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Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:48 pm
Pan wasn't entirely sure of where he ended up in the world, having stepped from the division between worlds and stepping into a calm looking city lit with streetlamps; the telltale signs of night were present, though there were many other lights that trumped the glow of the moon. The hollow let out a gentle gurgle as his long legged stride began.

Not many humans looked his way, which was a relief. He wasn't interested in confrontation at the moment... Though a little tickle of impulse in his mind, perhaps the ghost of a child, drove him to begin fooling around a little.

He'd sit by street lamps, screwing and unscrewing the bulb, watching the scared, indifferent, or confused reactions he'd get. He didn't feel much from the activity, his vacant, void eyes looking upon those who saw him fooling with it. If any could actually see him, they weren't very outspoken about him. Anytime he'd play this game with people, he'd always be curious of why he would. There was a lot of things he was curious of why he did, anyway, but did them anyway.

Perhaps... Was a push for validation in his actions.

Soon he grew bored of this activity, his broad wings stretching as his bony, long limbs tucked in as he lifted off the ground. Any who were to witness, could pursue this hollow to a nearby part, in which he had hung from a particularly tall tree, swinging back and forth, using his tail as a rope as his holes quivered, emitting a gentle but pleasant tune.
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