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Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha] Empty Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha]

Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:48 pm


The floorboards of a small boat screeched in protest of the water that sloshed against its wooden walls. Wooden crates and broken materials cluttered below deck, with a large stowaway taking refuge in the bowl of the ship. A gaseous creature curled up in a ball to keep from touching the crates the boat creaked and swayed in the water.

Technology was expanding, everything was advanced and rarely did Silvia find a town or transportation that didn't have the latest advances or the prettier metals keeping it safe. This boat was so uncommon that it was almost a comfort to the hollow creature as it rested inside. The boat was in the middle of the East Sea, heading towards South Korea without whatever was stored in these storage containers.

Sil didn't mind the ride, frankly the only reason she rode the dinky old thing was for the experience. After years of new tech and new developments, it's always been about the cities or the desert that made up the world she now lived in. To see something from the passed... It felt good to have the splintered wood under her white and red form. It was satisfying.

Then she noticed something in the corner of her piercing blue eyes. Her muzzle snapped to the side in response, noticing a small wisp. Those eyes narrowed to slits as she watched it dance and flicker in her presence. A voice coming out with a string of words she recognized in an older tongue. Much older than Silvia had expected.

"Come. Come to me. Las Vegas. Come and see. I will be waiting. Forever, if that's what it takes. Come. Let us be bound together by the red string of fate. Come. Come to me."

It was familiar, a long forgotten voice almost when it snapped in her mind. Why is he contacting me? What is this red string he desires? So many meanings all across the world... why something so broad?

For years, Silvia spent her life in the spirit world and and Earth, trading back and forth just to stay out of the danger and grab and meal when she could. She hated the politics and frustration of both worlds and refused to be a part of any of it every since her home was destroyed and the land taken. Her brethren... her comrades lost to ages of war and fighting.

This was the first invitation to something she had gotten in years that piqued her interests, her curiosity. In a flash of deep red, the spirit grew in size as if it stood up from where it had been lying on the floorboards. Again the red hues burst from the body of the beast, lasting longer on the air than the last before fading into the white fox again. A slow, deliberate pulsing of Reaitsu coming from her before her eyes closed and opened again with a hint of dastardly red.

Suddenly the red was gone, the tendrils of magic and spiritual energy leaving her as she slumped to the floor with a huff. Vegas... go to Vegas. Attempting to follow another Reaitsu from so far... what was she even thinking? Was she excited? Must have been.

After several minutes, the hollow looked down at the wooden floor and crouched down, her large, bulky tail swishing in the air and touching the top of the storage room of the ship, in seconds the floorboards seem to open and teeter with magic making them shake. Now there in front of the creature's feet was a deep crimson portal.

In she jumped! The boat giving one last creek before she felt sand on her front paws. Light pain hit her and a light yip left her ghostly lips. Quickly she found herself in the air, a couple inches from the terrible grains of rock, a tint of red giving the white spirit a bit of color.

Now... where are you? Again the hollow's body pulsed, attempted to find the paperthin resin of Reaitsu... his reaitsu.

Her eyes snapped open wide as she looked to the side and followed what she hoped was what she was looking for. She found a mansion, as tall as some of the temples she enjoyed sneaking into in Japan or China to spook the superstitious.

In she walked to find a crowd of people around a familiar man. Silvia's wispy mane
flared to life and she stayed to the shadows, waiting quietly for the crowd to dissipate. Many in the crowd were... not human. It felt obvious and ominous. Who else had he called to listen to his ramblings?

When the crowd settled and began to defuse, the fox moved closer, floating towards Yaksha with an easy air.

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Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha] Empty Re: Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha]

Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:39 pm

Yaksha, The Überseele

It had been a productive day, and like any productive day, it left him feeling both drained and excited at the same time. He wanted to find somewhere very alone, very quiet, and sit with a nice book, or perhaps a few cookies. He'd made a few just before this, on the reasoning that if this went -wrong- he'd at least have the solace of sugar and starch to comfort him. The notion that neither of these things had any nutritive value for him changed absolutely nothing; it wasn't merely those things which kept you alive that made life worth continuing.

He could sense it, in a back-of-the-mind sort of way, like when you had that distinct memory of someone entering the room, and no memory of them leaving. Perhaps it couldn't be called a -sense-, not in the way the others were. Yaksha didn't actually believe you could tell the presence of someone else by just -wanting- to. There were certain signs you looked out for, and since the start of this meeting, he'd looked for signs that hollows had arrived...and left. In many cases, he'd gotten every indication that both had happened. In a few cases, his brain had never quite fully given him the indications that the presences had both come and gone. It wouldn't surprise him to hear there were a few hollows that had chosen never to stand out, or perhaps one with a power unbeknown even to him, something to make identifying them even harder...who was even now hoping to create a vacuum of their own, and fill it in one swift motion. He hadn't expected it, but now that the thought was in his head, he couldn't really call himself surprised. He accepted it with a dread, icy calm, and had already begun to plan out just how to send each one away like a whipped dog.

He inhaled, turning around in place, hands folded behind his back, feet swinging back and forth, as he spoke to the air itself, looking at nothing in particular.

"I was thinking of going to get a cream soda, and perhaps a nice steak. If you're hoping for an autograph, or my head, or both, then please kindly let it wait until I'm nursing my second glass. I want to remind myself that people are really worth my time for a bit, before I go off on my own again. So unless you're going to be good company...please just. Don't. Don't bother. Trust me when I say there will be better times."

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Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha] Empty Re: Of Messages and Madness [Silvia/Yaksha]

Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:57 pm

The words that were spoken as the male turned around in his chair were chilly, exasperated perhaps? Silvia couldn't quite grasp the emotions if any. Instead she looked around the room and set herself on the floor lightly, her deep red energy creating tendrils on her back, where her spine was shrouded in fog and cloud. With easy grace she stepped across the floor and towards Yaksha with her large tail swaying high behind her.

"It's been years, Yaksha... Good to see you haven't been killed yet."

Memories, flashes, something shrouded her eyes for a moment as she was reminded of the bloodshed she had caused. Her family and friends that were killed and destroyed... and then the chaos she created for tribes closest to her and the savages that took her life.

The fox shook her foggy head and sat down on her hind legs that barely were visible under the fog of her body. "I wouldn't mind giving you company. I'm not here to fight or cause trouble. I want to talk." Her gentle tone took on a bit of mischief as she opened her muzzle just a smidge, fog billowing out from her maw. "Hopefully you at least remember me a little bit from when I helped killed off tribes of Natives and a good sum of Europeans, right? Just a little?"

Her eyes stared up to him with a small glint of curiosity and desire. A strange pair of emotions she didn't feel often outside of her usual regret and sorrow. It was... interesting. Soothing to know that even in this depression she had been living in, this craving for lives and incredible hunger... Maybe she had more in her than her feigned excitement.
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