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Lamenting On Problems Passed [Calypso/Shi] Empty Lamenting On Problems Passed [Calypso/Shi]

Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:53 pm


Hitting into a solid glass window… Not a good way to come out of travelling. Calypso had been using her ability to travel long stretches, having come in and out, in and out, of space after space, looking for some nearby civilization, but nope! Was always just wastelands, forests, and finally highways! Calypso was getting so, so very tired, of walking around. She had gotten lost some time ago, and now she was hitting random glass window number 132423 in WhoFuckingCaresville.

“Dumb.. Window! Stupid stupid stupid!” Calypso immediately got angry, abusing the poor building with a tendril from her dress giving the pane a good “kick”... And smashing it by mistake, the glass quickly spider webbing, hundreds of tiny dark Calis appearing on the cracked surface. The store alarm went off immediately, which ushered Calypso to quickly move away to somewhere else, preferably the outskirts, of this random town.

Her clawed, pale hand selfishly clasped an ice cream cone, as Calypso listlessly sat on a bench, a tongue periodically forming and stroking the surface of the frozen treat. There was a lot of things to lament on, particularly her mother… The more things she learns, the less easy helping her seemed to get… At times her thoughts dwelled in a place where she couldn’t help her. Going around random places was just her way of getting her mind off of it.

Am.. I not strong enough to do this? Her colorful eyes slowly slid downwards, her releasing a sigh, If… If I’m not strong enough to help her.. I just have to get stronger, right?

But… How was the true question? How could she get strong enough to quell the maelstrom of insanity within Mama Asthavon? Was something like that even.. Possible?

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Lamenting On Problems Passed [Calypso/Shi] Empty Re: Lamenting On Problems Passed [Calypso/Shi]

Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:43 am

Shi's physical form shifted throughout the shadow, pearl hue'd robing shifting softly as a light breeze swept over the forest. Hair began to sway back and forth as his right hand came up, fingers brushing through it as his onyx orbs, attention remaining upon an instrument to his right. Violin that sat against a large oak tree, he'd grasp it and place the base against the left side of his neck whilst his right held the bow.

Lingering breath of air escaped his lips before he'd begin a rapidly played piece, it had a dark undertone yet determination was clear. Disturbing most of the wildlife and could easily be heard for quite a distance, eyelids remaining shut whilst he'd listen to the melody that he'd continue playing.

To his left was the original owner of this beautiful instrument, flesh tainted crimson with the thick liquid that should be running inside his body not out, a male with no distinctive features that could be told right off the bat but his chest heaved very slowly. Whimpers of pain coming across and light twitching occured with the right hand, it'd become swiftly apparent that this individual was beaten quite brutally yet not killed..

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