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Wed Jul 25, 2018 5:04 pm

The Dragon Rising

Oda Tatsuya
おだ たつや

Tatsuya had been hanging around the Rukongai for a while. He'd thrown a rather interesting party for the people. Bringing over two hundred gallons of alcohol from his homeland. This was more of a peace offering to generally the Gotei and give them something new. His body leaned against a tree as he drank from his red saucer cup. Finishing perhaps his thousandth cup this day alone. Tatsuya held a rather rare genetic trait that made well getting drunk impossible. Around him giggling and drooling were the ranks of the Divisions had come out. He smiled a bit shaking his head as he leaned on the tree. The cherry blossoms in the cup was a rather beautiful seen some would say. But half naked men passed out and people laying around like corpses. Didn't really impart a scene of beauty. Tatsuya's body was too hot for that sort of thing to really work on him. He let his digits rest on his cheek as his chin gently was cradled by his hand. These were some interesting people in their own ways in his eyes. His expression darkened for a moment. This was certainly eye-opening this Division alone was larger than the population in New Honoji. Oda couldn't remain out that lands anymore if they wanted to thrive. He wasn't one for the bells and whistles but he understood the situation. Land here wasn't exactly abundant, so that was why he'd need some help. Tatsuya's frame stood up slowly feeling arms on his leg. It was a drunk female hugging to his ankle as he sighed a bit. He'd heard of clinging to people before as he gently set her down. Taking off the top half of his outfit and covering her up with it. Bringing the bottle with him as he stepped over and around people. His zanpakuto was always worn on his belt. He took a long drink from his bottle of sake now cracking his neck. His body's wounds made it look like he stepped into a shredder. His infamous scar he got from Damien during battle. He was noted to of burned off Damien's arm. The battle with Stefan had been eye-opening as it was. If his student's guess was right this wasn't enough.

Currently, his strength didn't compare to what was to come. At best he could hold off some foot soldiers for them. He'd not fought so long to come up short as he glanced at the bottle. These kids around him were still young and hadn't seen it. They'd seen the violence that could be sure. But the savage nature of certain things he wasn't sure on. His strength alone didn't compare to what was required for this. His body couldn't have been in better shape from some perspectives. But after watching Stefan move and how he fought. It became clear, that he needed to push further. What could he do to break down this wall in him further? Perhaps further Bankai training would have been useful. Combing his Dragon-Slayer Mode with his Bankai still, put tension on his body. Tatsuya's realizations of this new world and land were more clear. He couldn't join the Gotei yet, though his intention was too someday. For right now he couldn't offer them what his student could of.

His hand reached out grasping a small petal into his palm. Raw power was what he lacked at the moment. Not to mention skill and prowess to enact whatever came. Tatsuya still hadn't come far enough to perform. This journey of his in New Honoji was over. It was time for him to bring his forces here. But not yet, he couldn't protect Sachiko or Kagami here. The Shinobi unit of the Oda Clan being moved suddenly would bring about a fight. While he knew well enough he could defeat most there. His people and farmers moving here with nowhere to go. That would be the issue, Tatsuya had been using the A.I to draw schematics for him. Using techniques Tsubasa had invented or cultivated. His notes were helpful also having someone dumb it down for him. He wasn't the brain here though he did have a rather conscious idea of it. Land an artificial Rukongai district to fit more people. It was possible it was just a matter of creating it. Tatsuya couldn't really say he was an inventive tinkering type.

Sitting under a walkway against the wall his orbs seemed to remain focused on the stars. As he set his bottle next to him looking out over the people here. Taking each person's name and face memory. Tatsuya wasn't the strongest in this land but he did have a sense of character to some around him. He was a simple guy who seemed pretty normal and down to earth. Though beneath it some may have noticed he was thinking often. Considering things few others would have thought possible. The late evening was when the nature of the party died down. He noted members from Different divisions had come to unwind also. They were a diverse bunch but did have a good head on their shoulders. He'd not likely know when he would become a member as he gazed over them. Training was the only answer he'd come to the conclusion of. Training till his body bled from the amount he did. Pushing himself beyond this limitation that hindered him so much. This was the cause of many of his problems at the moment. His thoughts drifted from land, protecting, to powering up. His mind always raced from topic to topic so.
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