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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Vladimir Anton [APPROVED; 3-1++]

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I. General Information

» Name: Vladimir Anton
» Titles: Specter, Vlad
» Age: While he appears to be 21 his actual age is actually 457 years old.
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: The Motherland

» Appearance Description: Vladimir is a man who stands at a proud five foot eleven inches and weighs one hundred and fifty pounds; it is due to this that he is able to maintain a rather slender frame, though this should not be used as an assumption of any lack of muscle. When discussing his actual appearance one of the more visible characteristics is his raven black hair.

Although his appearance seems rather bland, his body goes through two changes which alters his appearance for the time that he spends in these forms. When becoming awakened there seems to be what could only be described as a web like structure that runs up his neck, onto parts of his face. A light blue , though tainted with some black, structure that stands out on his pale skin. In addition to this we notice that his hair begins to lighten to a light brown color.

After having fully awakened his hair turns white, and it seems that a rather thick aura begins to cover his body; this aura is one that can be visualize, and as such is shown in the picture for fully awakened. Along with this we see the effects of the chi on his body; his muscles become more pronounced.

» Appearance Picture:
Appearance Picture:

II. Personality

» Personality:

Brave: Although many would believe Vladimir to either be cocky and/or arrogant this is not the case; this is, generally, their misidentification of Vladimir's Bravery. These are often misunderstood simply because of the fact that Vladimir's decisions are usually unwavering. It does not matter how the situation may seem; once a decision has been made then he will simply continue to push forward. This was something which his time in the KGB had forced him to adopt this policy.

This sense of bravery has been built through the various missions in which he found himself with no plausible way out; perhaps it was this sense of death that allowed him to simply give it his all; it allowed him to simply push ahead, without any thoughts of his own safety. What did the condition of a body mean when the man was dead? It was because of this that he found himself able to survive countless situations where most men would simply give in; this is why he is able to simply accept the situation before him and continue onward.

Protective: Vladimir is a person who is willing to put himself in harms way in order to protect, and preserve, people that he holds dear. Being willing to offer his body, and mind, for those he holds dear is the reason he joined the KGB. While it he was, originally, simply enlisted in the soviets general army he was quickly offered a chance to join a newly formed branch, one which could serve the greater good of the USSR.

This is something which could lead Vladimir down a path of destruction, or turmoil. Although he knows exactly what he is doing, there are times where he may will not be doing the "right" thing. It is his protective nature, and the duty he feels towards his country, which will cause him to make these decisions; those decisions are what can, ultimately, put him at the greatest risk.

Proud: Vladimir is quite proud of the many feats which he has been able to accomplish over the years; while he is not so shallows as to become a narcissist, he does believe that he should be shown some respect. While this was something which would trigger him in his early years, the days before he had unlocked his inner potential, in this day and age it is not something he worries too much about; he knows just how competent he is, and to a degree this could be described as cockiness.

His pride does not stop at himself, however, it is something which shines brightest when he is representing his country. He believes that Russia, what was once a power house of a country, is a place where the strongest are born. Russia is a place which will rise once more; although these peaceful times are very nice, and they give people the chance at a break, they cannot last forever. He believes Russia should begin its research once more; Russia should be leading this world forward once again.

Vindictive: Vladimir, although he has calmed down since his days in the KGB, still holds onto pieces of his former self. Although he may not seem the type Vladimir is a person who is able to hold a grudge for quite sometime; these grudges, however, are not over trivial matters. For Vladimir a to form a grudge a person would need to do something as terrible as killing his family; these are things which he does not form often.

Calculating: Vladimir is a person who does not make moves lightly; he will often ponder the consequences of each action and what the outcome could be. In his past he would often spend the night before a mission thinking of various possible scenarios and preparing multiple answers; while this was not always the most practical of things to do it helped him with the bigger picture; a person who was able to mold the battlefield to their will, this could be done through various small actions, was someone who would, almost always, not die through a mistake of their own. Even in his dialogues with others he will often chose just the right words, making sure to leave a certain impression on them.

Vladimir is a person who, although having spent many years in the KGB, has been able to adapt to a relatively calm lifestyle; it was after the KGB was dissolved that he began to restrain himself; he did not need the same sort of persona in order to survive civilian life. It was something which was rather boring for him.

» Likes:

Quiet: Finding a place that was absolutely quiet was something that often evaded Vladimir. For a majority of his life he was on a battlefield; while these battlefields were different than that of wartime they still held a different meaning than that of most other places. While most missions he had gone through were very quiet, noise lead to his death. It was due to this that he was, often, unable to appreciate it. After a mission the best thing was being able to sleep in the quiet; he had no need to worry for an enemy attack; he had no need to worry for his own safety. He knew that in his barracks his life was safe.

» Dislikes:

Traitors: Traitors are one of the few things that Vladimir simply despises. He finds that although some have valid reasons, they often betray a larger group, or a specific person, simply for their own personal gain. Vladimir is a person who believes that loyalty should trump all other obstacles that a person faces. Why betray a person when you could simply ask for their help in resolving the issue. The worst type of traitor is one who abandons their country for some sort of simplistic reason. He cannot understand why a person would abandon those who have caused such an impact on them. There were a few exceptions, though he did not encounter them very often.

III. Background Information

» Background: Vladimir was born to a relatively small town in Russia during the 1960's Vladimir placed in the middle of the cold war; a time where, although there was no direct confrontation, there was a plethora of proxy wars; accompanying these proxy wars was the immediate thread of nuclear missiles. To say the least these times were unsettling, Russia was a world power and things seemed to be evenly matched with the United States. These times did not last, however. It seemed that the U.S backed forces continued to take victories as the USSR continued to lose. In all honesty, these times are something that did not concern young Vladimir; he was more focused on the condition of his town. While the government continued to push Communism Vladimir could only see the increasing gap between the commonwealth and those who ran the government; the Russian people, however, continued to live on, ignoring the state in which they found themselves. These people were resilient, and the type of people which Vladimir was inspired by.

It was on his eighteenth birthday that Vladimir had decided to join the Soviet Army. While this decision may have seemed rushed to many of his family members, even some of his close friends, it was something that Vladimir had been contemplating for a majority of his adolescent life. After having joined the army he was quickly put through basic training; this is the point in which Vladimir was able to distinguish himself from his peers. He was a quick learner and was able acquire the skills necessary to become a skilled marksmen rather quickly. After the few months of basic training Vladimir was approached by a male no older than himself. The male was dressed in formal attire and seemed to have no interest in pleasantries; he simply came to offer Vladimir an opportunity to join the KGB. This offer was instantly accepted.

It was after he had completed his basic training that Vladimir was immediately moved to yet another training barracks; they were severely different. This new barracks was, in and of itself, the training necessary to become KGB. When one considered what it meant to be in a secret service they often forgot the intense training necessary to get to that point. Begin escorted to his room, though it was more aptly described as a cell, Vladimir quickly noticed many things. The first was the lack of windows. The only light was that which leaked in from the corridor. The next thing he was bale to notice was the lack of a bed, simply a blanket and pillow on the ground; and then there was the toilet. A simple bucket in the corner of the room. This training was not one which would focus the body, no that was already completed through basic training, this was to focus the mind.

In the coming months he would often find himself alone in his cell; the only relief that came was when they released a chicken into his room. Aside from the continued basic training that he was meant to endure, though it was performed at a higher level now and with the introduction of explosives, all he could do was socialize with the chicken. Perhaps this was around the time that Vladimir's innate ability to utilize chi was awakened. Aside from the chick all he could do was meditate, this was something he was able to find rather soothing. It was after six months that Vladimir was finally moved to a new chamber, though it was worse than the last. Having been lead out of the barracks, been told that he had completed the necessary training, he was quickly thrown into the final stage of training. It was on his first day that he was required to kill his only friend, the chicken which had accompanied him through the last few months. It was with its execution that he was promptly put through the next phase of training; interrogation.

This was a period in which Vladimir found himself exposed to all sorts of torture; anything that could be done to him if he was captured was done. Although this lasted a mere week, it felt like an eternity. The torture in and of itself was grueling, though he had no choice but to endure. What was he to do if he had failed the training? He had spent too much time of his life on this to fail. He would endure what little was left.

1979 was the year that Vladimir could finally be called a member of the KGB; he had finished all of his training and was finally ready to help defend this country, defend its people. Sure, he was not a fan of communism, but it made the people happy; their happiness, however, was nothing more than a facade they used in order to protect themselves. His deployment was one which he did not expect; his expectations was to be sent oversea, he would have thought he would play the role of a spy or sleeper agent in the U.S.A, though this was not the case. His deployment was to his own country, to a seemingly random bloc. While he did not question his orders he could not help but feel a sense of sadness; was this what he had expected the KGB to be? Was he not going to be deployed?

Although he was told this mission was for the good of the country, and he was informed the group to be terrorists, he could not see any danger in the supposed terrorist circle he was assigned to join. He had joined what appeared to be an ordinary book club, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Vladimir was disillusioned when he was quickly integrated into what seemed to be a large network of terrorists; being the naive man he was he had followed orders and quickly put an end to the movement. This continued for a year.

After having destroyed multiple rings Vladimir quickly came to notice the state his countries people was in; they simply tolerated the government. This was not their ideal life. It was with this that he struggled to continue his duties for another year. The month after his twenty first birthday he had left the KGB. He could not find it in himself to do this to a majority of the Russian populous. It was rather clear that they were not happy; it was because of this that he left the KGB. He was there to defend the people, not communism.

It was for the next few years that he simply stayed on the sidelines; he did not have the heart to betray his government, but he could not suppress the people either; he had moved out in isolation. While he knew this was an inadequate way to live he simply meditated for the next few months; it was in this time that he was able to realize his own innate abilities. It was through the practice of Tai Chi that he was able to train himself in the controlling Chi. Vladimir quickly began to notice the amazing benefits that chi added; his senses were sharper and his body was aging significantly slower, if at all.

His reintroduction into society was caused by the mass invasion of Hollows and Demons; death filled the streets and Vladimir could not simply remain idle while this occurred; he quickly took action and began to defend those that he could with his powers. Being able to control his chi was something which allowed him to help those weaker than himself. It was for many years that this continued and that he was reintegrated into society.

It was with this that he had chose to join the RCF and protect the Russian people. For many years things had simply moved forward and Vladimir continued his studies of Chi; this all ended, however, when Sin Fall appeared. Given the massive amount of power they have pulled Vladimir is now pushing for the re-militarization of Russia and increased research. This is the time for Russia to regain what it lost so many years ago.

IV. Natural Abilities

» Natural Attributes:

Increased Perception: Although Vladimir was not very fond of having been recruited into the KGB he did find it to be an interesting place, one which helped him hone his skills; this was a place that forced him to develop all aspects of his sensation. If he failed to develop a single one of them then it would result in the death of a hostage, or even worse, the detonation of a bomb; it was with this that he devoted himself to training his senses; he began to be able to notice the slight movements they make, the changes in intonation and even the subtle changes in diction. Each of these things allowed for him to ensure the safety of those around him, as well as himself, while allowing him to grow. These were only further improved once he had left the KGB.

This can be used to ensure the safety of three people, including himself. One limit of this ability is that this increased perception is only viable for fifty meters. After the fifty meters things are as it would be for an average person.

Further Increased by Chi: The ability to control the flow of his chi is something which has allowed Vladimir the ability to direct a portion of it to his eyes, or ears; while this is not the most practical uses of chi it is one which has many benefits for Vladimir. By channeling his chi to his eyes he is able to perceive a plethora of new detail as well as the flow of energy. By doing this he is able to see the buildup of energy (while in a passive state it is simply the electrical energy but if the amount of chi being channeled to the eyes this can be used to see all forms of energy, also note that this would become possible as a passive upon reaching Tier 1) in a person's body; this allows him to anticipate his opponent's movements. Along with this he is able to see much further than an average human would be able to. By channeling chi to his ears Vladimir experiences many of the same benefits; his hearing is increased as to allow him to hear through thin barriers as well as hearing the whispers of others from ten meters away.; if Vladimir increases the amount of chi flowing to his ears then he is able to hear through thicker barriers and notice even quieter sounds.

Upon hitting Tier 1 this ability will not have a cool down, or limit on duration. Until tier 1, however, this ability can only last for a total of three posts and will take four posts to cool down.

Deficits: When directing chi to his eyes, and/or ears, they become much more sensitive to stimulus as the above would imply. This increased perception is, in fact, a double edged sword; if a person were to flood his senses with an extraneous stimulus, one which holds no relevance, he would have to sort through the noise to find what was truly important; along with this it, Vladimir is able to be stunned by a flash of bright light, and/or a very loud sound. These are all defunct, however, if he stops the flow of chi to his eyes. These deficits are generally the same for all abilities increased through Chi. If stunned it would last for a post.

Increased Reaction Time: Having been forced to deal with multiple hostage situations, and bomb scares, Vladimir was forced to adapt to a volatile environment; this volatile has lead to him being able to respond to most stimuli in a very quick manner. If he was unable to react in a timely manner it could lead to a disastrous; whether this cost him his life, the life of the hostage or the life of many was something that forced him to adapt.

Further Increased by Chi: The further increment by chi is through the same ways in which Vladimir's perception is increased; by utilizing his increased perception he is able to visualize whatever it is that is incoming. Along with this the chi in his muscles allows for them to move faster, allowing for his body to react with a faster speed.

Upon hitting Tier 1 this ability will not have a cool down, or limit on duration. Until tier 1, however, this ability can only last for a total of three posts and will take four posts to cool down. His reaction speed will be increased by two times.

Expert in Hand to Hand Combat: This ability of his is due to the time that he had served in the KGB; the most basic of training would be those that trained him for a situation in which he would be unable to use a firearm. These situations could be plentiful when one considered the fragility of some hostage situations; when asked to relieve himself of his weapon it is not as though he would have much of a choice in the matter. With this training he found the usefulness of being able to take down individuals without the noise that a gun will produce.

Expert with Firearms: This is something that was required as a member of the KGB; if you could not operate your weapon at its maximum efficiency, then what was the point of even having the tool? A person who could not change tools on the battlefield was a person who could not operate at their maximum capacity. Those people had no right to be in the KGB; it was with this determined mindset that he trained himself to be able to use a large variety of guns.

High Chi Capacity: This is something that simply accompanied Vlad in his journey throughout the time in which he had discovered how to use chi, and every since then; this is due to the fact that Vladimir always has a large volume of chi flowing through his body, allowing for there to be extra chi stored in the main chamber in which it collects. Thanks to this flow of chi Vladimir has been able to expand these chi channels, further increasing the amount of chi that flows in his body. This will passively increase day by day as his ability to handle chi increases. In addition to this, there has been signs that this also leads to a decrease in the amount of chi that leaves his body, when not under his control.

» Passive Chi Abilities:

Chi Manipulation: This is the ability to control ones own chi, whether it be in the body or out of it. While this seems to be a daunting task it is the most basic form of Chi Channeling.

Chi manipulation is what allows for Vladimir to control his chi while it is outside of his own body; this includes when it enters foreign objects. When his chi occupies a foreign object Vladimir is able to manipulate its movement. While this ability is not useful on a player character it can be used on a NPC that is three tiers lower than himself (I.E if Vlad is Tier 0 he can manipulate Tier 3's). This would last for a total of four posts and be on cool down for the thread (for NPC's) and on cool down for five posts on objects.

Chi Infused Muscles: This is something which increases the amount of physical damage Vladimir is able to endure; by having chi simply flowing through his body his muscles have began to take in chi and use it to strengthen their base states. While this is a very basic passive there is a much more interesting, though not very useful, form that this takes.

This ability is something that is very much important upon Vladimir's death. After having passed away the chi that is stored in his muscles allows for the body's decomposition to occur at a much slower rate than that of the average human; in addition to this it allows for the survival of his chi abilities. Seeing as how chi is an ability which is very much physical, and thus the user needs an experienced body, it allows for the possibility of resurrection using this same body. If the soul, however, does not understand how to use the abilities that Vladimir has developed then it is simply a heightened body.

This is something which simply utilizes a portion of his chi in order to increase the durability of his body. By using up a small portion of his Chi Vladimir is able to increase his endurance by 20%.

V. Shiyong

» Sei Abilities:
Unique Abilities:

Accessing Chi Gates:
Being able to access and manipulate a person chi gates is the most fundamental of teachings for chi channeling. By opening certain gates a person's body is able to surpass whatever limitations that it was once under; the increased amount of chi causes the muscles to accept more oxygen, and even infuses it with the energy of the world. A person who is able to manipulate their chi gates usually have a higher baseline fitness than most other humans. The most noticeable of these differences would be the increased blood oxygen content of the person. While this seems to be incredible as it is there are several "tiers" of opening a chi gate. The first of which is available to any who have practiced and have enough chi. The second tier is one which is only possible when reaching their awakened form; this further increases the amount of chi that flows through the gate and allows for a further increase to their abilities; they must be in their awakened form for this to occur. The final tier is one which is only available upon reaching Perfect Awakening. This is, in and of itself, a very destructive toll on the user. While all gates are able to be opened in this final state there are certain gates which may cause death by entering this state. Although this increases could, theoretically, allow its user to fight evenly with a person multiple power tiers above them there are severe disadvantages to doing so, and as such should only be used as a last resort.

Deficits: While this allows for a person to exceed the limits of even the most well maintained humans it is something which could become very negative for the user. Should a user become too reliant on their chi, or even the passive abilities that it grants, they are very much under the control of chi itself; should their chi movement be halted they would be lost. An over reliance on a particular ability is something which is very deadly in any art, and as such should be avoided. In addition to this the usage of too many gates at once, the exact number depends on a person's training and innate abilities, could cost the user their life or limb; each gate offers a tremendous amount of power, and as such, they should not be abused without being prepared to accept the results. Aside from the harm that a person may face there is also the disadvantage of the range necessary for these techniques; each technique is one which alters the user's body, and as such has no effect on opponents. The most efficient way of using this ability would be for hand to hand combat.

While there is not a limit on the amount of gates which Vladimir can open at once, this is not something to be taken lightly. The damage accumulated through each of these simply stack on top of each other and are not able to be mitigated.

Specific Gates: These are gates that rely on a single gate in order for them to activate to completion. These have a plethora of effects that vary depending on its location. While a majority of these are much easier to open than the general gates there are some which require more work, and could lead to more damage to the person who has opened them. The difficulty to open a gate increases as one moves vertically; the gates at the feet are much easier than those at the chest.

Gate of the Lion: The location of this gate is the foot of the user. Opening this gate does not require much practice, but that does not mean it is not worth having. By opening this gate Vladimir gains a huge increase to his speed; while this increase in speed is very useful it is not on the same level as the flash step, though with copious training it is possible to exceed the flash step. The opening of this gate is usually characterized by dirt, or whatever loose particles are around his feet, being blown into the sky. This allows the user to reach a state that is not quiet the tier above them, but it much greater than what they have now; think of it as a in between state.

The most basic form of opening this gate, the one in which anyone with enough chi could perform, is one which does as stated above. With this, however, there are two further openings of this gate.

Upon reaching the awakened stage Vladimir is able to increase the amount of chi which flows through this gate; by doing this he forces the gate to open further than what was ever intended and by doing so has yet another increase in speed. This increase is characterized by the formation of small craters appearing with each step. When using the gate to this extent a person is able to match those whose speed is a tier above their own (Basically Adept becomes Advanced and so on). In addition to this Vladimir's skill on his feet increase (Think of an out-boxer who is able to maneuver the ring in a very skillful manner). While this is not a permanent it is something which can become very useful for Vladimir while in combat. This, however, is not the final form of release.

Upon reaching perfect awakening Vladimir is able to blow the gate open, causing a further increase in chi to surge through the gate. By doing this Vladimir is able to match those who are two tiers above himself. This state is characterized by the destruction of whatever clothing may be covering his feet, as well as an increased size in craters formed by each step. Along with this his footwork is further increased, allowing him to maintain his center of gravity in almost any situation.

This lasts for a total of four posts and has a cool down of two posts.

Deficits: For each of these states there is an increase in the deficits that Vladimir may incur. In the simplest of stages the deficits are rather small, and usually are not very noticeable. While opening this gate he is unable to perform Soul Dash. Along with this there is the possibility that his feet may be bleeding after the release of this gate; this is not due to the excess chi in the feet, seeing as it is still very minimal, it would be due to the chaffing of the feet.

When this gate is forced to open even further the deficits will begin to be more noticeable. In this state he is still unable to Soul Dash, and his feet may continue to bleed; in addition to this, however, it is possible for the increased amount of Chi to cause damage to the foot. Depending on the amount of time spent in this state it is possible for Vladimir to accumulate multiple soars, and in the worst case broken bones. In addition to this it is necessary that the Gate of the Grasshopper be opened first; the chi must flow through the legs in order to reach the feet; it is possible for the small amounts necessary to reach the feet without having the legs open, but that is not enough for this tier or further.

Upon blowing the gate open Vladimir faces very severe damage. While all the previous deficits stay there are an increase to the possible damage to his feet. If Vladimir stays in this state for an extended period of time, assuming that there has been no training done, he will definitely break the bones in his feet; along with this he may end up shredding the muscles in his feet. This could, if not healed properly, lead to his inability to walk. this refers to his Perfectly awakened form.

Gate of the Grasshopper: The location of this gate is in the calf, and as such plays a major role in almost all actions that originate from the legs. Upon opening this gate Vladimir is able to immediately feel the increases muscle mass in his calves. By doing this Vladimir is able to jump much higher than an average person, lift much heavier objects as well as a very powerful kick. By unleashing this gate he is granted access to the Gate of the Lion.

When this gate is forced to open even further there are some, though not many, added benefits. The most notable benefit is the further upgrade to the muscles in Vladimir's legs. This allows for him to carry even more weight, and produce even more massive kicks. In addition to this Vladimir is able to jump much higher than most other humans.

After having blown this gate open Vladimir see's one final boost in his abilities regarding his legs; the most notable of this is the upgrade of his speed ability to the next tier. This is due to the role that legs play in the act of running; seeing as how the muscles are no longer able to produce Lactic acid, he is able to run without feeling his muscles cramp.

This lasts for a total of four posts and has a cool down of three posts.

Deficits: The opening of this gate, at its most basic of forms, does not have very many significant disadvantages. One disadvantage, which could be noticed when comparing it to other major limbs, is the lack of an ability that is developed as Vladimir progresses through his awakened phases. After closing the gate it is possible that his legs would cramp due to the stress.

Upon forcing the gate to open even further there is the possibility to Vladimir's body; if he were to overextend the usage of this muscle it is very possible to tear the muscle. In addition to this if he were to jump at his maximum capacity, without having the Gate of the Lion activated, it is possible that he would break the bones in his foot.

Once the gate is blown the threat of damage does increase, though not by a significant amount. The possible damage to the muscle simply increase to the point where it is plausible that the muscles are shredded; though this would be caused by pushing the body while running or lifting. Aside from this there are not very many deficits.

Gate of the Tortoise: The location of this gate is at the sternum. This is the first gate that must be opened in order for any of the other gates to be opened; although chi is able to freely flow through the body it does so in a very docile manner. By opening this gate it is akin to opening a floodgate; it allows for the users chi to simply rush through the body and enhance each part of the body. In addition to being the first gate to be opened, as well as the required gate, it improves Vladimir's own abilities as well. The most notable of these changes is the increase in endurance; his skin seems to hard, this is not to be confused with Xinfeng which is an entirely different process, and allows for Vladimir to endure more damage than he could without this gate. This increase is akin to that which the Gate of the Lion grants to Vladimir's speed. While it does not quite increase it to that of the next tier is gets to him to the interesting halfway point (This would be considered an enhancement to Durability). Along with this Vladimir is able to inhale more oxygen, his heart to beat at a slower rate and he is able to lift even heavier objects; this is a general upgrade to his Cardiovascular system.

When this gate is forced to open even further Vladimir is able to feel a new sensation running through his body; this increase in chi further increases his durability, cardiovascular system and carrying capacity. In addition to this Vladimir is able to create a stronger Xinfeng field around himself. While the more basic version serves as a type of passive for him this version allows him to create what would feel to be a hardened case around himself. While to him it is able to follow each movement of his body, to an opponent it would feel like they were hitting a brick wall.

Once the gate has been blown open Vladimir is able to reach unrealistic levels of durability, carrying capacity and his cardiovascular system is beyond perfect. Perfect, in this context, refers to the hearts ability to continually oxygenate his muscles; there is not an instant in which his muscle begin to Lactic acid. This also decreases his heart rate to such a point that some may not consider human. In addition to this the layer of Chi which is around his body thickens to around half a foot away from the body.

This would last for a total of six posts and have a cool down of three. This is simply due to the fact that this gate must be opened first in order for the other gates to be opened. His durability would be increased by two times without a release, three times after release and four times after perfect awakening. This would increase his strength by simply increasing his core muscles, which although not completely used in strength, has a very large impact on the amount of power he has.

This gate is required in order to open any of the other gates Vladimir's body; if something should prevent him from being able to open this gate then he is unable to access any of the other gates; in addition to this if his chi should fail him then he would become vulnerable to whatever it is that may be effecting him.

While maintaining this gate in his first awakened form his body begins to be placed under a stress that is comparable to a smokers. This is to say that the users lungs and heart begin to feel the pressure of having been pushed so hard. Depending on the length of time this was maintained Vladimir may find himself unable to breath, or even experiencing a heart attack. In addition to this the layer of Chi that Vladimir builds up around himself is susceptible to those two tiers higher than himself. Although it is effective against those below his tier those at, and above, seem to have diminishing effects.

Upon blowing the gate open Vladimir is open to a plethora of possible outcomes, many of which are life threatening. If this state were to be used for an extended period of time then the punishments would simply escalate. The best case scenario is that only one of Vladimir's lungs collapse and that he experiences a heart attack. In the worst case scenario his heart would simply blow under the pressure; this is, without some sort of spiritual healing, a guaranteed death.

Gate of the Ape:
This gate is located on each arm of Vladimir; a more accurate, an specific, would be the Bicep. By opening this gate Vladimir is able to perform a copious amount of work; many of these feats would not be possible without some sort of enhancement to the body. The most noticeable effect of this ability would be the increased damage caused by each fist; this is not due to the hardness of the fist, but the fact that the bicep muscle, as well as the other muscles in the arm, have increased in size and are able to fire at a faster rate; this stronger, and faster, release of energy is what increases his punching power.

After forcing this gate open even further Vladimir is able to see an increase in his abilities, as well as the emergence of some new abilities. Aside from the further increase in power, which also allows for more to be carried, he is now able to access the following ability:

Chi Helix:
This ability requires Vladimir to channel an abundance of Chi into his arms, even more so than required to force this gate open (though not as much as when blowing a gate), and is characterized by sparks of Chi threading through his arm; this chi is so concentrated as to allow for it to become visible to all. As his chi continues to increase his arm becomes more and more dense; this ability in and of itself does not have a limit to the amount of chi that it may draw so it is dependent on Vladimir deciding to release the attack. Upon releasing this a beam of chi engulfs Vladimir's arms and bursts out of his body. This beam, which has a 2.5 meter radius, is able to shear through Chi that comes from users that are at the same level as Vladimir's and below, anything higher than it begins to be worn away. In addition to this the beam can be infused with other energies, though that is reliant on Vladimir having some sort of access to said energy; while it does not have to be fused internally that would be the most optimal spot. This ability uses a concentration of, roughly, 200%. Along with this it has a cool down of four posts.

Blowing out this gate doesn't add much more than increasing the the maximum capacity that he can carry, as well the increase to damage he can do with his fists; in addition to this it is possible to use a further enhanced Chi Helix; this would increase the concentration of Chi, which would lead to more damage being done (Also being able to cut through even stronger energies), as well as allowing for a new form of attack. By using the energy that was gained through the buildup for the Chi Helix he can force the chi to the knuckles of his fist, without firing it from his hand; for every punch after this the object, or person, being punched will have pieces of Vladimir's chi forced into their body; this allows for Vladimir to use a multitude of other abilities.

His strength is increased by two times without release, three times with his first awakening, and four times with being perfectly awakened.

Deficits: The most basic opening of this gate does not offer a very large deficit; in fact the most notable deficit that this offers Vladimir is the inability to use the Chi Helix. To access the Chi Helix he is forced to open this gate even further, putting undue burden onto his body simply to access this ability. It is because of this that the most basic form of this does not offer much deficit to Vladimir's body.

Upon forcing this gate to open even further Vladimir begins to put his body at risk, much more than the original form of this get. With this excess chi flowing through his arms it is very plausible that he could pull a muscle, or even possible tear the muscle. In addition to this the Chi Helix introduces the possibility of losing the ability to move his arm; while it will not completely destroy the arm at this point it will begin to fry the nerves in his arm. This would occur if he were to build the chi up for an excessive amount of time, over three posts. This damage would lead to the decreased movement of the arms; he would not be able to move as smoothly as he once had.

Upon blowing this gate open Vladimir is faced with the possibility of having to deal with many severe issues. The amount of chi running through the muscles is now to the point that the muscles are beginning to shred themselves to pieces in order to keep up with what is demanded, as well as the tendons exerting more force on the bones. When adding this with the excessive amount of Chi the Chi Helix would be pulling it is entirely possible that Vladimir's arms shatter or, in the very worst case, are completely lost. This would occur if he were to overcharge his Chi Helix, this would be for more than three posts, and the chi simply continued to accumulate in his arms. While this would be very rare, it is very possible.

Gate of the Cosmos:
This gate is located at the persons Cerebellum, and as such is very difficult to access. While the rest of the chi channels that Vladimir has used followed, generally, the same pattern as their veins for the brain it is not so simple; seeing as there is the blood-brain barrier things become more complicated. With these complications come the added risk of damage, as well as this being due to the area in which the chi will be flowing. Opening this gate causes all of Vladimir's senses to skyrocket in detail, as well as his reaction times. In addition to this the extent to which Vladimir is able to control his chi, both in his body and that which has escaped, skyrockets significantly. This increase in abilities gives Vladimir access to a plethora of new abilities, as well as increasing his mastery in Dou (this lasts for as long as the gate remains open; due to the nature of this gate Dou would be increase to the next tier).

Chi Exhibition: This ability is one in which Vladimir is able to give his chi a visible form; this is to say that all those present will be able to see the chi emitting from his body, even if they hold no abilities which would usually allow for them to see it. This is an ability which is meant to decrease the opponents will to fight; it is used as an intimidation tactic.

The Relentless Mist: Unlike his Chi Exhibition this ability is one which, while it does offer a psychological advantage, is one which holds an additional value to its use. When this ability is activated Vladimir allows for chi to leak from his body; this chi will slowly overtake the area surrounding himself. Those who are caught in this area will feel their own abilities begin to grow weaker as his chi begins to eat away at the abilities. The scaling is as follows:
1 Tier Below Vladimir: 50% less effective.
2 Tiers Below: 75% less effective.
3 Tiers Below: 100% less effective.
Same level: 50% less effective.
1 Tier Above: 25% less effective.
2 Tiers Above: 10% less effective.
3+ Tiers Above: 0% less effective.
At the most basic release this ability effects those within 20 meters.

After having forced this gate to open even further Vladimir is able to process more information, this is to say that he can sort through extraneous information quicker than before; this allows for him to ignore what is unimportant and simply skip to what he needs to know for the situation. In addition to this Vladimir's abilities, which were gained by opening this gate, become more potent in their execution; his chi becomes brighter, giving the illusion that there is a significant amount more than actually being used and his mist can now spread to 50 meters.

By blowing open this gate Vladimir is able to perceive time in what could only be described as slow motion; for every second that passes in the world it feels like five to him; his this is due to his brain being able to accept a plethora of stimuli, this increase in detail (and processing time) is what allows for this. In addition to this his abilities have a range of 100 meters. This increase in range is due to his newfound ability to focus on such a plethora of stimuli that he is able to perceive the are around him with such detail that it does not occupy much of his time.

This gate should be closed after a total of six posts; if the gate is open for any longer then the damage that Vladimir will have is increased.

Deficits: While each gate usually has increasingly worse drawbacks on the users body, and rightfully so, this Gate has a single drawback. This drawback, however, has a very wide range of effect that could occur; the damage that this causes to his body is totally dependent on Vladimir and the amount of time and concentration that he puts into this ability. Unlike most other gates, as well, this gate is able to be forcefully closed due to these deficits; they are active and occur while it is in use, not after. While this gate is active if Vladimir does not focus, very intently, on the amount of Chi that is being drawn to the brain he will fry his mind; although it can handle a slightly higher than needed amount of chi, if it simply floods in without preparations Vladimir will die; his brain would be worked to death by the chi. While he does not have to die, as he may simply suffer from a seizure, this is one possible outcome.

General Gates: General gates are not like the previously listed Specific gates; these are, in fact, more difficult than those gates. In order for a General Gate to be opened Vladimir must first be able to open all gates which are part of it. A general gate is simply a set of gates, all of which open at the same time, allowing for a quicker movement of chi. While they produce only slightly, at their very base, better effects than simply opening each gate individually, this allows for Vladimir to quickly open multiple specific gates without hesitation. This also allows for less Chi to be used in opening these gates. In order for these to be accessed Vladimir must be under sever stress, something which would possess such a threat that there was no other way for him to survive, or have obtained an advanced control over his Sei.

*Each of these deficits assume there has been no alterations to Vladimir's body, and that there was been no training in this form to increase his endurance in this state. These deficits are applied after the gate has closed.
**The necessity to open these gates in a certain order is only due to not having mastered the use of Dou; after mastering Dou there is no longer a need to open the gates in this order, simply because the act of Pigi is applicable and can be used to open the gates.

Xinfeng: For Vladimir this is a simple ability, it stands as the core of Chi Channeling, and is something that he had to master in order to continue advancing. Vladimir is able to control the flow of chi inside his body, as well as the chi that gathers around him. By doing this he has been able to live a much longer life than many other humans, as well as develop some unique abilities with his chi. By allowing some chi to exit his body he is able to mask himself, and his general area, in a mist of chi that bolsters his defensive capabilities as well as his ability to sense, and defend, again spiritual forces. This allows for him to deal with supernatural forces, as well as any other altercations.

Yizhi: While Xinfeng allows a user to keep Chi from leaking away from their body, Yizhi stops the flow of Chi from their body altogether. By closing all of their Qigong, the user is able to stop almost all outflow of their energy like water from a valve. Since the user is no longer surrounded by their own Chi, they are more sensitive to the energy of others. This can be useful when tracking another person and it will also prevent other users of supernatural sources of energy from noticing them. However, since Yizhi involves literally shutting off the body’s exertion of Chi, it renders the user virtually powerless as long as the technique is held, so while it is very effective for hiding and tracking a target, making it impossible to locate a Chi user through searching for their energy and making it much easier for them to locate another in the same fashion, any defenses the user would have against supernatural beings is rendered inert. While many chi users could get by on their physical merits alone, they are substantially more vulnerable in this state.

Jiaodian: By channeling the user’s Chi to their eyes, the practitioner is afforded a substantially larger amount of information from optical intake. While by having opened the Qiqong, the Chi Human is naturally sensitive to numerous types of energy and can follow them well enough, whenever the Chi Human is utilizing the Jiaodian, they are able to see things in much more depth, akin to the difference between a color television and a black and white version. Chi Humans who are especially adept at Jiaodian are far more equipped to react to minute movements of an opponent, making them seem to have substantially higher reaction times, when in reality they are simply given much more information to work with.

Yincang: Yincang is an advanced form of Yizhi used to almost completely conceal one's energy. However, unlike Yizhi, Yincang does not require the user to stop their Chi flow, but hides it instead, making this technique perfect for launching a sneak attack or laying traps. However, unlike Yizhi, which completely negates energy and makes it impossible for it to be detected as it’s not really there, Yincang is far more akin to throwing a sheet over the energy instead of shutting off a valve, consequently it’s not impossible to notice the energy being concealed by Yincang, just considerably more difficult.

Chengtan: Chengtan is an advanced application of Xinfeng. Chengtan allows a user of Chi to extend their energy's envelopment onto an object, allowing them to use that object as if it were an extension of their own body. For example, one could use Chengtan to extend their Xinfeng around an object, which would strengthen and protect the object like the way it envelops and protects the body. Unlike Xinfeng however, Chengtan does not need constant energy flows to maintain. With Chengtan, a Chi Human can infuse part of their essence into an object and grant it abnormal and ridiculous power. Many legendary artifacts in the human world are the result of potent Chi Humans bequeathing their power on to an object.

Quan: Quan is an advanced application of Xinfeng. Instead of projecting the Chi around the body, Quan projects the Chi out over a wide area. Any object that enters this area around the user immediately triggers a signal in the Chi humans brain, letting him sense and pinpoint what transgressed upon his area of control. The accuracy and area that the Chi human can project their quan is relative to their tier and proficiency with Sei Chi.

Yuhe:Using Chi in order to get their bodies to the best shape as possible, using the chi flowing in there own bodies they are able to regenerate faster then the normal human beings this doesn't mean their bodies heal instantly, it's almost like the Shinigami, there bodies can heal faster then normal humans can. Chi humans who are especially adept in Sei can recover debilitating flesh wounds in a matter of minutes and it is rumored that Grandmasters can even regenerate limbs.

Continue below

Coding and Graphic In Template By:
[THEFROST] and Lilith

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V. Dou Abilities

Axiom Denial: This is an ability that, as its name implies, allows him to defy everyday logic. This is done through the use of having Vladimir's Chi expel form his body and flow through the area around him. By doing this Vladimir is able to control the actions of himself much more finely, as well as that of nature around him. His chi expels in a radius which is fixed at five (5) meters. By utilizing this he is able to remove the noise his footsteps make, or even that of his breath.

Deficits: This offers no real benefit in combat once he has been discovered. It is basically only used in order to help mask his movement.

Chi Chains: This ability is one that utilizes Vladimir's chi in a way which differs from a majority of the other abilities do; rather than using chi to enhance certain points within his body he, essentially the buildup of chi within his own body, he is able to expel varying amounts of chi from his own body; it is with this excretion that he is able to begin to use this ability. By manipulating the way in which the chi disperses, by causing it to leave his body in a very concentrated form, he is able to guide the chi. The effectiveness of this manipulation is proportional to his proficiency in the Dou arts. The greater his mastery in this field the longer the chains can be; this means that in order to grab a hold of targets that are further away he must be very proficient in this field. In addition to this the ability also relies on his ability to focus on a single, or even multiple, target(s). The ability to focus on multiple targets is something which also requires a significant mastery in the art of focus. While in his most basic form the chains simply grab a hold of the target and lock them in place. While they may be used to pull the target in, or drag the target around, it is usually used to simply lock them in place.

After having awakened each limiter on this ability is raised, allowing for it to target those further away, as well as affect multiple targets. Aside from these basic upgrades the chains also gain an upgrade. In addition to their average uses the chains now also hold the ability to transfer some of Vladimir’s chi into the victim(s). By doing this Vladimir is able to take advantage of Chi manipulation to control whatever it was that the chi entered. This is further discussed in the Chi Manipulation section. Along with this there are some effects that caused due to this injection of chi, specifically to living beings. The first noticeable effect is that the being will be unable to tell where Vladimir is solely through his chi; this, however, is only effective on those who are at the same tier as Vladimir and below. For those a single tier above himself, they are unable to say where he is definitively. For the rest above him this has no effect.

After having entered perfect awakening the abilities limiters are removed. This allows Vladimir to use this ability as far, and on as many, people that his chi will allow. In addition to this there is more of Vladimir’s chi that is pushed into the target(s). This increase in the amount of chi that is transferred increases the amount of control Vladimir has over said target(s). In addition to this, if the target(s) is a living being then the chains will begin to drain energy from the being; this energy will then be used to increase the strength of the chain.

Deficits: Although this ability offers a great variety for how it may be applied there are some very clear drawbacks to it. By allowing his chi to leave his body he is, effectively, weakening himself; although at the first stage it may not be much the possibility of losing an abundance of power. Another drawback of using this ability is its reliance on Vladimir’s chi. This is to say that if the chains were broken then the ability would end; it needs to continue to receive chi from Vladimir. In addition to this there is the problem that the chains are only sustainable for three posts; after this they will simply wither out of existence.

This would have a cool down of three posts. For those that have lower strength than Vladimir, he will be effected by the chain. Those that are of the same strength level will have the ability to force themselves out of the chains and those that are stronger will not be effected.

Tilan: Tilan is the opposite of Xinfeng. Instead of taking the Chi and forming it around your body, Tilan generates that chi and propels it outward. it's also possible for them to produce more energy around themselves without having to worry about losing it. Tilan focuses on outputting a high amount of Chi and keeping it on the body, expanding the size and intensity of it. If Xinfeng is considered to be purely defensive, then Tilan typically is used for offense. This is equivalent to the spiritual pressure that many other species are capable of. The Tilan from a Chi human is relative to both his tier and the extent of his skill in Dou, but those who are powerful in both can release pressure that can prevent others from being able to breathe, much less move, simply by being in the Chi Humans presence.

Yoh: Yoh is a weaponized mass of Chi energy that is most equatable to offensive Shinigami spells or a Hollow’s cero. The size, color and potency varies from user to user, the last category typically being dependent on tier and proficiency with the Dou alignment. While there are not distinguishing names between the different kind of attacks like there are with the Hollow variants, the strength and power behind the different types of energy attacks can vary as wildly as the gap between a Bala and a Gran Rey Cero and the different levels achieved vary wildly on the attunement to the user’s Dou Chi.

Piqi: Piqi is a dangerous but rewarding technique that effectively closes the valve, similarly to Yizhi, on every Qiqong point but the one being used in the technique, effectively building up pressure in the body and expunging all of the chi through that one Qiqong. This makes that one body part exceptionally powerful and can increase the raw potency of any attack using that body part. Using Piqi can dramatically increase the potency of a physical attack, a Yoh energy attack or even the unique abilities, or Shiyong, that manifest with each Chi practitioner. The downside however is, like Yizhi, shutting off the bodies energy to everything but one point makes you very susceptible to counter attacks and as such, Piqi is useful exclusively as a finishing move or a guaranteed strike, otherwise it carries massive risks.

» Seidou Abilities:

At the moment there are not any additional Seidou abilities; this is due to the lack of Dou abilities. Although he may be well versed in Dou there is not enough to combine at the moment; this could change rather quickly.

Xin Yue Buzhou: Xin Yue Buzhou or just Buzhou(Crescent Step) is a technique that can either draw its power from a combination of Sei’s calm, meticulous energy and Dou’s wild and emotional energy, consequently it is very difficult to classify the Buzhou. The user can channel their chi to their feet and then use that chi to catapult the user forward in to high speed movement that is of comparable speed to a Shinigami’s flash step. Unlike the Flash Step or Sonido however, the Buzhou is entirely silent, the user’s chi cushioning the concussive impact on the ground after the step and completely nullifying the sound exerted from the step.

VI. Chuxian

» Awakened Appearance:
» Awakened Powers: (Describe what type of powers your character gets from awakening.)

» Perfectly Awakened Appearance:
Appearance :
» Perfectly Awakened Powers: (Describe what powers your human gets in this state)

VII. Skill Sheet

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Advanced
  • Dou: Beginner
  • Buzhou: Adept
  • Chuxian: adept

Willpower/Determination: Adept
Mental Deduction: Advanced
Pain Endurance: Adept
Focus: Adept

General Skills
    []Durability: Adept
    []General Speed: Adept
    []Strength: Adept
    []Weapon Skill: Beginner

END OF CHI Template

Coding and Graphic In Template By:
[THEFROST] and Lilith

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Moved to WIP on user request.

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: Everything looks fine, I'll be reapproving this. However, I will not be reapproving him for a Master (Elite) in Sei.
  • Tier: 3-1++
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