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Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:06 pm

Song: Twinleaf Town (Jazz) - By: insaneintherain - Word Count: N/A

Watching Arianda as she transformed her own weapon into a chain-scythe, giving it a test on her own, Henrex nodded in response. Thankfully, she was getting a handle on the basics well enough, which was all he wanted for now. Now, they could move on to something else, something that would take a much shorter time to learn the basics for. So, gesturing for them to head back inside, Henrex spoke as he walked alongside the demon:

"You're getting it. It's gonna take a while, so we'll move to something else: kuji-in. They've got a lot of different names: the Nine Symbols, the Nine Seals, or, as the ninja call it, ninja magic."

Arranging his hands and fingers in a variety of specific formations, Henrex paused to show her the various hand signs that she would need to make in order to cast the "spells" of kuji-in. But, he knew that just showing her the hand signs wouldn't be enough, and he didn't exactly have the biggest amount of faith in Arianda knowing enough Sanskrit to understand the translations and pronunciations of the words.

Opening the door and stepping inside, Henrex sat down on the couch in the living room. So, taking out a piece of paper, Henrex began drawing the nine mudras, or hand postures, with the Sanskrit mantras next to them, the pronunciations underneath, and the English words underneath those.

"This is a lot easier to learn than a whole combat art like the kusarigama, but it's still a bit complicated. You, um...don't know Sanskrit, do you?"

Handing the sheet of paper to her, Henrex went through the motions again, before pointing to the Sanskrit.

"I'm not sure if reciting the mantras will work as well as the original Sanskrit, or even work at all, so you're going to have to learn a bit of it in order to learn and master Kuji-in. But, first, let's start with the hand postures."

Raising his hands, he started to go through each step of the process, piece by piece.

"The first mudra, Rin, you need to clasp your hands together with your fingers interlocked. Raise your index fingers and press them together."

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I Missed You Too [Private/Ask to Join Only] [Arianda/Henrex] - Page 3 Empty Re: I Missed You Too [Private/Ask to Join Only] [Arianda/Henrex]

Sat Jan 18, 2020 5:11 pm

Song: Funkyard - By: Arrowhead & Zentra - Word Count: N/A

Arianda grinned at Henrex as she was told how much she was getting a hang of the chain-scythe. Weapons were, after all, Arianda's specialty as far as most things went. However, now they were going to delve into something Arianda was okay at; but not exactly extraordinarily excellent at. Magic.

Sure, the little demon known as Arianda Vael can use magic, and has on many occasions; but she would never say she was some sort magical expert. However, she had enough tricks up her sleeve to go about her daily life without much issue. However, Arianda hummed softly as she listened to Henrex; going on about Kuji-in. Ari had heard it referred to as Ninjutsu in other times; or at least in some other form of media. Maybe in games. However, she listened to Henrex closely; blinking about 50 times when Henrex pulled out a bit of paper. On the paper was something called Sanskrit; which looked akin to scribbles to Arianda. However, she looked at the things Henrex was wishing for her to do. Honestly speaking, she was far more confused than just about anything.

Sure, she could read the English below all the pronunciation's and Sanskrit. However, she could not understand exactly what Henrex was getting at here. Apparently, at the moment, it seemed like Ninjutsu was fancy hand movements and some weird scribble Sanskrit. Regardless, Arianda shrugged and, after arranging her hands in the correct position, she looked towards Henrex; trying to mimic what Henrex was doing with his hands. Obviously, it wasn't perfect. They were now in a realm of knowledge that Arianda truly lacked a great deal on. However, she looked up at Henrex, lifting up her hand some for him to see; looking at him quizzically.

"Is this about right, Henny...? And no, I definitely have absolutely no idea what these scribbles called Sanskrit are."

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