigh you heavily, despite having no bearing on-"


And with that yell, the girl had a sudden grasp of autonomy, causing her to sit up abruptly with another frustrated yell following, her body flipping around, light hitting her vision as her hands grasped something slender and frail, her vision slowly revealing the rather unimpressed face of a blonde child. She panted and soon regained composure, causing her to fall back into what was quickly identified as water, panting and holding her chest as the boy slowly rose to his feet, the frighteningly gorgeous sight of several sets of large wings, which only took look Lilium aback.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean..." The boy only silently approached, getting closer in silence as she continued to shuffle back into the water, "I'm sorry okay! I didn't mean to I j-"

He came down, coming face to face with her, grasping her chin ever so gently to hold her still. His dark eyes stared into her own, the contact being uncomfortable yet strangely relaxing.

"I find it strange that you'd allow such small issues fill you with so much fear..."

Lilium stared at him for a minute in absolute bewilderment, which then turned into anger, "Small issues? SMALL issues?! I was just born and I almost got..." She quickly shook her head of the thought, "I got a billion things to be afraid of jammed into my head upon birth!-"

"That did not stop your predecessor. You are using such trivial things as excuses to hold back, and look where that dropped you; gurgling on your own excrements and making an absolute mockery of your form, young Danava. You have very much to learn."

"Well.. N-no thanks to you!-"

"I cannot bring you to your destination; Only show you the way."


"You opened your eyes, did you not? Look upon the world."

Lilium, though releasing a growl, did look to what he motioned, her frustration fading as she saw the terrain; beasts of all stretches walked upon the soft greenery, as sunlight peaked over the horizon, all kinds of noises being audible from the expanse below them.

"This is what your fear had kept you from, young Danava."

She swallowed, giving him a side glance, her breathing having become labored, "I..."

"Not a word. Your Eternal Partner is I, Lucine Morgenstern, I know a great deal of your mind, even if I weren't joined to you. You're as easy to read as a children's book."

Lilium immediately went into a huff, but Lucine grabbed her arms, preventing them from crossing, "H-hey, what the-"

"Do not shut things out. That is why you are in this situation; you keep shutting out what is true, instead of accepting it and moving along." He put a finger to her chest, "You are letting the darker ends inside of you govern your choices, like many who succumb to sin. But you must understand..."

He grasped her wrists, sliding into her hands, and brought her close, as if to tell a crucial secret, "That darkness is still you, it is not an outside force wrestling to control you for evil ends. You must take charge of your own self, or you will stumble and fall in the mucks of your own subconsciousness."

Lilium felt something inside of her warm a bit, like a sadness rising into a joy. She looked into this boy's eyes, although looking cold, appeared to contain a warmness to them, even for a second.

"Do not shut your eyes to the light again... Remain open."

The boy before her vanished like a puff of wind, the world following suit, as her present consciousness faded with message retained, a feeling of looseness filling her being as she semi returned to her physical body, a voice at the edge of her consciousness shouting at her.

"..You fucking owe me you dumb bitch! Get up!"

She felt a rough kicking to her side as he was screaming his head off like a frothing animal, though her mind had yet to fully stir.

"That was my fucking car! You trashed my shit! That was fucking expensi-"

"Shut your mouth..."

The guy was caught surprised, until he grasped her by the collar and violently yanked her to be dangling from his grip, "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME BI-"

That yelling was met with the lovely gift of a kick to the crotch which caused him to drop her and wince, holding his crotch as she grinned wildly, A flourish of black and white feathers exploding from her back as two brilliant black and white wings sprouted from her back, bones following their sprouting being covered in muscle. Her eyes shot open, her staring with a swirling sort of sadistic fury at the man.

"A caaarrr? A CAAAAAR? Your privileged little ass is worried of a CAAAAAAAR? Don't make me laugh, actually. NO! MAKE ME LAUGH!" She burst into a fit of maniacal laughter, convulsing and holding her stomach included as black "tears" came from her eyes, a finger coming up to swipe it away.

And like a comedically terrible case of mood swings, she was suddenly up in his face, her amber pupils staring deep into the punk's soul, her voice soft yet chilling, "Listen here, little boy, I can give you much more REAL issues to worry about.." As she spoke, the flesh differentiating her lips and cheeks separated, exposing sharpening teeth, as her pupils stilted and more, much smaller eyes appeared on her face, "Unless you'd love the idea of your entrails being stuffed down your pig throat, I suggest you run back to suckling your daddy's fat teats like the groveling infant you are..~"

He got the message indeed, the coward running off and squealing, tail tucked between his legs. Lilium's features slowly returned to normal, as her mind tried to process all that had happened, within her world and reality alike, as she stood, arms down, almost in shock.

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