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A heavy sigh left Henrex's lips as he stepped through a portal, entering the Living World once more as he spread his wings and remained suspended in the sky. It would be then that, if one were to look at Henrex, he would look noticeably different. His clothes, body structure, hairstyle -- a good majority of him was not the same as he was before. However, if someone were able to look a bit deeper into the constantly suppressed power of the Stealth Force Captain, they would be able to sense and feel the truth.

Thus, as he gazed down at Europe, Henrex brought his hands up and pressed his index fingers together, Henrex channeled his energy and brought forth ten clones of himself.

Moments after he did, all of them darted across Europe in a flash, and Henrex himself descended to the ground and began to walk around the city, briefly adjusting his Cybermind -- allowing him to hear the various conversations around him in a rather large distance. However, while this allowed him a much larger scope of his hearing, it definitely was not perfect and there was still a great deal out of his reach.

Thus, it was now that Henrex would begin his task -- gather information from Shadow Fall in one of their most infamous locations: Europe.

A soft smile teased at his lips as he thought of one of the benefits that this little work trip could bring -- he could see Arianda without much of an issue. It could all be under the guise of his mission. Maybe he would do that after everything was all said and done. After all -- the mission and the job came first. So, Henrex silently resumed movement throughout Europe.

As he did, his Cyberbrain began to register the various things he was hearing from both himself and the ears of his clones. Everything related to Shadow Fall was being documented and sent directly back to the Gotei. There were some tiny bits of substantial information that would be relayed, but most of it was just fluff and nonsense that wasn't needed. However, Henrex knew that with the critical nature of his mission, every last scrap of information was important and needed.

This process would continue for the next few hours, with Henrex collecting various bits of information about Shadow Fall, it's defenses, the Demon World, it's defenses and nations. Granted, some of it was incomplete, but he still had a decent amount of information for his organization and his division. Thus, after all of this was said and done, Henrex simply opened a portal and stepped through it, returning to the Soul Society.

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